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Editor in Chief: Elizabeth Rapacz

Finishing Our Race 2014

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Senior Edition

But First... Lemme


I had a brand new car for two weeks -Sam Schweizer

The entire band room was rotated a full 180 degrees - Zac Coleman

Junior year Zack Wehling ran for dictator -Zack Wehling

I scored a goal from half in a soccer game- Colleen Lentz

We upset St. Ms. D gave me my Anne junior first detention for year, also when being tardy this year I dunked on When Katy fell -Tia Anczer Jabari Parker down my staircase - Anthony and landed on It was the last Olszewski Sydney

day of junior year and my friends We were freshman were hanging out of my car windows and it felt like a when I drove whole new world -Katy Stern -Breanna Zielinski

- Breanna Tenorio

When we elected Obama for a second term -Emma Barnes Round One at Vanna’s. We started a legacy you guys!! -Shaun Hughes

We had the food fight sophomore year -Cameron Morgan

I smacked Bernie in the face with a racket and broke his braces. -Elizabeth Rapacz

When the light cover fell on Danielle while we were reading in Freshman English - Blair Fernandez and Amanda Snell

I dunked on Bob Love and Michael Jordan -Jarrell Smith

Mr. McCord ripped his pants while teaching and tried hiding it with duct tape -Monica Schurman

There was a fight in lunch over a PB & J -Jade Benson When Keen hit Jade in between the eyes with a rubberband -Patti Benedict

Savannah Lowe dropped her cake in foods Mr. Pavesic class was a student -Christina teacher Vaughan -Noah Miller When Cameron said Springfield was the capitol of the USA -James Knuth

When Cameron broke the table in Mr. DuBois’s room -Haliegh Kuhn

Zim knocked When Noah and I We played with out Colleen raced a train and balloons on the freshman won but crashed KACC bus into a guys yard -Jarrad Mulderink year in gym Baby Mozambique!! -Maria Lagunas -Zim Rivas - Darien Everts

In Sociology James asked, “Who’s Nye-eevay?” When we said naive -Ben Scrementi

When there was no Instagram or TwitterMaxx Aponte

First day at lunch when I kept staring at Danielle -Karina Topete

We didn’t get to finish watching Captain Phillips on our senior field trip -Taylorann Smith

The physiology class took the first test...failed -Tessie Hoge

Sophomore year food fight. Winning the 2014 McDonalds All American slam dunk contest

Jarrell started his rapping career at round 1; the legacy was born -Savannah Lowe

I was driving partners with Gabi Peters and she was driving and Ms. Linn and I almost died a few times -Amanda Bartolini

We didn’t finish the movie -Kyle Modschiedler

We sewed aprons in Ms. D’s class - Matt Phillips Food fight sophomore year -Kevin Kurczewski, AJ Jiminez, Bernie Cole When the water filter exploded on Gabi -Bella Woolslayer

Kassidy broke the jar -Callyn Rath When the light fell on me in Ms. Kimmel’s class -Danielle Nehmer and Megan Barelli and Sarah Crews

When we had to leave Captain Phillips -Sydney Katschke

-Tristan Burkhart

Mrs. Page gave my lab group a 15 min. lecture after Pat Barton and Mitch Darabaris saved a turtle leg during dissection in Biology and put it on the rat two weeks later -Sam Stolzenbach

We used to ask Mr. Schwarberg to have a party and if he wasn’t wearing a tie, it was always a yes -Bailey Solis We went to the movies and got kicked out by the security because we were underage -Tiana Lee Austin Bol brought a rubber chicken into band -Casey Walsh

We upset St. Anne on their home court junior year and making it to the Elite Eight for baseball junior year -Marshall Landis

When Ms. Bicker was here -Brandon Shadden

When we could base our days off of if Schwarberg was wearing a tie or not -Lindsey Pape When Gabi got wrecked by the goalie -Mary Rose Gianotti

We were Harry Potter Puppet pals -Kassidy Houlihan When Tyler Kelly was a ladies man?! -Jessica Facko When the AP History class had to go a few weeks without textbooks -Gabrielle Snyder

When I didn’t have headphones in? Me neither.. -Anthony Gray When we did not finish Captain Phillips -Gabi Peters

James was shameful -Dallas Sadler EIU...Nuff said -Tyler Burgess

I will my ability to never do anything in class, get away with it, and pass with good grades to my brother Kyle Stolzenbach- Sam Stolzenbach

I will my sarcasm to Sydney Schubert- Gabi Peters

I will my wardrobe to Katelyn Ranger- Tiana Lee

I will all my crappy school supplies to my cousin Blake Wehling- Zack Wehling

I will my musical talents to Cheyenne Powell- Casey Walsh

I will my absences to my sister Carson Solis- Bailey Solis I will my love for The Great Gatsby to Cheyenne Powell - Blair Fernandez I will my awkward, funny, outgoing personality to Sydney Schubert - Shaun Hughes

I will my incredibly good looks to Tanner Saddler and my sick handles to Bailey Schultz- Anthony Olszewski

I will everything to my sisters, as soon as I figure out what “everything” is- Zac Coleman

I will my selfie abilities to Mr. Keen and his snapchats- Amanda Bartolini

I will my calmness and positivity to Taylor Adams- Danielle Nehmer

I will my captain seat in scholastic bowl to Dean Blumenfeld - Ben Scrementi

I will my special effects makeup and horse riding ability and skill to Morgan Barnes- Emma Barnes

Fulfill Your Will

I will the ability to deal with Mr. Ogdon’s bad jokes to Jacob Hollis- Josh Hollis

I will my basing skills to incoming freshmen cheerleaders- Jade Benson

I will my three sport abilities to Bailey Schultz and Garrett Short. I will the “scruff ” to Tanner Saddler. I will the ability to hit clutch threes to Kyle Weiss- Marshall Landis I will my amazing friendship to Tiffany Paris- Karina Topete I will my princess crown and speed to Emily Landis- Vanna Lowe I will “the face” to Paschal Gianotti- Mary Rose Gianotti

I will my peeking ability to all the underclassmen to stare at Mr. Dubois- Patti Benedict

I will the name “Leah” to Kaylee Larson because its only appropriate - Monica Schurman I will my golfing ability to Michael Barber because I’m better than him. I will my first base duties to Dean Blumenfeld- Dallas Saddler

I will Kristina Kaufman my amazing basing abilities- Sarah Crews

I will my red hair and my diesel to Justin Lester and Josh Ciadella- Christina Vaughn

I will the cross country parking spot to Julianne Salmen- Tessie Hoge I will my power to not feel awkward but create awkwardness to Austin Burgess- Tyler Burgess I will my awesome personality to my brother so he isn’t awkward - Vidal Fonseca

I will my jumping ability to Mike James, Tyler Bireline my running ability, Bailey Schultz my ability to shoot in basketball. -Bernie Cole

I will my spot as a base to Taylor Hering. -Alexis Schultz

I will my truck to Anthony Abbate. -Kevin Kurczewski I will my ability to do everything perfect to Taylor Graham. -Sam Schweizer

I will my muteness to my sister Lauren. -Gabrielle Snyder

I will my sassy gingerness to Rachel Wagner. -Haleigh Kuhn

I will my good Looks to Mike James. -Jarrell Smith

I will my awesome music taste to Blake Winget. -Anthony Gray

I will my artistic skills to Manny. -Maria Lagunas

I will to the class of 2015 to get good grades and no super seniors. -Matt Phillips

I will my brain to my sister Samantha. -Kyle Modschiedler

I will my ability to procrastinate to my cousin Zack. -Megan Bareli

I will my sarcasm to Drew Morgan and TJ my goalie skills. -Cameron Morgan I will my awesomeness to Emily Landis- Tia Anczer

Fulfill Your Will I will the power to take over the world to Cayley D’Anna. -Patrick Manning

I will Maeve Leahy my ridiculously large scarf collection. -Elizabeth Rapacz

I will my killer saxophone skills to Joshie Meier, my son. - Sydney Katschke I will my happiness and kind spirit to the class of 2015 once I leave. - Jessica Facko

I will all my bows to Maddy Bainbridge. -Bella Woolslayer

I will my school spirit and leadership to Reed Burnell. -Jenny Voogt I will Jummy Bamgbose my taste in shoes. - Kassidy Houlihan

I will my drama to Emily Landis- Beckah Eickmann

I will my sassiness to Joseph W Sizzle- Callyn Rath

I will my deaf abilities to anyone who wants to sleep and my tallness to Mike James.Brandon Shadden

I will my abundance of hair to Penelope Gaffney. - Lindsey Pape

I will all my athletic greatness to Bailey Schultz. -AJ Jiminez I will all my pens and pencils to Justin Lester because he will never forget to bring one to class ever again- Amanda Snell

I will my sarcasm to Taylor Graham- Colleen Lentz

Senior Best

Best hair

Best muscles

Tiana Lee & Bernie Cole

Josh Hollis & Sarah Crews

Best laugh

Best Car

Jeremy Williams & Gabi Peters Kevin Kurczewski & Danielle Nehmer

Most Likely

Have their own talk show

Blair Fernandez & Jarrell Smith

Live with their parents forever

Jenny Voogt & Tyler Kelly

Be a super model

Kassidy Houlihan & Shaun Hughes

To Trip At Graduation Tia Anczer & Cameron Morgan

Augustana College; pre-med major; Pediatric Specialist. -Gabi Peters Industrial Design Major at University of Illinois, Chicago. -Tessie Hoge Eastern Illinois University for a degree in Physical Therapy. -Shaun Hughes

I am going to go to college for four Ferris State University for years and get my bachelors Diagnostic Medical degree in Graphic Design. Sonography. –Vidal Fonseca -Monica Schurman

I plan to attend Clarke University for 6 years I will be Prairie State College, undecided- Tristan Burkhart studying athletic training and be pursuing a doctorate Attend college at Purdue Calumet and degree in Physical Therapy. get my degree in physical therapy. –Sarah Crews -Anthony Olszewski My plan is to go to Prairie State for

nursing for the first two years and WYOTech for Diesel and Ad- Go to Prairie State to get my finish at Governor’s State University. vanced Diesel Technology associates in applied science. -Kevin Kurczewski –Megan Bareli -Jade Benson

Chef/Body Builder. –Josh Hollis

Joining the Military under firefighter Concordia University Chicago Music -Cameron Morgan

I want to work along side athletes and their families as a sports and recreational psychologist. -Breanna Zielinski

Heartland Community College, Undecided -Bernie Cole

Performance and Music Theatre. -Casey Walsh

Governor State University, Undecided. Nursing at Olivet

Go to University, major in chemical -Kyle Modschiedler Nazarene University. engineering minor in Korean language. -Sydney Katschke –Zac Coleman Southern Illinois Illinois State, major University for Ath- Going to college for 6 years in business. and major in substance letic Training or -Marshall Landis abuse/addiction. Physical Therapy. -Karina Topete - Sam Stolzenbach

Illinois State, business major, Professional Accountant. UW Madison for Chemical Engineering. -Dallas Saddler -James Knuth John Jay, Psychological Counseling. Become a Daycare teacher and Eureka College/Pre-Med -Maria Lagunas work my way up to Junior High. Biology Endocrinology –Katy Stern Eastern Illinois University -Alysha Basel

Graduate ONU with a BA in The Illinois Institute of Major for Sports Medicine. -Colleen Lentz nursing then go back to school Chicago for Culinary Arts. to become a nurse anesthetist. -Matt Philips -Tyler Burgess Eastern Illinois University Ball State or Depaul University

Get my cosmetology license and I work in a hair salon. -Breanna Tenerio

majoring in Biology. -Elizabeth Rapacz

for Biology for Neurologists. -Taylorann Smith

I plan to go to college I will start off at JJC and major in nursing and I plan to attend Aurora Univer- for agriculture classes. someday become a Nurse sity to play softball and study Then I am undecided. Anesthetist. Physical Education. -Patti Benedict - Haleigh Kuhn –Vanna Lowe

What’s Your Plan? University of Evansville for Electrical Going to GSU to become a speech pa- Join the Navy. Engineering and General Music. thologist and work with cosmetology. –Zack Wehling -Jacob Darabaris –Maxx Aponte Loyola to major in English University of Illinois at Chicago and become a lawyer. (UIC) for Nursing. –Kassidy Houlihan -Danielle Nehmer University of Iowa for Biological SciFox College for Veterinary ence and Psychology/ Psychiatry. Concordia University Chicago for Technician Studies. Political Science with a pre- law -Bailey Solis -Emma Barnes Major in Biology for Occupational Therapy. WYOTech for Diesel Technician. -Tiana Lee -Jarrad Mulderink

track to become a lawyer. -Blair Fernandez

Prairie State Prairie State College for two Northwestern University for for nursing. years, then continue GovCommunication and film. -Tia Anczer ernors State and be a Pre-Lindsey Pape school teacher. Lewis University, Nursing. Heartland Community College for - Jessica Facko

Olivet Nazarene University, for family and Consumer Science Education and Psychology. -Christina Vaughan

-Beckah Eickmann

Game Design, at a college that offers it. -Tyler Kelly

two years then transferring to ISU. -Jarrell Smith Concept Art/Set Design and Design Artist. -Zim Rivas

College for Business for Cosmetology. Prairie State then transfer to a four college in Computer Programming. -Amanda Bartolini –Brandon Shadden Blue Collar Worker.

Biomedical classes at UniverGoing to Prairie State first for sity of South Alabama. two years until I know what I Aurora University to play softball –Sam Schweizer want to so for my career. and study physical education. –Alexis Schultz Prairie State, Undecided. -Vanna Lowe Going to governor’s state - AJ Olivet Nazarene University then cosmetology school. for Business Management/ – Jenny Voogt Kankakee Community ColSt. Ambrose University majorMarketing. lege for Welding. ing in Exercise Science to be-Amanda Snell -Darien Everts

-Noah Miller

come Physical Therapist. -Bella Woolslayer I am going to attend Augustana College and major in Spanish IT Tech. and English Secondary Education and minor in creative writing. -Anthony Gray -Gabrielle Snyder

Undecided. -Mary Rose Gianotti

Things We’ve Seen... Obama becoming the first African American president and a long winter. -Matt Phillips

6 snow

days No. -Sa in one year . rah Cr ews

A spirit week and anabundance of snow days -Danielle Nehmer

Bran d ping on Shadd from e the c n drinkin eiling g , wan water d ri nabe -Ama kids. coun pnda try Barto lini Super Seniors! -Mary Rose Gianotti 2

All t

Solis y e l i a B Pe ange-


People change. -Sam Schweizer

he t eac at s hers b -Bra ome p eing mad ndo o n Sh int. add en

ople be c more m oming ature -Casey Walsh

kout. c a l b Not a Houlihan dy -Kassi

Wannabe country EQA’s people, butts, after a spring lot of gray hair, leaking b great Spanish te reak, roof, fighots. achers teache ans, e c , r d - Beckah Eickman lasses s leav ,2 s l . e a , AP -Gabr Fight incip selors r i p e l le Sny 2 over coun agunas w der a i L c s h a a , i n r o d -Ma ways nly 5 h all ,S - Lin am Glenn king n i r d dsey . Wannabe skaters turning den om the d Pape into a h r on S ss wan ng f

nabe country kids. -Patti Benedict & Haleigh Kuhn

d pi ge Bran er drip er Bur wat ing. -Tyl I've only seen my ceil

k in senior year, but I a e l g n i A lot l of Mr. i Keen e c The area have seen change, even e n o and n Ms. Linn a h t bag more A though it's only one . l - Bernie Cole o o h c s e h of t issing year. -Jessica Facko m o g s 4 . e k e a g y of sn chan e lab- st ears wor f c o n e i t c o s l uff. e A ller i Zim th of M from th rnandez h a Rivas No t the end of e o N F r i a Bl Phillips. Too many clogged toilets. -Kevin Kurczewski

Captain chke -Sydney Kats


tag, Wannabe country YOLO people and Mr. fake , Selfie , “I w coun –Em try peo as like, Kelly jump over a ma B p ” arne le. lunch table. s

People dr for a l essed in ban ip dub, a McCor na suits pants, d split 6 Span his i s h teac half a h e week o rs, and -Jade Benson f S p Cameras and irit We -Elizab ek. e t h R a bright floors in p a cz ice when Our basketn e r e w the lunch roompeople y n a m y Gray ball team o Jenny Voogt S irst came. -Anthon beat St. If lenn a G m Sa nsec o F l -Vida

A lot of change. -Taylor Ann Smith Us trying to do lip dub, cameras installed in every corner of school, sitting in the gym all morning because school had no power and was pitch black, -Monica Schurman

Everyone grow up to be people we never thought would change. -Amanda Snell

Anne. -Alexis Schultz

and . . f f u e st m o s elly K n e r e e s l Ty I've s g n i th some Sam Glenn- Tia Anczer and lots n n e l G Sam . -Tessie w o n s f o Hoge

Cyrus Miley d. go ba n -Darie s Evert

Too ma n people y country , no fights, t enough too clogge many d -Tristan toilets. Burkha rdt

Tanne rS ting d addler getun Matt P ked on and hillips ’ chip sh s nasty ot. –Mars hall La ndis

Bin L aden kil -Zack Wehli led, ng

nley a t o S nski w t in Zieli w s awk eanna h k Blac ps. -Br Cu

new t o g , worse cameras, t o g my ew inEcono s, added n and Super Kids go f r rom wea n e a h e c D s i , ring skat l tea l c l l o a o t h p H i e s c h t er o n s i t u o r r p n J i – n g . w t c e o n u n n a few mo tende nths. –AJ try over Jiminez

w up in the o r g le p o e p n e e S a Topete in r a -K . s r a e y 4 past

We saw the corn grow! –Katy Stern

Where will You Be? Hopefully I’ll be a game designer and if not, a cat therapist. -Tyler Kelly Fighting off zombies in the Apocalypse. –Vidal Fonseca Working with a team in the NFL. –Sarah Crews Living in Florida. –Christina Vaughan In ten years I see myself married with kids and a house full of goats. –Patti Benedict I’m going to be a Pokémon master.. and have a pet goldfish names Chewbacca. –Tyler Burgess Working at a hospital in Chicago. –Sam Schwiezer In ten years I see myself in a house, married. Living in Southern California. –Haleigh Kuhn New York City. No kids- Maria Lagunas Hopefully, I will be married, have traveled a lot, and be working as a high school teacher. -Gabrielle Snyder I will be looking through my camera’s viewfinder and reveling at how wonderful life is. -Lindsey Pape I cannot predict where I will be; the future holds so many things. -Jessica Facko My second house in Italy. -Kassidy Houlihan A high-tech rich guy in Chicago. -Brandon Shadden Working at a hair salon downtown. - Jenny Voogt Having a successful career doing something I love.- MaryRose Gianotti Hopefully getting married and buying a house. -Sydney Katschke Married and Rich! With a college degree! -Maxx Aponti Working as a nurse. -Danielle Nehmer Living on my own working as a physical therapist.- Bella Woolslayer I plan on living in the city in a little apartment working as an occupational therapist. -Elizabeth Rapacz Oval Office- Patrick Manning Hopefully I will know what I want to do with my life by then. -Kyle Modschiedler Living a good life with my dog, maybe married (I’m lying).- Bernie Cole In ten years I will be somewhere warm. -Cameron Morgan Married, have two kids, and own my own restaurant. -Matt Phillips Working as a diesel technician. - Jarrad Mulderink Hopefully in an FBI office and busting people on the streets. -Jarrell Smith Working at a John Deere plant as a mechanic. - Kevin Kurczewski Rapping with Lil B, Whoop Whoop Swag Swag YEET! Thank you based God.-Tristan Burkhardt Wealthy, infamous, and living somewhere warm.-Jacob Darabaris Married, living in LA working as a neurologist and a painter.-Taylorann Smith Married with a family-Tia Anczer

Just living good. Maybe have a family. Doing Hoodrat stuff.- AJ Jiminez Finishing my residency and starting my job. Gabi Peters Married to someone rich and teaching and coaching at a high school.- Vanna Lowe Running marathons and inventing cool things!-Tessie Hoge I’ll be living in LA and having a successful life and maybe married.-Karina Topete Hopefully successful.-Dallas Saddler Living in my own apartment downtown and two years out of college.-Breanna Zielinski Hopefully, not here.-Marshall Landis Hopefully, working as a physical/occupational therapist and having my own house.-Jade Benson Married, living in Michigan. working at a hospital, and starting a family.- Monica Schurman Venice Beach, California.-Josh Hollis I will be living in a log cabin on a lake and will be the physical therapist for the Chicago Blackhawks.-Shaun Hughes I plan to be showing my horses and living on a huge farm with lots of acreage and animals.-Emma Barnes A job in welding.-Darien Everts Finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.- Alysha Basel Working, married, having kids.-Alexis Schultz I will be someplace warm where it does not snow, like Florida or California.-Megan Bareli Hopefully united with my girlfriend from Thailand.-Zac Coleman In the Navy.-Zack Wehling Not in Beecher.-Colleen Lentz Living the life, casually chilin’ with Waznonis, and still getting buckets.-Anthony Olszewski I would like to live in Chicago or New York City working for a Fortune 500 Company.-Ben Scrementi Living in a nice house. Married with two kids.-Katy Stern Hopefully making a lot of money and running my own salon- Breanna Tenorio Living in Washington, D.C. working in a law firm to become the Attorney General of the United States. -Blair Fernandez Living somewhere warm and running my own fashion business.-Amanda Snell I hope to be living somewhere down south with a good job, married and starting a family.-Sam Stolzenbach I’m not sure where I will be. I just know I will be happy.-Bailey Solis. I will be a nurse, married, and hopefully have a kid.-Beckah Eickmann Married, working, having two children.-Tiana Lee Performing in an orchestra.-Casey Walsh


BeechBark SENIORS Elizabeth Rapacz: Editor-in-Chief Tia Anczer: Features Editor Shaun Hughes: Entertainment Editor Monica Schurman: Reporter

Senior edition 2014  
Senior edition 2014