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“Bullying is like a huge force of nature which cannot be predicted but can be acted upon,” said Ryan Fernandez (Sr). Bullying happens every day and can come in many shapes and sizes. Bullying usually goes unnoticed throughout the school, so a club, The Bully Busters, was formed to help acknowledge this issue. The Bully Busters, formed by Michael Hoffer, is designed to fight against the act of bullying and help those being bullied. “I started it because (bullying) is a big problem at this school, not really because I was bullied but I saw it happening around me and wondered what I could do to make a difference,” Hoffer said. “All of us are here for a reason,” said Alyssamay Griño (Sr). “I want those who are currently being bullied to know that there is hope and a way to build a strong mental wall between them and rude comments and actions.” The Bully Busters have students that range from all grades. Anyone has the opportunity to join and make a difference. “It’s a great influence on the student body and it’s a good way to show kids to do the right thing in situations where some wouldn’t,” said John Banasiak (Sr). All around the school, students have to interact with each other in some way. Students have to see the same kids every day and learn to work with them.

The Bully Busters is a place where students can interact and make new friends. “With how small our school is, there is no place to hide,” said Nicole Thomsen (So). “You see the same faces every day.” Some students are in high hopes for the program to work and are strongly against bullying. “Hopefully the club will help kids around school with many issues of bullying they might have, through facebook, or even just passing by in the hallway,” said Gabi Bachis (So). “I really am against bullying, because not only does it downgrade people and show them disrespect as a person , but it really makes everything in life so Here for a reason - This is just one of the Bully Bustmuch harder, like from go- er’s logos that is going to be on their shirts and shows ing to school, to trying to one of the many reasons of what the club is fighting for. be happy in general.” Some students see bullies as a way students a getaway from the hardships to make themselves look better by de- of high school and home life. Here students should be able to come to feel meaning others. “Those who bully must be scared and safe and have an opportunity to talk and lonely if they need to hurt others to feel have fun. To join the club, come to Mrs. Livebetter,” said Noah Miller (Fr). “I think you will never reach higher ground if say’s room (5), every first and third Thursday of each month. Anyone can you are always pushing others down.” This club is a place designed to give join.

School spirit takes over the school Kaitlin Harvey: Reporter

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“Overall, this year more people have participated in spirit week than all of my four years in high school. I liked how this year many people went all out.” - Chuck Karl (Sr)

“I like the fact that you can dress up like a pair of anything, from regular everyday people to something as funny as old men.”- Joe Gianotti (Sr)

“It’s cool seeing what people come to school in. People either go all out or none at all it’s awesome! 80’s day is my favorite!” - Morgan Vanderlinde (So)

“I like clash day because I am a competitive person.” - Jarrel Smith (Fr).

“I like black and orange day because everybody dresses the same and shows school spirit.” - Taylor LeBlanc (So)

Bekah Kamp


Drew Blankenberger Kena Bocek Briana Bowler Cecelia Carr Nick Giroux Alyssamay Griño Kaitlin Harvey Colin Leahy Jacob Schwartz Brieanna Steele Jordan Triemstra Mary Tucker Lyndsay Wachowski

“(Class Clash) is a fun competiton and we fought hard.” -Billy Dwyer (So).


Dec/Jan 2010-11 The Spectrum

Editor: Katrina Szewka


Drama Club amazes the audience yet again Kena Bocek: Reporter

What happens when you mix a Fairy Godmother, Little Red Riding Hood, and a Big Bad Wolf? On December 9 through December 11, Beecher High School drama club performed Big Bad, written by Alec Strum. During the play, the audience will be shown the trial of the Big Bad Wolf. Drama club has endured much growth to reach its advanced state. This gives them the resources to perform Big Bad, to the Beecher community. Big Bad took over the stage, with the help of an amazing cast. Each character had a unique personality, such as a yelling evil step-mother and a crying Red Riding Hood. Therefore, every role was interesting. The cast shined through clever details, as well. Instead of a Bible, the judge used a book of fairytales. Every witness was asked to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help them Hans Christian Anderson, with their right hand on the book of fairytales. A witty remark, like the Big Bad

Wolf claiming to be vegan, or Ms. Muffet needing a tuffet adds humor. Commercials between takes, were made by the cast especially for the show. was advertised, along with unweaveable hair extensions. Overall, the audience should enjoy the performance. It was definitely a sight worth seeing. Drama Club President, Olivia Jones (Sr.), has participated in drama club throughout her entire Beecher High School career. She had the chance to see all the growth. The number of participants has increased substantially. Over the years drama club members have learned how to work together. “We are better with teamwork,” Jones said. Now, the participants can act as a unit, making the overall experience of drama club more enjoyable. Ms. Bicker, drama club Sponsor, is an important member of the team. She has been involved with the Beecher High School drama club since 2008. Ms. Bicker has many roles. She is the director of the plays. She also coordi-

Drama Club members, Alyssamay Griño and Bekah Kamp come together to amaze the audience and perform a stunning play called Big Bad.

nates props and costumes with the help of Mrs. DeYoung. “Kids are more responsible,” Ms. Bicker said. Performance in the theatre has improved in quality. Both on stage and off, actors have better worth. Consequently, a range of genres can be accepted, such as drama, romance, and

comedy. Solo acting has enhanced, as well. “On their own, acting has improved,” Ms. Bicker said. The Beecher High School drama club has exceeded all expectations. Big Bad , without a doubt, is an example of their amazing abilities.

Are you ready for finals?

Math legacy remains strong Katrina Szewka: News Editor

“It’s nice to see students get excited about math,” said Ms. Shoven a math teacher at Beecher High School. Ms. Shoven has been coaching math team for about ten years. This year, she embarks on a new mission. She takes over as the head of math team. This year has started strong; Beecher math team took second at Reed Custer. According to Ms. Shoven, winning RVC, and possibly state, can fluctuate. For the past three or four years, BHS math team has won RVC. And for the past ten years, the BHS math team has qualified more than half of that time for state. Last year, they worked extremely hard and achieved their goal by placing sixth at state. “Going to state is really fun because

Lights, Camera, Action! -

Hillary Marquez: Editor-in-Chief

you get to meet people from all across the state,” said Brooke Alleva (Sr). “The math team song is awesome and it is the best part because everyone sings it.” “Math team can be fun and rewarding if you work hard,” said Ryan Fernandez (Sr). “It’s awesome when you make it to state!” The turnout of students to join math team is usually 50 to 65 students. When they practice, it is only a few times. Practices cover the topics they are competing in and they add up to only an hour of their time before each competition and are held before school. “I love practices,” said Katie Darabaris (Sr). “Math team is the highlight of my week because I am a math geek.”

What you can do for finals week

Every student has different methods of studying that works for them. There are visual, auditory (hearing), and tactile (experiencing something first hand) learners. This may cause confusion for students who want to study for finals but do not know how to. Here are some useful studying tips for all types of learners. • • • • • • • •

• • •

Review all information shortly before taking the test. Organize every study material into different color-coded sections. Read study materials and flash cards out loud. Repeat a sentence or phrase until it is committed to memory Review quizzes and/or tests to refresh knowledge Study small parts of study materials every day. Some may remember if motion is involved so add a hand movement that will help you remember. Sometimes a humorous or catchy phrase will help commit information to memory. Try making a rhyme or funny phrase about material to make the information memorable.

What everyone should do for finals week Get plenty of sleep the night before. Ask teachers questions you may have before hand. Turn off cell phones or anything that may distract you or interrupt your studying.

• • •

Make flash cards and review with a partner. Review problems or questions for individual finals the day of a that final. Study with a partner and teach your partner about what you have learned.

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ONE MEAL FOR A STUDENT WITH PRESENTATION OF THIS COUPON *For answers to Sudoku puzzle go to page 7

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Dec/Jan 2010-11 The Spectrum

Editor: Nicole Bergen


Growing up different Katrina Szewka: News Editor

Throughout my life, I have been treated differently. I played a few sports and swam a lot, but I had a problem with drinking a lot of pop and eating foods that were not so healthy for me. I admit this. Sadly, I did not know any better. I was fat growing up, I looked different, and because of this my life became different than most kids. Being fat affected the way other kids viewed me. Sometimes kids made me feel as if I was dirt. Kids would tease or avoid me all together. Because of this, I ate more. I didn’t care what I looked like. I was depressed for a long time, but did not show it. Mostly, throughout my elementary life, I kept to myself and read. Home was my safe-haven. This was a place where I could escape from the world. I never socialized and it was very difficult for me to talk to people. I tended to avoid people because I was tired of being hurt by the people around me. It wasn’t until high school that I decided to turn things around. I began to talk more and become more involved in school activities and clubs. I dressed more like a girl and began to care for my body better. I started to put up a

mental block towards the people who treated me as if I was inferior. I began to grow. Because of the friends I made throughout my time here at Beecher High School, I became the person I am today. The concept that I’m driving at is that the way others treat a person affects their life immensely. I’m not the only one who feels this way, many teens can go through depression each year. According to “about 20 percent of teens will experience teen depression before they reach adulthood. Between 10 to 15 percent of teenagers have some symptoms of teen depression at any one time. About five percent of teens are suffering from major depression at any one time.” According to, “teen depression can affect a teen regardless of gender, social background, income level, race, or school or other achievements. Though teenage girls report suffering from depression more often than teenage boys, teenage boys are less likely to seek help or recognize that they suffer from depression, probably due to different social expectations for boys and girls. Girls are encouraged to express their feelings while boys are

Is your body image negative? Body Image Questionnare Acquired from When you look in the mirror what do you see? When you walk past a shop window and catch a glimpse of your body, what do you notice first? Are you proud of what you see, or do you think, “I’m too short, I’m too fat, if only I were thinner or more muscular?” Most people answer negatively. Take the following quiz and see how your Body Image I.Q. measures up. Circle the most appropriate answer:

Have you avoided sports or working out because you did not want to be seen in gym clothes? Yes No Does eating even a small amount of food make you feel fat? Yes No Do you worry or obsess about your body not being small, thin or good enough? Yes No Are you concerned your body is not muscular or stong enough? Yes No Do you avoid wearing certain clothes because they make you feel fat? Yes No Do you feel badly about yourself because you don’t like your body? Yes No Have you ever disliked your body? Yes No Do you want to change something about your body? Yes No Do you compare yourself to others and “come up short?” Yes No If you answered “Yes” to 3 or more questions, you may have a negative body image. See tips on how to have a more positive body image at

not. Teenage girls’ somewhat stronger dependence on social ties, however, can increase the chances of teen depression being triggered by social factors, such as loss of friends.” Whether or not that problem turns out to be depression, it still needs to be addressed—the sooner the better.” Some tips for talking to someone with depression is to offer support, be gentle but persistent, listen without lecturing,

and validate feelings. According to, “don’t try to talk teens out of their depression, even if their feelings or concerns appear silly or irrational to you. Simply acknowledge the pain and sadness they are feeling. If you don’t, they will feel like you don’t take their emotions seriously.” For more information, go to

Beecher guys feel no image pressure Nick Giroux: Reporter Everyone has seen those cliché high school movies that portray American teenagers getting teased about their looks, but does it really happen in schools today? I think that Hollywood has its own way of spinning any story and taking it to the extreme, just like the pressures in high school. I believe that high school is where a teen goes through the most changes in their lives, and it’s also where they are allowed to be whoever they want to be. Greg Larson (Jr) agrees with me. He says, “I don’t feel like the students in our school pressure me too much. I like that I can look however I want to look.” Everyone knows how the so-called jocks are supposed to be the bigger guys who are only obsessed with their muscles. I believe that today’s society, especially in small towns, has evolved its way of thinking. For example, Steven Barber is a junior at Beecher and he is involved in many sports. He is a member of both the soccer and basketball teams, and while this takes up most of his time, he still maintains a superb GPA. During the late fall months, the basketball team is expected to lift weights during the week. “I do not feel pressured to get big-

ger but I do have a little bit of personal drive to look bigger and stronger,” said Steven Barber (Jr.). Another example of a dedicated athlete is Tim Johnson. Tim is involved in both track and cross country. He is also sitting at the top of his class in academics. Tim maintains a good physique, like most of his cross-country brethren. “Everyone is skinny because we run so much. Most runners have defined legs and 6-packs because we don’t have much body fat.” said Tim Johnson (Sr). Do you feel pressured to look a certain way? This question is a difficult one to answer, especially for the American teenager. Luckily, today’s society has evolved enough to accept more unusual things, making the life of an innocent teen easier. In high school, you are allowed to reinvent who you are and what you want to look like, which is really good news to an expressive student. At Beecher, especially in sports, there is very little pressure to look a certain way. Although many kids don’t feel pressured, the kids that do need to remember that they can be whoever they want to be, and they are allowed to look however they please.

Nathan Stanula pick up on. The average bagpipe costs $1,100 to $1,400, but Nathan uses his dad’s older bagpipes. Although getting started may be expensive, playing bagpipes does have its benefits. An average performance at a wedding usually lasts fifteen minutes, and Nathan gets paid $100 to $200 not including tips. Nathan’s favorite part of playing bagpipes is St. Patrick’s Day, which is the busiest time of the year for the band. Before the South Side Irish Parade was canceled, The Stockyard Kilty Band would lead this parade, being one of the main attractions. Nathan once made $400 on St. Patrick‘s Day. The Stockyard Kilty band has also performed locally, participating in the Fourth of July parade in Beecher every year. Nathan wasn’t always at Colin Leahy: Reporter performance standards, and only any people are very proud of through a lot of practice has he their heritage, but Nathan Stanula come so far. His band has practice (Sr.) displays his pride in a much every Friday in Evergreen Park at different way. Nathan is part of the the Amvets post. Nathan said, “When I first start- Like father like son - Nathan and his father in his early years of playing the bagpipes. oldest bagpipe band in America, ed playing, it was really hard to The Chicago Stockyard Kilty Band, which was founded in 1921. Both pick up on, and on a few occanominated as a full time member based on local standings, one being of Nathan’s parents play bagpipes sions, I even quit, but eventually of the band in a very short amount the best and five being the worst. through a lot of practice, I got the as well, which was his inspiration to of time. Nathan is waiting for next The Chicago Stockyard Kilty Band hang of it.” start playing. One of Nathan’s biggest inspira- year’s World Pipe Band Competi- is ranked as a grade three which is “We broke him early, he marched tion, which is one of the largest bag- a good ranking considering the size in his first parade with his father tions to keep playing was his dad. pipe competitions in the world. of the competition. Nathan was taught by the same Pipe when he was four years old with a “I am really excited to travel to Nathan has played bagpipes for toy bagpipe. This was Nathan’s first Major that taught his dad how to Scotland to compete in such a large over twelve years, and plans to experience wearing a kilt (which he play more than twenty-five years competition and I really hope we continue after he graduates from ago. Nathan thinks that his dad realreally enjoyed),” said Cara Stanula, Beecher High School. ly helped him become a good play- perform well,” said Nathan. Nathan’s mom. Bands from all around the world “I enjoy playing. It is a big part Nathan started with his unique er, by motivating and tutoring him, travel to Glasgow, Scotland to of my life, and I feel I could still but now Nathan thinks he’s just as hobby twelve years ago, and it has compete for the title of best bag- become a better player over time.” always been a very big part of his good as his dad. “We are incredibly proud of Na- pipe band in the world. Next year said Nathan. life. Many people of Scottish and is different for the Kilty Band, as With college fast approaching, NaIrish decent take great pride in bag- than. He has embraced his heritage, they will also be performing at the than is hoping that the extra money and destiny, and now I tear up evpipes, and being Scottish, Nathan Edinburgh Castle, and will be play- from the performances will help pay enjoys playing with the band. Play- erytime I hear him play,” said Mike ing throughout Ireland. The com- for some of his basic needs such as ing bagpipes is not a cheap hobby to Stanula, Nathan’s dad. Excelling quickly, Nathan was petition has five grades of bands, gas and food.


Looking Serious - In-Depth interview with Nathan Stanula.

Q & A

Spectrum: At what age did you start playing? Nathan: I started when I was four years old with a toy bagpipe. Spectrum: Will you continue to play in the band when you go to college? Nathan: Yes, the extra money will be very helpful. Spectrum: Who was your biggest influence? Nathan: My mother and father. They both play the bagpipes, too. Spectrum: What is the name of your band? Nathan: The Chicago Stockyard Kilty Band. Spectrum: What is the historical background behind the band? Nathan: It is the oldest bagpipe band in America, founded in 1921. Spectrum: Where can people find more information on the band? Nathan: Our website is Looking good - Nathan shows his photogenic side.

Dec/Jan 2010-11 The Spectrum

Editor: Nicole Bergen


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Generation facebook takes over Briana Bowler:Reporter

We are the children of technology; the first to grow up with constant texting, talking, and chatting. Today, everyone is connected through one specific social network: facebook. It’s referred to as a place; somewhere to make new friends, keep in touch, and portray yourself however you wish. There are hundreds of millions of active users on facebook worldwide. But even something so vastly used and accepted can scale down, and affect individual people, such as students at BHS. Talk of facebook drama and fights are common in our hallways every day. I think facebook has a huge effect on our generation, both good and bad, but there are ways to prevent a lot of the negativity that may be created from it. In our small community, facebook can be seen as a positive social network, yet at the same time a catalyst for drama and negativity. To some, facebook is

simply a universal aspect of today’s culture, and to many, just a part of their daily routine. But what kind of effect might it actually have on this generation of youth? “An enormous effect,” said Patty Czajkowski, the mother of a BHS student, “it is the social network of your generation.” Adults and teens alike are actually agreeing on a lot of the negative aspects of this site. When asked specifically about the effect facebook has on young people, Mrs. Crowley, a teacher’s aide at BHS, said, “It’s definitely negative,” and added that, “kids can say things to other kids without saying it to their face. There’s no sudden reaction or repercussion.” I think this is a huge problem that leads to a lot of follow-up issues among students at BHS. Facebook drama is

“Don’t go on. I don’t think that facebook is very accurate. It’s easy to gossip so if I hear about something on facebook, I think twice before believing it.”

“Not post anything that will get you in trouble or say things that sound mean toward others.” -Ariel Wehling (Jr).

easily brought right into our halls. Fights over Less About Over an Im constantly facebook are becoming than an an hour checking it common. hour Jade Joaquin (So) hour + Create a Poll said, “Most of the time it’s an ignorant person that will start an argument with you is realistic. Some of us spend hours on over something you said, because they this site, but for what? Where exactly didn’t interpret it correctly.” does the guilty pleasure of being nosey When something like this happens, turn into what some students like to call it’s so easy for others to get involved facebook stalking? because it’s so public. One misunderOn the contrary, facebook really is standing over a status or comment can a cultural landmark. Nothing like it has suddenly turn into a heated argument. ever been so widespread. There’s obviRelating to the drama, I came across ously something there that makes it so another unfavorable point made about attractive. Compared to MySpace, it’s this site. really such a simple, clean, and efficient “I think some kids lose their social way to communicate. In all honestly, skills,” admits Patty Czajkowski. it’s not the site that’s negative, it’s your I’m sure many young people would “friends” that can turn it into something disagree with that statement, though it you don’t want.

What do you think is the best way to prevent Facebook drama?

-Erin Feret (So).

“I think that people really shouldn’t be on facebook as much as they are because that is just what causes drama. It is the same thing as AIM. That’s why I never go on anymore.” -Savannah Soppet (So).

Students should help prevent cyberbullying Nicole Bergen: Opinions Editor

We live in a world where it takes less than a minute to communicate with each other. We have Internet on our phones and ipods, we have texting, and we have instant messaging. Now, if all these things were used for good, the world would be a much better place, but seeing as some people always have to go and ruin a good thing there are many growing disadvantages of so much technology. Cyber-bullying would be one of the major problems with constant communication. People do not even have to insult someone to their face anymore, they can just type it in an email or post it on a wall, and then mission accomplished. It is much easier to make someone feel horrible about themselves

now when all bullies have to do is click send. Cyber-bullying has been increasing in recent years. According to www., in a national survey of 10-17 year olds, twice as many children indicated they had been victims and perpetrators of online harassment in 2005 compared with 2000. Another fact about bullying that explains, is that nearly 35% of kids have been threatened online and almost one in five have had it happen more than once. Also, about 75% of students have visited a website bashing another student. All these facts show that since there are so many different ways for people to bully others because of so much technology, there has been an increase in bully victims.

On websites like facebook, there are blog and status updates, where people can choose to display their whole lives. When someone’s life is too public, bullies have the means to hurt someone even more than they normally would. Cyber-bullying is a growing problem and the best thing to do when dealing with a cyber-bully is to block them or ignore their messages completely. If this does not work an adult should always be informed. There is too much harassment occurring inside and outside of school systems. The Internet should be used as an advantage, not taken advantage of.

“Block unwanted people, mind your business, don’t put anything up you don’t want people to see.” -Jade Joaquin (So).

Dec/Jan 2010-11 The Spectrum

Editor: Alaina Garza



What do you think real beauty is?

“When you are able to walk through life without caring what people think. You keep on keeping on.”- Tyler Cloutier (Sr)

“Real beauty is looking good without makeup. Most importantly, not caring what others think.”- Jacob Darabaris (Fr)

“When you do not need to impress others. When you are comfortable with who you are.”-Katie Stojak (Jr)

Real beauty is the beauty within

Lyndsay Wachowski: Reporter

According to Eleanor Roosevelt, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This means the only way somebody can be put down is if that person allows others to do that. High school comes with many challenges you have to face including: body image, worrying about your own self esteem, and what other people think of you. “People are affected by their own body image, because it makes them feel self-conscious and it effects their personality toward other people,” said Eddie Peppler (So). “I am not self-concious and I don’t think anyone should be. If you are, you can create more problems for yourself. If you are yourself around other people and don’t worry about what you look like, you would have true friends that will not judge you. Just be yourself,” said Jamie Ackman (Jr). Personality is what matters the most. Hillary Marquez (Sr) said, “Looks don’t last forever but personality does, it takes one person to notice the real beauty that lies inside.” To help someone with body image, Victoria Zurek (So) said, “Well, you

“People that are true to their friends. Also, people who don’t try to hurt others’ self esteem.” -Cassidy Bonk (So)

“Beauty is in the heart of the beholder.” -Al Bernstein

“Beauty is not caused. It is. -Emily Dickinson

“Every time you suppress some part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are in essence ignoring the owner’s manual your creator gave you and destroying your design.” -Oprah Winfrey can boost their moral by telling them all the things they are good at: such as sports, school, outside of school activities and remind them how they have helped other people.” Society does a good job on telling other people what they should look like. It creates a certain image to make people think they have to fufill a certain standard. “It’s society. Society makes people think they have to look a certain way to be accepted,” said Ms. Mosley, P.E. teacher at BHS. Real beauty is what is inside. Be confident with yourself and others will admire that and follow in your footsteps.

“Beauties in vain their pretty eyes may roll; charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul.” -Alexander Pope

Causes and effects of low self-esteem Causes


-Peer pressure -Sexual abuse -Weight problems -Physical threats -Pressure from the media -Getting called names -Being bullied -Parent divorce

-Substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, smoking, laxatives) -Plastic surgery -Obesity -Depression -Anorexia -Bulimia -Suicide -Self-injury -Stress -Binging and purging

Dec/Jan 2010-11 The Spectrum

Guest Editors: Hillary Marquez and Cheri Ruiz


Features Being fit is not a size or shape

Hillary Marquez: Editor-in-Chief that fitness day is conducted inside, the class period begins with running laps, then doing stretches as any normal gym day beCheri Ruiz: Co-Editor-in-Chief “P.E. is just about athletics, “ said Ms. Mosely, P.E. teacher at Beecher High School. This year P.E. Classes began with a new program dedicated to keeping students fit, called fitness day. Fitness day consists of 11 to 12 work-out stations that, in gerneral, are typical work-out activities. Another type of fitness day that has been added is running four laps around the track by Fireman’s Park. Ms. Mosely’s goal in having a fitness day is to make students realize that being physically fit is more than just a size. “It is a positive thing, but only once a week is not so good” said Chantil Ochoa certified medical assistant at La Rabida Children’s Hospital. “The health teacher should teach on a daily basis what foods and exercises are best and make the students hold a log of what exercises they are doing.” Fitness day occurs once a week and it lasts the full class period. On the days

gins, and then continues on to the actual fitness day activities. The days where the fitness day is conducted outside, the class starts out by running to the track and then runs four laps around the track. Fitness day helps students understand the importance of having a work-out routine to stay healthy. “The dangers of obesity and not being fit could lead to heart failure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure; and the list goes on” said Chantil Ochoa. Being physically active is very important and can lower the risk of becoming obese. Fitness day gives students the tools they need to keep physically active and healthy.

Obesity Health Risk

high cholesterol stroke blood pressure heart attack sleep apnea heart failure shortness of breath asthma Type two diabetes coronary artery disease (CAD)

What we are doing... Whole Fitness Day Schedule wall sits wall jumps medball partner tosses leg-lifts 4 man push-ups crunches medball figure 8 jump rope plank step ups dips medball lunges medball twists vertical wood choppers bycicle kicks T push up BMI Below 18.5 18.5-24.9 25-29.9 30 & Above

How to calculate BMI:


Weight in pounds Height in inches

What we should be doing...

one-leg squats jumping jacks medball squats lunges one-leg Romanian deadlift burpies cone jumps diagonal wood choppers V-ups Medball sit-ups medball Russian twists push ups side planks *Of these exercises about ten workouts are chosen to be performed in one gym class period. These exercises are split into stations. Students travel in groups spending about two minutes at each station.

Weight Status Underweight Normal Overweight Obese

Gearing up for fitness day - Zach Aring (So) and Ryan Woods (So) run their laps for a typical gym period.

How to Keep Healthy Have a daily workout routine, be consistent. Work out at least 3 times a week. Work out for at least one hour every time you work out. Keep a log of when and how much you are working out. Keep a log of what you are eating. *Recommended by health professional Chantil Ochoa. According to great excersises for teens are: cycling, swimming, and running are best for cardiovascular fitness. Strength training with weights and machines can build muscle mass, but workouts should be supervised to avoid injury.

Answers for Sudoku puzzle on page 2

Dec/Jan 2010-11 The Spectrum

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Call of Duty completes mission Jake Hall: Sports Editor

Drew Blankenberger: Reporter In 2007, the award-winning game, Assassin’s Creed, came out and was a huge hit. Two years later its sequel, Assassin’s Creed II, came out with just as much excitement as the first one. Now the newest edition, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, is out and people are raving about it. The Assassin’s Creed series follows a man named Desmond who has bloodlines to many assassins throughout his past. One night, while working at a bar, Desmond is captured by a team of scientists and forced to take part in an experiment. The scientists are trying to hack into Desmond’s bloodline and learn what they can from his ancestors. As the experiments progress, Desmond finds that he can do activities that only skilled assassins can do, such as scale walls and leap long distances. The new addition of the game comes with new weapons and new attacks. Some of these weapons include a bow, a pistol, and a cannon. It is expected to be the game of the year by most critics. The video game was released on November 16, 2010.

Geeksyndicate.wordpress Photo As a student, and a fellow gamer, I am very excited about the release. I have played the last two games, and my mind was blown away by the graphics and game-play that have been in the past editions. I have watched previews for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood; there

are different fighting techniques, such as new combat abilities with weaponry. So for all of you gamers out there, I would highly suggest playing this new and exciting game.

Bitter sweet feeling from Tuesdays with Morrie Hilary Marquez: Editor-in-Chief The novel, Tuesdays with Morrie, is a true story written by Mitch Albom. It is a heart-warming novel on the loving relationship between a pupil and his college professor. The classes Morrie, the professor, teaches are quite different from others. These classes generally revolve around subjects such as life at its best, how humans react to different situations, society, etc. It is a class with no syllabus, rather a class that is taken by the day. The two main characters, Morrie and Mitch, were the best of buddies during college. Mitch, taking Morrie’s classes every year, grew close to him and meeting after class became custom. This professor was definitely not your average Joe. Morrie thought outside of the box, always moving to the beat of his own drum, literally. He danced every Sunday in the Harvard Square by himself with no music playing; he worked up a crowd and made friends everywhere he went. Morrie had moved Mitch in a special way; having the expertise to explain everything in an optimistic way, something that Mitch very much admired. Morrie became more than just a professor to Mitch; he became a friend, an idol. Come graduation time, Mitch was gloomy, aware that he would not see his old professor again but he promised to keep in touch. Years pass, Mitch is very much a workaholic. He had become unhappy with who he had turned into, and no, he did not keep in touch with Morrie. It is not until Mitch sees Morrie on television that he decides to contact his old professor again. There is a twist. Morrie is on television because he is dying


Wordpress Photo and would like America to study him as he explains what it feels like to see and wait for your life to fall to pieces. Morrie helps Mitch find himself once again, turning him into a beautiful person, someone who is a leader and takes joy in what he accomplishes. The novel is the perfect medicine for just about any sickness, mental or physical. Tuesdays with Morrie could be compared to

Chicken Soup for the Soul, touching on many emotional subjects. It is a recount of life experiences, lectures on life in general, and is quite a tear jerker. I would recommend this novel to all readers as it does apply to everyone.

The most anticipated game of 2010 is finally here and it is taking the nation by storm. Call of Duty Black Ops came out Tuesday, November 9 and many people waited in line outside of stores to get the game at midnight. The game, which is the seventh game in the franchise, is made by Treyarch Gaming Studios, and brings a lot of new features to the Call of Duty franchise. The multiplayer mode of the game gives players a lot of free reign in picking their classes and customizing their character. Players now earn in game money for completing online matches and contracts. They use that money to purchase weapons, weapon attachments, camouflage, and contracts for in game use. Contracts are another exciting new feature. They allow the player a chance to complete a certain challenge for money. Contracts are timed though, so the player must complete it in the required time or else they do not get the money. There are also many new multiplayer variants, but the biggest addition is wager mode. Players are able to compete in matches worth more money. The top three players in the match get a piece of the money that the players had to bet at the beginning of the match. There are three different wagers that can be bet, which are 10, 1,000, and even 10,000 for players who want to go big. Another exciting mode is zombie mode. The players get a chance to fight off endless masses of zombies and other zombie-like creatures. This excited many players who played zombie mode in Call of Duty World at War. The only part of the game that I found disappointing was the campaign. The storyline jumped around and I really had no idea where it was going until the end. Even though campaign did not live up to my standards, the rest of the game blew those standards away. Call of Duty Black Ops is a must play in my opinion.

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Concert proves success Mandy Egenlauf:

Entertainment Editor

Bands for Cams- Vocalist Alex Caldwell works the crowd with XLtation

The Bands for Cams concert held Friday, November 12 proved to be a success raising $608.37. All of the bands played well, minus a few preparation and techinical problems. The journalism class is very thankful for all of the bands who came out to help raise money. Lead Astray, the headlining band, put on a great show and did a great job at wrapping up the night with a very excited and energetic crowd. So once again, thanks to everyone, bands included, for coming out and supporting Beecher High School. We hope to see everyone at our future Rocking out- DJ Staska from Lead fundraisers. Astray shows off his talent.

Top Ten Movies of 2010 brought in millions











1. Toy Story 3 Gross: $414,806,932 2. Alice in Wonderland Gross: $334,185,206 3. Iron Man 2 Gross: $312,057,433 4. Twilight: Eclipse Gross: $300,523,113 5. Inception Gross: $292,068,095 6. Despicable Me Gross: $249,169,375 7. Shrek Forever After Gross: $238,371,987 8. How to Train Your Dragon Gross: $217,387,997 9. The Karate Kid (2010) Gross: $176,591,618 10. Clash of the Titans Gross: $163,192,114

Venegas makes it big in Latin America Hillary Marquez: Editor-in-Chief Not many listen to Spanish music because they do not understand Spanish. I have the ability to listen to both types of music because I am bi-lingual. For the most part, I listen to Spanish music. That would be because Spanish, in my opinion, is not derogatory towards women. Also, since its foreign I think it sounds prettier. I listen to a soft rock type of Spanish. Julieta Venegas, an artist who was born and raised in Baja, California, would have to be one of my favorite artists right now. She has an amazing voice that could be compared to the singer Colbie Caillat. One of my favorite songs, Limon y Sal, lyrically is much like Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, in the way that the narrator is willing to accept her loved one just as he is. When I interpret the song Limon y Sal, I think Venegas is trying to tell a story on how a girl notices that looks are deceiving. Even when your loved one does not do exactly what you want them to do, in the end all you want is for them to be there. Her latest album, Otra Cosa, came out in August 2010. All songs describe her love life: some fall and some will be remembered forever, mainly all about the struggles that each relationship endures, whether it be distance, differences, or loss of interest. The album contains 12 songs filled with electric guitars, vari-

success. She is starting to tour all over Europe to become more well-known. In my opinion, she will rise more and become more popular in the world. What I like about this artist is that she incorporates instruments and rhythms from Spain, Africa, and Argentina. Every song is different, it has a different beat, tempo, and her voice is amazing. She has accomplished many things that others in the Spanish music industry have not. Venegas has been awarded numerous Latin Grammys, year after year. If you are interested in hearing some of Julieta Venegas’s music, you can go to

Other artists of this genre to check out:

ous percussion instruments, subtle pianos (played by herself), and accordions. Venegas’ father was a musician also, and he signed her up for piano lessons when she was a little girl. Venegas was the only child of six to follow in her father’s footsteps. Venegas is quite a character. She is known in Latin Amer- Photo ica for her rare and unique outfits. They do not go overboard like Lady Gaga’s, but her outfits tend to start a new trend in the rock world. Julieta Venegas is popular throughout Latin America and Spain. Since she is popular in Spain that means she is quite an accomplished artist since many do not achieve that much

Carlos Baute Marta Sanchez Belinda Alejandro Sanz Mana Juanes Kani Garcia Chayanne Enrique Igelsias Shakira

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BHS cheerleaders hope to start the year off strong Nick Giroux: Reporter The cheerleaders for the Beecher Bobcats have always held a standard of excellence, hard work, and lots of determination. Now that coaches Mrs. Compton and Ms. Assise have chosen their new squad for this year, they are hopeful for another great season. Last year, the Cats were plagued with injuries on the squad, and they are hoping to stay healthy throughout the season. Considering the fact that Coach Compton is in only her second year of coaching cheer, her squad feels that she is settling in nicely. Apryl Washington (Sr.) said, “Mrs. Compton and Ms. Assise are really on top of things. We’ve already started on

Bobcats going into season ready and prepared Brieanna Steele: Reporter “We have a very strong junior class whose success last year on JV will hopefully turn into success this year on varsity,” said head coach Mr. Waznonis. The boys’ basketball team has been working hard to prepare for their season. Mr. Waznonis is planning on having a successful season with his team this year. He is confident that his players will step up and take the place of last year’s seniors. Beecher’s first game was a tournament at Manteno Monday, November 22nd. With a new team, Beecher is anxious

Cheering on the Crowd: From left to right: Cheerleaders Kara Couwenhoven (Sr), Apryl Washington (Sr), Ariel Wehling (Jr), and Lyndsay Pushala (Sr) rally the crowd at the Class Clash assembly.

tumbling and practicing. They are both really prepared.” Everyone knows that every year, there are seniors that have to leave and go off to college, leaving empty spots on the team.

Coach Compton said, “I think we have a lot of new girls that bring a lot of energy to the squad. We are all excited about this year’s new routine for competitions.” Last year, the girl’s season ended a

to see what the outcome of this season will be. The boys worked on their offense and defense over the summer. A few weeks after school started they began weight lifting after school. They even condition in the mornings to help get into shape. “Being a sophomore, I am excited to play with varsity this year, we have been training hard and hopefully it will all pay off,” said Nick Oosting (So). Mr. Waznonis wants his team to do their best and play their game. The conditioning and lifting benefit the team in the long run. It also made the

team bond before the season. The team is fit and prepared for the season. “My goals for this season is that I would like my team to give 100% on defense, and always be attacking the basket,” said Mr. Waznonis. The team has worked hard over the months to get ready for this season. The boys have already led us to our first homecoming victory in years. They had a great comeback victory for the win with a final score of 63 - 55. The Bobcats outscored Donovan 21-7 in the final quarter led by Jake Hering’s 18 points and Aaron Mahnke’s 12 points. Aaron Mahnke also grabbed 12 rebounds and Mike Pignatiello led the defense with his energy and 3 steals.

“We have a very strong junior class whose success last year on JV will hopefully turn into success this year on varsity,” said Coach Waznonis.

little earlier than they would have liked, but they are still hopeful for the future. They have two competitions this year, one at Andrew High School and another at regionals. The ladies feel that they need to improve their overall score from last year, and finish higher than last year’s fifth place. One way to do this is to make some improvements throughout the team. Apryl Washington and others agree, “Our squad needs to improve on tumbling! That is why we already started tumbling classes once a week for two hours.” The cheerleaders all feel like this year is going to be one for the ages, and why shouldn’t it be? With seniors like Kara Cowenhoven, Lindsay Pushala, Katelyn Neubauer, and Apryl Washington leading the way, the Bobcats are marching towards an unforgettable year. And with a new routine, new stunts, and a new squad, the girls have high hopes of capturing the regional title.

The Giants bring home first World Series Title in 56 years Jacob Hall: Sports Editor

The San Francisco Giants have effectively ended a 56 year drought, and the Texas Rangers will have to try again next year. The Giants beat the Rangers in five games with the overall series ending, 4-1. The Giants had overcome many obstacles to make the playoffs this year after being in fourth place for their conference going into the All Star break. The Giants then went on a winning streak and finally clinched the National League West championship in their last regular season game. They then overcame the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies to make it as the National League team for the World Series. In the first game of the series both teams showed great offense but the Giants came out on top with an 11-7 win. They then defeated the Rangers again in a 9-0 victory that was controlled by San Francisco’s offense. The Rangers got revenge in the third game with a 4-2 victory, bringing the series to a 2-1 standing. The Giants got their third victory in the fourth game beating the Rangers 4-0 in Arlington, Texas. The fifth and final game of the series ended in a 3-1 victory for the Giants. The hero of the fifth game was Edgar Renteria who came up big with a three run homer to left field in the 7th inning. Edgar Renteria was also named the World Series MVP for helping the Giants clinch the series in the fifth and final game. The Giants went home champions, and the Rangers were left with the hope of next year to try and win their first World Series title. Though the Rangers lost they still suceeded in keeping the Yankees out of the Series which is a major accomplishment in my opinion. The Giants can now proudly say that they are finally the world champions of baseball again. So congratulations to the Giants for bringing home another world title.

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Beecher XC boys run down a dream Almost there! - Christina

Vaughun (Fr) running in a cross country meet.

Ready, set, go! - Mike Polzin

(Jr) breaks through the pack at a cross country meet.

We did it! - The cross country team parading their victory in a fire truck through town the day after their big win.

Brieanna Steele: Reporter

The boys 2010-2011 cross country season is one that Beecher will never forget. They had an amazing season from beginning to end. The boys won their cross country regional meet. Aaron Borgman (Sr) broke the course record coming in 1st, 2nd was Grant Nykaza (So), 3rd Griffin Nykaza (Sr), 4th Jordan Joaquin (Sr), 6th Mike Polzin (Jr), 7th Matt Hensen (Sr), and 10th Tim Johnson (Sr). The boys did an amazing job. Beecher was very happy for Aaron. He gave that meet his all. At sectionals the team took first with 51 points, defeating the second place team, Monticello, by 38 points. Grant Nykaza came out on top with 1st place, Griffin Nykaza 2nd place, Aaron Borgman 12th place, Jordan Joaquin 18th

place, Matt Hensen 24th place, Mike Polzin 38th place, and Tim Johnson took 46th place.After a great race it was off to the state meet for the boys. The team was very anxious for their meet. They had been training hard and hoping it would pay off in the end. In the state meet Grant Nykaza finished in fourth place overall with a time of 15:02, Griffin Nykaza finished in eighth at 15:05. Jordan Joaquin finished in 26th with a recorded time of 15:26. Aaron Borgman 33rd place, with a recorded time of 15:39. Mike Polzin finished in 66th overall with a time of 16:15. All of the times were each individual’s personal best times. Beecher won the state championship by 70 points.

The boys have worked hard and they deserve this win. After the boys won state they had a parade to celebrate. “The parade was pretty amazing looking at all my teammates and seeing they worked just as hard as me to get to this spot,” said Grant Nykaza. There is no better way to end a season than with a state championship title. These boys have practiced very hard to get to where they are today. They never gave up on anybody and were always encouraging one another. “I am sad the season has came to an end but I would not have wanted it to end any other way,” said Mike Polzin. The girls cross country team also had a great year. They took second in regionals. In sectionals they just barely

missed the cut off. They got sixth place. The girls worked hard throughout the season. “We had a fun year together. I love these girls and its sad ending the season” said Bobbi Stanula (So) The cross country coaches should be very proud of both teams. They put a lot of effort into their sport and it shows. The girls showed their support for their teammates by cheering on the boys at the state meet. These two teams have great skills and they can do anything they set their minds to. The girls and boys cross country team both had an amazing year. Beecher is looking forward to see what they are going to accomplish next year.

I believe in you! - Cross Country team huddling before a meet.

In it to win it! - Liz Meyer (Sr), Larissa Swanson (Jr), and Katie Darabaris (Sr) prepare for a race.

WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR The Spectrum Staff Investigates...

Are you worried about your body image? No 56% If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Weight 40% Nothing 27% Do you try to change what you do not like about yourself? Yes 60% Do you feel you have to meet certain standards for other people? No 62%

Yes 44% Height 14%

Lip Dub 20 10

Nick Giroux reports on body image in Beecher.



Does Bullying Affect Body Image? Alaina Garza reports on the effects of bullying.

All 5%

No 40%

With whom do you compare yourself? Other students at school 47% Celebrities 15% Siblings 15% Do you believe high school students worry about their body image? Yes 93% Have you ever felt personally judged because of your image? Yes 60%

Do You Feel Pressured?

Face 14%



Yes 38% Role models 13% No One 10% No 7% No 40%

Real Beauty is the Beauty Within Lyndsay Wachowski reports on the challenges of body image.




December/January issue of the Spectrum

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