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Michael Herrick T-206 Project 1 11 February 2011 Reflection In the initial decision for my treatment and script idea, I found a majority of my problems. I kept wanting to reference to the ideas of movies that had already been created. It is tough trying to think of a completely unique and fresh idea for a movie. Throughout writing the treatment, I felt very confident about my ideas and was constantly looking for ways and vantage points in order to expand all my ideas. The treatment seemed to write itself as soon as my ideas started to flow. It may be a bit farfetched, but I am proud of the work I have created. I found a few setbacks when writing the script. The balance between how detailed to be when comparing the treatment and the script was difficult to find, but all my ideas were laid out well. I wanted to as detailed as possible in my description of the setting, but ended up over analyzing and wasting time. At some points I felt I was carrying on too much with my ideas and had to trim some of the description out. It was easy

to convert my treatment outline to my more detailed script with the use of creativity and movie experience.


T-206 Project Reflection

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