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Exit Slip   During  this  session  we…     What  was  the     focus  of  this     session?       One  new  or  interesting  aspect  of  this  program  model  is…   because…                                                                 Which  aspects  of     this  program     model  are  new  or     interesting?       It  was  difficult  to…     Were  any     components     confusing?       I  will  consider  integrating…     What  will  you  do     to  integrate  a  new     idea  from  this     session  into  your     teacher     preparation   I  will  share  these  ideas  with  specific  colleagues  including…   program?         Contact  Information:   Website:

Exit Slip: TL3C Presentation  

Reflect of the TL3C presentation to identify new or interseting ideas that you may apply to your teacher preparation programs. The document...

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