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Welcome to... ...the July edition of MK Flyers Central. Have a read through MK Flyers Central to see advice from local business in Milton Keynes. Until next month

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POSITIVE LIVING 2012 – What it means... Forget the scaremongering of Hollywood and hearsay. The world will not end, there will be no immediate change – we are in fact already in the middle of huge shifts and growths prophesised. Even within our own life structure we can see huge changes, physically, emotionally, historically and personally. Every life on the planet is being shook up and all we can do is hold on. Yet why is this happening? Is it some part of a cruel unfolding plan? Are we being held accountable by some vengeful deity for actions of present and past? Everything we know is being overturned, nothing seems stable. What is occurring and what if anything can we do about what’s playing out? The word is not going crazy, things are not getting worse. Life is rebalancing and we are an important part of that shift. You particularly chose to be here right now, to be alive in this time frame and the unprecedented shifts that are happening. There are many books and therefore much available information on theories relating to this, but for the purpose of this written piece, we will simplify it, to help you understand how 2012 directly affects you, even to the point of personal relationships, love, family and work. Without computer programs and technology as we know it now, our far distant ancestors knew more about planetary alignment, deep space, stars and their physical / energetic effects than we think we know even now. NASA itself has discovered deep in the centre of the Milky Way, in an area we thought was black space, a new energy source, a new star, that burns far brighter than anything else that exists in our solar system today. Nick named ‘the pistol’, if we were to place it within our local system, if would take up the whole of the space that Earth currently uses to circulate the Sun, and it would burn thousands of times brighter. This new discovery seems to be directly lined up with our own Sun and Earth – NOW. The Mayan calendar accurately predicted and pinpointed the precise date of this alignment as 21.12.12. The Bible and other such books called this time period as ‘the end of times’. We are physically living this ‘end of times’ NOW! For now, set aside the physics - and what all of this means, the real impact on us will be more on a planetary / energy level – which in turn equates down individually to each one of us.

The Mayan calendar ran for five equal segments of 5,125ish years each, unlike our rolling 12 months. We are not only at the end of one of these segments; we are at the end of the whole complete thing. We are at the end of the old cycle, but instead of snuffing out, we are heralding the start of the new one coming in, a new world view with new vibrations and potential of its own. Twenty twelve is the date given, 21.12.2012 to be more precise, and we have the technological backup and intelligence to realise... If you could draw a straight line through space, the Sun is passing directly in front of ‘the Pistol’. Earth, the Sun and the centre point of the Milky Way are aligned. Rather than all this happening over a one day time period, it actually began in the 1980’s and will be done by roughly 2016. Only at this present time, once every 25,625ish years due to its wobble, can Earth directly receive vital energy it needs to replenish, but even then - only up to its own capability to attract, store and receive in the first place. In the world of science, a positive can link to a positive to increase its size and output. A negative to a negative is the same. A positive and a negative when they meet together simply collide and cancel each other out. Every human alive is an energy conductor. Each one channel’s its life force – for the whole of its life - directly back to Earth as either a negative or a positive charge. We are the ones who decide the wellbeing of the planet by the overall input we feed back to life. We’re either an asset or a drain depending on our outlook, our actions, thoughts, deeds and intention. We will either help Earth receive what it needs to replenish – or we’ll block. The choice is as easy as that. Never before has free will been so important. On a personal level this equates to you being happy or sad, peaceful and open or stressed out and blocked. We are living a unique point in time where the vibration of life is greatly sped up – that’s why time ‘feels’ to be going so fast. Never before has it been so easy to let go of what we no longer need. Will you wake up and play your part? Will you help life to replenish itself – and therefore help us in the process? The choice rests solely with you...

Stephanie J. King Author of ‘And So It Begins...’ & ‘Life is Calling...’ – (presently under construction)

AND SO IT BEGINS... You have more power over life than you realise By: Stephanie J. King EACH DAY IS UNWRITTEN - HOW YOU USE IT IS COMPLETELY FREE CHOICE... This unique interactive book will take you on a journey of self-discovery, new beginnings, empowerment & deep healing. You'll view differently past & present, your talents, strengths & gifts, where you're heading, the life you're part of, how others push your buttons & why you react to help stop what you don't need - repeating. You'll know & understand your many paths, goals & pitfalls, your personal soul journey, a greater life agenda, it's overview, where & why things get stuck as well as ways you can effortlessly change this. You are a single part of life's larger picture and life in its own turn links with you. It's not accidental that you're physically here, actively part of this incredible time frame. You came here to explore, to live, love, conquer, express & experience, but you came also to birth something back - to contribute, to make changes and to help life on a much wider scale. And So It Begins… opens windows & doors to new insights & understanding that you may not have realised before. Like an oracle/truth mirror/real time life guide, it will quickly highlight who you are, why you are, your weaknesses and strengths, why you came here, what you're part of, what's going on with others & life around you and what you're able to achieve with time spent here. From teenage to elderly this book is already helping thousands to reassess what they've known, to rekindle their dreams, to turn life around & get happy. It highlights the negative & spins things around for the better, regardless of lifestyle/vocation/gender. Read this as a book or dip into its pages, you'll actually feel yourself interacting with your own Spirit Guardian/Angel as if in conversation with a friend on a personal soul to soul level, completely in tune with where you are. You'll feel energy and receive healing as you breeze through all aspects of life /love/work/family/home. (See the guest book comments on our web page as personal proof). Your Guardian has known you for the whole of your life, whether you accept they are there or do not doesn’t matter. They'll help you move forward with ease, clearing clutter & blockages accumulated through generations and the years that you've personally been here. Become healthier and happier with renewed energy & confidence, positivity, focus & life zest. They'll work with you to help others, you'll become a light worker - for what you give out will always come back. In this way you'll help life heal itself… The life chapter that you’re living is far from over yet - so let the 'best that can be' - filter in…

RRP £10.99

How mazars use data mining to detect business fraud In today’s economic climate a growing number of companies are being hit by fraud. David Birch, Partner at Mazars in Milton Keynes, explained how his team use data mining to identify vulnerable areas and help safeguard client companys’ finances.

“We also use data mining to check whether a company is making any overpayments. This is not necessarily due to fraud, but can be caused by a high volume of regular payments. It is possible to inspect data to identify whether an invoice is being paid twice or where a client is inadvertently making overpayments for other reasons,” he explains.

A recent Mazars Dispute Resolution Survey indicated that over half of the UK’s top lawyers think there has been an increase in fraud as a result of the recession. Just under 70% expected an increase in the level of fraud investigations, with 3% of respondents expecting a decrease.

Bespoke data mining tools offer up to approximately 70 tests which pick up invoice anomalies as well as suspicious transactions such as theft, bribery and corruption.

“A large proportion of cases that we investigate are around ‘black holes’ that, once identified, can improve a company’s bottom line.

“We can conduct fairly elementary tests to monitor activity during out-of-business hours, before moving up to much more sophisticated data mining tests,” David commented. Such tests include matching invoicing patterns of a supplier to identify instances where supplier bank account details are found to match those of an employee. David confirmed that, provided the data is of a certain quality, post-mining analysis can take just a few days: “If you have quality input you can perform much better analyses. Instances of poor quality data that can hinder an investigation include missing information and data entered in the wrong format.” Once a company’s data is stored in a reliable digital format, mining software is easily integrated into systems for analysis. “If a fraudster discovers how they can circumvent and beat a data mining tool, then the data itself becomes less powerful. It is important that companies use a data mining tool that is intuitive so they always remain one step ahead of potential fraudsters,” explained David. Finally, as frauds become more elaborate and global, it’s important for companies to ensure they also have the correct alert systems in place. “Increasingly, data mining investigations are instigated through ‘whistle-blowing’ events so companies need the systems in place to allow such suspicious activities to be reported,” he concluded.

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m EckinN gha P u gham B O n



ise cki

t R Bu res rk SL W illc al Pa 18 1 H i NOnit 1 dustr MK



U In


Milton Keynes Pest Control Ltd Commercial & Domestic Pest Control

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National pest technicians association

Other Pest Control Services Available: Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Fleas, Moles, Cluster Flies, Woodworm & Ant Prevention Treatment etc

Tel: 01908 550560

Price varies according to location / Call out charge may be applied if nest is not found

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Free initial Bookkeeping consultations in Milton Keynes! Rosemary Bookkeeping is delighted to announce the introduction of a brand new franchise partner in the Buckinghamshire town of Milton Keynes who is offering free initial bookkeeping consultations to small businesses. Ian Mendham and Louise Wesley will bring an altogether friendly and new bookkeeping experience to Milton Keynes, by utilising the unique Rosemary System and taking the hassle away from the business owner of doing the bookkeeping. They will also work in harmony with the business owner’s accountant and provide them with exactly what they need, in the format they want, saving everyone time and money! Louise says “We are really excited about becoming part of the Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise. We plan to offer a fresh approach to bookkeeping, being both friendly and straightforward for small businesses- we concentrate on your books, allowing you to concentrate on your business!” Both Ian and Louise has extensive finance experience and are now looking forward to running their Rosemary Bookkeeping franchise to harness their skills for themselves: We just love doing bookkeeping work and the support Rosemary Bookkeeping enables us to do it for ourselves. We are going to work hard at putting our business out there, not just to prove that Rosemary Bookkeeping uses a unique system but also to show that we are extremely efficient.” Unlike other bookkeepers, Rosemary Bookkeeping only charge for each transaction processed and not for the time spent. Starting at only 42p a transaction, outsourcing your bookkeeping isn’t as expensive as you may think. They also provide a detailed analysis with every invoice so you always know what you

10 mkflyers central

are paying for and just to be really helpful, they even standardise the paperwork to ensure you and your accountant receive it in the same way. If you hate preparing your VAT return and could be making more money if you were not doing your books then Ian and Louise can help you. Demand for an efficient bookkeeping service for small businesses is as high as ever as Rosemary Bookkeeping, explains: “By law, all businesses in the UK are required to keep records of their transactions for VAT and which later are used by an accountant to file for tax. Managing these transactions through bookkeeping is often the biggest headache to the small business owner and a task that is left at the bottom of the pile.” “Rosemary Bookkeepers are friendly, efficient, focused people, saving me money in the longterm by giving correct paperwork and reports to my accountant. I would recommend a Rosemary Bookkeeper to anyone!” Meera Sharma, Proprietor, Woodlodge Montessori School. To enquire about Rosemary Bookkeeping for your business, contact Ian or Louise on 01908 410035 today for a free consultation or email or

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Allergy Testing & Elimination

Boost your Immune System the natural way. For information contact:

Carolyn Dennett

07714 70593 Please mention mkflyers central when responding to adverts

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July is going to be a very exciting month for Milton Keynes Not only do we have the Olympic Torch darting through the streets, grasped in the hands of some of the city’s residents on the 9th July, but the long awaited International Festival is ready to take hold, with a large number of different cultural events taking place in all sorts of venues all around MK. The festival has been listed as one of the top 100 festivals in the Sunday Times Festival guide. Events range from bouncing on the inflatable Stonehenge which will be situated outside the train station for a couple of days, to a light festival in Campbell Park and even a performance of a play from Cambodia. I am incredibly excited as it gives MK yet another opportunity to get on the map and I would urge you all to look into what is going on, on your own doorstep. With the Olympics this month and the Jubilee last month there has certainly been a feel good factor spread across the country. It has made visits around Milton Keynes particularly special for me with plenty of celebrations but there have also been some really interesting events independent of this time of national celebration. Young Enterprise is a charity which encourages business, education and learning. Each year they run a business competition where school pupils come up with an idea for a product or service, produce it and sell it. In the hope to meet Milton Keynes’s own version of Alan Sugar, I went to the final of the County Final for the competition where both Stantonbury and Ousedale schools were competing. . Both schools seemed to have themed their projects on “up-cycling”, making your once loved items into something useful again. Oused Again! The entry from Ousedale created their business creating cake stands and clocks from old records and rings from the keys of old keyboards. The business from Stantonbury , Scrap That, made notebooks from old newspapers and magazines. I was really impressed with the business plans that each school had come up with and their recognition of what had worked and what had gone wrong. With the the future of business in their hands, it has hope to be a bright future. As a former boy Scout I took great delight in visiting the Girlguides

12 mkflyers central

in Heron’s Lodge. I have fantastic memories of when I was younger singing songs around a campfire, learning to make fire and weekends away sleeping in tents, so this was a visit full of nostalgia for me. The Rainbows and Brownies were in full swing when I arrived, the Rainbows learning about the Queen, having made crowns which they were wearing, while the Brownies were having a competition as part of a teddy bear’s picnic. It was a pleasure to see so many young girls enjoying spending time outside school doing useful activities, I know that the skills I learnt as a Boy Scout have stuck for life. Finally in amongst the jubilee celebrations, I visited community based projects which are working incredibly hard. Open Door provides a drop-in centre service for the homeless community within Milton Keynes. Always happy to roll up my sleeves I helped the volunteers make cups of tea and coffee for the homeless people that dropped in. The service provides excellent support to all of its users and goes much further than just providing a hot meal, hot shower and clothes; they also provide mental health support, English teachers and tenancy support for those looking for accommodation. Following on from this, I paid a surprise visit to the Wylie Centre in Bradville to see their new job club. I was delighted to see how the job club is helping give people the confidence, assurance and skills they require to get back into work. I met with a young man, who had been out of work for a year, his self-esteem was visibly affected by this and all he wanted to do was to get a job. I know that the job club really will make a difference, so if you need help with your CV and are struggling to get back into work, why not pop along and see how they can help you.

With so much going on in MK over the next month I hope you are able to really enjoy it. As ever I am available if you need any help on 01908 686830. Mark Lancaster TD MP

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We’ve been providing telephone answering services in the Milton Keynes area for over twelve years. Business is won and lost by the service customers receive on the telephone Make sure the first impression callers get of your Company is a brilliant one!

Your Professional, Bespoke, Mobile Valeting Service We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or commercial vehicle at your home or place of work Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to showroom condition. Comfortable service - Attention to detail Stunning results - Environmentally friendly

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Interdirect appointed by Wallace Cameron Award-winning full service agency, Interdirect, has been selected by first aid training and supplies provider, Wallace Cameron to handle its PR. Interdirect will help co-ordinate the launch of a new training service, to be announced in July 2012, and will provide media support specific to Wallace Cameron’s needs; from generating press coverage and building media relations to meet and greets, interviews and events.

and Interdirect is pleased to be working with the business to help raise the profile of its innovative training services. Wallace Cameron adds to Interdirect’s growing list of high profile PR clients, which includes Millbrook Proving Ground and Millbrook Events and the nonprofit accredited certification body, British Approvals Service for Cables (BASEC). Contact Interdirect to find the right PR, marketing and digital solutions for your business, visit, email or call 0845 121 5566.

Wallace Cameron, which is best known for its huge range of first aid kits, has been servicing the needs of the first aid market for more than 60 years,

14 mkflyers central

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0845 226 9304 Specialising in small fee recruitment Just advertise it for me £295

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Telephone candidate screening (company/position fit ) In-depth face to face interview Shortlist presentation




3 month review


Payment terms



Upon 75% Upfront 25% Upon Engagement Engagement

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The One Stop Planning Shop Having problems getting good planning advice, a successful Local Authority decision, making an appeal or responding to enforcement action? We have extensive experience in the Town & Country Planning profession and our aim is to take the stress out of your planning problems. Contact us on: 07909 824562 Or email at: www.

We all know that getting new customers is THE most important thing you can do for your business, but how are you going to do it? A leaflet delivery campaign consistently delivers results when done properly – and we do it properly. Call us now on 01908 850361 to discuss how we can make your phone For every 2000 Leaflets we ring with deliver for you during July, brand new We’ll deliver 1000 customers, Free of charge ready to buy.

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The complete commercial grounds maintenance service From one off tidy ups to regular contracts we offer a cost-effective solution for a wide range of commercial premises For further details please call

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Here’s what our customers say about mkflyers... We started using MK Flyers in October 2010. Since then I have had a number of calls enquiring about the services that I offer, this has then lead to generating me further work in the MK area. I advertise in all 4 flyers and receive great feedback from the adverts. MK flyers designed my advert for me which has had lots of comments of how great it looks.

Trusted delivery partner of the MK Flyer

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They are a professional company, who offer a great product and service at affordable prices. I tell lots of people about them and highly recommend their services. Terry Newman, TJN Services

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Women in Enterprise is THE networking group for men and women in Milton Keynes!

Try us out non members welcome

Cameron’s Brasserie Stony Stratford

Wednesday 25th July 2012, 12 - 2pm Members £20, Non-Members £28 BOOK ONLINE Visit us today

Discover the friendly route to more sales at our weekly breakfast networking meetings

Networking and positive word-of-mouth marketing account for 70% of all business transactions.

• There’s no hefty annual fee. • You have a way to grow your business by exchanging meaningful referrals. • Members get to know you and your business and can actively look out for new opportunities for you - and vice versa! • Members get their own free entry on the BBMK website, plus a link to their own website

That’s the essence of BBMK! To visit please email or to find out more, speak to any BBMK member, visit or call 0845 467 8398 Please mention mkflyers central when responding to adverts

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Employers Liability For Employees Using Mobile Phones Whilst Driving It became a criminal offence to use a handheld phone or similar device whilst driving on 1st December, 2003. This includes using a hand-held device not only for a telephone call but also for accessing any data such as the internet, email, text messages etc. In order to be “hands-free�, the phone must not be held at any point during its use. A phone with voice activation or one that is attached to fixed speakers and has no requirement for the user to hold it in use is acceptable. It is also an offence for someone to require or to cause or permit another person to use a hand-held device whilst driving so the employer could be held criminally liable if they require or allow an employee to use a handheld phone whilst diving on business. If you have employees who are required to drive as part of their duties and are expected to maintain contact with customers or the office whilst driving, they must be provided with appropriate hands-free equipment. Many argue that simply supplying a 18 mkflyers central

hands-free kit however is insufficient because carrying out a telephone conversation whilst driving can be a distraction. You would be better to encourage employees to stop regularly and listen to messages and return calls whilst stationary. The engine should be switched off as a person can still be regarded as driving a vehicle if the engine is running, even if the vehicle is stationary. Many of our clients have introduced policies expressly prohibiting employees from using any form of mobile phone whilst driving as part of their job duties, making it clear that any employee who breaches this policy is likely to face disciplinary action because of the potential health and safety implications. Make sure that all employees are familiar with your policies and procedures on driving on company business and have received the necessary training on safe driving standards. Angela Rhodes, Crispin Rhodes Ltd, HR Specialists, Milton Keynes,, To advertise call 01908 767080

Leading the way in commercial cleaning We fully understand the professional qualities required for consistent, reliable and smooth management of commercial cleaning contracts. Briteclean are at the very cutting edge in commercial cleaning and guarantee an exceptional service each time we visit. We now offer a service guarantee with all commercial cleaning contracts we undertake. We are fully insured and our services include: • Office cleaning • Builder’s cleans • Landlord and end of tenancy cleans • Party cleans • Catering establishments • Hard floor cleaning specialists • Cleaning contracts and emergency cleans • One off, daily, weekly or monthly cleans • Holiday cover available

Only £15 per hour

Briteclean Cleaning Services

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Tel: 01908 370451 Freephone 0808 1080253 Mobile: 07752 610630 email:

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MP’s Diary

By Iain Stewart MP, Conservative MP for Milton Keynes South

I had the great privilege of joining in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in both Milton Keynes and London. I was really pleased to see locally, residents showing remarkable community spirit in many street parties, carnivals, fun runs, tree plantings and much, much more. I started my Jubilee celebrations on Saturday by attending the West Bletchley Carnival. Every year, the carnival never fails to deliver on a parade of beautiful floats. This year was no exception as participants displayed beautiful floats in keeping with the carnival theme of ‘Commonwealth nations’. With the Mayor, I had the difficult task of picking winning entries from the very high standard. However, Cogs 4 Dogs, Cold Harbour primary school and St Johns Ambulance were winners in their categories.

A major highlight of the ceremonial events to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee was the Jubilee river pageant. I had the great privilege of watching the pageant from the terrace of the House of Commons and waving at our very own Mayor who was on one of the boats in the pageant. As we celebrate with Her Majesty, and wish her many more happy and glorious years, I couldn’t help but reflect on the many hours and collective efforts that people of varying backgrounds in Milton Keynes would have spent in planning and delivering the jubilee events. It is testimony to the strong community spirit that exists in our city. I hope residents will show that same civic pride by joining me in my campaign to ensure that local hero, Bletchley Park codebreaker Alan Turing, receives a pardon as we celebrate the centenary of his birth on 23 June. I held a debate in the House to press the government on this very important issue.

Residents of Stony Stratford also had many events to celebrate the Jubilee; including the Diamond Fun Run and the Big Jubilee Lunch, which both took place at Mortimer Park. I was able to help send off the runners and also to be with the Mayor for the planting of a Jubilee oak tree; a sapling from an oak in the Queen’s Sandringham estate. Later, I joined residents of St Andrews and St Georges road in Bletchley for their street party and helped to judge the competition for the best Jubileethemed decorated house. Then it was back to Stony Stratford for the lighting of the beacon on St Mary & St Giles Church.

20 mkflyers central

The country, and indeed the whole world, owes Alan Turing a debt for his role at Bletchley Park in deciphering the messages encrypted by the German Enigma machine. So vital was that information to the allied campaign that, without it, the war might have lasted much longer and, indeed, its outcome might have been very different. Please join me in this campaign by sending emails and letters which I can pass on to ministers to show how much local support there is for Alan Turing to be pardoned. Email: Tel: 01908 686830 Postal address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

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Small businesses will lead the way in 2012, says company whose tenants already employ 1000 people Milton Keynes will boom in 2012, says the town’s largest serviced business premises provider, as the number of people employed in its units tops 1000 at the close of 2011. Bucks Biz, with over 400,000 square feet of space and 150 tenants in Bletchley and Denbigh, says it is already planning more units to cope with the expected growth in demand and bringing forward plans to develop extra space at the huge Interchange House in Howard Way. “Our units currently provide work for around a thousand people and we have seen that figure rise steadily,” said Dominic Muscat, a director of the company that owns the business.

22 mkflyers central

“As Milton Keynes business booms, led by small businesses, we are already identifying potential new units that can be converted to provide the premises needed for small companies to thrive without hassle.” Bucks Biz, with units all over Milton Keynes, is renowned for straight talking and dealing; not hiding costs and not charging for many of the little things that keep businesses ticking, but which can be annoying to the point of distraction. “We really believe that if our customers are happy, then they’ll be free to get on with their businesses, which in turn will expand,” added Dominic. More info from or 01908 821000

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mkflyers about us MKFLYERS & MKFLYERS CENTRAL – A FLYAWAY SUCCESS MKFLYERS CENTRAL is part of the MK Flyers group The first version of the Flyer was delivered to 2,000 homes in Newport Pagnell in 2006. From there, MK Flyers went from strength to strength. Distribution grew to 6,000 copies, which are still delivered today in Newport Pagnell. We now produce four versions of the MK Flyer, to cover North, South, East and West Milton Keynes, and deliver 42,000 copies, potentially reaching over 100,000 people. This gives our clients the unique opportunity to advertise only in their desired part of Milton Keynes, thereby accurately pinpointing their target market. With flexible advertising options to suit all budgets, the MK Flyer is one of the most effective ways of attracting new customers and increasing your profile across Milton Keynes. Now there is the MKFLYERS CENTRAL too, dedicated to increasing business between local companies. Why look outside the area when there is already a highly skilled and reputable supplier on your doorstep. Make your business fly with MKFlyers Central. Call 01908 767080 or email today for details and to book your space.

MK Flyers Online This is our popular, online directory, promoted each month to over 100,000 local people. All of our advertisers receive a free listing, with options to upgrade their advertisement to include a full page on the site and a spotlight on our home page. So, if readers can’t find the service they require in the MK Flyer, they can visit MK Flyers Online and find it there.

24 mkflyers central

MKF Design - Our graphic design business, MKF Design, was established to meet the needs of our advertisers, by providing high-quality, cost-effective, graphic design and print services. So our clients needn’t worry if they don’t have artwork or even wording for their advert; MKF Design can manage the whole process for them.

What makes us so unique? Truly local - the MK Flyer connects local people to local services within a handy directory.

Longevity - Unlike a local newspaper, people don’t throw the MK Flyer away each week and tend to keep it for reference purposes.

Quality - the MK Flyer maintains very high standards in print and production. All artwork is professionally designed to ensure that your business is portrayed in the best possible light.

Comprehensive service - our in-house, graphic design and print team, MKF Design, can make life easier by managing our clients’ advertising and print requirements.

Value - advertising in the MK Flyer represents incredible value for money. Box adverts start from as little as £44 + VAT per month. We also offer attractive discounts on packages of three, six and twelve months.

Unlike local newspapers, the flyers are not thrown away each week They are kept as a reference for the whole month until the next issue To advertise call 01908 767080

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Full colour advertising rates MKFlyers Central is the leading online business to business magazine in the Milton Keynes area. With a distribution of over 3,000 it is also widely read.

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Improve your cashflow with our direct debit referral scheme Referral Programme Direct Debit is a very effective way of collecting regular payments on time with the full overview of your monthly cashflow. It can be an important and integral part of your business and MK Flyers knows just how to deliver the right solution whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership or Limited Company. Cashflow is king! Speak to any business advisor, coach or successful entrepreneur and they will all tell you that cashflow is vital to a business. Direct Debit gives you this benefit whilst keeping you in control. Value for Money If you are making regular collections from customers or subscribers then the online management system will allow you to keep your costs and resources down giving you more time on your business. Keep your customers You can now offer your customers the opportunity to spread the costs of your service or products across the year with this system. This should allow more

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customers to spend money with you and increase customer loyalty. The Direct Debit Guarantee also protects your customers giving them peace of mind when using your services. Reporting functions MK Flyers working with our partner London & Zurich can offer you full on-line management of client accounts and enables you to have full control of your payment collection scheme. Is your business right for Direct Debits? Many businesses are interested in using the Direct Debit scheme to collect monies due from their own customers but the banks normally advise that they are too small to be considered as an originator of Direct Debits. Working with London and Zurich, however, we have been able to negotiate a special arrangement and can offer it to you in a very cost effective way. For More Information call 01908 767080 or email

To advertise call 01908 767080

Please mention mkflyers central when responding to adverts

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Telephone Answering and Virtual Assistant Services Star21 13


To advertise call 01908 767080

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To advertise call 01908 767080

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