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JULY 2013

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Dear Reader Hello and welcome to the July edition of the MK Flyers. With the sun trying its best to make an appearance in Milton Keynes, we are itching to get into our gardens to start to enjoy them. With so many jobs to do, now is the time to get the “experts” in. Have a look at page 12 to see how DW Bodley can help transform your garden. If wasps have taken residence in your house why not call MK Pest Control to remove them. See page 19 for more details. Have you booked your holiday? Are you taking your iPad or iPhone with you? If so keep them safe around the water or on the beach with the latest product from Rotronic. See page 19 for details La Collina @ The George in Little Brickhill need your help with their latest addition to the menu, the AMAZING PANZINI. For more details of how to get involved see pages 24 & 25 and win yourself a meal for two. MK Flyers Online has a NEW look. Visit to see the changes. If you are a smart phone or tablet user, do not forget to download the MK Flyers APP from your app store and keep MK Flyers and MK Flyers Online with you wherever you may be. Please remember to mention the MK Flyer when responding to articles and advertisements. Until next month

Stuart & The Team at MK Flyers Contact us today with your advertising requirements Copy deadline for the AUGUST edition

15th July 2013 Each edition is delivered FREE to these numbers of homes and businesses to these areas MK Flyers cannot take responsibility for the content of the adverts or the services provided by the advertisers. All adverts are printed in good faith. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited.

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The myths and truths about Hypnotherapy Myth - Hypnotherapists have special powers. Truth - Hypnotherapists don’t have special powers. They have usually gained their knowledge through extensive training and empathy with people. The real skill is in the way they use it, and how they use it to help you. Myth - Hypnosis will only work on certain people. Truth - Hypnosis can be more useful for some people than others. I would say it’s mainly down to your motivation, your willingness, and your desire for positive change. As far as I’m concerned everyone is suggestible to some degree. If you want it to work and you co-operate, then you’ll reap the benefits of hypnosis. Myth - People who get hypnotized are weak minded. Truth - It’s quite the opposite. If you can concentrate well; have a creative imagination and/or can relax then you could be described as one of the best ‘hypnotic subjects’. If you believe that it would be really silly to work against something offered to you that may give you personal benefits then you cannot be described as weak minded. Myth - When in hypnosis, you can be made to say or do something against your will. Truth - On the contrary, generally, you won’t do anything which goes against your personal values or beliefs. The thing to remember about hypnosis is that it’s not sleep and you’re aware of everything that’s happening around you. If someone tells you to do something that is really against your values then you won’t do it. It’s as simple as that! Myth - Hypnosis can be bad for your health. Truth - The health benefits of relaxation are well known. Relaxation helps to bring about a balance of mind and body, both emotionally and physically. The state of hypnotherapy is, in fact, deep relaxation. Myth - You can get stuck in hypnosis and be unable to wake up. Truth - No one ever gets “stuck” in hypnosis. Hypnosis is a natural and normal state to be in sometimes. Just like you don’t get stuck in a daydream you don’t get stuck in hypnosis!

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Myth - You’re asleep or unconscious when in hypnosis. Truth - You’re not asleep and you’re not unconscious, you’re fully aware of what’s happening around you. Of course everyone’s experience is slightly different, some people feel light, some people feel heavy, but almost everyone feels extremely relaxed. Generally, when people are in a deep state of hypnosis, they feel as if their body has gone to sleep but their mind is still alert, awake, and aware. If you do fall into a natural sleep then don’t worry your sub-conscious mind is still aware of the positive suggestions being made to you. Myth – To be hypnotized you have to “go under” Truth - There is no such thing as a ‘hypnotised feeling’ and you certainly don’t “go under” as such. Individuals vary in how deeply they go into trance, yet a light trance is all that is needed for many types of therapeutic work. The therapist has a number of ways to tell when a suitable level of hypnosis has been achieved. Myth - After the session everything that took place will be forgotten. Truth – Every suggestion that is made during hypnosis is stored in your sub-conscious mind; just as everything you have ever heard is stored there. When you want to make positive changes then this information is released regularly into your conscious mind to enable you to make the changes you want to make. Myth – I can achieve anything suggested to me during Truth - The desired goal must be within your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional capabilities. It must also be something realistic. I couldn’t for instance suggest you could grow 2” overnight.

Milton Keynes Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Reiki and Reflexology

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4 Weeks FREE Storage When You Store For 8

Let us help you all the way... • Clean, safe and secure storage • From small rooms to bulk storage • Ideal for home and business storage • Store from 1 week or for as long as you want • Prices from £10 per week • Help with van hire and removal companies • Flexible low cost office space also available

Call us today on 01908 281900 Lok’nStore Etheridge Ave Brinklow Milton Keynes, Bucks MK10 0BB

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Local boys set to climb Kilimanjaro to help local disadvantaged children Middleton duo, Stuart Bradley and Richard Carter, are set to climb Kilimanjaro to support local disadvantaged children. Milton Keynes charity, Ride High, helps these children by teaching them to look after and ride horses. The pair are steadily climbing towards their fundraising target of £8,000 through local events and sponsorship. “This is an ideal opportunity to give back to the local community,” said Richard, owner of Richard Carter Painting and Decorating Services. “The people of Milton Keynes have already helped us to raise £3,000 at events like the Romer Garden and Home Show at MK Bowl and a comedy night at the Swan Inn, Milton Keynes Village.” Richard and Stuart are appealing to other event producers to offer stand or collection bucket opportunities at local events and festivals in July and August. “Milton Keynes Village Pavilion allowed us to collect money at their music festival. They also donated their venue and staff for our pool marathon.” said Stuart, director of graphic design agency, Bobbyflash. The pair have organised a charity business networking event at The Chrysalis Theatre, Willen, on 29 August, with entertainment from top West End performers, fabulous prizes and a business exhibition. “We’ve already had so much support from the local community,” said Stuart, “Murrays the Printers has provided free leaflet printing and Bartletts Tree

Experts have offered a full size tree and planting service prize for the networking event.” He added: “Phil Fanning, head chef at the Michelin starred Paris House restaurant in Woburn, has also generously donated a ‘Be a chef for the day’ experience as a star prize for people who love cooking.” The Swan Inn is putting on a further charity raffle at their Beer and Burger festival on Saturday 27 July. Local retailers, such as ARC, Chrystal Chain, Solo Hair, Azendi, Levi’s, Blacks, Lush, Marks and Spencer and Body Shop have all donated raffle prizes for both pub events. “We are excited about raising funds for local children who really need our help. We’d be grateful to hear from other businesses who wish to provide prize donations for the beer festival or charity networking event.” he concluded. If you would like to offer a prize; or a stall or collection bucket opportunity at an event; or book tickets for the networking event on 29 August, please contact Stuart on 0843 289 3989 or helplocalchildren@

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Cleaning the way you want it cleaned Please call us if you are looking for a fully vetted police checked, insured cleaner. 3Regular cleans 3New build cleans 3Spring cleans 3Oven cleaning 3Tenancy cleans 3Carpet cleaning

For a free quotation please call 01908 465657

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y & Son e l d o B Ltd W D The Wood Yard ESTABLISHED 1958

WE HAVE SERVED YOU FOR OVER 50 YEARS Our business has been built on product quality, service and a wealth of experience. Friendly staff are here and only too pleased to help SAWN TIMBER Pressure treated Extensive stock T & G, Shiplap, Wayney Edge and Feather Edge Boarding SHEDS A range of sheds are on display and we have a catalogue for further options available FENCING MATERIALS Panels, Closeboard, Concrete Posts, Post and Rail Wire - Weldmesh, netting and chainlink Concrete Posts LANDSCAPING Decking, Sleepers, Machine Round Posts, Garden Tubs, Tables and Arches

Our stock is the most comprehensive range of fencing and landscaping materials in Milton Keynes

D W BODLEY & SON LIMITED Telephone 01908 666355 Fax 01908 309098 Email info@ Web The Woodyard, 60 A Bradwell Road, Loughton, Milton Keynes MK5 8AL OPENING TIMES 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday 7.30am to 12.30pm Saturdays 12 mkflyers To advertise call 01908 850550

For people throughout the UK, dealing with incontinence is a common situation Incontinence can have both emotional and practical impact for the person concerned and so can have a large effect on the quality of life enjoyed, but a few simple steps can make a big difference. Here are a few easy ways to help someone who is living with incontinence: • Make sure there is an easy and unobstructed path to the toilet and that it is easy to find. Leaving the toilet light on at night and/or nightlights can make it easier to get there in a hurry. Putting a commode, bedpan or urinal close to the bed or chair may also be an alternative if mobility is limited. • Increasing a person’s mobility is also a factor in encouraging regular toilet use and increasing the likelihood of reaching the toilet when needed. Regular walking or the use of assistance such as a walking stick or frame can help. • To avert incidents as best as possible, use the bathroom regularly (once every couple of hours, or even once every hour). If caring for someone

provide plenty of time and privacy so that they don’t feel pressured and have enough time to empty their bladder or bowels. • Be prepared for any incidents that may occur. Keep a good stock of absorbent products and hygiene products handy for wherever you may need them (and an easy means of disposing of them hygienically), try not to focus too much on any incident and deal with it in a calm and organised manner. For more advice on how to manage incontinence effectively visit our website at Allanda are incontinence experts and one of the U.K.’s leading independent suppliers of incontinence products. Here’s what some of our customers have said: “Really great service and products, can not fault you.” “If the rest of the country were run as efficiently as this company it would be a better place for it. Always courteous and considerate, with an unfailingly prompt delivery.”

Don’t let incontinence worry you - stay confident and dry Incontinence products direct to your door

• Easy - Products delivered directly to your door – no having to carry bulky items home or around the shops. • Massive range – shops carry very little and often only for “lighter” conditions – we have over 300 items in stock so have products for everyone’s needs, no matter what their level of continence or mobility. • Bed Protection products as well as Pads, Pants and Skincare. • Next working day delivery on orders over £25 and FREE delivery on orders over £50. • Low cost – we buy direct from manufacturers so pass on the savings to the customer PLUS many customers will qualify for VAT exemption so won’t have to pay VAT if for personal use. Allanda are the incontinence experts offering a large range of products from leading brands like that will keep you dry and comfortable throughout the day. To order a catalogue today call us on 01908 828740 or send your name and address to us at ‘FREEPOST ALLANDA’ (no stamp or further address required). Visit our secure website to buy online or for further information and advice at

Buy securely at or call us on 01908 828740 Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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Balloons over MK & Aylesbury Vale Drift on gentle breezes, sipping a glass of champagne, in one of our beautiful balloons. Stunning views are guaranteed! Gift vouchers are valid 12 months.

Buy local, fly local!

Established 1987

Richard Gane Bathrooms Prompt, Polite & Professional Specializing in Bathroom Design, Supply and Installation Plastering, Plumbing and Wall & Floor Tiling also available

VAT FREE Credit Crunch Specials starting from ÂŁ1,600 to include Bath,Basin,Toilet,Taps & 8m2 of Tiles, Fully Installed

Upgrade Offer

Shower & Bath Screen,Fully Installed only ÂŁ345 extra!

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For a FREE QUOTATION call Richard on either 01908 662186 or 07889 412668 To advertise call 01908 850550

Would you like an honest, dependable and AFFORDABLE police checked* cleaner to clean your home? Typically


per hour inc.VAT First Clean Then contact us at Free

As Featured on BBC2’s Working Lunch, Ch4’s ‘House Swap’ & BBC1’s Look East

FREEPHONE: 0800 0152 164 Telephone: 01908 483459 or visit:

*Police checked cleaner upon request.

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Framing for your Artwork When buying a frame for your art work, memorabilia or photographs there are a few things worth considering. First is the value of the item you would like framing and this is not just in monetary terms either, you should also consider its sentimental value, and whether you could easily replace it if something unfortunate happened to it. Understanding this helps you decide whether you simply require a

your item, has been compromised. Thankfully the majority of these problems can usually be rectified without the need of a total reframe, and it is something we are able to help you with… Handmade picture frames can be a very cost effective way to transform a space and at Ciqo Artworks our experience has told us it is always best were possible to provide our initial consultation at our clients address. We accurately assess your needs, such as conditions that may affect the hanging position of your pictures, plus it saves you the hassle of having to take your valued items to a shop for framing. If you would like to consider having items framed, for your home or business, then please call us, our initial consultation is Free… Ciqo Artworks on 01908 613341.

framing option that puts economy first or one for example that helps preserve your item for future generations. We offer 5 protection levels for framing and are happy to provide you options … …you may already have framed items of value in your home or business, so it is always worth making a few routine checks; corroding picture wire, insects under the glass, any evidence of discolouration, cracked or chipped glass and the sealing tape on the back of the frame peeling away, these are just a few signs that the protection the frame should be providing

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The Home of Kitchen Inspiration

25% off all kitchen furniture * ordered in July 2013 For further information on how to plan your dream kitchen

F&D Kitchen Solutions

CALL: 01908 282 831 Visit our showroom at: The Granary, Deethe Farm, Cranfield Road, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes MK17 8UR Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 4.30pm, Sat 9.30 - 3.30pm. Sun by Appointment Ample parking

Email: Enquires: • Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

*Terms and conditions apply

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It’s Raining …. It’s Pouring …. and my iPhone is Snoring …. Purchase our case to get it Roaring…. Ideal for the Beach, Fishing, Winter Sports…. Or anywhere your iPhone/iPad would need to be protected from Water, Sand, Dirt or Dust. The screen functions are fully protected and operational Protection clad IP47 3-way closure Material: transparent PVC Product is sold on Amazon or contact Rotronic directly….

Contact: or call 01293 565556 Business to Business Milton Keynes Representative call 01908 768198 Follow us on Facebook & Twitter


Milton Keynes Pest Control Ltd

£5 OFF

Commercial & Domestic Pest Control


National pest technicians association

Other Pest Control Services Available: Squirrels, Rats, Mice, Fleas, Moles, Cluster Flies, Woodworm & Ant Prevention Treatment etc

Tel: 01908 550560

Price varies according to location / Call out charge may be applied if nest is not found

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How to play It’s simple!

Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone.

Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive. Solution on page 44

Sun Safety Wordsearch

Stephanie J. King Soulpreneur

Divine Guidance The answers you need to make miracles Instant response for a stress free, worry free life!!

Are you ready to use it?

RRP £7.99

available for pre-order through my website

hat • long sleeves • parasol • shade • sun block sunglasses • trousers • water 20 mkflyers (Available for download on Kindle & smart phones)

To advertise call 01908 850550

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f cu or a ir Fre s t l l on e om ne i er w r ng s i eg n u Ju lar ly*

Hate housework?

We love it! The residential cleaning service, tailored to your needs • Spring cleans • Carpet cleaning • Regular cleaning • Ironing & dry cleaning • Tenancy/ • Employed, experienced staff After build cleans • Fully guaranteed

No upfront fees or contracts to sign

Call for info about our carpet & fabric cleaning

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carpet cleaning service

Call today for a free quotation

01908 260010

*Terms & Conditions apply

To advertise call 01908 850550

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Discover the legend of According to legend, during the 16th century, at the small hilltop town of Colle Sannita in Southern Italy, humble servants ‘invented’ a nourishing, tasty snack that was passed on to others who worked in the surrounding fields. This was made from the left-over meat and vegetables from the lavish banquets held by their Lord and master, Duke Carlo Iazeolla. The filling snack later became a source of sustenance that helped the poor people survive the severe bad weather and famine that swept across the region during the 17th century that became known as the ‘Century of Darkness’. Gradually the snack (still devoid of a name) and consisting of meat such as pork belly or beef rolled in bread dough, became more refined. It was adopted by the youngest brother of the Paschitti family who had built the first house on land in the nearby ancient village of Decorata. The lad had been fed the snack by his favourite uncle, Antonio Zeolla (nicknamed Zizi) and when he was old enough he inherited the recipe from his uncle and ... not knowing what to call the sandwich, simply gave it the name ‘Pane di Zizi’ (Uncle’s bread). This in time became known as the PANZINI. In the traditional Italian way, the recipe for the Panzini has been passed down through generations of the Paschitti family that now can be found living far away from their Italian origins in New York, Miami, the State of Ohio, London, Essex and ... yes, Milton Keynes ... where one branch of the family, the Zeolla’s own La Collina. In time honoured fashion ... Tony, Angelina and their family are now proud to follow our ancient traditions by introducing you to the AMAZING PANZINI. 24 mkflyers

So, what is a Panzini?

The Panzini is, for want of a better description, an oven than this because over the centuries it has progressed to


• THE PANZINI CLASSICO is filled with two deliciou juicy slice of slow cooked pork belly with layers of caram served with hand-cut chips, onion rings, grilled Medite

• THE PANZINI GALLO NERO is filled with tasty ma and Mozzarella cheese served with French fries, onion

• THE PANZINI ALLA DIAVOLA is filled with a dou con carne and Cheddar cheese served with French frie peppers and homemade coleslaw.

• THE PANZINI FUNGHI & FORMAGGI (V) is fille onions and served with French fries, onion rings, grille To advertise call 01908 850550

f the amazing Panzini! Your chance to win a Panzini meal of your choice for two at La Collina @ The George In a simple-to-enter competition ... you can win a Panzini meal of your choice for two and a bottle of our Wine of the Month by

Designing your own Panzini. All you need do is to suggest a filling for an extra Panzini choice that we can add to the La Collina @ The George Inn menu.


n baked sandwich. But, in reality, it is so much more o become an entire feast in itself.

rrently serve four versions of the legendary sandwich.

us homemade gourmet burgers wrapped in a thick melised onions, Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese erranean vegetables and homemade coleslaw.

arinated spicy chicken strips, sautĂŠed peppers, onions n rings and a salad garnish.

uble homemade gourmet burger topped with chilli es, onion rings, grilled Mediterranean vegetables, chilli

Email this to reach us by 31 JULY 2013 together with your name, address and telephone number.

La Collina @ The George Inn Watling Street, Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes MK17 9LZ 01908 764381/01525 261298

ed with goat’s cheese, field mushrooms, caramelised ed Mediterranean vegetables and homemade coleslaw. Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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Trouble with your feet? Home Visits • • • • • • • •

Could you do with a helping hand?

Talk to Extra Help for the complete solution We can help with: • Cleaning & tidying • Ironing • Gardening • Dog walking • Household maintenance • Shopping • Meal preparation ….and so much more! From £10 per hour.

Calloused hard skin reduced Corns treated Ingrowing toe nails treated Routine nail trimming Thick and bulky nails reduced Fungal nails treated Verruca treatment Foot care for Diabetics

Friendly Professional Service Call 01908 618071 or 07738 629348

Linda Alger Foot Health Practitioner Dip CFHP MPS Pract BA (Hons) Business Studies

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Tel: 0845 219 8976


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Tighten up that sagging jaw line!

Commercial & Domestic Flooring Specialists 39a High Street Woburn Sands MK17 8RB

Course of 10 treatments (recommended 2 per week)





Normally £250

Offer price of £225

CACI deep Wrinkle treatment The non invasive needle free alternative to collagen injections and dermal fillers

Special offer Deep wrinkle treatment and CACI combined treatment course of 10. Normally £750

Now £500!!

“Simply Quality, Simply Affordable, All Year Round’’ Telephone 01908 281600 Email:

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...Treatments that makes a difference

01908 563555


Monday: Appt only Tuesday: 10am - 5pm Wednesday: 10am - 5pm Thursday: 10am - 7pm Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 1pm Sunday: Closed 54B High Street, Telegraph Walk, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1AQ

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There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden... There’s little to choose between them. Both are native to this country and harmless to other species. Both can survive from 3-27 degrees Celsius and can double their population every 4-5 months. Dendrobaena worms are larger though and possibly more suited to the wet and slightly acidic conditions of a wormery. Being larger they may also be better at aerating the compost. There are different sizes of composter, from minicomposters to suit a single person to larger ones which can deal with the waste produced by a whole family. Oh, and kids love’ll become a real talking point!

Would you like to turn your kitchen scraps into highquality, extra-rich compost and plant food? You would? Well invest in a wormery and before long you’ll be knee-deep in vermicompost and leachate (that’s worm poo and liquid food to the uninitiated!) I’m a fairly recent wormery convert. I had it in my head that they were smelly, difficult things to keep but I was wrong. A wormery is basically a tiered box-system which contains specialist composting worms who just love to munch on kitchen waste. The worms work their way up through the levels leaving compost in their wake. As each tray is fully composted it can be removed, dug into the garden or used to plant containers, then replaced at the top of the stack and refilled with waste. There are two types of worms: Dendrobaena worms and and Tiger worms. Both are epigeic worms, which means they live on the surface of the soil or in the top ten inches of the top-soil under the litter layer.

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Wormery Questions How much waste can I compost? Worms eat up to half their own body weight per day. So 1Kg of worms will compost 500g of waste. Remember worms double their population after a few months so at this point you can add more. Will it smell? A wormery should smell earthy. Nasty smells will only arise if you put more waste in than the worms can deal with. If this happens, conditions inside have probably become rather soggy. Add more ripped up card or shredded paper then, using rubber gloves, get your hands in and stir things up a bit to aerate the contents. Will the worms die in the winter? They shouldn’t. If it’s very cold wrap the wormery in bubble wrap, old carpet or garden fleece to insulate it. What about when I go on holiday? Worms are happy for a few weeks left to their own devices. If you’ll be away for longer add loads of moist shredded card and paper before you go.

To advertise call 01908 850550

GARDEN MAINTENANCE • Spring/Autumn tidy up • Weekly/2 weekly/monthly maintenance • Includes mowing, weeding & hoeing • Lawn care feed included • Patio & driveway cleaning • Reliable & affordable • From as little as £25/visit Garden Design & Build Over 30 Years Experience All work guaranteed

Tel: 01908 290426 Mob: 07963 370743


Garden Maintenance

Reliable Gardener looking for reliable clients Grass Cutting from £10 All Garden Work • Jungle Clearance • Hedge Trimming • Shrub & Bed Maintenance • Turf Lifting & Laying • Fence & Shed Painting • Garden Clearance • Landscape Projects • Domestic & Commercial • Pressure Washing Quality work guaranteed, at reasonable rates Full portfolio & references. 10 years experience

Guttering Problems?

Call 01908 460256 or 07984 039093

Gutters Cleaned Leaking Gutters repaired New Gutters Fitted All by friendly local established company

Swimming Pools wanted in and around Milton Keynes for swimming lessons Please contact Janet Rake on 01296 730742 or 07932 149833 if you know of a pool for hire

Part of Bradnam Property Maintenance

Call Rob on 01908 216151 or 07977 206403

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Call Stuart on 01908 850550 for more details or email artwork@

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To advertise call 01908 850550

Do you want your business to be super successful? I’m Keith Haynes

Come and join me and other like minded business owners in Milton Keynes and find out how to SUPERCHARGE your success! Join me as my guest at our next Circle meeting...

01908 483460

Require an experienced and professional electrician? Our fully qualified team of experts pride themselves in offering you a personal, reliable and friendly service • Small works welcome • Established in 1984 • Fully qualified and insured • Personal, reliable & friendly service • Carry out both domestic & commercial work • Offer a wide range of services • Free estimates, quotes & advice • Provide references upon request

L.Douglas Electrical & Property Services Ltd

No call out charge

Part P Registered

Tel: 01908 614 750 Mob: 07929 569 043 Email:

12 Masefield Close, Newport Pagnell MK16 8DZ

City Glass established 1976

City Glass introduces Colourcote Glass. For splashbacks, table tops etc. Bespoke service, any colour & size supply only or supplied & fitted. We can supply a single splashback or fit your entire kitchen, bathroom or office. Glass can be shaped around electric sockets, switches or features. Modern alternative to tiles, granite etc. No grout lines to discolour! Call now for a competitive quotation:

City Glass Tel 01908 563866

21 Vicarage Road, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes MK11 1BN

Tel 01908 368686

Unit 6 Enigma Centre, 5 Bilton Rd, Bletchley, Milton Keynes MK1 1HW Email:

Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

Glass & Glazing Federation


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HULA Animal Rescue


Sunday 14th July 1pm-4pm at South Midlands Animal Sanctuary Glebe Farm, Salford Road, Aspley Guise MK17 8HZ Between M1 Junction 13 & Woburn Sands (Nr. Aspley Guise Rail Station)

BOUNCY CASTLE CHILDREN’S GAMES CHARITY BAZAAR Meet rescued pets and resident farm animals Children’s Fun and Games

HOMEMADE REFRESHMENTS PET SHED BARGAINS Dogs welcome and please invite all your friends Admission only £2 adults Accompanied Children FREE FREE Parking


Enquiries: 01908 584000 Registered Charity 1094115 Website: Email:

All Round Property Maintenance

TIRED OF ALL THOSE DIY JOBS? We are an established local family business, based in Milton Keynes, offering our services for all your needs around home and garden. We can take care of your dripping taps, sticking doors and decorating, from one room to the whole house. Whilst we welcome the smallest job we are experienced in all aspects of home maintenance and refurbishing, up to and including building you a porch or garage conversion. We employ all our staff directly, and do not use sub-contractors, thus enabling us to maintain quality whilst charging competitive rates. Sample prices, subject to inspection. Paint ceiling – 2 coats From £30.00 Paint room (emulsion) From £85.00 Undercoat & Gloss woodwork including door From £135.00 per room Replaster over artex ceiling or walls From £130.00 Fit Laminated or wood flooring, including quadrant £95-£130 Hang new internal door, including fitting handles From £40.00 Fit new external door and furniture including lock From £65.00 Fit new radiator From £40.00 each Fit new outside tap From £50.00 Pressure wash driveway or outside walkways and patio From £60.00 All electrical, carpentry and plumbing work quoted for upon inspection We can fit your new kitchen and bathroom and tile your floor and walls to your own specifications. We are specialists in tarmac and block paving driveways, bricklaying, laying paving and patios. All our work is tailored to individual needs. Our prices are for labour only but we would be happy to purchase materials on your behalf should you so wish. Accurate quotations will be given in writing before commencing work. To book our service, request a quotation or arrange for a visit,


07817 914980 or 01908 505656


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695660 To advertise call 01908 850550

PMS Decorating Professional Qualified Decorator for 22 years

No job too small No project too big

Please call Peter to arrange your bespoke detailed estimate on

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Is your home in need of a total refurbishment or just a loving touch?

J F Maintenance offers professional and clean workmanship for domestic and commercial premises

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CommunityNotices Farmers’ Market Stony Stratford Friday 26th July on Market Square and on every last Friday of each month

Farmers’ Market Newport Pagnell Friday 19th July on Market Hill and on every third Friday until after lunch

1st Middleton Beaver, Cub & Scout group continues to expand & require your help, can you provide some of your time to help us?

Do you suffer with Ankylosing Spondylitis? If so, why not come along to our exercise group. We meet every Wed (during term time) at The Redway School, Farmborough, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HG. Time: 7-9pm, which includes 1 hour use of the Hydrotherapy pool. Exercise is undertaken with the supervisioin of a qualified sports therapist. Tel: 01908 985650 for further info

Friends of Stony Stratford Health Centre We are looking for people willing to give up three hours once a month, or even occasionally, to help at our Coffee Mornings at the Health Centre in Market Square. Volunteers sell cakes, knitted garments, books & bric-abrac & serve tea & coffee. There is a rota of helpers including able-bodied men to assist in putting up & taking down the tables. We start around 8.30am & finish at 11.30am. Anyone interested please contact Margaret Stephenson, Secretary to FOSSHC on 563758.

Simply Forward A friendship group for the bereaved, separated, single or divorced. Meet people who are in similar circumstances and move on with our friendly group. We organise a monthly social calendar of events which include cinema trips, quizzes, walks, bike rides, meals out, etc. Call Chrissie, on 01525 290783 or 07774 205235, Ken on 07957 122496 or contact our website - email:

Milton Keynes Reader Service Will you become a Volunteer Reader to someone who is sight impaired. Helping Blind and Disabled People. Tel: 01908 231122 Email:

Stony Stratford Bridge Club Meets on Monday evenings from 7pm to 10pm at Magdalen House in Stony Stratford. We would like some new members. We play a friendly game of Rubber Bridge so you do not require a regular partner and beginners would be welcome. For more information please call either Daphne Harvey 01908 563177 or Clare Mellor 01908 563047

Stony Stratford Floral Club 2nd July Demonstration “Summer Medley” by David Thomson. 6th August Evening visit to Woburn Abbey Gardens.17th August Day workshop with Sue Billington. 3rd September Demonstration “There and Back Again” Demonstration by Martin Capel. Further information/tickets from Sue on 01908 564453 or Judy on 569429

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MP’s Diary

By Mark Lancaster, MP for Milton Keynes North

They say time flies when you are having fun and as we are over half way through this year, I can’t believe it. So far this year Milton Keynes has been named as a host for the Rugby World Cup in 2015, won top spot as one of the best places to do business in the country and seen dozens of achievements from every area of our community. It has been absolutely rammed packed and I am sure the next half of the year will just be as full and exciting. It was with pleasure that I supported Carers Week last month. Carers Week is a national campaign that tries to highlight and celebrate the work that 6.5million people do on a daily basis in the UK, an enourmous number. To truly get an idea of what carers do I recently joined a team for a day so I could learn first hand. I was staggered by the hard and selfless acts they carried out and with 1 in 8 people ending up caring for a loved one in some form I was pleased to be able to highlight Carers week. This hidden group of people give up their time, sometimes their jobs and often make life changing sacrifices to care for someone. I have seen firsthand the phenomenal work carers do and would like everyone to show support to our carers. Our community comes together for all sorts of reasons but it was with sadness Iain Stewart, MP for MK South and I held a community meeting with the MK Equality Council following the recent suspected arson attack on a local mosque. The emergency meeting saw forty community leaders and senior representatives from Thames Valley Police discussing the issues surrounding the crime with us

and was extremely constructive. I was particularly pleased to see the public show of support from across the different faith and community groups in Milton Keynes. We have a peaceful and cohesive community base here and I am hopeful we will continue to work together to keep it that way. I recently rolled up my sleeves and joined Great Linford Parish Council on a Tidy Up morning around the local shops. Joining 14 volunteers who came out to support the Parish Ranger Simon Bates we managed to gather 5 buckets of glass, 9 bags of recycling & 23 bags of litter all within a couple of hours. Also found were a car tyre and battery, 2x 5ltr full drums of used oil & 2 filters, a ratchet and claw hammer, Gas cylinder and a fish tank. The mind boggles! Events such as the tidy up are a great example of the improvements communities can make to their own area. I was really impressed with the commitment shown by all of those who took part and hope that that people will look out for similar events across Milton Keynes. Future litter picks in Great Linford are being held on 27th June, 26th July and 29th August and more information can be obtained by contacting the parish council, I for one intend to pop along and help out again! Many of you have also been in touch with regards to Willen Surgery. Having spoken to the Health Minister, who shares my concerns around the issue, I have written to the Chief Executive of NHS England asking for the surgery to be reopened. I am only too aware of how this has affected so many patients of the practice but please be rest assured that I am doing all I can to improve the situation. As always, if you would like to talk to me about anything or invite me to your organisation then do get in touch on 01908 686830.

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TIME FOR A CHANGE 2013 has been a very busy year so far for Ian and Julie Bowden. Ian had been fitting bathrooms for over 30 years, and before Christmas 2012 decided it was time for a change and gave his son John the bathroom installation business ( Keeping within the bathroom industry, MK-Bathrooms. net showroom was born. Due to the large number of bathrooms Ian has fitted over the years he knew exactly which bathroom brands were of a superior and lasting quality, and also provided good value for money. Armed with the confidence this knowledge gave him the hunt for a showroom was on. Being Newport Pagnell residents Ian and Julie were convinced Newport Pagnell was the right venue for the shop. When the old Beehive Interiors store next to the Co-Op in the High Street became vacant it was all systems go! Christmas was a blur of painting, constructing display bays and sourcing suppliers. Ian and Julie opened showroom on

the 3rd January 2013 and have never looked back. Business is booming, people appreciate the friendly personal service and the depth of knowledge Ian has as a bathroom fitter. No enquiry is too big or too small, and both work hard to provide customers with whatever they require, with access to over 40,000 bathroom products. now use Ian and Julie’s sons John and Jacob for installations, so it really is a one stop family business! From a free on site visit & 3D CAD design service if required, free written quotation, free delivery service and a free installation quotation, provide great customer service!

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Capability vs Conduct When an employer is dealing with a situation due to an employee falling short of the standards expected of them within a workplace, it is important to remember that disciplinary and capability procedures are there to encourage an improvement in an employee’s work performance or conduct. Yes, there are circumstances, where appropriate, that could result in dismissal, but this should usually be the last resort.

Before embarking on formal action, the employer must establish whether the employee is falling short of the standards because of their capability or conduct. Put simply, Capability is CAN’T and conduct is WON’T. For this reason, it is advisable to always have a separate disciplinary procedure and a capability procedure. Capability procedures, sometimes referred to as Inefficiency procedures, are invoked when even after appropriate training an employee CAN’T achieve or maintain the performance standards necessary for their job. Disciplinary or Conduct procedures are invoked when through carelessness, negligence or wilfulness the employee WON’T perform to the required standards of conduct. To determine which procedure to follow, hold a fact finding interview with the employee. Check what their understanding

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of what is expected of them is. Don’t assume they know. Allow the employee to tell you. If they can clearly explain and demonstrate they know how they should be performing or behaving then ask them why their performance/conduct falls short then? This would be a conduct issue. If they were unable to explain satisfactorily or demonstrate the standard they should be working to, then perhaps they require further coaching or training to achieve the standard expected. In this instance follow the inefficiency/capability procedure. Finally there are varying levels for conduct, so again ensure your disciplinary procedure is clear on what constitutes misconduct and gross misconduct so that your employees understand. The reason for this is to ensure natural justice and fairness prevails, certainly this is what an Employment Tribunal may well end up considering whether any sanctions applied including dismissal were fair. If the correct procedure was not followed, even if a warning or dismissal is the right decision, then the sanction ultimately becomes unfair.

Angela Rhodes, Crispin Rhodes Ltd, HR Specialists, Milton Keynes,,

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Your Professional, Bespoke, Mobile Valeting Service We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or commercial vehicle at your home or place of work Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to showroom condition. Comfortable service - Attention to detail Stunning results - Environmentally friendly

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Telephone Answering and Virtual Office Services Call us FREE on 0800 860 0865

Web: Email:

We’ve been providing telephone answering services in the Milton Keynes area for over twelve years. Business is won and lost by the service customers receive on the telephone Make sure the first impression callers get of your Company is a brilliant one! Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

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1,500 tins donated to the food bank in one weekend after radio campaign! Local radio bosses were left stunned after an on air appeal for donations for the Food Bank led to the MKFM studio being buried in over 1,500 donated tins.

everyone involved enough. Milton Keynes has long needed its very own radio station and with initiatives like this I believe MKFM will make a massive difference in our community’’

The new community radio station which launched two weeks ago on DAB Digital Radio was responding to news that record numbers of people are now relying on food donations by offering to collect food on behalf of Milton Keynes Food Bank.

Darren Dorrington from MKFM said: “People are struggling to feed themselves and we wanted to do this to remind people in MK to keep making donations at the Food Bank’s drop off points but we were blown away by the response - this is exactly what local radio is all about.”

Within hours, listeners and local businesses began bringing tins to the studio outside Xscape, and afternoon presenter Oliver Dean found himself buried in cans of rice pudding and cartons of fruit juice! By the end of Monday, MKFM had collected over 1,500 tins including a large donation from Sainsbury’s Milton Keynes. Rebecca Savage from MK Food Bank was delighted: “This is absolutely fantastic, I can’t thank MKFM and

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Andy White, a Milton Keynes business connector from BiTC helped to secure the donation from Sainsburys. He said “We were pleased to assist MKFM with this challenge and knew Sainsbury’s one of our partners would want to get involved in this fantastic project. BiTC is all about bringing the business and community together and we are planning to work very closely with MKFM in the future”

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Small businesses will lead the way in 2013, says company whose tenants already employ 1000 people Milton Keynes will boom in 2013, says the town’s largest serviced business premises provider, as the number of people employed in its units tops 1000 at the close of 2012.

“As Milton Keynes business booms, led by small businesses, we are already identifying potential new units that can be converted to provide the premises needed for small companies to thrive without hassle.”

Bucks Biz, with over 400,000 square feet of space and 150 tenants in Bletchley and Denbigh, says it is already planning more units to cope with the expected growth in demand and bringing forward plans to develop extra space at the huge Interchange House in Howard Way.

Bucks Biz, with units all over Milton Keynes, is renowned for straight talking and dealing; not hiding costs and not charging for many of the little things that keep businesses ticking, but which can be annoying to the point of distraction. “We really believe that if our customers are happy, then they’ll be free to get on with their businesses, which in turn will expand,” added Dominic.

“Our units currently provide work for around a thousand people and we have seen that figure rise steadily,” said Dominic Muscat, a director of the company that owns the business.

More info from or 01908 299070

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We all know that getting new customers is THE most important thing you can do for your business, but how are you going to do it? A leaflet delivery campaign consistently delivers results when done properly – and we do it properly. Call us now on 01908 850361 to discuss how we can make leaflet printing your phone on all delivery orders ring with over 5000 brand new *Offer applies to A5 or A6 double customers, sided leaflets on 135gsm paper Offer ends 31st August ready to buy.


Get Fit, Make Friends, Have Fun Play Korfball in Milton Keynes Korfball is like basketball and like netball but better! Men and Women Wanted 16+ No Experience Required Choose from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Club Nights

Contact Darren on 07949411502

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Rise in car accident claims during holiday season It may be hard to believe that most traffic accidents occur during the warmer summer months.

ChipsAway is the UK’s leading brand in minor automotive paintwork repairs, fixing damage such as scratches, bumper scuffs and kerbed alloys within a matter of hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional body shop repair methods.”

Whilst winter weather may bring a wide variety of challenging road conditions, from ice and snow, research shows that it is exactly drivers’ decreased attention to road safety during summer that contributes to the increased number of incidents.

For further information, please visit Chipsaway at or call Chipsaway Milton Keynes on 01908 678000 to obtain your free estimate TODAY!

It’s estimated that around seven million people make car journeys for UK holidays during bank holidays and the summer months. This high number of motorists, combined with cars crammed full of people and luggage, means road traffic accidents are more likely. Summer is also the time for surface dressing as highways authorities improve local roads by laying tar covered with loose chippings. But while the work is necessary, it is the curse of motorists, causing damage to paintwork and headlamp glasses. Christine Dhunna said: “If you are unfortunate enough to have your car paintwork damaged by loose chippings or have a bump or scrape whilst travelling this summer – it does not necessarily mean you have the hassle and expense of claiming on your insurance to get it repaired.

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Summer 2013 programme

Proms in the Park Campbell Park Friday 16th August 8.00pm - 10.00pm

Tickets online booking or box office 01908 558311 Reg charity number 271108

Sudoku Solution

Women in Enterprise is THE networking group for men and women in Milton Keynes!

Try us out non members welcome

Informal Meeting for Coffee at Costa Coffee in the Cotswold Store at Elder Gate Wednesday 31st July at 10.30pm No fees, just come along buy a coffee and enjoy some informal networking

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Reasons to be grumpy...

Three old men with a mission What began with a few gripes and moans on an occasional Saturday morning has grown into a full blown 2-hour live show that attracts a dedicated band of regular followers.

This now includes many ex-pats living overseas who listen to the show online at Mixcloud or Spreaker to keep abreast of controversial news and events at home. The show is hosted by veteran presenter, Mike Barry and is joined by regulars Bob Bluffield and Alan Mallyon to present a lively show packed with debate, controversy, chat, argument, a little music and a certain element of fun along the way. It is a show that pulls no punches but sets out to publicise, and when necessary promote the causes of the under-privileged and others that have been the victims of wrong doing. The discussion frequently highlights the lack of commonsense and forethought of local councils and the Government alike and seeks to address issues that the ‘Grumpies’ consider the politicians have got things wrong ... which, as we know is most of the time. Mike Barry has been a familiar voice on radio for as long as anyone can remember; Bob Bluffield is best known as a former Woburn Sands based professional photographer turned author, and the third, the youngest member of the trio, is Newport Pagnell entrepreneur and former local MK council ‘cabinet’ member, Alan Mallyon.

The successful balance of the programme spawned a second show jointly presented by Mike and Bob to fill the Friday breakfast slot. Bob has been scripting ‘Pop and Rock Legends’ - a two-hour show that features the life and music of a different group or artiste each week. The show has been running for two months and has so far featured Dusty Springfield, The Kinks, Moody Blues, Eagles, Chris Rea and Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons - all still available online through Spreaker. Both shows run from 08:00-10:00 each Friday and Saturday and are repeated for ‘on demand’ listening on Spreaker or Mixcloud.

For programme information and live radio links, please log into Secklow Sounds Serving the Community

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MK Flyers East - July 2013  
MK Flyers East - July 2013  

MK Flyers East - July 2013