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Our new silver cufflinks are quite extraordinary. Made in England by a 7th generation silversmith, whose history dates back to 1786, there are designs to appeal to every taste and occasion.

Many other designs in stock

andrew charles jeweller

Telephone - 01908 613534 46 High Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire MK16 8AQ

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Dear Reader Hello and welcome to the December edition of the MK Flyers.


May we start by wishing you and your families a very happy Christmas for 2012 and a wonderful New Year. This month’s festive edition is full of Christmas ideas such as gym memberships for the new years resolution, beauty spas to adventure days out. Have a read through and get that all important gift. November saw the fourth trial broadcast for MKFM. To find out where to find them on the airways see page 39 or download the MK Flyers App which will have a link straight to the live feed. If Christmas is not complete without a real tree then we have a local business selling exactly what you need. See page 29 for details of how to get yours. It is here, the Ice Rink at Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands is open - bringing a touch of Central Park to Milton Keynes. See page 2. Is the X Factor calling you? Why not join the Milton Keynes Rock Choir. See page 33 for details of their taster sessions. As I said earlier, we here at MK Flyers wish you all a fantastic Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for us all. We have really enjoyed keeping you up to date with all the news and events in Milton Keynes for 2012 and will do exactly that for 2013.


Until next month.

Stuart & The Team at MK Flyers Contact us today with your advertising requirements Copy deadline for the JANUARY edition

10th DECEMBER 2012

Each edition is delivered FREE to these numbers of homes and businesses to these areas MK Flyers cannot take responsibility for the content of the adverts or the services provided by the advertisers. All adverts are printed in good faith. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is strictly prohibited.

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The Home of Kitchen Inspiration FREE FITTING for all N SPECIAL ADE I M D OFFER Kitchen Orders Booked in 2012* HAN BRITAIN T A For further information on how to plan your dream kitchen GRE

CALL: 01908 282 831 Visit our showroom at: The Granary, Deethe Farm, Cranfield Road, Woburn Sands, Milton Keynes MK17 8UR


Open: Mon - Fri 10am - 4.30pm, Sat 9.30 - 3.30pm

Email: Enquires: • *Terms & Conditions apply

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Sacroiliac joint dysfunction The sacroiliac joint is the joint between the sacrum and the ilium. The sacrum is the triangular shaped bone at the base of the spine and the ilium, the winged shaped bones of the waist. The joint is marked by the presence of dimples at the base of the spine, called the posterior superior iliac spines, or PSIS for short. The picture shows the sacroiliac joint circled in red. The sacroiliac joint is a slightly movable joint and, unlike the elbow, is designed to slide. The sliding action helps to absorb the impacts of running and walking, and other less energetic movements like sitting, or bending forward. The joint may not look like much, and may not move a lot, but it is an important joint in the body, and like many joint in the body, it can inflame too. Inflammation of the sacroiliac joint is called sacroiliitis. A typical symptom of sacroiliitis is pain around the dimples in the lower back, or the joint itself. However, the sacroiliac joint is closely associated with other muscles in the back including the gluteus maximus, piriformis, muscles in the lower back and muscles which flex the hip. These muscles will react by becoming tense, causing pain in the lower back and buttocks. Changes in the way you walk can cause the muscles of the leg to become tense too. If piriformis is affected, then you could experience piriformis syndrome, which was discussed in my previous article, resulting in sciatica. Nerves leaving the spine, at the L2 to S3 level, pass close to the sacroiliac joint. Inflammation at the joint can play on these nerves causing pain to be felt in the buttock, thigh and hip. As you can see, symptoms can be complex and varied. I always get asked what happened first, did the sacroiliac dysfunction cause the other muscles to react, or did tension in the other muscles cause the sacroiliac joint to inflame in compensation. It

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is generally hard to say, but what is certain is that sacroiliac joint dysfunction usually exists alongside other problems. For this reason I will treat what I find. During a consultation I will test the sacroiliac joint for dysfunction, the lower back and piriformis for tension. Treatment will typically include soft tissue work to release tension in the lower back and piriformis. I use mobilisation techniques to release the muscles around the joint and help it to move again. When I mobilise, or move, the sacroiliac joint, you might hear a pop or click as the ilium and sacrum slide over one another, restoring movement to the joint. Jacque Cilliers Adv Dip. MT. (MSM) For appointments: 0845 4585 376 jacquecilliersmassage

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Cleaning the way you want it cleaned Please call us if you are looking for a fully vetted police checked, insured cleaner. 3Regular cleans 3New build cleans 3Spring cleans 3Oven cleaning 3Tenancy cleans 3Carpet cleaning

For a free quotation please call 01908 465657



First consultation is free. All equipment is provided. Wednesday BUCKINGHAM BOOTCAMP – just £6 per person (Woolpack side room, Well Street, Buckingham) For more information visit -

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Rotronic Who are we.....? A supplier of IT Accessories & Networking Technology Products of over 45 years’ experience

“The ROTRONIC Group, has 360 employees worldwide”

• The core business is the marketing and manufacturing of IT Accessories and Networking Technology • Rotronic can supply over 40,000 IT products plus Rotronic also offer bespoke cabling to your own requirement • The Company brands Roline and Value make high-quality IT accessories • Offering good stock availability and competitive prices

Contact: or call 01293 565556 Business to Business Milton Keynes Representative call 01908 768198 Follow us on Facebook & Twitter follow@rotronic1

How to say goodbye to Yo-Yo Dieting Have you been dieting on and off all your life? What does the word “diet” mean to you? Are you fed up with diets that work short-term and then you pile the weight (and more) back on again? Why is this? Because diets set you up to fail! Just the word “diet” has become synonymous with fads and deprivation; diets such as the cabbage soup or meal replacement shakes. Diets may cause the starvation mode to be activated and the body’s natural ability to store fat, as a survival mechanism, kicks in. Millions of years ago our ancestors learnt to store fat as food was scarce, but now food is everywhere and we don’t need the ability to store fat any longer. The aim should be to eat as much healthy food as you need in order to burn your own stores of fat. So what should you be eating to enable you to burn your own fat stores? I use the words “healthy foods” to label an eating plan that will enable you to reduce weight. What comes under the heading healthy food? Well that may be classed as food that has not seen the inside of a factory, food that your ancestors would have eaten such as meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and fruit. Hormones also have a part to play in overcoming yo yo dieting and some of these hormones are: Leptin - Leptin is a hunger hormone which controls appetite. If leptin is out of balance you may feel that you are never full or satisfied after eating. The more fat cells we have the more Leptin is produced; Leptin tells the brain “stop eating” and suppresses appetite. It also goes to the thyroid gland to tell it to speed the metabolism and to the adrenal glands to signal the action of the stress hormones to increase the metabolism. So when working well it regulates appetite and metabolism effectively. BUT if it’s out of balance leptin gets really strong in the brain, thyroid and adrenals. This causes what is known as Leptin resistance causing an increase in food intake and a decrease in metabolism. So it’s very important to eat “healthy foods” regularly throughout the day Insulin is a hormone that will store fat in people who are overweight and they may become insulin resistant. Carbohydrates are the major promoter of insulin and the major influence on Leptin.

there is a decreased appetite and if ghrelin is high in healthy individual there is an increased appetite. Bigger people may be more ghrelin sensitive. Leptin and ghrelin are important in the pursuit of fat loss. Manipulation of these powerful hormones can change hunger and take will power out of it. Cortisol has been termed the “stress hormone” because excess cortisol is secreted during times of physical or psychological stress, and the normal pattern of cortisol secretion (with levels highest in the early morning and lowest at night) can be altered. This disruption of cortisol secretion may not only promote weight gain, but it can also affect where you put on the weight. Some studies have shown that stress and elevated cortisol tend to cause fat deposition in the abdominal area rather than in the hips. This fat deposition has been referred to as “toxic fat” since abdominal fat deposition is strongly correlated with the development of cardiovascular disease including heart attacks and strokes. 10 Tips to Balance Leptin and Ghrelin and to reduce the effects of Cortisol 1. Cut back on sugar and starch 2. Prepare a salad with protein and take it to work. 3. Allow yourself a couple of squares of 70% dark chocolate a week 4. Use Stevia or Xylitol instead of sugar as these natural sweeteners do not cause you to store fat. 5. Cut out fizzy drinks and that includes “diet” ones, which may cause you to want more sweet tasting food. 6. Walk more in the fresh air for Vitamin D. Use weights to reduce muscle loss 7. Avoid hunger at all costs. If you are hungry you may reach for a quick fix, which usually is sugar or starch. 8. Eat regularly, ensure you have healthy snacks available always; in your handbag, in the car, in your desk drawer. 9. Make sure you go to bed early enough so that you wake up naturally, lack of sleep may lead to an over production of cortisol. 10. Plan how you will manage stress/anxiety/anger/boredom etc. Be prepared so that you don’t reach for sugary, transfatty foods in an attempt to deal with it, it won’t! And again be aware that stress may also produce cortisol and lead to weight gain. All these things are practical and logical, but what about your mind? What about your negative sabotaging thoughts. What about all the reasons you may binge, overeat or eat sugary, starchy foods. Things such as stress, anxiety, or boredom for instance.

Leptin is higher at night and lower in the day, it has an opposing relationship with another hunger hormone called Ghrelin.

In combination with embracing the above points, the subconscious mind needs to be cleared of negativity and old unproductive habits. That’s where hypnotherapy comes in; helping you overcome the emotions that lead you to eat unhealthily or too much, helping you to take control of your eating habits once and for all.

Ghrelin - Ghrelin is made in the stomach not fat cells. It controls our appetite from hour to hour, so the more ghrelin there is the more hungry we are. When ghrelin is low in a healthy individual

For further information, please contact leigh@setyourmindfree. or phone 01908 265410. Further information is also available at

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Burn 600 calories in 30 minutes! with our great new treatment...The Dome The safe, gentle way to burn calories!

A course of 5

get 1 free A course of 10

get 2 free

It’s quick, easy and effective. Regular exercise only burns 150 - 300 calories in 30 minutes! Call now for more information

Special offer for December

Shellac nails £15 a set Usual price £25


01908 563555 54B High Street,Telegraph Walk, Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes, MK11 1AQ

Gi ft av vou ail c ab he le rs

...skincare that makes a difference

Online Sports Nutrition & Fitness Supplements At only 12 months old, The Milton Keynes based company BODY-SHARP Fit Store has grown at a phenomenal rate! Supplying people the length and breadth or the UK with Sports Supplements from leading brand at much less then high street prices. As well as their low prices customers put their faith in BODY-SHARP Fit Store’s fast and reliable delivery service. They even offer FREE Same Day Delivery to their local customers in and around the Milton Keynes area and if you want a product that they don’t stock, just ask! They put nothing above customer satisfaction.

they’re also donating 10p for every single item they sell for 12 months. With a wide range of supplements including Protein Powders, Mass Gainers, Pre-Workouts and Fat Burners from leading brands like Optimum Nutrition, USN, PhD, Gaspari, BSN and many more, It’s no wonder so many people all over the country see BODY-SHARP Fit Store as their first choice for Sports Nutrition. So if you want to know where to look for the best deals on the best Sports Supplements in Milton Keynes, then check out today! Or you can call them on 01908 415 468.

As well as looking after their customers, BODY-SHARP Fit Store are also committed to supporting Willen Hospice and not only do they help to raise funds for the hospice by getting involved in fundraising events,

Have your video & slide memories £1 off converted to DVD or CD video to DVD

The perfect Christmas gift Slides scanned to CD or DVD (4000dpi) 1-99 48p each 100-499 46p each 500-1000 43p each


Home videos converted to DVD Up to 1 hour £8.50 Up to 2 hours £13.50 Up to 3 hours £18.50

Photographs and negatives also scanned to disc Prices include VAT at 20%

Rolace Document Management Limited 4 Basset Court, Newport Pagnell, Bucks MK160JN

Telephone 01908211265 Email 14 mkflyers

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Would you like an honest, dependable and AFFORDABLE police checked cleaner to clean your home? Typically


per hour inc. First Clean Then contact us at Free

As Featured on BBC2’s Working Lunch, Ch4’s ‘House Swap’ & BBC1’s Look East

FREEPHONE: 0800 0152 164 Telephone: 01908 483459 or visit:

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Is your home in need of a total refurbishment or just a loving touch?

J F Maintenance offers professional and clean workmanship for domestic and commercial premises Bathrooms and Kitchens installed Tiling, decorating and carpentry Plumbing leaks and alterations Property and garden maintenance No jobs too small or too large Established for 15 years

Contact Julian on 01908 675404 or 07807 524372 16 mkflyers

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all £ cle Pre 20 in an -Ch o De s b ri ff ce oo stm m ke as be d r*

Hate housework?

We love it! The residential cleaning service, tailored to your needs • Spring cleans • Carpet cleaning • Regular cleaning • Ironing & dry cleaning • Tenancy/ • Employed, experienced staff After build cleans • Fully guaranteed

No upfront fees or contracts to sign

Call today for a free quotation Call for info about our

carpet cleaning service

carpet & fabric cleaning

01908 260010 *Terms & Conditions apply

OAKLEIGH FLOORING LIMITED Commercial & Domestic Flooring Specialists “Simply Quality, Simply Affordable, All Year Round” 39a High Street Woburn Sands MK17 8RB

Telephone 01908 281600 email

Visit Our Showroom

Monday: Appt only Tuesday: 10am - 5pm Wednesday: 10am - 5pm Thursday: 10am - 7pm Friday: 10am - 5pm Saturday: 9am - 1pm Sunday: Closed

Offer images for illustration purposes only

NOW IN STOCK Fine Selection of Hand made Persian Rugs Traditional & Modern Designs from only £350


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Celebrate Christmas in style at the multi-award-winning Calcutta Brasserie Set within a Grade II 17th Century listed Chapel in the picturesque town of Stony Stratford This year saw the restaurant named the Best Asian restaurant in Milton Keynes* which has seen Calcutta Brasserie celebrate its best year ever; as well as become the number one choice for parties and celebrations. As the seasonal period draws closer, now is the time to think about Christmas parties and where you will get the most for your money – as well as leave guests/colleagues/family and friends with Christmas to remember.

caringly prepared by the team of talents chefs. The restaurant’s attentive and friendly staff allow you to relax and enjoy every minute of your time at Calcutta Brasserie and give you the best Christmas ever – you deserve it.

The special private function room and bar offers an exquisite menu, fine champagne and wine options and can seat 100 guests comfortably and up to 200 guests throughout the entire venue. Parties of all sizes are welcome The Calcutta Brasserie’s selection and specific requirements can be of menus cater for all. From authentic Indian food to traditional catered for. English dishes, each dish is *Food and Leisure Awards

Spice up your Christmas and New Year celebrations Celebrate in style at Calcutta Brasserie, set within a 17th Century grade II listed chapel. Our special private function room and bar offers an exquisite menu, fine champagne and wine options. We can comfortably seat 100 guests in this uniquie room and up to 200 guests throughout the entire venue. We are open on Christmas day lunch with a choice of award winning Indian cuisine and traditional Roast dinner.

B R A S S E R I E a multi-award winning restaurant

Book your table on 01908 566577



7 St Pauls Court, Hight Street, Stony Stratford, MK11 1LJ

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How to play It’s simple! Fill in the grid so that each row, column and 3x3 box, contains the numbers 1 through to 9 with no repetition. You don’t need to be a genius. These puzzles use logic alone.

Watch out! Sudoku is highly addictive. Solution on page 40

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Richard Gane Bathrooms Prompt, Polite & Professional Specializing in Bathroom Design, Supply and Installation Plastering, Plumbing and Wall & Floor Tiling also available

VAT FREE Credit Crunch Specials starting from ÂŁ1,600 to include Bath,Basin,Toilet,Taps & 8m2 of Tiles, Fully Installed

Upgrade Offer

Shower & Bath Screen,Fully Installed only ÂŁ345 extra!

For a FREE QUOTATION call Richard on either 01908 662186 or 07889 412668

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POSITIVE LIVING The right to be happy...

For the whole of your life you are an active vessel for life force / energy – positive and negative – to flow through. Every thought and word, action or intent produces an energy discharge that is carried directly to the planet and to the subject – person or matter – that you think of. This activity is automatic. It happens with or without you personally knowing. It requires no consent for it’s a natural function of our soul. Every soul is free. Each has free choice and free will. Each will invent the unfolding life story of their choosing. Nothing is set in stone before we personally make it so. Because of free will - the future is as pliable as plastic. The way your life will unfold will depend on your outlook, your needs, wants, emotions and personality. You are individual. You are powerful. You can create any reality you want to at any moment – all through thought content you are thinking. You are not a pawn; you are not life’s victim; what you choose to accept is not at the mercy of any other person, past or present. No one can totally control you. You have the freedom to will any version of your life, any story you want into being. Yet how often do you realise these things? The place you find yourself today is but a passing phase that’s playing out. Tomorrow things will shift and change again... Happiness is a choice. It is your birthright. Every day that you are here you can choose it – despite the many different ways that life presents. Not every thing you face is down to you, so there is little point in taking it on board. No one truth is the whole truth. Every situation has at least two sides, two versions, two facets. The one you choose will depend on where your mind is at that moment. First you feel, then you think, then you speak, act or respond. You are the will that will relay what you need and will accept - to larger life. The part you play within your story will vary too. At times you’ll be the victim; at times you’ll take the lead. You are both the hero and the writer of many things that you face. The reality you experience daily is up to you. Why would you ever think that it would be otherwise? To live a happy life is fairly easy. Happiness begins within – not without. It requires nothing specifically from you – just an open balanced

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mind and a peaceful outlook. You must choose it... What happens at the moment when you first glace at life around you? Do you feel first? Or do you automatically respond without choice or realisation? Do you take control of all your actions – or are you lead by your emotions, hormones, moods, brought on by what is happening at that moment – or even from what’s left over from something earlier? This a simple question that is important. How often do you step back and simply be? Life will carry on around you regardless – it doesn’t need your focus on every aspect all of the time. Life is there for your experience, enjoyment and expression. We are supposed to approach it all with a balanced, open mind. We are here to have ‘the adventure of a lifetime’. This ‘here and now’ is the adventure – not the chore. If you find that you’re not happy, work out why. Don’t make any drastic changes; just begin to shift your thoughts. Begin to notice how you feel, how you think, react, respond to what’s occurring. When you worry, stress or fret, you’ll get more to worry, stress or fret about – for those are the live instructions you’re feeding life. The very nature of free will means you’ll get back what you ask for or more simply, what you continuously consciously and subconsciously send out – though you might not realise... The books that I have written will help you understand this process easily. You’ll see how life and other people push your buttons, hold you back and you then react. You’ll see how you can alter many simple things and how life itself will effortlessly readjust around you in response. You’ll understand your pure potential that has waited patiently for understanding and recognition, for you are a powerful working force that creation will respond to precisely as you request through instructions given... Stephanie J. King - SOULPRENEUR Author of ‘And So It Begins...’ & ‘Life is Calling...’ and the soon to be released ‘DIVINE GUIDANCE’ For more information visit

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Balloons over MK & Aylesbury Vale

NEW! FLY & DINE Receive a ÂŁ20 restaurant voucher with every full priced flight voucher purchased. See website for participating restaurants.

Drift on gentle breezes, sipping a glass of champagne, in one of our beautiful balloons. Stunning views are guaranteed!

Gift vouchers are valid 12 months.

Established 1987

Christmas Vouchers Available



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For all your decorating and plastering needs...

• Internal & External decorating • Quality workmanship • A friendly and reliable service • Competitive rates • References Telephone 01234 768817 Mobile 07929 181619



Would you like to reach 44,000 affluent homes in Milton Keynes from £165 per month?

Here’s what our customers say about mkflyers... I have advertised local courses with MK Flyers for over a year. I find Stuart easy to deal with and enthusiastic about getting results for my business. I would recommend Stuart and MK Flyers to anyone looking to increase their profile or advertise their services. With a circulation of 42,000 it represents excellent value for money. Sarah Setterfield, Impact for Success

Reuben Smyth

mkflyers For further information telephone

01908 767080 24 mkflyers

Quality painter/decorator with over 20 years experience References provided on request

07869 171755 To advertise call 01908 767080

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Winter Cheer Maurice Rust, Frosts Garden Centre, Woburn Sands

Where has the year gone? That is a common phrase at this time of year. December is upon us and it’s time to erect the Christmas tree and put up the evergreens - holly and Mistletoe around the home. Many of you will be looking to buy house plants as Christmas gifts. In the house plant shop in the Garden Centre we have a vast selection to choose from. The following are some useful tips to bear in mind when you are trying to decide what to buy. Take time to select your house plants as we all know they can be difficult to look after if not placed in the their ideal position. An important factor to remember when buying house plants from the Garden Centre is that these plants will not have caught a chill, unlike others that you may consider buying at a less expensive price off an open market stall, where they have perhaps sat for several days on various different cold and windswept markets until sold during the weeks leading up to Christmas. At Frosts we have experts on hand throughout each day who will give you guidance on what to buy for any position in the home. Most of our house plants carry a one year guarantee providing you retain your purchase receipt. The following information is how to care for three of the most popular house plants that you can buy or receive as gifts at this time. Azalea Indica These come in a multitude of bold and pastel colours and should bloom continuously over Christmas. Unlike other plants azaleas will need watering almost every day and I recommend that you soak the pot in a bowl of water once a week for twenty minutes, let it drain and place it back in your decorative container. A bright position is essential and the plant will do best in a cool spot in your home.

To promote healthy flowering always remove faded and wilting flowers. Azalea Indica can be stood outside in a shady spot during the summer but unlike hardy garden varieties it will not survive outside during the winter. They are also best watered with rain water if possible. Cyclamen Percicum This is possibly one of the most favourite of all flowering house plants. Here at the Garden Centre in Woburn Sands when the site was still a working nursery 125,000 plants were grown annually for sale from late October until February each year. Cyclamen are an ideal plant for cool, bright conditions. Be careful not to over water the plant. Keep it slightly moist. To promote new flowers always remove faded flowers right back to the corm. If you leave part of the old stem attached to the corm it will very soon begin to deteriorate and fungal rots will soon appear. There is a riot of bold and pastel shades to choose from including the butterfly cyclamen, with frilled petals that look as if someone has trimmed the petals with ‘pinking shears’. Poinsettia A traditional house plant which has a Latin name of ‘Euphorbia pulcherrima’. Its common name is the ‘Star of the Holy Night’. This plant will thrive best in a bright position that must be warm and drought free. Be very careful not to over water. They should be allowed to dry out in between watering. When choosing a plant look for the true yellow flowers in the centre of the bracts. For maximum life these should be unopened or just cracking yellow. Poinsettia will last well into the New year. Always make sure that your Poinsettia is wrapped before leaving the store. House plant arrangements in bowls These make a perfect gift for Christmas. They will require a good light position in your home. Careful watering is essential as most of the bowls used have no drainage holes in the base of the container. Water only when the compost is dry. Most bowls and baskets have polythene liners, with a selection of foliage plants and one or two flowering plants. The flowering plants will eventually fade. Once this happens they can be carefully replaced with new flowering plants. Within time the foliage plants will outgrow the bowl. When this happens they can be potted into individual containers. If you are buying a house plant for a Christmas or New year Gift, enhance your ‘gift’ by having the house plant or bowl gift wrapped with decorative paper and coloured ribbon. This will make your gift look twice the value and much grander than just the plant alone.

Finally on behalf of all the staff at Frosts Garden Centre, a Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

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Tree Surveys Trim A Tree Consultants provide all aspects Tree Surveys and Reports Prices start from £250 + vat Our customers include • Domestic properties • Development Site/Construction Sites • Schools • Local Authorities • Housing Associations • Schools • Hospitals We can provide reports and surveys on the following • Surveys in relation to construction (BS5837) • Pre-Planning • Insurance/Mortgage Reports • Woodland Management Schemes • Planning Reports

• Design and Planting Advice • Safety Inspections • Pest, Disease Identification and Advice • Highway Tree Inspections • Detailed Analysis of Tree Condition • Decay Detection Using Picus Tomograph and Resistograph Air-spade service for the following • Aeration Of Roots • Locating Roots For Utility Line Installation • Radial Trenching • Root Investigation • Root Pruning • Soil Compaction

Quick response, Impartial Advice

To discuss any project or for more information regarding Tree Consultancy Services contact Ray Brown

on 01908 410555 or Email:

GARDEN MAINTENANCE • Spring/Autumn tidy up • Weekly/2 weekly/monthly maintenance • Includes mowing, weeding & hoeing • Lawn care feed included • Patio & driveway cleaning • Reliable & affordable • From as little as £20/visit Garden Design & Build Over 30 Years Experience All work guaranteed

Tel: 01908 290426 Mob: 07963 370743

Firewood, Coal & Kindling Buy On-Line Visit Please mention mkflyers when responding to adverts

or call

01908 410555 mkflyers 27

WOW, an Insurance Approved company! We send your bill directly to them Here at WOW, we fit windscreens (Glass, perspex or similar materials) and body glass in any make, size and model of vehicle.

We only fit glass that meets or exceeds the original manufactures specification and with WOW’s expertise, all work is guaranteed so you will be completely satisfied with any work carried out.

This includes cars, vans, lorries, coaches, agricultural and plant vehicles and any others you can mention even including boats. We also have a specialist interest in your prized classic vehicles, and wherever you are in the country we can help with our mail order service. What ever vehicle we do work on for you we always ensure your vehicle will be treated with the best possible care and respect. We stock a large range of rubber trims for all models of vehicles and offer a postal service anywhere in the country for your convenience.

This means that your drive-away times are reduced, often to within 1 hour (dependant on conditions). We also provide services for many of the local garages. They use Windscreens on Wheels as we provide an efficient service, give a competitive We use high quality bonding adhesive quote and usually complete all work which fully meets the motor industry on the same day. WOW is a name you can trust, give us the opportunity to do standards and is used by major car the glasswork for your business. manufacturers around the world including: VW, Porsche, Volvo, Chrysler, For more information call now on: Toyota, Ford, General Motors, Seat 07813 611170 or 01908 216677 and BMW (and many more).

Cracked, damaged or broken windscreen or body glass? Over 30 Years Experience in fitting and repairing windscreens! We offer services A family in windscreens and run business body glass for Private, established since 2002 Commercial and Agricultural Vehicles. We are also a specialist in Classic and Prestige Motor Vehicles

Plus: • Windscreens • Windscreen Repairs • Rectification Work & Leak detection • Lock Out Service • Glass Tinting • Windscreen Care

Call now on:

07813 611170 or 01908 216677

www.windscreenson 28 mkflyers

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Guttering Problems?

GRACELANDS Garden Maintenance

Reliable Gardener looking for reliable clients

Don’t wait for spring, Give us a ring!

All Garden Work • Leaf Clearance • Jungle Clearance Landscape Projects • Turfing • Planting Garden Shut Downs • Domestic & Commercial

Quality work guaranteed, at reasonable rates Full portfolio & references • 10 years experience

Call 01908 460256 Mob 07984 039093

Gutters Cleaned Leaking Gutters repaired New Gutters Fitted All by friendly local established company

Call Rob on 01908 216151 or 07977 206403

Xmas Trees

FOR SALE All types & sizes Plus all Christmas accessories eg: stands, wreaths

All Round Property Maintenance

TIRED OF ALL THOSE DIY JOBS? Support local business

Available from 20 Wolverton Road Stony Stratford from 27th November

Also available


Swimming Pools wanted in and around Milton Keynes for swimming lessons Please contact Janet Rake on 01296 730742 or 07932 149833 if you know of a pool for hire



Seasoned hardwood ash & beech logs plus kindling

For details call Noel 07548 502727

We are an established local family business, based in Milton Keynes, offering our services for all your needs around home and garden. We can take care of your dripping taps, sticking doors and decorating, from one room to the whole house. Whilst we welcome the smallest job we are experienced in all aspects of home maintenance and refurbishing, up to and including building you a porch or garage conversion. We employ all our staff directly, and do not use sub-contractors, thus enabling us to maintain quality whilst charging competitive rates. Sample prices, subject to inspection. Paint ceiling – 2 coats From £30.00 Paint room (emulsion) From £85.00 Undercoat & Gloss woodwork including door From £135.00 per room Replaster over artex ceiling or walls From £130.00 Fit Laminated or wood flooring, including quadrant £95-£130 Hang new internal door, including fitting handles From £40.00 Fit new external door and furniture including lock From £65.00 Fit new radiator From £40.00 each Fit new outside tap From £50.00 Pressure wash driveway or outside walkways and patio From £60.00 All electrical, carpentry and plumbing work quoted for upon inspection We can fit your new kitchen and bathroom and tile your floor and walls to your own specifications. We are specialists in tarmac and block paving driveways, bricklaying, laying paving and patios. All our work is tailored to individual needs. Our prices are for labour only but we would be happy to purchase materials on your behalf should you so wish. Accurate quotations will be given in writing before commencing work. To book our service, request a quotation or arrange for a visit,


07817 914980 or 01908 505656


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Small businesses will lead the way in 2012, says company whose tenants already employ 1000 people Milton Keynes will boom in 2012, says the town’s largest serviced business premises provider, as the number of people employed in its units tops 1000 at the close of 2011. Bucks Biz, with over 400,000 square feet of space and 150 tenants in Bletchley and Denbigh, says it is already planning more units to cope with the expected growth in demand and bringing forward plans to develop extra space at the huge Interchange House in Howard Way. “Our units currently provide work for around a thousand people and we have seen that figure rise steadily,” said Dominic Muscat, a director of the company that owns the business.

“As Milton Keynes business booms, led by small businesses, we are already identifying potential new units that can be converted to provide the premises needed for small companies to thrive without hassle.” Bucks Biz, with units all over Milton Keynes, is renowned for straight talking and dealing; not hiding costs and not charging for many of the little things that keep businesses ticking, but which can be annoying to the point of distraction. “We really believe that if our customers are happy, then they’ll be free to get on with their businesses, which in turn will expand,” added Dominic. More info from or 01908 299070

01908 299070 30 mkflyers

To advertise call 01908 767080

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Telephone Answering and Virtual Office Services Call us FREE on 0800 860 0865

Web: Email:

We’ve been providing telephone answering services in the Milton Keynes area for over twelve years. Business is won and lost by the service customers receive on the telephone Make sure the first impression callers get of your Company is a brilliant one!

Women in Enterprise is THE networking group for men and women in Milton Keynes!

Try us out non members welcome

Christmas Lunch at Woburn Abbey Wednesday 19th December 2012, 12 - 3pm £27 for members, £45 for non members

BOOK ONLINE Visit us today

The Professional Cleaning Service • Dry Carpet Cleaning with Zero Drying Time • Oven Cleaning • Patio Cleaning • Residential and commercial cleaning • Letting agent clean • One off cleaning jobs • Spring cleaning

Fully insured

Briteclean Cleaning Services

Tel 01908 370451 Freephone 0808 1080253

Mobile 07752 610630 email

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Dri Wash Valeting Professional Mobile Valeting Services We are a Bespoke Mobile car Valeting company based in the Milton Keynes area and we cover the whole of the Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We offer a fast, friendly and reliable valeting service at all times whilst putting you and your car’s needs first! We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or your commercial vehicle at your home or place of work. When it comes to your car or motorcycle we will even come to your local gym or golf club. You don’t have to worry about taking it to a hand car wash and queuing. Call Dri Wash Valeting and we will clean your car in situ thus allowing you the time to do the things you need to do without leaving your home or work desk. If you find our prices higher than you expected for your circumstances we advise you to look around and compare and hope you to find us competitive. We ask that you bear in mind we do NOT offer a “quick wash and wax” service. Dri Wash Valeting are fully insured and we carry public liability insurance and all of our valeters are fully trained

and professional. We pride ourselves on using the best valeting products and techniques in the industry today.

Why Use a Professional Valeting Company? Valeting is an investment which pays dividends when you come to sell, with the added bonus of having a vehicle in pristine condition the whole time you own it.

We at Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to ‘showroom condition’. For more information contact us now on 07970 607620

For an ideal Christmas present why not buy some

Valeting Vouchers

Call Steve on 07970 607620 or email for more details

Your Professional, Bespoke, Mobile Valeting Service We can valet your car, motorcycle, caravan, jetski, boat, light aircraft or commercial vehicle at your home or place of work Dri Wash Valeting guarantee to clean your vehicle back to showroom condition. Comfortable service - Attention to detail Stunning results - Environmentally friendly

32 mkflyers

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Stony Oven Cleaners

We Clean Ovens The job you hate to do!!

3 Ovens, Ranges, Microwaves, Agas 3 10% off for OAPs 3 We use non caustic and odourless products and steam to clean 3 I am not a franchise 3 I am Stony born and a local business


'01908 566496 or 07885 376417

Watts Plumbing & Heating Limited Friendly reliable service All work guaranteed Call

01908 526923 07798 554398

Administration support for your business... Data entry & cleansing Social media management Sage & payroll Spreadsheet creation & management and more… Contact us for more info 07921 632234

Niki’s Cleaning Service (PET - FRIENDLY)

PMS Decorating Professional Qualified Decorator for 22 years

HIGH QUALITY CLEANING AND IRONING Milton Keynes and surrounding area served


No job too small No project too big

For more information and free quotations contact Niki on:

Please call Peter to arrange your bespoke detailed estimate on



Tel: 01908-611891 OR Mobile: 07546 195076

01908 506848 / 07771 665872 Or Email

Love to sing? Join Rock Choir™! The One Stop Planning Shop Milton Keynes Rock Choir™ sings pop, gospel and Motown hits, with no auditions and no requirement to read music

For more information and to book your FREE taster session visit

Having problems getting good planning advice, a successful Local Authority decision, making an appeal or responding to enforcement action? We have extensive experience in the Town & Country Planning profession and our aim is to take the stress out of your planning problems. Contact us on: 07909 824562 Or email at: www.

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Do you suffer with Ankylosing Spondylitis? If so, why not come along to our exercise group.


We meet every Wed (during term time) at The Redway School, Farmboro ugh, Netherfield, Milton Keynes, MK6 4HG. Time: 7-9pm, which includ es 1 hour use of the Hydrotherapy pool. Exercise is undertaken wit h the supervisioin of a qualified sports therapist.

Tel: 01908 583775 for fur ther info

s e i d a L 4 1 n o i t c Jun b Barbershop Clu

Milton Chorus based in op sh er rb Ba a e ar We e meet once es from age 16. W di La to en op s, tly hired to Keyne d are also frequen an se ar he re to k a wee d for charity. y local events an an m at n ai rt te en l run and have to come for a tria If you would like ve to Sing running a free Lo some fun! we are please call 01908 15th Nov 2012 e th m fro se ur co info. 648892 for more

sday evenings We meet on Thur 0pm From 7.30pm-1 age, l, Extra Care Vill The Village Hal Milton Keynes. Shenley Wood, 1908 678558

ct:- 0 To join us conta 29 ct:- 01908 6670 To hire us conta ion please go to at rm fo in re o m For www.junction1 34 mkflyers


rship as One, 2 December Sunday@7 Wo Christmas themed Film Night 16 December Sunday@7 (possibly BBC Nativity) y Communion Service 23 December 9.30 am Hol Service 24 December 4.00 pm Crib n Service 10.00 pm Holy Communio ily Celebration Service Fam am 0 25 December 9.3



ss 23 December 11.30 am Ma ols leading into Car pm 45 11. 24 December Midnight Mass ss 25 December 11.30 am Ma (Feast of Holy Family) ss 30 December 11.30 am Ma

ket Farmers’ Mar d r Stony Stratfo er

ecemb Friday 28th d are u On Market Sq ch month st Friday of ea

And on ever y la

To advertise call 01908 767080


TON PARISH www.wcpm ST MARY’S, WAVENDON www.stmaryswavendon

‘Step into Advent’ – 1 December 9 am – noon personal prayer & reflection y Communion Service 23 December 9.45 am Hol aid of charity) 6.00 pm Carol Service (in Service 24 December 3.00 pm Crib hem’ 9.30 pm ‘Midnight in Bethle Holy Communion Service ily Carols 25 December 10.00 am Fam NES VILLAGE ALL SAINTS, MILTON KEY vill www.allsaintschurchmk istingle Service 9 December 11.00 am Chr 23 December 11.00 am ols Service of Lessons and Car Service Crib pm 0 4.0 24 December Service ist har Euc ht 11.00 pm Midnig Communion Service y Hol am 00 25 December 10.

Farmers’ Mark Newport Pagneet ll Friday 2 1st decem On Market H ber ill

And on ever y thir until after lu d Friday nch

Old Stratford Football Club is now recrui ting

players for ne 11s. The team xt season’s Un der trains Monda y evenings an playing 9 a si d will be de on Saturday morning next 2012/13. Our season home ground Community H is Old Stratfo rd all, Deanshang er Road, Old St MK19 6NL. Yo ratford, u need to be under the age of 11 on 31st August. If interested or want furthe r information call Joe on 07

918 724286

Why not join us?

We need your help Fighting for

Milton Keynes Pensioners Assoc



Contact Peter Billups 01908 201513 Tre asurer Jose Woodhouse 01908 612211

separation, Ready to move on after ent? divorce or bereavem w

mature group who kno Why not join a fun loving n through. bee e what you hav day of the month in urs Th 3rd and We meet on the 1st . e Hall. Meeting at 7:30pm Husborne Crawley Villag

calendar each month.... We organise a full social Have a look at www.sim

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g To speak to a friend rin 23 09 75 4 Jean 0123 and Ken 07957 122496

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LOOKING FOR A LOCAL SERVICE? Look on your leading local website!

OVER 50,000 HITS A MONTH! If you can’t find the service you are looking for in mkflyers log on to



Your local online directory NEW IMPROVED WEBSITE

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We all know that getting new customers is THE most important thing you can do for your business, but how are you going to do it? A leaflet delivery campaign consistently delivers results when done properly – and we do it properly. Call us now on 01908 850361 Order to discuss how 10,000 leaflets we can make or more from us during your phone December and not only will ring with we pay HALF the print, brand new We’ll also pay for your customers, leaflet design ready to buy.

Get Fit, Make Friends, Have Fun Play Korfball in Milton Keynes Korfball is like basketball and like netball but better! Men and Women Wanted 16+ No Experience Required Choose from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday Club Nights

Contact Darren on 07949411502

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HULA Animal Rescue


Sunday 9th December 1pm - 3.30pm at South Midlands Animal Sanctuary

Glebe Farm, Salford Road, Aspley Guise MK17 8HZ Between M1 Junction 13 & Woburn Sands (Nr. Aspley Guise Rail Station)


Dogs welcome & please invite all your friends Admission only £2 adults Accompanied Children FREE

ALL PROCEEDS RAISED FOR THE CARE & WELFARE OF THE ANIMALS Enquiries: 01908 584000 Registered Charity 1094115 Website: Email:

Sudoku Solution

Children’s Christmas Crafts Saturday 1st December – 10.30am until 4pm A fun event for children! Make your own stained glass window cards, Christmas tree decorations and more! Including Historic Christmas activities, like making your own Victorian Wrapping Paper!

Dicken’s Day Sunday 9th December – 10.30am until 4pm Join us on a jaunt back to a Dickensian Christmas as we have Punch and Judy in the courtyard with hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows, spiced tea and mince pies. The Cowper and Newton Museum Orchard Side, Market Place Olney 01234 711516

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Download the new mkflyers free app today to enter our competition! Keep up to date with what’s going on in Milton Keynes, receive instant offers from local businesses, share your photos from around Milton Keynes on our Facebook page, support Willen Hospice and much more - on the go! To download your app simply scan the QR code or visit the app store and search for mk flyers.

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Advertisers Index Airport Travel Skyline BC Ballooning Champagne Flights 23 Bathrooms Richard Gane 21 JF Maintenance 16 Beauty Services Papillon 13 Blinds Blinds Direct 20 Builders Stony Property Services 29 Butchers Woburn Country Foods 21 Car Care Chips Away 29 Dri Wash 32 Carpentry Stony Property Services 29 Care Homes Kents Hill Care Home 8 Child Care Acorn Childcare 23 Christmas Trees For Sale Stony Property Services 29 Cleaning Services A Cleaner Oven 16 Bone-Dry 24 Briteclean 31 Domestique 7 My Home 18 Niki’s Cleaning Service 33 Stony Oven Cleaners 33 Time For You 15 Commercial Property Bucks Biz 30 Computer Services PC-First 3 Conservatories Custom Glaze 5 Double Glazing Cloudy 2 Clear 7 Custom Glaze 5

42 mkflyers

DVD and CD Conversion Rolace 14 Education MK Prep School 11 Electrical Services Borland 33 Urban Electrical 25 Watts Plumbing & Heating Limited 33 Fencing Stony Property Services 29 Flooring M J Harris Flooring 25 Oakleigh Flooring 18 Garden Services Andres Garcia 27 Frosts Garden Centre 2 Gracelands 29 Stony Property Services 29 Trim A Tree 27 Gas & Heating Services Watts Plumbing & Heating Limited 33 Guttering Services Bradnam 29 Health and Fitness Body-Sharp 14 Vicki Kelner 7 Hotels De Vere Harben 12 IT Accessories and Networking Technology Rotronic 9 IT Support PC-First 3 Jewellers Andrew Charles Jewellers 3 Kitchens F&D Kitchen Solutions 5 Kitchen Smart FC Leaflet Delivery TLDC 38 Leisure Segway Unleashed 25

Log Supplies Stony Property Services 29 Trim A Tree 27 Marketing Vibe Marketing 17 Music Rock Choir 33 Networking Women In Enterprise 31 Office Support Services Office Angel 33 Painting and Decorating C. Johnson 24 PMS Decorating 33 Plumbing Services Watts Plumbing & Heating Limited 33 Plastering C. Johnson 24 Property Maintenance All Round Property Maintenance 29 Borland 33 JF Maintenance 16 Stony Property Services 29 Restaurants Calcutta Brasserie 19 Roofing Services Morris Roofing & Leadworks 25 Sports Korfball 38 MK Dons 43 Swimming Lessons Swimezee 29 Taxis Skyline BC Telephone Answering Services Star 21 31 Town Planning Consultants J.M. Planning Ltd 33 Windscreen Repairs Windscreen on Wheels 28

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MK Flyers East- December 2012  

MK Flyers East- December 2012

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