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Workshop on:     The  role  of  biomass  in  Europe’s  2030  climate  and   energy  strategy   WWF  Meeting  Room   11th  July  2013   Brussels  

Europe is  experiencing  an  increasing  competition  among  industry  sectors  for  a   limited  amount  of  (sustainable)  biomass  driven  in  part  by  the  need  to  bring  larger   amounts  of  renewable  energy  sources  in  the  European  economy.   Against  this  background,  the  aim  of  the  workshop  is  to  facilitate  a  discussion  among   NGOs,  research  organization  and  EU  policy  makers  about  what  is  a  appropriate  level   of  biomass  for  the  energy  sector  in  the  post-­‐2020  period  and  what  are  the  most   suitable  policies  to  make  that  happen.        

The Workshop,  taking  place  under  Chatham  House  rules,  is  organized  by  Climate   action  network  Europe  in  close  cooperation  with  WWF,  the  European  Environmental   Bureau  and  BirdLife  Europe.  



Coffee and  arrival  


Welcome and  introduction         9.30   Session  1  :  How  much    sustainable  biomass  is  available  in   Europe?     Moderator:  Sonia  van  Renssen     Assessing  the  underlying  assumptions  for  the  carbon  accounting       Carbon  accounting    -­‐  when  is  biomass  good  for  the  climate?      

NGOs    WWF  /EEB/  Birdlife   /CAN    

Chris  Malins,   International  Council  on   Clean  Transportation-­‐   ICCT  

Assessing the  underlying  assumptions  for  the  potential  of  biomass      

Wood modeling  

Forest/Agriculture/waste  modeling       Biomass  energy  Europe    

Udo Mantau,  EU  wood   report     Jan-­‐Erik  Petersen,   European  Environmental   Agency-­‐EEA      Guido Reinhardt,   Institut  für  Energie-­‐  und   Umweltforschung   Heidelberg-­‐IFEU     Uwe  Fritsche,  IINA  

Biomass futures   10.45  

Discussion round       -­‐ What  conclusions  can  be  drawn  at  this  stage  on   sustainable  availabilities?  


11.45 12.15    

Session 2:what  is  the  right  framework  for  biomass  use  in   energy  in  2030?    Policy  delivery  mechanisms  and   implementation     Moderator:  Sonia  van  Renssen     The  role  of  biomass  on  the  EC  Energy  Roadmap  2050  and   other  future  energy  scenarios.    

Sustainable biomass  policy  –  The  example  from   Massachusetts    


Bram Claeys,  Director   Renewable  Energy   Policy,  Department  of   Energy  resources-­‐  DOER        

Discussion round       What  instruments  should  be  considered  in  a  post  2020   framework?     How  should  sustainability  standards  look  like?  Should  there   be  a  limitation  to  the  contribution  biomass  could  make  to  new   renewable  targets?     How  does  limitation  of  resources  impact  the  market?     How  to  set  policies  to  ensure  the  cascading  use  principle?     End  of  the  meeting    &  LUNCH      


What are  the  challenges  to  establish  correct  GHG   accounting  for  biomass?     -­‐ What  role  do  we  expect  for  imports?     -­‐ How  could  we  take  a  resource  efficient  approach  into   account?   -­‐ What  recommendations  for  further  research?     Coffee  break    

Daniel Fraile,  Climate   Action  Network  Europe    

Final agenda the role of biomass 2030  

Europe is experiencing an increasing competition among industry sectors for a limited amount of (sustainable) biomass driven in part by the...

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