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Often fitness professionals get asked how one can burn fat in certain areas of the body. To burn fat and to keep it off takes some work. Instead of going for that fad diet save yourself some time and do what actually works. Here are 5 keys to guaranteed fat loss. 1)Perform active rest For fat loss constant movement is a requirement. To sit on during a weight machine during a workout and rest for 30 seconds in between exercises will take 1 million years for one to burn fat. Skip the weight machines completely, stand up and lift free weights. In between the exercises of your workout perform jumping jacks or mountain climbers for 30 seconds. 2)Perform dynamic exercises Unless you absolutely love spending hours in the gym spend less time in the gym with exercises that work more muscle groups at one time. This is one guaranteed way to make you lose some fat. Super exercises for fat loss are the squat, jump rope, mountain climbers and the bent over row. 3)Resistance train Aerobic gym classes are OK as a part of your workout program. For better fat loss results perform some form of resistance training. Body weight exercises and free weights are great for this. An aesthetically pleasing body will come. Also when you lose the weight you wouldn't want your skin to just hang there right? 4)Make small tweaks There is always something you can change about your lifestyle to ensure you lose fat and keep it off. Small tweaks go far. Try cutting out bagels for breakfast and cut out the sugary drinks. You'll notice a difference in how you look and feel. 5)Plan The most successful people in the world take the time to plan. Sit down and think why you've got to lose weight - is it because of your family health history or to make that special someone look at you more? Then sit down and map out your daily schedule and where you can fit 15-20 minutes in for exercise. Find free fat burning workouts at

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==== ==== Please, for read more about real fat loss visit ==== ====

The 5 Keys to Real Fat Loss