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Enterprise Overview CoveritLive Enterprise is live and completely self-serve. It layers on strong administration tools to help you manage your live events better and organize the CiL users in your organization. This document will help you understand how to:

CoveritLive is committed to the Enterprise Platform. Watch for future updates and new features including: Content Control Live Event Statistics Common Media Libraries Group Billing Features

Create and maintain a Group of CiL user accounts Create and publish a Group Homepage which will be the centerpiece for all your live events on your site


Enterprise Groups Groups are a key administrative benefit to our larger media organizations as CiL continues to become a larger part of their core reporting. When you create a Group of CiL users, it allows you to: a) set a common default Template for all their events; and, b) include them in your Group Homepage so all of their Upcoming, Live and Completed events can be displayed in one area. In the coming months, we will provide: a) content control; b) live event statistics; c) common Media Libraries; and, d) billing and feature access set at the Group level. You can create as many Groups as you like. Some organizations will create different Groups for sports, politics and breaking news. Blog networks with hundreds or thousands of users can create large groups and use the Group Homepage (see below) to aggregate all the live events from their users in one place. Some media organizations are using Groups to create citizen journalism pages where they allow select readers to run their live events for them.


Group Homepages Once your Group is set up, the real power of Enterprise starts to show with Group Homepages. Imagine a page that brings all your events into one place automatically from ALL your CiL users. Now add an up to date listing of Upcoming, Live and Completed events (tip: the average number of Replays watched is 50% of the Live number) so your readers can set reminders for what’s coming next or read archived content. Now imagine how excited your sales force will get about selling that page to a sponsor. Group Homepages are all custom built by you online and then placed on your site. For maximum impact, set a main navigation tab so all your readers can start to get involved in your live events.


Enterprise Instructions If you’re new to CiL, start by signing up for a free account at Try our software out, and if you decide that you want to implement Enterprise, follow the steps below.


Getting Started


Creating Groups

Go to My Account > Enterprise

To start using the Enterprise features as an Administrator, log in to your CiL account and go to “My Account”. Click on the “Enterprise” menu link to go to the Enterprise admin page.

Add a new group by entering the group name, URL and language preference. The URL is the location of your Group Homepage.

Add a New Group

Tip! If you are not sure where your Group Homepage will be, then enter a temporary URL. You can update this later. Select a Template to apply to the events in this Group. Templates allow you to brand the Viewer Window for your events. The selected template will become the default for your Group, but can be changed on an event-by-event basis. Click "edit" to create or modify your existing Templates.

Select a Template

Save your Group, by scrolling down and clicking the “Save” button. You must save your new group before you can add Group Members. Invite Group Members by entering their CiL username or an e-mail address, and then clicking “Send Invite”. Add additional members to your Group as needed. Users must accept your invite before they can join a Group. Group members’ events are gathered and displayed on the Group Homepage. To set up an Enterprise Group Homepage without inviting other Members simply enter your own username.

Save your Group

Invite Group Members

No CiL Account? No problem. Simply enter the user’s e-mail address and we will send them an invite explaining how to sign up to CoveritLive! Adding Multiple Groups: Repeat the steps above to create as many Groups as you need. Remember that each Group you create will have a corresponding Group Homepage.


Enterprise Instructions


Setting up a Group Homepage Customize your Group Homepage

Customize your Group Homepage: Select a group from the group list. Customize your page design by selecting the window orientation and listing styles. These options help integrate the Group Homepage into your own website. Preview & Save: Use the Preview button to view your Group Homepage BEFORE going live. Click "Save" to apply your Group Homepage settings. If your preview looks good, copy and paste the embed code into a test page on your website to view how it looks within your website design. Note! If you have already posted the Embed code, clicking Save will impact your live Group Homepage settings.

Post the Embed Code

Post the Group Homepage: To integrate the Group Homepage into your own site simply build a new permanent page on your website, leaving space in your design for the Group Homepage. Once you are happy with how your Group Homepage looks, copy the embed code and post it into your own webpage code. You only need to post your Enterprise embed code once. Once it's posted, the Group Homepage will automatically update with your group member's events! Read the following pages for additional integration tips.

Select a Template View your Live Group Homepage

TIP! View the, Sacramento Bee and WWE Group Homepages to see how they are using Enterprise.

TIP: To ensure seamless integration we provide two Group Homepage orientation

styles to work with your site; Side-by-Side or Stacked. Choose the one that works best with your website layout.

Side-by-Side Version

Stacked Version Header / Naviga on

Header / Naviga on

Your Ads

Your Ads

Footer Footer

CiL iFrame

Default: 690px by 550px

CiL iFrame

Default: 470px by 750px


Enterprise Design Study Below is an example of how integrated the CiL Group Homepage to work within their existing website design. Use these tips to design your own page for maximum readability.


Layout Options

Figure. B

Figure. A

When ďŹ rst placed the Enterprise embed code into their webpage it looked satisfactory. However there was unused space below the CiL Group Homepage - a missed opportunity. Figure A - In this layout the empty space below the CiL Group Homepage is wasted, and visually unappealing. Figure B - could change the height of the Group Homepage forcing the Viewer Window and Listings to occupy more vertical space, but that would push their event content below the browser page fold.

Group Homepage

Recommended Solution


Layout Solution The Solution? designed their Group Homepage so the event content sits above the fold. They used the extra space for additional stories and advertising. The result is a well crafted page that their readers will return to again and again. TIP! CiL provides two layout styles to work with your website; Side-by-Side or Stacked. We recommend the Side-by-Side version because this allows the Listing menu to appear beside the Viewer Window. Use it if you can - and most sites can. (Notable exceptions include some blog templates which restrict the width of the content area.)



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