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INVEST IN REลžIลขA Our town is ready for change

A Guide for Investors

CONTENTS Keyfacts on Reşiţa


Reșița`s Position and Connectivity


Life in Reşiţa


Local Business Environment


Labor Pool


Investor Support and Facilities


Location for Investments: Țerova Valley Industrial Zone



Existing Lots and Facilities


Available Infrastructure

15 16



2016 marks a turn on Reșița’s path. With a new leadership, bold projects and EU funds investments underway, Reșița is prone to develop. We seek for visionary entrepreneurs, investors and developers in search for business opportunities. We trust that Reșița, as well as the region it polarizes, is a high potential new market, production location and local resource pool to capitalize on. This guide is a primer to developers, providing key data on Reșița and its surroundings, as a place for opportunity. It also reflects our town’s commitment and bold vision for urban regeneration and redevelopment. 4

KEYFACTS ON REŞIŢA Industrial legacy of over 250 years of locomotive and steel rails production, boat engines, steel bridges and turbines; Mixed economic profile based on manufacturing, steel industry, food processing and services; County seat of Caraș-Severin, South-Western county of Romania situated at the crossroads of Carpathians and the Danube River.

Convenient proximity to both EU and non-EU borders (Hungary and Serbia);

Here in Reșița we are used to pioneering. Since the first furnace, the first locomotives and welded iron bridges, our community has a proud legacy of being a frontrunner in industry advancement. Innovation has always implied disruption - that is starting anew, challenging the status quo of mindsets and practice. Reșița is ready for reset. We are committed to long term urban regeneration and redevelopment of our town and seek for partners to disrupt again. I trust you will enjoy our lands. You’ll invest here your 1h daily commute time not in navigating traffic jams, but reaching our nearby leisure lakes, mountain resorts, ski slopes and internationally renowned music festivals.

Ioan Popa, Mayor of Reşiţa

Surroundings of superb natural landscapes, tourist attractions and facilities of Banat Mountains; Close access to highway and airport transfers. 5


Reșița is less than 1h away from access to A1 Highway (via Lugoj), part of the Trans-European TEN-T Core Network Corridor connecting Romania to Central and Western Europe. The nearest airport is Traian Vuia International Airport, located in Timișoara. Regular flights connect to France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. Also, convenient 1h flights are available to Bucharest while other internal routes ensure connections to Iași and Cluj-Napoca. Rail connectivity is ensured through the TEN-T Core Network Corridor: Rhine - Danube, easily accesible via the 1h electrified railway segment Reşiţa - Caransebeş.





Existing highway Proposed highway

National road

Danube River

Reșița is conveniently located in Western Romania, in less than standard daily driving distance to 3 European capitals: Vienna (6h 30 min), Budapest (4h) and Belgrade (3h). The closest larger city is Timișoara, approximately 100 km away north west of Reșița.

towards Vienna

4h Nădlac




REŞIŢA Moraviţa



Orşova Harbour




Moldova Veche Harbour

Porțile de Fier

Drobeta Turnu Severin Harbour


towards Constanţa

Danube R i ver

BULGARIA 3 Danube ports are also within easy reach from Reșița to Drobeta Turnu Severin (156 km), Orșova (131 km) and Moldova Veche (117 km). Most used border crossings for both passenger and freight transit are Nădlac and Nădlac II towards Hungary and Moravița and Porțile de Fier I towards Serbia.

LIFE IN REŞIŢA To live in Resita is to have greenery and mountains in your sight at any time, while still enjoying the perks of urban life.

LEGEND University Ski resort

Leisure and sports


Reșița lays in the middle of Banat Mountains. Two national parks, Semenic - Caraș Gorge and Nera Gorge - Beușnița, provide quick acces to hiking trails, offroad experiences, wild nature and spectacular scenery.

Every year people from all over Romania and abroad gather here to attend music festivals în Gărână. The internationally reputed Gărâna Jazz Festival will count its 20th edition in 2017, with younger siblings - WolfBlues Festival and Gărâna Folk - extending the target audience to wider music tastes.

3 hydro plant lakes - Secu, 3 Ape and Gozna - are a treat for those with a passion for fishing. Lakeside leisure sites like Casa Baraj attract regular visitors from neighboring counties in search for fun, sunbathing or a dive into the crisp waters at Văliug. Ski slopes are ready for snow lov ers at Văliug, on top Sky slopes are ready winter-time for snow lovers at Văliug and Muntele Mic while biking and trail running events are organized regularly. Mircea Chivu Stadium is crowded with cheering young footballers every evening. Renovated indoor and outdoor swimming pools are planned to open up by 2018, based on EU funding investments.

Tourist resort

West Theatre runs monthly shows and Dacia Cinema was recently upgraded for 3D screenings and events.

Cost of living Reșița is amazingly affordable to live in. Rent prices are as low as 250 € for a fully furnished 3 room apartment. You can dine out for less than 10 € and enjoy a pint of local beer for 1-11⁄2 €.

Natural attractions Events

Timişoara TIMIȘ

Lugoj 1h drive




Muntele Mic

Gărâna Festival

National Park Semenic


National Park Nera Gorge-Beușnița

Trei Ape



Danube Riv er

Casa Baraj - Gozna Lake

Bigăr Waterfall

Gărâna Festival

Outdoor activities in Banat Mountains

7 Skiing in Văliug

Autoliv started production in Reșița in 2013, focusing on car safety systems. Our activity here has grown consistently ever since. During 2016 we opened a new production plant within Țerova Valley Industrial Site and we plan to expand our employee base from about 800 people, at present, to 1000 by end of 2017.

Strong Industrial Tradition

Ștefan Ivan, Production Site Manager, Autoliv


SuperFit Gym and Aerobics, born from my dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle, has proven to become “the YMCA” of our hometown. My second entrepreneurial endeavor is Time Cafe, which I co-founded in 2015. This is a healthy, organic bistro - cafe that has established itself as one of the “best hip hangouts” that Reșita has to offer today.

LOCAL BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Reșița has a long industrial tradition. As the first steel mill in Romania was set here in 1771, Reșița quickly became one of the most important industrial cities in South-East Europe. Over time, Reșița gradually developed as an industrial town, growing its capacity for innovation and its skilled workforce.

Mixed Economic Profile At present, Reșița is finding its own way to new businesses, while still retaining its core industrial profile. From food industry, to manufacturing and services, Reșița is nowhere short of business growth and entrepreneurship examples. Steel production is still a major activity, currently run by TMK Reșița, with recent investments in techological upgrade.

Oana Borza Manager of TimeCafe and SuperFit Gym

Main economic fields in Reșița by turnover (2015)

Recent investors in Reșița Autoliv


Other Textile Industry

Worldwide leader in automotive safety systems;

Tourism, culture, leisure

Currently employs 800 people, predicted to rise to 1000 by end of 2017;

Construction foreign capital Turnover Number of origina�ng from: (mil lei) employees Germany 1,170 6,729 Luxembourg 261 853 Italy 109 856 Steel Industry Cyprus 145 420 Austria 66 277 France 43 304

Logistics Food Industry

Foreign investments by country of origin

Foreign(Data Trade in Caraș-Severin County available for the year 2015)


Companies with foreign capital originating from :


200 150

100 50 -

2012 Exports

2013 Imports

2014 Linear (Exports)

Foreign Investments

2015 / Caraș Severin


thou Euro

In Reșița since 2013.


Turnover (mil. lei)

Number of employees



















Foreign capital invested in Caraș-Severin County originates mainly from EU countries, with Germany top of the list.

Foreign Trade County exports have increased steadily during the past 5 years. Almost two thirds of exports (64%) consist in appliances and electrical equipment, followed by transport vehicles and materials (18%), textiles (8%) and wood (4%).



for Reșița’s Large Employers Reșița is a county seat and municipality which polarizes most of the Southern part of Banat Region. Labor Force Resources

Professional Education in Reșița

Almost 325 000 people reside within 1h driving time from Valea Țerovei Industrial Area. The peri-urban area of Reșița is well serviced with public transport routes administered by the County Council. In addition, morning and evening passenger rail services offer convenient transport for commuters.

Technical and professional high-schools in Reșița and nearby towns of Bocșa, Caransebeș and Oțelu Roșu qualify youth for a wide array of manufacturing and services professions. New fields of qualification can be introduced in the educational offer in as fast as 6 months.

REȘIȚA: 88,533 residents 324,479 residents

in less than 1 hour driving distance from Reșița

The dual professional qualification system is available în Reșița starting 2017, allowing companies to qualify new employees on site.

407,858 residents

in less than 1h & 1/2 driving distance from Reșița


1h buffer zone 1h & 1/2 buffer zone 10

Customized Qualification Programs On-demand customized professional qualification programs are supplied yearly by the County Labour Employment Agency, including financial incentives for employers. In addition, other local private suppliers of professional qualifications offer a versatile capacity to deliver on-demand training.





National roads Local roads Reșița <1h driving distance

Oțelu Roșu

< 1 ½ h driving distance > 1 ½ h driving distance

Moldova Veche

Orșova Bocșa

Drobeta-Turnu REȘIȚA Severin


Anina LEGEND National roads Local roads

Higher Education and Research

Reșița <1h driving distance < 1 ½ h driving distance

Eftimie Murgu University based in> Reșița offersdistance 1 ½ h driving higher education in engineering, management, business, accounting and social sciences in a modern and well-equipped university campus. A rich offer of higher education qualifications and research facilities is also available in Timișoara, a top university center of Romania, situated 11⁄2h drive away.

Moldova Veche

Orșova Drobeta-Turnu Severin 11

INVESTOR SUPPORT AND FACILITIES In Reșița we are committed to fostering a friendly, competitive and inclusive business environment. We take an active role in supporting the private sector by: offering information and logistical support to promptly obtain all permits, authorizations and utility connections necessary to have your investment started;

Fiscal Stimulants Property tax levels are considerably lower in Reșița as compared to other larger towns or the capital city. The 2017 fiscal coefficient for non-residential buildings is set to 0.6% of the property value. A 10% discount is offered on fiscal dues pertaining to property and vehicles for early payment during first trimester.

welcoming you with reduced bureaucracy, tax facilities, professional, fair and non-discriminatory treatment;

Property tax level: % of property value (2017) minimum level allowed

facilitating contact with other local companies or institutions whose partnership may help your firm`s activity;

promptly working with the County Labor Employment Agency and the School Inspectorate to adjust and expand our professional qualifications offer and ensure supply of competent workforce for businesses with growth potential. 12

0.2 %




0.6 %


1.5 %

In addition to property tax stimulents, we offer our best support for accessing national fiscal facilities such as state aid for large scale investments offered by the Ministry of Finance.

LOCATION FOR INVESTMENT Țerova Valley Industrial Area Industry for Tommorow Țerova Valley Industrial Area is meant to consolidate the industrial profile of our town. The 28.5 ha centrally located industrial area was established with EU PHARE 2005 funds, now being a modern, fully equipped site ready for investors.

28,5 ha

of fully equipped land lots

63 lots

+ common facilities

1000 sqm - 1,1 ha land lot surfaces + possibility to merge

Location and Accesibility situated midway between the dense neighborhood of Govândari and the old neighborhoods and City Centre of Reșița; well connected to local and regional infrastructure, via DN58 and DN58B; 2 train stations (Reșița North and Reșița South) within 5 min driving distance; cycling path and bus line straight to the industrial zone entrance for easy access of commuters. 13


53 lots readily available for investments







27 25



main access 6 7

22 21

for a concession price of


private lots and industrial production halls with potential for redevelopment


p prorivate per ty


9 lots > 3.000 – 5.000 sqm

54 55

2 lots > 0,9 – 1,1 ha

56 57

secondary access

58 59 60




41 40

dl 18


ots 17

32 31


48 49












38 lots > 2.000 – 3.000 sqm

Land lot mergers allowed.



0,35 E/sqm/year (no VTA) 14 lots >1.000 – 2.000 sqm

oc cu


10 15


11 14

34 39



35 38 37


area unsuitable for construction

parking lots for cars and long vehicles (trucks, buses)

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 LOT 31 NUMBER 32 1 33 2 34 3 35 4 36 5 37 6 38 7 39 8 40 9 41 10 42 11 43 12 44 13 45 14 46 15 47 16 48 17 49 18 50 19 51 20 52 21 53 22 54 23 55 24 56 25 57 26 58 27 58 28 60 29 61 30 62 31 63 32 33 34 35 36 37

Variety of Lot Configuration LOT NUMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37

AREA (sqm) 2914 2518 2472 2427 2462 2105 2981 2649 2330 1965 1553 2372 2514 2530 2425 2537 2440 2416 2461 2411 2780 2409 2368 2587 2494 1554 1915 9610 3686 4838 3974 2545 2270 3386 3500 1177 2770

2780 2409 2368 2587 2494 1554 1915 9610 3686 4838 AREA 3974 (sqm) 2545 2914 2270 2518 3386 2472 3500 2427 1177 2462 2770 2105 3097 2981 2718 2649 2101 2330 1965 1965 2119 1553 1866 2372 2137 2514 2795 2530 1615 2425 1865 2537 1597 2440 1520 2416 3010 2461 10360 2411 2314 2780 4377 2409 3203 2368 2490 2587 2483 2494 2480 1554 2462 1915 2247 9610 2693 3686 1272 4838 1540 3974 1796 2545 2270 3386 3500 1177 2770

Full Service and Utilities The site is equipped with all the necessary utilities for undertaking production activities: water supply and sewage; electricity; natural gas; communication network. street lighting network

Convenient Concession Process 53 lots are available for new investments with a concession price of 0,35 â&#x201A;Ź/mp/year(no VAT). Investors can further purchase the concessioned land on request by negotiation, based on a minimum price set by an external independent evaluation report. The awarding procedure is made through transparent tendering processes.


Internal access roads and sidewalks, fully asphalted and supplied with street lighting; Public parking for heavy trucks and small vehicles (88 parking lots in total, 22 for long vehicles); Drinking water network - 10 m3/h Industrial water network - 180 m3/h Municipal and industrial sewage network - 75 m3/day Rainwater collection and discharge system Natural gas network - 3.750 m3/h Electricity network with 2.4 MW installed power and 1.2 MW reserve Non-stop security and monitoring services 15

Interested to learn more about investment opportunities in Reșița? We welcome your inquiries.

CONTACT: Reșița Townhall Ioan Popa, Mayor of Reșița Titiana Catană, Director for Investments E-mail: Phone: +4 (0)722 348 306 Fax: +4 (0)355.080.288

Elaborated in January 2017 by

Photo credits: Ciprian Floare, Mato Ioan, MKBT:Make Better, Casa Baraj and Reșița Townhall

Mapa investitori - Terova Valley Industrial Area  
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