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Contents Foreword 1 Comments by Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya UK 3 Acknowledgements 4 Introduction 7 PART 1 13 Early childhood and parental training 15 Education 39 Public speaking and writing 53 Childhood interests, games and pastimes 61 Circle of contacts 72 Belief in the truth of his father and its consequences 76 Ever–growing faith in the Promised Messiah [as] 84 The death and burial of the Promised Messiah [as] 86 Historic pledge of Hadhrat Sahibzada Mirza Mahmud Ahmad 93 PART 2 Establishment of Khilafat in the Ahmadiyya Movement Efforts to support and strengthen the institution of Khilafat

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PART 3 137 Khilafat of Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad [ra] 138 Independence of India 147 The Shuddhi Movement 160 Trip to Europe 162 Holy Prophet’s [saw] Day and Religious Founders Day 171 The Kashmir issue 174


Tehrike Jadeed (the New Scheme) 202 Family Life 205 Children of Hadhrat Musleh Mau’ood [ra] 218 Consolidation of the Movement 220 The Promised Son 231 Ta’limul Islam high school 236 Partition 240 Rabwah 247 Qadian after partition 253 Hadhrat Musleh Mau’ood’s [ra] services for the Holy Qur’an 257 Efforts of Hadhrat Musleh Mau’ood [ra] to promote education 288 The forward march of Ahmadiyyat 305 Hadhrat Musleh Mau’ood [ra] and the system of Wasiyyat 308 The state of Jammu and Kashmir 314 The disturbances of 1953 321 Attempt on the life of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II [ra] 324 Trip to Europe for medical treatment 327 The Fazle Umar 330 The Electoral College 331 Waqfe Jadeed (The New Dedication) 332 The Auxiliary Organisations 337 Writings of Hadhrat Musleh Mau’ood [ra] 343 Services and contributions in the international arena 350 Illness and demise 371 Endnotes 376 Glossary of Important Terms 383


“Who can say on his own that a son would surely be bestowed upon him, who can say that such a son would live and grow up, who can say that he would become the leader of a Community, who can say that he would become known unto the ends of the earth? Most certainly no one can say these things on his own… In short, the fresh evidence of the support of God Almighty has proved once more that this Movement has been established by God and enjoys His help and support. Today the prophecy made through the Promised Messiah 59 years ago, ‘I shall bestow upon thee a son who will be a sign of My mercy and of My power, of My grace and My beneficence, and through him the message of Islam and Ahmadiyyat will be carried to the ends of the earth’, has been fulfilled with great glory. Today, hundreds of countries bear witness that the name of Islam reached them during the period of my Khilafat and it was during the period of my Khilafat that they heard the name of Ahmadiyyat.” Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad [ra] Khalifatul Masih II 12th March 1944

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Biography of Hadhrat Musleh Maud (ra)