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We believe the only way to innovate is through sharing ideas and the best teachers are the ones who ash the questions you never thought of. When separate forces collide and interrelationships form, the result is innovation.

POLIFACTORY Architecture | Design | Culture Hous.E+ Project // Canada Hous.E+ Pedro Almodovar Tribute Sculpture // Spain


Urballoon // Italy



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Hous.E+ is single family residence It’s a concept proposal that looks into resourceful building regarding energy efficiency and sustainability. House.E+ is set to produce more energy than it consumes.

DESIGN The different blocks of this house are placed with various heights and dimensions, establishing a visual connection with the background mountains, framing some of its best views.


This house is based upon existing smart technologies, but explores different solutions that haven't been developed so far.





The water resources is not only stored and reused but also is part of a cycle that generates power throughout a series of wall embedded micro hydro-turbines. Inhabitants would also be able to harvest their own food by cultivating an ecosystem of fish, seafood and plants beneath the surface of the water. The walls act like breathing structures, allowing air exchange without significant heat loss, working naturally as a thermal mass, storing heat in winter and rejecting in the summer, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

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Hous.E+ is build upon a rammed earth wall technique that is unaffected by rain, fire or pests, plus it doesn't require any further finishing. Raw material is displayed to blend with the natural surroundings to give a sustainable look. This design also reflects on the Company's style of architecture.


POLIFACTORY Architecture | Design | Culture Hous.E+ Project // Canada

Pedro Almodovar Tribute Sculpture // Spain Pedro Almodovar Tribute Urballoon // Italy DESIGN IDEA MATERIALS


In 2008 there was a competition to honor the career of Pedro Almodovar in his hometown Calzada de Calatrava, Spain. He is a Spanish film director, screenwriter and producer, arguably the most successful and internationally known Spanish filmmaker of his generation. •  ‘Polifactory’ tried framing Pedro’s hometown like he framed his films •  The sculpture could be recognized as a giant frame and instantaneously linked with Pedro Almodovar.

The sculpture is an elevated concrete span 15 meters long with a robust and heavy body to frame the “La Mancha” landscape visible in the distance. The frame captures the landscape nicely and lets you view the beauty inside the contrasting red frame. Compared to the Hous.E+ ‘Polifactory’ try to establish themselves as a group of designers that use rather simple shapes and rely on the texture of material to create a unique look of the structure itself.

Through a variety of engineering strategies and techniques, ‘Polifactory’ was able to devise a plan to lighten the concrete in the overhead beam and ensure the sculpture could be constructed. •  Concrete •  Metal poles •  Wood




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