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Mitchell Kasha‌ Professional Hello students and parents! I am the instructor in EDIT for the semester. I am a 25 year old, with a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. My major is social studies and my minor is Physical education. My reason for getting involved in EDIT is, I believe that the integration of technology in knowledge sharing is essential for successful application of the knowledge. I started my career as an EMT, lifeguard and swim instructor.

This is me

This is Dazi

Family I grew up in a family of four. I have one younger sister in my immediate family and dozens of cousins. I also have a one year old pit bull terrier named Dazi. We are a clan form Alberta. There is an original homestead, that dates to 1903, still in the family.

Sports and Music I am involved in a plethora of sports. my main interests include swimming, hockey, yoga, dirt biking and surfing. I made it as far a junior A in hockey. I have couched a several sports like hockey and basketball.

This year I hope to‌ This year I hope to experience a welcoming class, that will be an interactive and constructive setting. We will practice new was of using computers and technology in a learning environment.

Volunteer Work Couching is a great joy in my life but is not the only volunteer work that I have done. I am involved with National Wilderness Conservation Association and former president of the Political Science Society.

Mitchell Kasha



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