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Volume 2  Issue  5  May  2011  

Majlis Khuddamul  Ahmadiyya  Australia   (Youngmens'  Auxiliary)  of   Ahmadiyya  Muslim  Association  of  Australia  

Al Masroor

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Jalsa Salana  Australia  2011    



The Holy  Quran   Surah  Al-­‐Sajdah  Chapter  32:  Verse  6      

 (Excerpt  from  the  Writing  of  the  Promised  Messiah)


He  will  plan  His  Ordinance  from  the  heaven  unto  the  earth,  then  will  it  go  up  to  Him  in   a  day  the  duration  of  which  is  a  thousand  years  according  as  you  reckon.   Hazrat  Mirza  Ghulam  Ahmadas   The  Promised  Messiah  &  Mahdi   1835  -­‐  1908  



Editorial Board   Sadr  Majlis  Khuddamul     Ahmadiyya  Australia:   Rana  Ejaz  Ahmad   Muhtamim  Isha’at:   Mohammed  Irfaan   Editor:   Sharfraz  Ahmad  Rahim  

Ali (ra.)  relates  that  the  Holy  Prophet  (sm)  said:     “A  time  will  come  when  nothing  will  remain  of  Islam  except  its  name  and  nothing  will   remain  of  the  Quran  except  its  script.  Mosques  will  be  full  of  worshippers,  but  as  far  as   righteousness  is  concerned  they  will     be  empty  and  deserted.  Their  ulama  (religious   scholars)  will  be  the  worst  of  creatures  under  the  canopy  of  the  heavens.  Evil  plots  will   originate  from  them  and  to  them  will  they  return.”   (Mishkat)   Selected  Sayings  of  the  Holy  Prophet  of  Islam   page  58   Published  by:     Islam  International  Publications  Ltd.     1988    

Friday Sermon  

Editor (Urdu  Section):  

The Jumu'ah  (Friday)  prayer  is  one  form  of  congregational  worship  in  Islam.  It  takes   place  every  Friday.  Regular  attendance  at  the  Jumu'ah  prayer  is  enjoined  on  the   saw believer.  According  to  a  Saying  of  Hazrat  Muhammad  this  congregational  prayer  is   twenty-­‐five  times  more  blessed  than  worship  performed  alone.  

Tahir Sheikh   C o n t r i b u t i n g   E d i t o r s :   Ataul  Awal  Nasir  Ahmad  

We encourage  members  to  read  Huzur’s  (atba)  Friday  sermons  which  can  be  found   at:  

Murad Mahmood  Khan     Sikder  Taher  Ahmad  

For your  benefit  we  have  published  below,  a  summary  of  Huzur’s  (atba)  recent  Friday   Sermons.  


Nations cannot  be  reformed,  without     the  reformation  of  its  youth.      







Corruption among  Muslim  leadership   th 15  April  2011   Hudhur  highlighted  passages  in  the  book  of  the  Promised   Messiah(as)  entitled  ‘Al  Huda’  for  the  MTA  3  programme  maker,   Sharif  Odeh  sahib  as  a  reference  point.  The  condition  that  the   Promised  Messiah(as)  depicted  in  the  book  is  not  just  the  current   state  of  the  few  countries  where  uprisings  have  taken  place,  such   was  also  the  state  of  affairs  at  the  time  of  his  writing.  In  response  to   his  pronouncement,  storm  of  opposition  arose  but  the  good  thing   that  came  out  of  this  was  that  the  detractors  of  Ahmadis  avowed  to   serve  faith  and  started  Tabligh.  Hudhur  said  the  accounts  that  he   receives  of  those  who  are  taking  Bai’ats  illustrate  how  restless  pious-­‐ souls  had  been  to  find  the  truth  and  how  God  guided  them.  When   the  true  teachings  of  Islam  are  unfolded  through  the  Promised   Messiah(as),  each  such  person  who  has  compassion  for  faith,  gives   importance  to  this  message  and  is  ready  to  make  any  sacrifice  for  its   sake.  Illustrating  the  condition  of  Muslim  rulers,  the  Promised   Messiah(as)  said  that  rulers  of  the  time  who  are  considered  as   elders  of  the  faith  are  in  fact  inclined  wholeheartedly  towards  the   embellishments  of  this  world.  Many  a  calamity  is  befalling  the  world   of  Islam  and  the  world  of  Islam  is  like  an  ailing  person  breathing  his   last.  Citing  the  condition  of  the  religious  scholars,  the  Promised   Messiah(as)  said  the  majority  of  them  are  like  a  disease  for  Islam.   They  counsel,  but  do  not  practice  what  they  preach.  Giving  a   solution  to  these  conditions,  the  Promised  Messiah(as)  wrote  in  the   same  book  that  people  should  leave  of  all  the  other  sects  and  should   search  if  God  has  sent  some  remedy?  


Message from  the   Editorial  Board:     Please  send  any  relevant   information  or  articles  of  interest  to   us  for  publication.   Please  also  visit  the  following   informative  sites:   -­‐   -­‐     A  copy  of  this  newsletter  is  also   available  from  the  Khuddam  page  of    

Truth, Faith,  Righteousness  and  Obedience   nd 22  April  2011   An  Ahmadi  who  claims  to  come  into  the  fold  of  the  Bai’at  of  the   Promised  Messiah(as)  should  always  keep  his  expectations  from  the   community  in  view.  When  we  assert  that  as  Ahmadis  we  have   believed  in  the  Promised  Messiah(as),  we  need  to  reflect  whether   we  have  tried  to  bring  about  those  changes  in  our  faith  which  the   Qur’an  teaches  and  the  Companions  of  the  Prophet(as)  inculcated.   The  Promised  Messiah(as)  has  drawn  a  lot  of  attention  in  his   pronouncements  and  writings  that  the  true  spirit  of  Ahmadiyyat  can   only  be  sustained  when  we  continue  to  self-­‐reflect  and  when  there   is  no  conflict  between  our  word  and  deed.  Moodi  Khan  sahib  had   obtained  a  BSc  from  Aligarh  University  at  a  time  when  very  few   Muslim  young  men  studied  science,  he  was  offered  a  good  job  but   he  related  all  this  to  Hadhrat  Khalifatul  Masih  II(ra)  and  added  that   he  did  not  wish  to  get  embroiled  in  worldliness  and  would  rather   sweep  the  streets  of  Qadian.  The  time  that  we  are  going  through  is   also  the  time  of  the  Promised  Messiah(as)  and  we  have  yet  to  see   the  fulfilment  of  many  promises.  Hudhur  said  he  had  once   expressed  concern  regarding  those  who  give  security  duties  in   Pakistan  after  the  Lahore  incident.  Hudhur  said  obedience  has   different  forms,  different  standards.  There  is  obedience  of  God’s   commandment  and  of  the  Nizam  (administration)  of  the   Community.  The  finest  example  of  this  in  the  Ahmadiyya  Community   can  be  seen  in  Hadhrat  Khalifatul  Masih  I(ra).  The  Ahmadiyya   Khilafat  never  takes  decisions  that  are  contrary  to  the   commandments  of  God.  Addressing  the  office-­‐holders,  Hudhur  said   they  can  be  deemed  representatives  of  Khilafat  only  when  they  fulfil   the  requisites  of  justice  with  fear  of  God.  

The  Al  Masroor  editorial  team  takes   full  responsibility  for  any  errors  or   miscommunications  in  this   newsletter.       “Ahmadiyya  Muslim  Community   established  in  Australia  since  1903”    

Since 1903  





Faith inspiring  stories  of  new  converts  to  Islam   th 29  April  2011    


Promised Messiah(as)  said  many  pious  natured  who  sought  guidance   from  Allah,  Allah  guided  them.  In  these  times  too,  to  prove  the  truth  of   the  Promised  Messiah(as),  Allah  continues  to  guide  those  who  are   sincere  in  the  search  of  truth.  An  Egyptian  friend  who  performed   Istikhara  in  accordance  with  the  procedure  outlined  by  the  Promised   Messiah(as)  accepted  Ahmadiyyat  after  truth  was  unfold  to  him   through  a  dream.  A  missionary  of  ours  in  the  US  writes  that  Abdus-­‐ Saleem  was  made  aware  of  the  traditional  procedure  for  the  Istikhara   Prayer.  He  offered  the  istikhara  Prayer  and  later  on  accepted   Ahmadiyyat  after  he  saw  Promised  Messiah(as)  in  his  dream.  The  Amir   sahib  of  Indonesia  writes  about  a  member.  One  day  he  was  asked  to   consider  performing  the  Istikhara  Prayer.  He  was  shown  a  vision   explaining  the  truth  of  Promised  Messiah(as)  and  Ahmadiyyat  after   which  he  along  with  his  spouse  came  in  the  fold  of  Islam  Ahmadiyyat.   The  Amir  sahib  of  Canada  writes,  Bill  Robinson  was  a  resident  of  St   Thomas,  Ontario  and  was  an  enthusiastic  Christian.  After  praying  to   God,  he  managed  to  reach  the  truth  and  accepted  Ahmadiyyat  in   March  2011.  Muhammad  Yahya  from  Algeria  says,  I  availed  the   opportunity  to  enter  Ahmadiyyat  a  few  months  ago.  He  came  across   MTA  while  his  son  was  surfing  different  channels  and  during  his   searches  where  the  program  Al-­‐Hiwarul-­‐Mubashir  was  on.  He  accepted   Ahmadiyyat  after  watching  few  programs.  Mahmud  Yahya  Ali  from   Yemen  writes,  I  performed  Istikhara  to  discover  the  truth  of  the   Promised  Messiah(as).  The  Amir  sahib  of  Benin  writes,  One  day  in  the   morning  the  Maulawi  called,  and  requested  a  visit  to  his  village  to  see   him.  When  we  went  to  him,  he  said,  I  saw  your  Imam,  Khalifatul-­‐Masih   V,  in  a  dream  and  he  said,  What  are  you  waiting  for?  Enter  the   Community.  After  this  dream  he  accepted  Ahmadiyyat.  Death  of   Ahmad  Baqir  sahib,  Kamil  Rasheed  Rashid  sahib  and  Muhammad   Mustafa  Rab  sahib  of  Syria.  Death  of  Lutfur-­‐Rahman  Shakir  Sahb.

The  Correct  Islamic  Viewpoint  of  Intercession   th 6  May  2011     Due  to  lack  of  education,  a  large  majority  in  India  and  Pakistan  assume   that  Pirs  can  fulfil  their  wishes.  Christianity  claims  that  through  the   atoning  death  of  Jesus(as)  his  followers  are  ‘reconciled’  to  God.  The   Promised  Messiah(as)  informs  us:  ‘Remember,  it  is  wholly  calumnious   to  ascribe  divinity  to  Jesus  (as).  In  his  lifetime,  Jesus(as)  could  not   reform  his  disciples,  his  death  on  the  Cross  was  also  considered   accursed  by  the  Jews.  Always  remember  that  the  lofty  station  of  the   Holy  Prophet(saw)  is  the  real  station  of  intercession.  And  his  miracles   have  taken  place  from  his  lifetime  to  this  day.  The  Promised   Messiah(as)  explained  in  light  of  Ayatul  Kursi  that  God  is  that  Being   Who  combines  all  perfect  attributes  and  is  free  from  all  defects.  The   Promised  Messiah(as)  related  that  once  Nawab  Muhammad  Ali  Khan   sahib(ra)’s  son  fell  very  ill  and  he  requested  the  Promised  Messiah(as)   for  prayer.  The  prayer  was  not  answered  favourably,  so  the  Promised   Messiah(as)  said  he  would  try  intercession.  The  Promised  Messiah(as)   also  said  that  prayer  can  only  be  beneficial  for  that  person  who  also   reforms  himself.  If  the  Prophet  intercedes  but  the  person  for  whom  he   intercedes  does  not  come  out  of  life  of  negligence,  intercession  can  not   avail  that  person.  Hudhur  presented  a  few  prayers  of  the  Promised   Messiah(as)  as  regards  intercession.  Hudhur  explained  that  now  the     Prophet  (saw)  and  it  is  through  seeking   only  living  Prophet  is  the  Holy   beneficence  of  his  beneficence  that  the  Promised  Messiah(as)  came.

Hazrat Mirza  Masroor  Ahmad  (atba)     Khalifatul  Masih  V

The Promised  Messiah  (on  whom  be  peace)   said  one  who  is  careless  and  indolent     cannotattain  the  same  degree  of  Divine   grace  as  one  who  makes  an  effort  with  all   one’s  might  and  with  sincerity  to  search  for   God  






    atba/  aba  

  Razi  Allah   anho  

  Razi  Alah   anha  

Salla  Allaho  alaihay  wa   sallam  -­‐  Peace  &  blessings   of  Allah  be  on  him,  used  for   Holy  Prophet  of  Islam,   Sayyedna  Muhammad,  SAS       Alayhe  Salam  -­‐  Peace  be  on   him,  used  for  Prophets  of   God       ayyadah  Allah  tala  be-­‐ Nasray  hil-­‐Aziz,  may  Allah   assist  him.   A  prayer  recited  with   Khalifat  al-­‐Masih’s  official   title.     (RA)  May  Allah  be  pleased   with  him.  Used  for  a  male   companion  of  the  Prophet   or  a  revered  person  who   has  passed  away     (RA)  used  for  a  female   companion  of  the  Prophet   or  revered  lady  who  has   passed  away  

Caliph /   Khalifa  

Head of  the  Muslim   community,  literally   successor  (Ar.  Khalifa)    

Khalifat   ul-­‐Masih  

The  Successor  of  the   Messiah  

Hadhrat  /   Hazrat  

A  courtesy  title  used  for  a   revered  &  righteous  person.   Holiness  


Muslim  Television   Ahmadiyya     Mr.  or  Esquire,  implying   respect.  

Sahib   rh  


(By Syed  Tariq  Ahmad,  Qaid  Majlis  Bait-­‐ul  Huda)  


Salutations &  Meanings       sas  /  saw  

Majlis Bait-­‐ul  Huda  


By the  Grace  of  Almighty  Allah,  April  was  another  busy  month  for  Majlis  Khuddamul   Ahmadiyya  in  general  and  specially  for  Majlis  Baitul  Huda.  The  27th  Annual  Jalsa   Salana  was  held  from  22nd  to  24th  April,  hence  there  were  numerous  hours  spent   in  preparation  for  this.  Majlis  Baitul  Huda  had  the  most  attendance  in  the  two   waqar-­‐e-­‐amals  organised  at  the  Mosque  before  the  Jalsa  weekend.  A  large  number   of  Khuddam  from  our  Majlis  spent  lot  of  time  and  effort  on  other  days  as  well  apart   from  the  usual  Sundays  in  preparing  for  the  Jalsa  Salana.  The  Sunday  after  the  Jalsa   Salana,  which  was  the  1st  of  May,  Majlis  Baitul  Huda  held  their  monthly  meeting  at   the  Mosque,  where  13  Khuddam  attended.  Various  tarbiyyat  and  taleem  issues   were  discussed.  Khuddam  also  spent  around  30  minutes  cleaning  the  Mosque   surroundings  and  picking  up  all  the  rubbish  that  was  left  behind  after  the  Jalsa     Salana.    

Majlis  Al-­‐Noor  

(By Mohammad  Iqbal,  Mutmaa’d  Majlis  Al-­‐Noor)  

With Jalsa  Salana  preparation,  April  is  always  the  busiest  month  during  the  whole   year,  especially  for  shoba  khidmat-­‐e-­‐Khalqa  &  Waqar-­‐e-­‐amal.   During  jalsa  salana  preparation  we  did  five  waqar-­‐e-­‐Amal  but  the  main  Waqar-­‐e-­‐ Amal  was  done  on  Sundays  until  Jalsa  Salana  where  we  spend  around  16  hours   altogether,  there  were  40  khuddam  who  participated  in  these  waqar-­‐e-­‐Amal  cutting     grass,  gardening  and  washing  and    painting  the  Khilafat  Hall  floor.  Our  Khuddam   especially  took  this  task  upon  themselves  as  Jamaat  needed  this  to  finish  before   Jalsa.   During    Jalsa  Salana  Alhamdulillah  around  50  khuddam  took  part  in  different  shoba-­‐ jaat  such  as  Registration,  Khidmat-­‐e-­‐Khlaq,  Security  etc.  

Majlis South  Australia  

(By Imran  Ahmed,  Nazim  Isha’at  Majlis  South  Australia)  

This  month  both  halqas  held  Waqar-­‐e-­‐Amal  in  two  different  areas.    Halqa  Al-­‐Noor   performed  Waqar-­‐e-­‐Amal  at  Tapleys  Hill  Road,  West  Beach  and  the  other  halqa,   Halqa  Fazal-­‐e-­‐Umar  did  their  Waqar-­‐e-­‐Amal  at  Panalatinga  Road,  Woodcroft.    At   West  Beach  a  total  of  12  members  participated  and  at  Woodcroft  we  had  a  total  of   15  members  including  3  Atfal.        


Mr &  Mrs  Farhaj  Mansoor  Sheikh  of  Majlis  South  Australia  have  been  blessed  with  a   baby  girl,  Priya  Sheikh  on  the  16th  of  April  2011.     (May Allah grant the new born a healthy life and enable her to be a dedicated servant of Islam)  

Introduction to  Ahmadiyyat    



(By Khalid  Saifullah  Khan,  National  Vice  President,  Ahmadiyya  Muslim  Jama’at  Australia  )  

Ahmadiyyat  is  not  a  new  religion  but  a  sect  of  Islam:    




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Ahmadiyyat is  not  a  new  religion,  but  is  a  sect  of  Islam  which  was  founded  in  1889   by  Hazrat  Mirza  Ghulam  Ahmad  of  Qadian,  India  (1835-­‐1908).  Basing  his  claim  on   Divine  Revelation,  he  claimed  to  be  the  same  Promised  Messiah  and  Imam  Al-­‐ Mahdi  whose  advent  had  been  foretold  by  Hazrat  Muhammad  Mustafa,  peace  and   blessings  be  upon  him.  He  held  the  spiritual  status  of  an  ‘Ummati  Nabi’,  a   ‘Follower  Prophet’  subordinate  to  his  holy  master  Muhammad,  blessings  and   peace  be  upon  him,  without  bringing  a  new  ‘Shariah’  (Law)  or  ordinance.  While   the  Ahmadis  have  believed  in  him,  the  other  Muslims  are  waiting  for  Jesus  to   descend  from  heaven,  where  he  was  lifted  bodily  by  God  at  the  time  of  crucifixion.   These  two  are  the  most  contentious  issues  between  Ahmadi  Muslims  and  other   Muslims,  though  there  are  other  smaller  differences  as  well,  which  are  stated  in   the  ensuing  paragraphs.     The  Ahmadiyya  Movement  is  an  embodiment  of  true  Islam  in  its  original  and   pristine  form.  It  seeks  to  unite  mankind  with  its  Creator  and  to  establish  peace  in   the  world.  Millions  of  people  belonging  to  195  countries  have  so  far  joined  the  fold   of  Ahmadiyyat,  and  the  number  is  growing  every  day.    After  his  death  in  1908,  Hazrat  Ahmad,  peace  be  upon  him,  was  succeeded  by  his   Caliphs.  The  title  of  the  supreme  head  of  the  worldwide  community  is  Khalifa-­‐tul-­‐ Masih  i.e.  ‘Successor  of  the  Promised  Messiah’.  He  is  elected  by  an  electoral   college  comprising  elders  of  the  community  serving  at  senior  levels.  But  according   to  Quran  it  is  Allah  Himself  Who  appoints  the  Khalifa  and  His  way  is  to  make  the   hearts  of  the  electors  inclined  towards  that  person  whom  He  regards  to  be  the   best  to  undertake  this  onerous  responsibility.  The  present  Khalifa,  who  is  fifth  in   succession,  is  Hazrat  Mirza  Masroor  Ahmad,  who  is  the  great  grandson  of  Hazrat   Ahmad.  He  is  presently  based  in  London.  The  international  administrative   headquarter  of  the  community  is  in  Rabwah,  Pakistan,  while  Qadian  India,  from   where  the  Movement  was  started,  continues  to  be  its  eternal  spiritual  centre  after   Mecca  and  Medina.     Beliefs  of  Ahmadi  Muslims:     Hazrat  Mirza  Ghulam  Ahmad,  peace  be  on  him,  founder  of  the  Ahmadiyya   Movement  in  Islam  declared  his  beliefs  as  under:   “We  do  believe  that  there  is  none  worthy  of  worship  except  God  Almighty  and   Sayyedna  (our  chief)  Hazrat  Muhammad,  the  Chosen  One,  may  peace  and   blessings  of  Allah  be  upon  him,  is  His  Messenger  and  the  Khatamul-­‐Anbiya.  We   believe  that  angels  are  a  reality,  that  Resurrection  is  a  reality  and  that  the  Day  of   Judgement  is  a  reality;  that  Heaven  is  a  reality  and  so  is  Hell.       We  do  believe  that  whatever  the  Glorious  and  Majestic  God  has  stated  in  the  Holy   Quran  and  whatever  our  Prophet,  may  peace  and  blessings  of  Allah  be  upon  him,   has  stated  is  all,  according  to  the  aforementioned  statement,  the  truth.  We  do   believe  that  the  person  who  subtracts  an  iota  from  the  Islamic  law  or  adds  to  it  as   much,  or  lays  the  foundation  in  any  manner  for  rejection  of  Islamic  injunction  or   attempts  to  declare  unlawful  what  has  been  lawful  in  Islam,  is  an  infidel  and  a   renegade  to  Islam.  We  admonish  our  Jamaat  (community)  that  they  must  adhere   tenaciously  to  the  fundamental  article  of  faith  that:  ‘There  is  no  God  but  Allah,   Muhammad  is  His  Messenger’,  as  long  as  they  live  and  they  should  die  holding  fast      


to the  same  belief.     Also  they  must  have  firm  faith  in  all  the  Messengers  of  Allah  and  Revealed  Books     which  have  been  authenticated  by  the  Holy  Quran.  They  should  abide  strictly  by  the   Quranic  injunctions.  They  should  strictly  observe  Prayers  and  Fast,  pay  Zakat,  and   perform  the  Hajj  (pilgrimage).  They  should  observe  Islam  by  fully  complying  with  all   the  injunctions,  obligations  and  prohibitions  pronounced  by  God  and  His   Messenger….  We  call  to  witness  the  heaven  and  the  earth  that,  that  exactly  is  our   faith.”  (Ayyamus-­‐Sulh,  p  323)         (To  be  continued  in  the  next  edition  of  Al-­‐Masroor)  

3  days  Annual  Convention  of  the  AMAA  was  held   in  Sydney  



Jalsa Salana  (Annual  Convention)  2011  of  the  Ahmadiyya  Muslim  Association   Australia  was  held  on  22nd  -­‐  24th  April  2011  at  Baitul  Huda  Mosque  Sydney,   Australia.  It  was  the  27th  Jalsa  Salana.  According  to  the  Media  Release  “The  major   aim  of  the  gathering  was  that  the  sincere  members  of  the  Jama’at  should  be  able  to   derive  religious  benefits  and  at  the  same  time  they  should  acquire  more  knowledge   and  advance  in  their  God  realisation.  One  advantage  is  that  meeting  their  friends   will  broaden  their  circle  of  brotherhood  and  it  will  strengthen  the  mutual  ties.”   Guests  from  Inter-­‐State,  including  ACT,  QLD,  VIC,  SA  and  WA  started  coming  to  the   Bait-­‐Ul-­‐Huda  Mosque  on  Thursday,  the  21st  of  April  2010,  a  day  prior  to  the   commencement  of  the  Jalsa.  On  this  day,  after  Maghrib/Isha  prayers,  all  the  workers   (around  250)  of  the  Jalsa  Salana  gathered  in  the  Mosque  to  listen  to  Ameer  and     Missionary  In  charge  of  the  Ahmadiyya  Muslim  Community  of  Australia,  Maulana   Mahmood  Ahmad  give  advice  to  the  members.   The  brief  session  began  at  7:50  pm  with  the  recitation  and  translation  of  the  Holy   Quran  by  Mujeeb-­‐Ur-­‐Rahman  Sanauri.  Mahmood  Ahmad  Ameer  Sahib  started  his   speech  by  highlighting  that  this  Jalsa  is  the  blessing  of  the  Allah  and  is  not  an   ordinary  gathering.  He  advised  that  all  workers  serve  the  guests  with  open  hearts   and  smiles  on  their  faces.  One  should  feel  happiness  and  satisfaction  after  serving   the  guests.  He  pointed  out  that  the  purpose  of  the  Jalsa  is  to  worship  and  remember   Allah.  Prayers  should  be  offered  5  times  a  day  in  congregation  with  minimum  as   possible  workers  left  on  duty  during  prayers  if  needed.   Mahmood  Ahmad  Ameer  Sahib  continued  to  advise  that  all  muawins  should   cooperate  with  nazims  and  work  as  a  team.  The  guests  should  also  cooperate  with   the  workers  and  overlook  mistakes.  Mahmood  Ahmad  Ameer  Sahib  further  advised   that  everyone  should  keep  an  eye  out  in  the  surroundings  for  security  reasons.  If   anyone  or  anything  is  seen  that  is  not  familiar,  one  should  notify  the  head  of   security  and  should  never  panic.  However,  overall  dua  (prayer)  is  necessary  as  Allah   is  the  best  Protector.  Mahmood  Ahmad  Ameer  Sahib  ended  his  talk  with  silent   prayers  at  8:10  pm.  

More than  one  thousand  Ladies  &  Gents  attended  the  3  days  Annual  Convention  of   the  Ahmadiyya  Muslim Association  Australia  in  Sydney.  There  was  6  Session  of  the  


Annual Convention  2011  and  A  number  of  non-­‐Ahmadi  guests,  including   delegates  and  different  community  leaders  were  present  in  the  few  session.  For   more  information,  please  visit  the  official  website  of  AMAA


Our common  cause  with  the  Pope  Benedict  XVI:   Pakistan  should  Repeal  Blasphemy  Law     On  this  issue  we  completely  and  whole  heartedly  agree  with  the  Pope.  


MILAN. Jan  2011  —  In  a  forceful  appeal  for  religious  freedom,  Pope  Benedict  XVI   urged  Pakistan  on  Monday  to  repeal  contentious  blasphemy  laws  as  he  called  on   governments  worldwide  to  do  more  to  enable  Christians  to  practice  their  faith   without  violence,  intolerance  or  restriction.   The  pope  was  speaking  in  an  annual  address  to  diplomats  accredited  to  the   Vatican,  a  long-­‐scheduled  event.  But  this  year  his  words  came  after  bomb  attacks   in  Iraq  and  Egypt  —  the  most  recent  in  the  Egyptian  city  of  Alexandria  less  than   two  weeks  ago  —  and  the  assassination  last  week  of  a  leading  Pakistani  politician   who  had  opposed  his  country's  law  that  makes  blasphemy  against  Islam   punishable  by  death.   The  politician,  Salman  Taseer,  had  campaigned  against  the  law  and  had   petitioned  the  government  to  re-­‐examine  the  case  of  Asia  Bibi,  a  Christian   woman  who  was  sentenced  to  death  last  November  under  the  legislation.  

Mr. Taseer's  "tragic  murder,"  the  pope  said,  "shows  the  urgent  need  to  make   progress  in  this  direction:  the  worship  of  God  furthers  fraternity  and  love,  not   hatred  and  division."  

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Al Masroor May 2011  

Al Masroor May 2011

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