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gm In the name of Allah, the Gracious the Merciful

Volume 4 Issue 2 March 2011 Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia (Youngmens' Auxiliary) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Association of Australia

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Zikre Habib: Forbearance and Forgiveness of Enemies by the Promised Messiah

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The Holy Quran Surah Al-Taubah Chapter 9: Verse 24


Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmadas The Promised Messiah & Mahdi 1835 - 1908

Editorial Board Say, if your fathers and your sons and your brethren and your wives and your kinsfolk Sadr Majlis Khuddamul

and the wealth you have acquired and the trade whose dullness you fear and the

Ahmadiyya Australia:

dwellings which you love are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving

Rana Ejaz Ahmad

in His cause, then wait until Allah brings about His judgment; and Allah guides not the

disobedient people.

Muhtamim Isha’at:


Mohammed Irfaan

Anas (ra.) relates that the Holy Prophet (sa) said: Editor:

“There are three qualities which, when possessed by someone will enable him to Sharfraz Ahmad Rahim

discover the true sweetness of faith: Editor (Urdu Section):

That Allah and His messenger are dearer to him than anything else; that he loves

Tahir Sheikh

someone purely for the sake of Allah; that after The Almighty has saved him from disbelief, he loathes returning to disbelief as much as he abhors being hurled into fire.”

Contri buting Edito rs:


Ataul Awal Nasir Ahmad

Selected Sayings of the Holy Prophet of Islam, page 9 Published by Islam International Publications Ltd. 1988

Murad Mahmood Khan Sikder Taher Ahmad

Friday Sermon

The Jumu'ah (Friday) prayer is one form of congregational worship in Islam. It takes place every Friday. Regular attendance at the Jumu'ah prayer is enjoined on the believer. According to a Saying of Hazrat Muhammadsaw this congregational prayer is twenty-five times more blessed than worship performed alone. We encourage members to read Huzur’s (atba) Friday sermons which can be found at: For your benefit we have published below, a summary of Huzur’s (atba) recent Friday Sermons.


The Prophecy of Musleh Maud (the Promised Reformer) 18th February 2011


Prophecy of Musleh Maud (Promised Reformer). Ata ul Mujeeb Rashed sahib wrote to Hudhur that this year completes 125 years of the prophecy of Musleh Maud. Promised Messiah(as) had prophesied that God will grant him a son who would be the Promised Reformer and will have many qualities. This prophecy came through the Promised Messiah(as) but it is based on what the Holy Prophet(saw) said. Ahmadiyyat is not separate from Islam. Today if there is any living religion it is Islam and if there is any living Prophet it is the Holy Prophet(saw) through whom one finds God. Recited Surah Juma v. 4. Hadith Relating to Hadhrat Salman the Persian. Priest Swift and Lekh Ram accepted the challenge of Promised Messiah(as) but later incidents showed their challenge was mere pretence. Extract from Ahmadiyyat Renaissance of Islam pp. 36 – 38. The 52 qualities prophecised can be witnessed in 52 years of khilafat of Hadhrat Musleh Maud(ra). It was in 1944 when Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II made the announcement to the world that he indeed was the manifestation of the prophecy of Musleh Maud. Hudhur cited tributes given to Hadhrat Musleh Maud(ra) by people outside our community which included Maulwi Samiullah Khan Farooqi, Arjand Singh, Khawaja Hassan Nizam Dehlwi, Abdul Majeed Sadiq and Maulana Abdul Majid. Death of Qanita Orchard sahiba wife of late Maulana Bashir Ahmad Orchard sahib.

Prayers for Muslim Ummah and the case for Divine Khilafat 25th February 2011


The lack of Taqwa (righteousness) in muslim leaders. Situation of Arab countries, Pakistan, North Africa and Middle East where leaders are making a mockery of Haququl ebaad and Haququllah. If Muslim leaders had Taqwa they would have looked after the rights of their people and the organisation of Muslims countries would not have been an organisation in mere name. Among Muslim countries Malaysia is considered technologically advanced but the developed world even refers to it as a developing country. All that has been taking place recently in Egypt and Libya etc. or that which has been going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan for years through the hands of the extremist is a negation of that spirit of brotherhood which Islam commands. Huzur said the Qur'an gives its solution as did the Holy Prophet(saw) and that is the way to accept the Messiah and the Mehdi and take the Prophet’s(saw) greeting to him. In order to unify Muslims and to maintain justice it is the system of Khilafat alone that can rightly guide. Hadith where Holy Prophet(saw) explained how kingship will follow and later on khilafat on the percepts of prophethood will be established. In order to become Khaira Ummah (the best people) remove the fear of the world from heart, make a connection with God and accomplish your life in this world and the Hereafter. One who came with the mercy of God brought back faith from the Pleiades as foretold by the Holy Prophet(saw) and after him Khilafat was established, also, as foretold by him. A bengali professor came to visit Huzur and asked some questions.

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“Ahmadiyya Muslim Community established in Australia since 1903”

Since 1903

4 Ultimate triumph of divine communities 4th March 2011


God granted Promised Messiah(as) status of prophethood so that he could take the task of the Holy Prophet(saw) further. When divine communities progress, their detractors try their utmost to stop their progress by means of force or through the help of supporters whom they deem powerful. Promised Messiah(as) said that one should not be afraid to assert heavenly matters and that it is not the practice of those who follow truth to be fearful. Those who think that their throngs and the help of their worldly masters will give them success are in error, the ultimate triumph most certainly belongs to divine communities. The recent barbaric happening in Indonesia gave the mullah and his coterie audacity to plan a huge rally calling for a complete ban on the Ahmadiyya Community as Muslims. After the Lahore martyrdoms we witnessed sincerity of faith emerge in Africa resulting in Bai’ats, similarly God has opened ways for pious-natured people after the Indonesian incident. When it comes to the Community of the Promised Messiah(as) the contention becomes between Godly people and worldly people and here worldly principles do not work. Today, in accordance with God’s promise Ahmadiyyat is blossoming in Asia, the islands, Europe, America and Africa. Death of Imam Sahib of Morocco who took his Bai't in 2002.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (atba) Khalifatul Masih V

Tribute to Syed Dawood Muzaffer Shah sahib 11th March 2011 Promised Messiah(as) likened the hearts of the Companions of the Holy Prophet(saw) to sparkling, cleansed utensils that have been through the process of qala'i. Huzur said the Promised Messiah(as) came so that man could bring about pure changes on a personal level and attain spiritual blessings. Death of Syed Dawood Synopsis Muzaffer Shah Sahib. He was son of Hazrat Hafiz Syed Mahmood Ullah Sahib and grandson of Dr. Syed Abdul Sattar Shah Sahib. Huzur said it was Syed Dawood Muzaffer Sahib who became a son-in-law of Hazrat Musleh Maud(ra). He had inherited his ancestors’ qualities of paying dues of God and dues Messiah of mankind on (on a greatwhom scale. Syedbe Dawood The Promised peace) Muzaffer Shah Sahib and his wife Syeda Amatul Hakeem said one who careless and indolent Sahiba were ais match made in heaven. The maternal grandfather of Syed Dawood Shah Sahib, Maulwi Sarwer Shah Sahib was also a companion of the Promised Messiah(as). Dr. Noori Sahib and Dr. Abdul Khaliq Sahib used to come and treat Syed Dawood Shah Sahib. Some details and some incidents regarding the life of Syed Dawood Shah Sahib.



Majlis Bait-ul Huda (By Syed Tariq Ahmad, Qaid Majlis Bait-ul Huda)

Salutations & Meanings

sas / saw


atba/ aba

Razi Allah anho

Salla Allaho alaihay wa sallam - Peace & blessings of Allah be on him, used for Holy Prophet of Islam, Sayyedna Muhammad, SAS

Alayhe Salam - Peace be on him, used for Prophets of God ayyadah Allah tala beNasray hil-Aziz, may Allah assist him. A prayer recited with Khalifat al-Masih’s official title. (RA) May Allah be pleased with him. Used for a male companion of the Prophet or a revered person who has passed away

The monthly Majlis meeting this month was held on Saturday 26th February, where 15 Khuddam attended. Before the meeting started at 6am, Tahajjud prayers were offered at Baitul Huda Mosque, followed by Fajr prayers. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Mirzan Mansoor. The Khuddam Ahad was then read out by Qaid Majlis, Syed Tariq Ahmad and repeated by the rest of the Khuddam. Ahmad Jawwad Khan proceeded to read the first part of the summary of the Friday Sermon from 4th February 2011 delivered by Khalifatul Masih V. Questions and answers from the February Taleem Syllabus were then discussed. Tabligh / peace pamphlets were given out to Khuddam to distribute to non-Ahmadi friends and colleagues. Various announcements were made and finally Sadr Sahib, Rana Ejaz Ahmad led silent prayer to end the meeting. After the conclusion of the meeting, breakfast was served for the Khuddam. A few of the 15 Khuddam then made their way to the Indoor Swimming Pool at Blacktown Leisure Centre in Stanhope Gardens for a social swim, which was greatly enjoyed by the Khuddam. The next day, on Sunday, the 27th of February, 5 Khuddam from our Majlis went to Blacktown Station in the morning and distributed 70 tabligh/peace pamphlets to passers-by. Further distributions of these pamphlets, specifically by door-knocking homes will be organized in the coming months.

Majlis Al-Noor Razi Alah anha

(RA) used for a female companion of the Prophet or revered lady who has passed away

(By Mohammad Iqbal, Mutmaa’d Majlis Al-Noor)

By the grace of Allah , all zuma & saiqeen really worked hard to continue efforts for Namaz with congregation, the number of khuddam who offered 2 daily paryers in congregation improved. Alhamdullialh of all Namaz centers, around 27 khuddam offered 2 prayers daily at different namaz centers. As per our routine we have also been organising dars after Namaz, covering topics like timings of Sohaba Ikram, respect for elders, etc.

Caliph / Khalifa

Head of the Muslim community, literally successor (Ar. Khalifa)

Khalifat ul-Masih

The Successor of the Messiah

Hadhrat / Hazrat

A courtesy title used for a revered & righteous person. Holiness


Muslim Television Ahmadiyya

Majlis ACT


Mr. or Esquire, implying respect.



We had our Tarbiyyati Ijlas and Taleemi Class on 12th February 2011. Five khuddam participated in the ijlas where we focused on tarbiyyati issues related to 5 daily prayers, recitation of The Holy Quran and writing letters to Huzur (aba).Taleemi Class was based on Taleemi syllabus provided by markaz.

Since last three months we have started series of lessons on tabligh where we openly discussed preaching issues and find solutions specifically in Australian workplace culture. Around six khuddam distributed around 200 tabligh/peace pamphlets at different locations.

(By Kamran Ahmed, Qaid Majlis ACT)


Majlis ACT

Khuddam had their regular sports on weekly basis. Five khuddam and three ansar played volley-ball every week for an hour, followed by congregational Magrib and Isha prayers. We had our annual Picnic on 19th Feb at Batemans Bay. A committee of two khuddam (Rahimat Ali and Shaheed Sahu Khan) was set up few weeks ago to arrange and organize this event. Seven khuddam and seven ansar attended the picnic. Sadr Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, brother Rana Ejaz sahib also blessed the occasion with a group of national amala members. Khuddam and ansar had fishing, swimming and played volley-ball. Lunch and refreshments was provided to all. The program finished at 6.00pm followed by zuhar and asar prayers at brother Hafizul Hasan’s house with evening tea. We also had our joint Jalsa Musleh Maood on 27th February 2011 with Jammat ACT. Program started with congregational zuhar and Asar prayers.Khuddam and Atfal presented their speeches on the seerat of Hazrat Musleh Maood ra. Seven khuddam attended the jalsa.Program finished after two hours followed by light refreshments and Waqar-e-Amal. Khuddam decorated the hall and arranged food for the jalsa participants. After the jalsa they cleaned the area, vaccumed the hall and stacked tables and chairs. Three khuddam took part in the waqar-e-amal for 45 minutes. Majlis ACT also had a great day on Cleanup Australia Day. This year for the first time Lajna also participated and we had good outcome. Total participants were 29 and the interesting thing is that 6 of them were non-Jamaat people, the local Australians even though we had registered the site under Ahmaddiya Muslim Association but they showed their interest and came on the day. Our program started at 9.00am and finished around 12.30. Brother Rahimat Ali, nazim Khidmat-e Khalq Majlis ACT was the coordinator and in charge of the site. He planned, organized and managed the program very well. There were four lajna, three nasirat, three Atfal, six khuddam, seven ansar and six outsiders. We served light refreshments and lunch to all participants .Program concluded with dua. We did inform the media in advance but they could not make it on the day. It was good to see the Sydney clean up day news in Monday’s (7th March, 2011) Canberra time.

Majlis Western Australia (By Essa Waseem, Mutmaa’d Majlis Western Australia)

We held our Amala meeting on 13 Feb 2011 at Bibra Lake Community Centre from 10:40am til 12:30pm. Qaid Sahib welcomed the new Khadim Nazim Sehat-eJismani in Khuddam Amla and gave a brief introduction of Majlis Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya. Khuddam were congratulated for the the success of Seerat un Nabi (PBUH) Jalsa.

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya WA held Jalsa Musleh Maoud on 27 Feb, 2011 at the Centre from 10am till 12pm and invited all Jamaa’t members to the program. Lajna were also requested to participate. The Jalsa was chaired by Dr. Salim Siddiqui


Cleanup Australia Day – Western Australia

(Sadr Jama’t WA) and hosted by brother Rana Imran Munir (Qaid Khuddamul Ahmadiyya WA). The program commenced with Recitation of Holy Quran by Waqfe Nau Lajna, followed by a poem from Kalam-e-Mehmood by Mr Essa Waseem. Sadr Sahib gave an introductory speech about the significance of Musleh Maoud Day. A Lajna member delivered a speech about the tenure of Hazrat Musleh Maoud. Mr Salim ud din Bhugeloo (Ansarullah) delivered a speech about the life history and achievements of Hazrat Musleh Maoud. The program concluded with silent prayer lead by Sadr Sahib. Members were served with Tea and nibbles for refreshment. Total attendance was 29.

Cleanup Australia Day – Western Australia (By Rana Imran Munir, Qaid Majlis Western Australia)

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya WA organised a cleanup site at Wilson Park, Cannington on 6th March, 2011 and requested other Jama’t auxiliaries to participate in the event. With the blessing of Allah the response was encouraging as 18 members participated in the program(seven Khuddam, four Atfal, six Lajna and Nasirat, one Ansar). Sadr Jama’t WA also blessed the event with his presence and active participation. The volunteers gathered at the cleanup site at 10:30am on a pleasant Sunday morning. Being the Site Supervisor Qaid Khuddamul Ahmadiyya spoke about the safety, and distributed some safety gears including gloves, high visibility jackets and sun-block. Rubbish bags were distributed to keep recyclables separate from general waste. Small groups of 2 to 3 individuals were made for an efficient work and to cover the large cleanup area. The volunteers collected the rubbish from different corners of the site. After the cleanup the garbage bags were piled at a safe and accessible location for Council’s further action. After an exhausting two hours effort at the cleanup site hot pizzas and soft drinks were graciously offered by the Jamaa’t for the lunch. The program was successful with the blessing of Allah, and it stirred the passion of sacrifice in the participants. After the lunch Sadr sahib extended the vote of thanks to all the participants, who then took their way home with contended hearts that they had sacrificed their time and effort for the sake of their faith and country.

SOCCER TOURNAMENT - 19th March 2011 (By Anees u rehman, Muhtamim Sehat-e-Jismani)

I wish by the grace of Allah almighty you all will be in good health amen. Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia under shoba Sehat-o-Jismani, organised a soccer tournament for all NSW majalis on saturday19th March 2011 at Masjid Baitul Huda soccer grounds. By the grace of Allah it was a successful tournament. The program was planned a month earlier. A lot of effort was made by the organising committee and Qaideen to give members enough notice of the tournament. There was also a special invitation for Ansar brothers to also take part in the event. Alhamdulillah, despite some rainy conditions, we had reasonable number of khuddams who came out to participate and support the tournament. There were 50


Soccer Tournament

khuddam, 16 Atfaal and 7 Ansar brothers present on the day. The purpose of organizing this tournament was to bring all Khuddam, Atfaal and Ansar brothers on one platform and built strong brotherhood with each other. There were four teams on the day who were divided into 2 team. Unfortunately we could play the third and fourth place match due to heavy rain in the afternoon. There was refreshment and lunch provided during the tournament. After combined Zuhr and Asr prayers, we had the final match played between "All Whites" team of Majlis Baitul Huda won the final against the combined Ansar team. We witnessed some beautiful football on the day. May Allah give us more tofiq to organize such events.

Cricket Tournament held on 20th Feb 2011 (By Anees u rehman, Muhtamim Sehat-e-Jismani)

By the grace of Allah almighty i wish you all will be in good health Ameen. Alhamdulilah, Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Australia under Shoba Sehat-oJismani, held a Cricket Tournament on 20th February 2011 at Masjid Bait-ul Huda in Sydney. Unfortunately the attendance on the day was only 30 khuddam, nonetheless we had a good tournament. Formal invites to members was made at least two weeks prior to the event. We kicked off the first match at 2pm after Zuhr namaz. Because of less number, we divided all khuddam into two teams (Team A & Team B). We played 3 games (best of 3). We also hadrefreshment of fruits & juice during the day. We concluded our session around 5pm and distributed medals and winning trophy to winning team. Despite low numbers, it turned out to be a good day. May Allah give us more tofik to arrange these types of events ameen.


Zikre Habib: Forbearance and Forgiveness of Enemies by the Promised Messiah By Dr. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad

What's New at Holy Quran with Swedish translation (pdf) Holy Quran with Sinhala translation first 10 parts (pdf) Urdu Audio Books of The Promised Messiah(as)(Tadhkiratush Shahadatain and Review Mubahasa Batalvi-Chakralwi) The Islamic Khilafat – Its Rise, Fall, and Reemergenceby Rafi Ahmed Prevention of Moral Degradation in Light of Islamic Teachings a speech by Nasir Mahmood Malik Waqf-e-Nau Syllabus Books(pdf) A set of books for Waqf-e-Nau children and their parents MTA Programs on Demand YouTube Playlists

Pundit Lekhram, a religious scholar who was a staunch enemy of Islam and the Holy Prophet Muhammad, arrived in Qadian and was aided and supported by the Hindus of Qadian in his effort to abuse the Promised Messiah. They fed him all kinds of lies about Hazoor which made him more abusive and disrespectful towards the Promised Messiah and the Holy Prophet Muhammd, may peace be on him. Eventually, Pundit Lekhram was killed in response to the prayers and prophecy of Hadhrat Masih Mau'ood, the Promised Messiah. Hindus and Arya Samaj, including Lala Shrampat, accused the Promised Messiah of masterminding the murder of Pundit Lekhram and wanted the government to prosecute Hazoor. And yet, while on one hand Lala Shrampat laid slander upon Promised Messiah's name, on the other hand he asked for help from the Promised Messiah at the same time. During this whole episode, Lala Shrampat became sick and he came to Hazoor for medicine. Hazoor gave him the medicine and asked him if he truly considered him the enemy responsible for the murder of Lekhram. If so, Hazoor asked, did he then think it was appropriate to take his medicine? Lala Shrampat replied, "We trust you. Please give us the medicine." The same Lala Shrampat, fell seriously ill on another occasion due to an infection in his abdomen and believed he was going to die. When Hadhrat Masih Mau'ood found out about his illness, he visited his home located in a dark and narrow alley. He appointed his own personal doctor, Muhammad Abdullah, to treat Lala Shrampat - he was the only doctor in Qadian at the time. Hazoor visited him daily. During his illness, Lala Shrampat would request Hazoor "Hadhrat Jee, pray for me!" Hazoor comforted him and prayed for him till he recovered. This is the character of a man so great that his heart overflowed with genuine goodwill for even the worst of his enemies. Hadhrat Masih Mau'ood wrote in his book Arba'een, "I would like to say explicitly to all Muslims, Christians and Hindus that I do not consider anybody my enemy in this world. I love mankind more than a caring mother loves her children. I am only the enemy of those false beliefs which belie the truth. Compassion for human beings is my obligation; repudiation of falsehood, idolatry, oppression and every kind of misdeed, injustice and immorality is my creed." He repeatedly expressed his love and sympathy for all humans as part of his faith and purpose of his advent. Even those who devoted their lives to prosecute him shared his grace. The Promised Messiah said, "I am thankful that I have prayed for every single one of my enemies at least two or three times."

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Al Masroor March 2011  


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