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For a lot of us, 2017 (so far) has been a roller coaster year. We never really know how to predict the twists and turns that will happen each day. I suppose that’s true of life in general, but there’s something more dramatic about this time. We’re not standing on solid ground. And it’s scary. I wake up every morning, watch the news, read the articles, and I don’t know what to make of it. What I’m writing isn’t new, it’s something a lot of people feel in America right now. So, instead of allowing all of this external noise to bring me down, I decided to start this publication. I wanted to take the time and focus on the thing that always makes me feel centered and in a good head space: CREATIVITY!

Welcome to the first issue! In the following pages, I share my art, my photography, my essays, and my designs. This issue is a collection of the work I’ve built in the past year. Some of it is meaningful, some of it is just aesthetic. All of it is me. I could not be prouder to share it with you. This publication is an inclusive platform for sharing creative work! I found that I know many talented creatives who have a hard time sharing their work publicly. I wanted to create a way for their voices to be heard, a way for their work to be recognized, a way to help them grow their following. I’m diving in first by sharing my own pieces in this issue. However, future issues will include work from other creatives and I cannot wait to share their work with you. Thank you so much for reading! Cheers, MJ


I like your vibe I like you.

On Architecture in a Natural Setting My background in architecture is the main inspiration for these pieces. I love to look at architecture, I love to read about it, I especially love to talk about it! What’s always piqued my interest is the way buildings interact with their natural surroundings. In fact, the most successful buildings complement their environment, in my humble opinion. Over the past few years, my city has grown, multiplied. With this growth, we’ve seen a lot of buildings that have replaced what was there before them. We’ve also seen a lot of destruction of natural land to create luxury apartment complexes and residential properties of other sorts. People will say it’s necessary and they’re right, on one hand. We need places to house those coming here for work. We need better housing for our citizens. Still, it’s sad to see that destruction for something so chunky to arise in the place of all that forest. My favorite piece of architecture is the Glass House by Philip Johnson. A simple glass prism that invites the natural surroundings to become part of its architecture. When you’re inside it, you experience only the few furniture pieces of the interior and the magnificent view of the grounds. When you’re outside it, the structure doesn’t impose on the view of those grounds any less. It’s a part of the experience. This series of prisms in nature is reminiscent on that experience. The idea that a good piece of architecture guides your view to see the beauty in things on which you would not normally focus. Still, they may give you a different impression. It’s art, after all!

Sunset vibes

#Basic instagram Captions

This series started as an Instagram campaign. In fact, every piece in this publication was created for social media. They were my versions of weekly doodles that I would post with clever captions and tons of #hashtags. Those weekly exercises gave me a greater appreciation for the social media caption. Which leads us here... A collection of beautiful Instagram-worthy images remixed with their own captions. I wanted to explore the fun and cheeky side of social media, I wanted to share some basic instas with you all! #ENJOY



Happy A m ea l A baby A home A l ife P o sitivity Beau tif u l Out A rt I t h appen A ru n f o r i t !

Seaside views

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Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison SUMMERTIME - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince PEACHES & CREAM - 112 feat. P Diddy MIAMI - Will Smith WHAT DO YOU MEAN ? - Justin Bieber PRAISE YOU - Fatboy Slim CHEERLEADER - OMI, Felix Jaehn RED RED WINE - UB40 BEAUTIFUL GIRLS - Sean Kingston PASSIONFRUIT - Drake I GET AROUND - 2Pac feat. Digital Underground MAILBU - Miley Cyrus List e n along on S POTIFY! * *

I removed 8 Justin Bieber songs to make this list less embarrassing.

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BLUSH LAND - Issue No. 1  

Introducing a new art, design and photography zine.

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