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Hi, Here it is a new year. A new year for you and I to continue what we did not accomplish in 2012. Life is too short! In saying this, Believe you can do whatever you set your mind to get to your goal. With faith, determination, and perseverance all things are possible. Let us all learn this year to love one another and let go of the past. Harboring the past keeps us from being what God has in store for us in the future. This is the time to think about what we can do better in 2013 than we did in 2012. Remember trouble only last for a little while, it’s to make us strong. When you see someone come in your path, give them a smile or hug, whether you know them or not. It does not cost you anything but having a kind heart. I would like to share this poem with you. For the rest of this year reflect on this poem:

Please feel free to send in your thoughts to me at after your comments, write your name,city and state. Thanks.

In this issue: 10: Health & Fitness 38: Shoe Fetish 21: Sports 22: Mens Fashion 26: Sweet Rides 34: Dressing In The South 27: Precious Angels

ASAP-Always Say A Prayer There’s work to do, deadlines to meet, You’re got no time to spare. But as you hurry and scurry, ASAP-Always Say A Prayer In the midst of family chaos, “Quality time” is rare. Do your best; let God do the rest, ASAP- Always say a prayer It may seem like your worries Are more than you can bear. Slow down and take a breather, ASAP- Always say a prayer God knows how stressful life is, He wants to ease our cares. And He’ll respond to all your needs, ASAP- Always say a prayer.

I am wishing each and every one of you a Happy New Year and much success in your endeavor


Cover Story

Cover Story This photo shoot inspired me to show that a mature woman can model. My goal is to be that woman who represent mature women regardless of my hair being salt and pepper. IT’S OKAY. Or my body being curvaceous because of one too many cornbread muffin (laughing). IT ‘S OKAY. There are beautiful mature women of age that can still have features as a model just like the younger models. Ladies, just because we are older does not mean we have to dress older. Be confident in what you wear. Remember You make the clothes and not the clothes make you. I want to thank The Chattanoogan for letting me use their luxurious lobby for this shoot. The fireplace made the scene so serene and inviting. It felt like home with the décor. The staff was very cordial to me and to my photographer

Cover Story

Cover Story

Here are some basis exercises you can perform regularly twice or three times a week and at the same time boost your strength and balance. For best result, do each exercise with a repetition of three (3) sets of 10 to start, then increase as you feel a need to while maintaining proper technique. Remember these two rules: 1. Proper body alignment and controlled movement is crucial for safety and effectiveness! 2. Use good judgment and/or check with your doctor before beginning any exercise program; especially, if you have medical conditions or physical limitations!  SQUATS-standing with legs shoulder-width apart and knees and toes facing forward, slowly drop your rump to about chair height, keeping your head up and your heels on the floor. Return to starting position.  PUSH-UPS-Lying face down, place your hands on the floor outside your shoulders and push up to extend your arms, balancing wither on your toes or your knees.  LUNGES-Take a big step forward with one foot, while slowly lowering the opposite knee toward the floor. Step back and repeat with the opposite leg.  ABDOMINAL CRUNCHES-Lie on your back with knees bent at a 90 degree angle and your feet on the floor. Tighten your abdominals and lift your shoulders off the ground while keeping your lower back flat. Hold 2 seconds and return to starting position.  TRICEP DIPS-Place the heels of your hands on a sturdy chair or wall behind you, and walk your feet out. Supporting your body on your hands, slowly bend your arms to your point of comfort the extend arms and return to the starting position. GOOD LUCK!!

Health and Fitness

From the desk of

Pastor Jefferson

The Lord has done great things for us. Wherefore, we are glad, What shall we do for Him?- Look what he has done for us. We are Privileged: • To be born with a sane mind. • To be born in a country of Bible and Gospel. So many have been deprived of these things and have not known about them. Since I have been blessed. What should we do to show our gratefulness? Should we boast about what we have and say I worked for thus and so? Yes, you did but where did you get the strength to work and the ability to do work? This comes from the Lord. In Luke Chapter 17, it is easy to see why Jesus would ask where are the nine? He was amazed at their lack of gratitude, for only one of the nine was thankful. Lest we forget from Eve to the present day. Women have played a significant role in the life of the Church. It is safe to say, the church would not be the same without the Women’s Wise Counsel. I am bound to win. But I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed. But I am bound to live up to what light I have. I must stand with anybody that stands right; stand with him while he is right and part with him when he goes wrong. For Me and my House, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). And in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (I Thessalonians 5:18).

ne Shoot

Valentine Shoot

Valentine Shoot

Thousandth Time Created by Tyler Thomas The light drops of rain began to fall against her dress at precisely six o’clock. The young woman stood upon the empty train platform. Platform D, to be exact. Wondering with her eyes and heart, where was the five o’clock train? Where is he? Her red dress began to polka dot darkly with the drops. The rainwater itched at her ear as she quickly swept her black hair aside. She drew up her hand quickly, reading for the thousandth time, the thousandth folded piece of paper, in particular the last sentence. -5o’clock, Platform D, my heart is not strong Enough to know what your love means. Robert She could not tell whether the droplets on the papers were tears or rain, and she didn’t care. Waiting to leave, she simply couldn’t. Facing the platform, her feet felt frozen and heavy. The tapping of the rain grew louder. Her eyes shut close. Missing a train and missing someone you love both became the same thing to her now. The rain dropped harder and her tears just as heavy. Her dress now has turned a shade of burgundy. The salty taste of rain and tears displeasured her more. Her black hair began to be soak and wet from the humidity and rain. She felt lost at sea as if she were about to drown. Yet, can one hear love? Seeing, tasting, touching, and maybe smelling. What could love ever sound like? She never heard it, and never heard his footsteps in the rain. He softly caresses her cheek with the feel of bouquet flowers. A shifting breeze gave her a hint of lavender scent that made her open her eyes to roses that awaited her response. His smile did not last as she hurriedly jumped into his arms for a kiss, savoring what had so long been denied her. She passionately grabs and pulls him closer to her body. She cries and laughs, her love tied to so many emotions. He can only hold her. She listens closely, his heart beating so furious with life, at last she can say she knows now what love is

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, a beautiful sunny day considering it has rained two week straight, but this day is also the day before the inauguration of our President Obama. However, this day mostly important for being the NFC Championship Game between Atlanta “Dirty Birds” Falcons against San Francisco 49ers. Okay, now let’s start with the game. In the first few seconds of the first quarter, a touchdown by Atlanta follow with a field goal made the score 10/0 Atlanta. In addition, Julio Jones had 100 yards already at the half of the first quarter. Next, Floyd Patterson sacked San Francisco quarterback, Colin Kaepernick. Then, Atlanta Falcon quarterback, Matt Ryan threw a long pass to be met up with Atlanta’s no. #14 White. Check this out!! Receiver Julio Jones got another touchdown from quarterback Matt Ryan at the beginning of the second quarter. That’s a bad boy!! I was wondering if he and I were any kin to each other? The score now is 17/0, Those Birds. At this point, Jones now has 6 catches, 120 yards, 2 touchdowns with 14:54 left in the second quarter. Now, quarterback Kaepernick, a 2nd year quarterback, is making some short passes for completions, but he is moving the ball. Well, how about this! Running back Michael Jones#23 for San Francisco made a touchdown. With this action, the score is 17/7 Atlanta. I have to give it to the Falcon, their defense has been tough and on point. In the second quarter, Kaepernick down at the Atlanta 30 yard line sent in a pass to Vernon Davis #85 to have the San Francisco at

Atlanta’s 10 yard line to give #85 Vernon Davis a touchdown, score 17-14. All because of a 15 yard penalty by Atlanta. Ouch!! Next, easy Tony Gonzalez #88 score a touchdown to the score of 24-14 with 25 seconds left in the first half. San Francisco’s defense, no match in the first half for the Atlanta birdie. Here it is, the second half, all or nothing! The first interception of the game came in the third quarter by Atlanta. Furthermore, San Francisco has had two breaks of a turnover. Michael Crabtree of San Francisco got down to the 15 yard line and what look to be a touchdown in the making turn out to be disaster because the ball was knock out of Crabtree’s arm. Atlanta ball. Thanks Donta Robinson. The first lead in the second half for San Francisco was due to Frank Gore with 8:23 left in the game. The score is 28 SF/24 Atlanta. As it turned out San Francisco was able to keep this score at the end of the game. In the end, San Francisco won. It is on to the SUPER BOWL- San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens. COMMERICALSSUPER BOWL-COMMERICALS. I must say this, Thank you Tony Gonzalez and Ray Lewis for all the years you both have given us the fans. Your loyalty, dedication and the love for the game has been awesome. We will truly miss you, but wish you sincere success in your next endeavor.


Male Fashion


Male Fashion Suit

J. Ferrar Shirt

American Living Bow Tie

Saddle Breed Hat

Rue 21 Watch


Male Fashion

Sweet Rides

Chrise’s Precious Angel

Sukonya Adams

Chrise’s Precious Angel

Chrise’s Precious Angel

I Dreamed the Dream

Top: Mrs. Tera Johnson, salon owner Bottom: Mrs. Sally Brown (front row, center) featured with salon professionals.

Radiant Salon 603 East Martin Luther King Blvd. Chattanooga, TN 37403 (423) 475-6122

“Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Chattanoogan, Tera Johnson, took her first step toward her dream over 20 years ago in what she believed to be a simple stroll through Eastgate Mall with childhood friend, Kosha. A Brainerd High graduate, Tera had hoped to enter nursing school when Kosha spoke of plans for each of them to become hair stylists with an eight month training program. Tera often tells her story of the birth of a new and different dream realized in 1993 when she became a licensed cosmetologist. She found beauty in her dream. She dared to dream she could reach her highest aspirations just as her Aunt Sally had many years ago. It was Mrs. Sally Brown who smoothed the path three generations before as a beauty salon owner and manager. Tera could see the importance of not wasting the years pursuing the wrong dream. Her faith-based judgment called her forward in the march to achieve her dream with resolve, hard work and a purpose-filled life. She continued to set goals, remained passionate about growing her business, and was swift to glean every detail of her advanced training. Her craft was paramount as she counseled her clients on the proper hair care and etiquette. Today, Tera lives the dream. She is firmly established on the radiant staircase she has been blessed to climb. “My journey into the hair industry was in God’s perfect plan for my life. Now over twenty years later, I’m working in the career of my dreams. I love the path that has been set before me.” With the support of her husband, Larry, and children: Jervon and JaNya, Tera has found her greatest pleasure is in serving the need of each client and spreading the radiant sparkle in her salon.

BLACK HISTORY MOMENT SOPIA B. PACKARD & HARRIET E. GILES In 1880, Packard and Giles, school teachers and Baptist missionaries from New England, toured the South and decided to open a school for African American women and girls in Georgia known as the Atlanta Baptist Seminary. With a gift of $100.00 from First Baptist Church of Medford, Massachuett and a promise of administrative and financial support from the Boston-based Woman’s American Baptist Home Mission Society (WABHMS) that sent them, the women opened the a school in the basement of Friendship Baptist Church, an African-American Church in southwest Atlanta on April 11, 1881. The school academic in the earlier years included classes such as prayer meeting, Sunday School, and sewing. Packard Seminary became as we know it today as Spelman College in 1924. Packard served as President from 1881 to 1891; Giles was Spelman’s second President from 1891 to 1902

With his wife and two daughters at his side, President Barack Obama will raise his right hand and place his left on two stacked Bibles as he takes the oath of office for another four-year term. His second inauguration promises the pageantry of the first, but on a smaller scale than 2009, when a record 1.8 million people filled the nation’s capital to witness Obama making history as America’s first black president. Obama has chosen to use two Bibles during his swearing-in - one owned by Martin Luther King Jr. and the other by Abraham Lincoln. He used the Lincoln Bible while taking the oath four years ago. He is adding King’s Bible for an inaugural ceremony that will take place on Jan. 21, the federal holiday honoring the civil rights leader. At the 57th presidential inauguration a week from Monday, Chief Justice John Roberts will administer the oath of office to Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor will administer the oath to Vice President Joe Biden. It’s a day rich in history and tradition.



Brown/white sweater top

Kenneth Cole New York White Hat

Jack McConnell Pants

Jones New York Beige shoes


In The South


PSI Belks Brown boots

BCB Generations

Fur-trimmed black suit

Emily Dillard’s Black hat

Mr. Hi’s Classic Black/Blue shoes


Shoe Fetish


This state is known for doing everything big. Well, heck, the state itself is huge. Let’s talk about the city of Dallas. Dallas is the eight most populous city in the United States and the third most populous city of Texas. Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex is the largest metropolitan area in the South and fourth-largest metropolitan area in the United States. This state is home of the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Maverick (NBA), Texas Rangers (MLB) and Dallas Stars (NHL). How about Dallas became the first city to host the SuperBowl, the World Series, and the NBA Finals all within the same year of 2011. However, the Texas Rangers and Dallas Mavericks both won their playoff games to reach their championship while the Cowboy Stadium in the city of Arlington hosted the Super Bowl.

Consequently, an individual male with a statue of 6’1, who lived in the city of Fort Worth, Texas had a date of birth of 09/21/1931. People from all over knew this male as J. R. Ewing of “Dallas” (1978), a sitcom that involved his character to be evil, rude and the man everyone loved to hate. Also, he was known as Major Tony Nelson in “I Dream of Jeannie” (1965), totally opposite of J. R. Ewing character. His real name is Larry Martin Hagman. His departure from this earth was not long ago, November 23, 2012. While on this earth, Larry Hagman became the National Spokesperson for the 1996 U.S. Transplant Games presented by the National Kidney Foundation due to receiving a new liver a year prior to this status. In addition, he received an award from the National Kidney Foundation for making the public more aware of the importance of the concept of organ donation. He served in this capacity until his death.

Rest In Peace

Chrise’sPlaylist Don’t mind saying ‘I love you’ - Mary J. Blige Just me and you - Bobby Valentino Just the point of it all - Anthony Hamilton Wildest dream - Brandy Adorn - Miguel Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys Wobble baby - VIC Run the world (Girls) - Beyonce’ Nothing even Matters - Lauryn Hill and D’Angelo Lay it down (re-mix) - Patti Labelle ft Lloyd

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