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You want to help children...

But are you asking The Second Question?



We Are A Second Question Organization Most people who want to help kids ask the first question: What can I do to help that child in need? And that’s an important question. But, if you really want to make a positive long-term difference in the life of a child, you need to ask the Second Question: How did the child get there in the first place? Why does he need my help? More often than not, what you will find when you ask that question is that the child does not have the love, nurture, and guidance of an involved, responsible, and committed father. In fact, a child from a father-absent home is two to five times more likely to use drugs, live in poverty, fail in school, and suffer from a host of other risks. In short, no other single factor hurts children more than father absence. Therefore, it is critical that we find ways to connect fathers to their children, heart to heart. And that is why NFI’s work is needed and needs to be supported.


In the typical elementary school classroom of 20 students, 7 of them— over 33%—are growing up without their biological father in the home.*

I am 2 times as likely to be

abused or neglected

I am 7 times more likely to

I am 7 times more likely to

become a pregnant teen

be incarcerated** I am more than 2 times as likely to have

emotional/ behavioral problems

I am 4 times more likely to I am 2 times as likely to

be obese

I am 2 times as likely to

drop out of school

* U.S. Census Bureau. America’s Families and Living Arrangements: 2011. ** If his father is incarcerated All data from Father Facts™.

live in poverty

NFI Gives Children Their Best Chance to Thrive Through a “Three E” Strategy of: „ EDUCATING all Americans, especially fathers, through public awareness campaigns, research, and other resources

OUR MISSION To improve the well-being of children by increasing the proportion of children with involved, responsible, and committed fathers.

„ EQUIPPING fathers and developing leaders of national, state, and local organizations with resources, training, and technical assistance.

„ ENGAGING all sectors of society through strategic alliances and partnerships.

How NFI Makes A Difference • NFI is the #1 provider of fatherhood skill-building resources. • NFI is the #1 trainer of organizations and fatherhood practitioners. • NFI provides the very best— researched and tested—skillbuilding resources for fathers, organizations, and fatherhood practitioners through its FatherSOURCE™ Resource Center. • NFI is the most-quoted authority on fatherhood in America. • NFI has published more studies about fatherhood than any other fatherhood or parenting organization.

What People Are Saying “We were thrilled to be trained in the 24/7 Dad™ program last year. It became immediately apparent that such a resource would fill a gaping hole for our service members… We are proud to be the first Navy base to implement your —Justin Thomas, Facilitator vision.” Naval Air Station Lemoore (Lemoore, CA)

“I’ve learned more from these classes than I learned in 33 years of living about being a man, owning up to responsibilities, and just being a dad. Being a dad is a wonderful thing when you really know what being a dad is all about. The 24/7 Dad™ program can teach you what being a dad is really —William, Father of 3, all about.” Baldwin County Fatherhood Initiative

“It’s addressed a huge need for the men. The InsideOut Dad™ program is well written and easily understood. It touches on important topics that I haven’t seen in other programs” —Pamela Norbeck, Facilitator, MD Dept. of Corrections, Jessup Facility (Jessup, MD).

“This is remarkable material.” —Janet Kregel, M.Ed. Iowa State University

“I wanted to thank you for your emails. As a father of three young children (girl 8, girl 4, and boy, 8 mo) it’s nice to get tips to help pull the family together. I always forward your emails to other dads I know so they can also benefit —Dad from the information.”

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Are you Asking the Second Question?  

Many people want to help children and donate to causes that support them. But are you asing the second question?