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Matthew J. Smith Landscape Architecture Portfolio


Matthew J. Smith Landscape Architecture Portfolio

Sustainable Homestead


East Farm Redesigned


Biscuit City Restoration


O’Hara Residence




Sustainable Homestead


This project is being designed to accommodate a family of four comfortably, while keeping sustainability a priority. The design goal for this project is to create this homestead to leave the smallest ecological

footprint possible, while still maintaining a high level of comfort for the family. The family wants to be much less reliant on fossil fuels and would like to contribute to preserving the environment as a whole, and not just their property. These are tall demands, but nothing that cannot be



This perspective view illustrates many of the sustainable design features of the site design. Most obvious of

them, is the solar panels located on the garage, house, and greenhouse. You will also see the planted wind break to the northwest side of the house, and planted deciduous trees to shade the southeast side of the house in the warmer months, and allow light through in the cooler months.


An angled view of the backyard reveals a play area for the kids, a utility shed with solar panels, rain barrels to collect water from all of the structures, and a relaxing deck with two patios expanding off of it. The design enables the family to have all of the comforts of a suburban home, while living a much more sustainable life.


Grey water/ Rain water Collection Systems Irrigation lines including the drip irrigation to be installed by certified plumber(s) system are to be specified on Irrigation Systems are to be built to municipal and Sheet state building codes Cistern to be placed minimum of 14’ Systems are to be fully integrated into the underground indoor and outdoor plumbing of residence

All water to be filtered thoroughly before entering cistern Grey water to be reused for irrigation as well as water for toilets



East Farm Redesigned


The sketches to the left represent a floor plan of the building. These quick sketches allowed me to explore the architecture of the RINLA headquarters. These drawings opened up new opportunities which I was able to capture with the addition of a green roof and elevated overlook into the orchard. The addition of the oversized rear deck was also due to these sketches. This deck is perfect for outdoor events such as lectures or

presentations. Even the

very shape of the building was designed to draw guests in through the front entrance and open up into the landscape.



This sketch to the right represents the curving pergola with its vast number of vines growing around it. The pergola provides a beautiful shaded area with benches and a large boulder for visitors to enjoy. The benches face the opposing end of the site looking toward the greenhouses for the best possible views.


These shade sails create the perfect outdoor picnic area. This area is shaped by large planting beds and has the perfect panoramic vista of the orchard. The sails not only create an appealing look, but they really give you a sense of direction leading you into the orchard.


This aerial view allows you to get a better grip on the overall project and how each piece of the puzzle fits together. The different textures of plants and materials all play a major role in this overall design.


This is another aerial view of the project but this is taken from above the orchard. This gives you a great representation of the flow out of the building. The rooftop observation area, oversized deck, and shade sail gathering area are the highlights of this design.



Biscuit City Restoration



This is my modern intervention of recreating an Old Mill on the site. Without taking away from the beautiful ruins of the Old Mill, I wanted to recreate it’s essence. I wanted people to get a sense of the scale of this massive structure. I wanted to create a destination on the far end of the site. This structure has a green screen for a wall and the rest is open to the natural environment around it.


This raised deck would provide a great gathering space for classes and visitors alike. The deck would also be raised as not to disturb the natural landscape and have as low of an impact on the environment as possible. In addition to the deck


The image above shows the spring house in

addition there are some minor renovations that

it’s current condition. The building is not in

have been done to the spring house such as

bad condition and with the few minor

new doors and a new window.

improvements this building will look deserving of it’s rich history.



O’Hara Residence


Plan Coming soon

This was a high end residential project I was able to work on. As an intern I went to the residence and


measured the exterior walls, driveway, and located the current landscape buffer.

Working with one of the designers at our office, I helped generate the overall master plan. After a

few revisions, this is the master plan we sold to the client.


Working off of the master plan, I was given the task of creating a SketchUp model of the residents’ backyard. The perspective above is the view from the elevated patio space looking out onto the pool and raised sundeck.


This perspective gives the backyard context, and shows the overall layout of the space. As we presented this SketchUp model to the clients they instantly signed on to the project and wanted this design to become a reality. Building for this project will commence Spring of 2012.



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