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“Courage” Free Verse Poem by: Corene T. I look up ahead of me To see a pack of hyenas Howling and barking at The birds flying by them. I turn around and start going back To where I first came Hoping the whole way That no packs noticed The lone wolf on their territory. I feel a snake slither around my neck And slowly begin to tighten. My head feels light, My stomach a storming sea, My legs won’t move any more So they give up and fold. I fall to the side and Steady myself using the wall. I close my eyes for a few minutes Waiting for this to pass me by. Slowly I regain my strength and composure Until finally I can stand on my own. Shaking my head I turn back around to Face the hyenas. The closer I get to them The more I regret turning round again and The more I feel sick. Look at the birds, They’re unfazed, They completely don’t care. Acting like every one else I walk past the group of kids, And straight to my class Ignoring them the whole way.

"Courage" by Corene T  

A free verse poem describing the author's first day of middle years school.

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