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Tyler, Team Rider

Nick DeLisa Seven3two Team Rider Surfing Division

Nick is an individual who is still trying to make a name for himself in this over-talented surfing generation. People tend to view him as a poorer Rob Dyrdek, in that, he is as crazy as that guy without that cash to back him up. Nick trains MMA and coaches wrestling in between surfing. He’s that guy you’ll see running around in a speedo making an ass out of himself trying to scam your girlfriend.

TJ Reddick is an independent artist whose love for art is derived from an enduring passion of the outdoors. When not painting or teaching, he can usually be found surfing, skating or snowboarding. Both the skate and surf industry lifestyle have influenced much of his works, since he took active interest in these sports at the age of 13. His love of Pop Art, illustration graphics and artists including Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Frank Kozik, Ed Templeton, and Mark Gonzales continue to resonate both an amusing and heavy effect on his spin of vision and innovative creativity.

JJ Egan Seven3two Team Rider Surfing Division

Justin Tyme Seven3two Team Rider Surfing Division

Apparently Justin is in Puerto Rico surfing, although we have not heard from him in awhile. If anyone has heard from Justin, please let him know that we hate him, but hope that he comes home soon.

Mark Humienik Team Rider

Gio DeMarco Seven3two Team Rider Skate Division

Ray Cunneff Seven3two Team Rider Surfing Division

Matt Flesch Seven3two Team Rider Skate Division

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