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DANGEROUS LIAISONS Activities / Activitats: 1. You’ve got the technical details of the film in Valencià. Translate it into English, so you can learn/revise the basic vocabulary related to audiovisual productions. TECHNICAL DETAILS Runtime: 119 min. Country: UK & USA. Year: 1988 (Color) Director: STEPHEN FREARS Production: WARNER BROS. Producted: NORMA HEYMAN & HANK MOONJEAN Writers: CHRISTOPHER HAMPTON (Based on Choderlos Laclos' work) Photograpy: P. ROUSSELOT Editing: MICK AUDSLEY Music: GEORGE FENTON Art Director: STUART CRAIG I GÉRARD JAMES Costume desgin: JAMES ACHESON Sinopsi/Plot summary: France, XVIIIth Century. Fascinating and perverse Marchioness of Merteuil is planning revenge against her latest lover with the help of an old friend, the Viscount of Valmont, who is an immoral and deprived seducer like she is. A virtuous married woman, Madame de Tourvel, who Valmont wants to conquer, will become involved in the dangerous machinations of the Marchioness. 2. Write about 3 of the main characters (Madame de Merteuil, Viscount of Valmont, Madame de Tourvel, and Cecile de Volanges). Include their physical and personality description. Madame de Merteuil is a median age strong with a big personality person who likes to play with the people lifes. She has not a big a moral and is a manipulative person who tryes to make bad in the people who surround her. Is too egocentric and thinks she is the best in the manipulative art and in the love. She lives for the unhappiness of the other people, but it change when she realise that she has lost in everything she think she will never lose; in the manipulation, in the love.

The Viscount of Valmont is a very attractiveman among women of the nobility. Phisically is thin, tall and with strong complexion. Is a manipulative, egocentric and harnessed person. It is also an ambitious, whimsical and arrogant man. He thinks he could have always the control of the situations, but he realised it is not the true when he fell in love, then lost his love and finally died because of that. Madame de Tourvel is a natural, beautiful, slender and elegant woman. Is honest, faithful, responsive, with great moral i modest, true to their principles and secure. It is the model woman of the time. But the Viscount of Valmont makes everything change and does it with the power of the love. Both are in love but at the end they die because they can't have those love. All it for be true to their beliefs and lifestyles. 3. Write a description of the most representative locations of the age, like the lounges (living rooms), the bedrooms or the gardens. The living room has a lot of big windows, the walls have decoration with pictures. Don’t have so much furniture, only have three sofas and a table for take a tea. The garden was very big, with a lot of flowers and very green, because someone Works in the garden for cleaning and cut de flowers. The bedroom was big, with many furniture and very overloaded and golden. 4. Do you think that they are genuine people? What do Mme de Merteuil and the Viscount of Valmont use to dress up in front of the people? Which physical or material elements do they use to build their social identity? I think they are not, I think they mind to much about them style like the other people of the age. They use to dress extravagant clothes with overwhelming details and too they use to wear lots of make up like the rest of the other people of the age, but that is it because that was the fashion of the age. 5. In the film you can find people who aren’t what they are supposed to be. The society of that age was based on rules, conventions and traditions which stopped people from being what they really were. What are the objectives that each character wants to meet? What means do they use to get those objectives? Are they really happy? The Objectives of Mme. Merteuil wanted to send, be superior to others and revenge on her ex-lover. The Objectives of Valmont Demosthenes wanted to be in control of all situations and no girl will be resisted, less Mme. Tourvel. - The Means do they use to get Those Objectives was lying and deception.

They really aren't happy, Because at the end Were left alone. Although at first if they were happy. 6. Quina dona de les que hi apareixen a la pel·lícula et sembla més moderna, més atrevida, més d’acord a l’esperit del Segle de les Llums reflectit a l’expressió Sapere aude? Mme de Merteuil, Mme de Tourvel, Cécile de Volanges, sa mare…? Justifica la teua resposta. Pense que la dona més moderna i atrvida d'acord a l’esperit del Segle de les Llums és Mme de Merteuil ja que no compleix amb el model de dona de l'epoca. És una dona independen i amb les idees clares, a pesar de que les seues idees són malicioses. 7. Diríeu que Mme de Tourvel és una persona “major d’edat” d’acord a l’ètica de Kant? Hi ha algun canvi en aquesta situació al llarg de la pel·lícula? Justifica detingudament la teua resposta utilitzant els teus coneixements. Pensem que Mme de Tourvel no era “major d’edat”per que era una persona que depenia molt de l’esglesia i de les normes, però la veritat esque no era una persona totalment al cent per cent “menor d’edat” ja que avegades era independent. 8. La pel·lícula és una crítica a la moral i els costums de l’aristocràcia durant el segle XVIII. Elabora tú aquesta crítica. Un element molt important és l’escena final de Mme de Merteuil, el desenllaç de Valmont, etc. La societat d'eixa època se basava en regles, convencions i tradicions. Però lo que veem en la pelicula es que se basa en l'amor d'un en l'atre, l'engany i amagar-se com era realment. El Vescomte, va varies voltes al poble a donar-los diners als que no tenen, però realment nomes ho fa per a aparentar coses que ell no es. també te alts càrrecs i solament esta pensant en perquè Mme. touvel li rebuja. L’últim tros de la pel·lícula, quan Mme. de merteuil se desmaquilla mos dona a entendre tot lo que ha ocultat desprès de eixe maquillatge i que tota les coses que ha fet han eixit a la llum i que esta sola i no te a ningú. La pel·lícula també dona a entendre que en eixa època la gent soli mentir per aconseguir lo que volia, però si pillaven a algú, li miraven mal i no entenc perquè, si ells fan exactament lo mateix.

Mirella Selma, Mariam Raga i Carla Peiró. 4T C

Dangerous Liaisons  
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