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Clan Project #4 5. Market Research •

Define your likely market and target audience o What are their characteristicso

Market size


Geography (location, distribution feasibility) Physical characteristics (age, gender, education level, etc.)

o •

Are there other markets that you have not tapped yet but could?

Are there other niches or market segments to focus on? o

What are the characteristics of these niches?

9. Evaluation •

There is a need to regularly evaluate marketing performance to assess your strategies. How will you track? Positive indicators include: o Increased sales o

Increased profits


Customer satisfaction surveys

o o

Product visibility Tracking systems


Client database: address/zip

Evaluation will  include  constant  website  updates  with  a  news  letter  that  includes  the  areas  of  new  ideas,  profits,   sales,  customer  feedback  and  information  and  tracking  systems  

Marketing Evaluation  

Evaluation will include constant website updates with a news letter that includes the areas of new ideas, profits, sales, customer feedback...

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