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I’ve always been a good observer. Since I was little, I had fun drawing everything I looked at. At the beginning it was difficult, because nobody taught me anything about drawing. But through time, I developed my own technique, surprising my entire family. That is why I could draw in telephone guides without being punished! Years went by and I enrolled design at PUC. There I worked in different and multiplidiscinary projects, where I always contributed with outstanding graphic solutions. Then, almost at the end of my career, I travelled to Italy as an exchange student. Thanks to that, I was lucky to learn new ways of approaching design. After finishing school, I founded the Pinkit Illustration Group, which enabled an important recognition inside the professional illustrators in my country. We were called to make different workshops and lectures about illustration in several universities. Today, I’m part of the evaluating comission at and I’m still polishing my style and tecnique. I’m interested in following a retro, avant-gard, colorful and fancy way of drawing, reflected in all of the characters I create.

In love Personal work

Morning nightmare 1 Personal work

Morning nightmare 2 Personal work

Without underwear

Illustration for an exhibition about chilean popular expressions, organized by

Sketchbags / Blackvelvet

For Blackvelvet urban bags line

Socially Rejected Needs

Illustration for the Socially Rejected Needs blog

Summer joy

Personal work

Smooth Criminal

Bulb! Magazine

Hunter Personal work

Children Rights

Pearson Education

Monotask man, multitask woman

Pearson Education

Children Orchestra

Pearson Education

Le Garรงon Personal work

Peace round - Gabriela Mistral

Pearson Education

The mistress - Federico Gana

Pearson Education

Giracuentos - María José González C. Unicef contact:

Illustration Portfolio vol.01  

Illustration portfolio with my works, if you are interested on working with me, contact me to this email:

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