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Earthquake rocks Wellington, New Zealand! Wellington, NZ - An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 hit the area of Wellington New Zealand today. This earthquake rocked the city with powerful rage. Highways buckled, fires raged, and buildings collapsed. The epicenter was located near the northwest border of the city. Unfortunately, the epicenter was located under a village, destroying the whole thing, with nothing left behind. Several citizens of Wellington complained of their house shaking in a violent manner. Some of their houses collapsed while others were left untouched.

Daily Life Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and is the 2nd most popular city in New Zealand. The population is 393,400. The urban area is the most populated area in the city. Wellington, New Zealand is a popular area for vacations. The city has beautiful buildings, homes, and beaches. Like any other popular city, the city booms with excitement and beauty. The sports they play there are rugby, soccer, and basketball. They have festivals, dance, comedy, theatre, music, and film. The damageleft by an earthquake could make it difficult to enjoy these activities.

Economical Impact Wellington’s economy relies heavily on tourism. One of the more popular tourist stops is the Wellington Zoo. The zoo has over 500 different species of animals. Tourists can also bike to breathtaking sights such as Mt. Victoria. They can experience the historical museum and learn about New Zealand’s geography and natural environment. Tourists can go kayaking in Wellington’s harbor and go inline skating right on Wellington's picturesque waterfront. An earthquake could have a devastating impact on all these cultural activities and would ultimately have a negative effect on the city’s economy.

Preparedness Wellington, New Zealand is a very big city. There is one major fault line running through the center of the city. Seismologists have found several hundred minor fault lines in the other parts of the city. The city is very much prepared for an earthquake to happen. Their buildings are made up of a strong structural steel. The steel can withstand the violent shaking of a major earthquake. The citizens of Wellington place their faith in good building structures and regulations so that they can survive an earthquake.

Published by: Prue Publishing Company 2011

Earthquake Rocks Wellington  

A newspaper article that covers an earthquake in the city of Wellington, New Zealand.

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