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Media Design Master of Fine Arts Degree Program MDM530 Brand Development | Project Brief

MDM 530  -­‐  Project  Brief,  3.4.3. Brand  Development Media  Design  MFA Month  3

Project Brief 1. Company Name Name:  Fashion  Fights  Poverty   Industry:     Fashion Category:    Non  for  ProCit  

2. Primary Products  or  Services -­‐Fashion  show  production

-­‐youth outreach  classes -­‐entrepreneur  funding -­‐poverty  prevention

3. Campaign Project  Objective/Synopsis

4. Big Goal  (BHAG)  or  Project  Outcome and  how  it  will  be  measured  for  success

To rebrand  Fashion  Fights  Poverty  by  completing  a   major  branding  campaign  &    rebranding  scenario,   for  the  purpose  of  bringing  awareness  to  the  brand.

To increase  brand  awareness  in  order  to  revive  FFP   and  to  gain  a  3%  increase  in  funding  over  a  2  year   period.

5. Primary Campaign  Deliverables  

6. Key Tenets

-­‐new logo -­‐marketing  campaign -­‐new  mission  statement

7. Primary Target  Audience

• EfKicient • Dedicated • Positive

8. Target Clubs  and  Tribes

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MDM530 Brand Development | Project Brief

Project Brief -­‐20-­‐45 year  olds -­‐college  educated

This will  be  a  responsible  group  of  individuals  who   care  about  the  environment  and  others.  They  will  see   themselves  as  activists  and  will  probably  already  be   involved  in  other  initiatives.

-­‐Vegans -­‐all demographics  (helping  has  no  speciKic)

9. Two (2)  Primary  Competitors

10. 2 Key  Strengths  and  2  Key  Weaknesses

-­‐New York  Fashion  Week


-­‐Other NPO’s  seeking  funding  for  design

-­‐leader in  the  Kield -­‐environmental  activism Weakness -­‐lack  of  awareness -­‐there  may  be  a  struggle  to  keep  people  interested

11. Positioning Statement The  brand  is  a  leader  at  this  time.  I  have  not  been   able  to  Kind  another  brand  that  is  very  similar  to   this  one.  That  is  good  for  now  but  as  the  brand   becomes  known  there  will  be  the  threat  of   copycats.

13. Sustainable Competitive  Advantage   (SCA)

12. Unique Selling  Proposition  (USP) The  USP  of  this  brand  is  that  they  are  the  only  brand   that  is  using  the  multi-­‐billion  dollar  fashion  industry   to  bring  about  awareness  for  poverty.  

14. 2 Key  Features  &  2  Corresponding   BeneCits   Page 2

MDM530 Brand Development | Project Brief

Project Brief The advantage  the  brand  provides  over  it’s   competitors  is  the  knowing  that  you  are   purchasing  products  that  will  not  harm  the   environments.

Feature-­‐ Humanitarian BeneKit-­‐  Consumers  feel  like  they  are  involved.   Buying  “green”  takes  a  little  bit  of  the  guilt  out  of   splurging  on  fashion Feature-­‐  Sustainable  Materials  Used BeneKit-­‐  The  materials  used  to  make  the  garments   will  not  harm  the  environment.

15. Creative Call  to  Action  

16. Current Logo

The creative  work  must  draw  the  viewer  in.  It   must  make  the  viewer  feel  as  if  it  is  their  duty  to   join  the  movement.

17. Tag Lines  Draft  Ideas

18. Additional Notes/Design  Notes

Draft 3  compelling  tag  lines.  A  draft  is  6ine,  revise  after   months  4    or  5,  etc.

I am  very  excited  to  work  on  this  project  for   FFP.  The  brand  has  a  lot  of  my  own  personality.

• Fashion Fights  Poverty 1.Live  and  Re-­‐Live 2.  Now  and  forever 3.  Human  ___________ 4. Glove  up!

I will  admit  I  am  slightly  intimidated  by  the  vast   amount  of  work  to  be  completed,  but  I’m  ready   to  sink  my  teeth  in.

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