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Brand Specifics

1.1-Research Paper 1.8-Project Brief 1.9-Swot Analysis

2.1-Fashion 2.2-Education 2.3-Fair Trade

Creative 3.1-Mood Boards 3.3-Logo Exploration

Style Guide


4.1-Logo Usage 4.3-Color Story 4.5-Font Specifications

5.1-Campaign Assets

1. Research Abstract

Fashion Fights Poverty is a non for profit organization focused on sustainable fashion, education and the eradication of poverty. î ˘e organization was birthed out of a brainstorming session when its founders got together to figure out how the billion dollar fashion industry could be used to better the environment, considering the damage it causes.

î ˘e answer was an innovative brand that would catapult itself to the forefront of DC fashion, bringing artists from all over the world to showcase their talent. Sustainable fashion is beginning to gain a major following, but is still overlooked in many sectors.


î ˘ere is a monster lurking in the earth, a monster that is fed daily with pesticides, dirty water, and contamination all under the guise of fierce fashion. There is a price that must be paid for luxury cottons, soft wools and pink cashmere, and the prices are being paid by the environment and those being exploited by unfair working regulations. In all the excitement of best and worst dressed there lies a company with its eye on environmental healing and poverty eradication. It’s not enough to just throw old clothes away; there is a change that needs to take place. Fashion Fights Poverty is a cutting edge organization with an idea that takes the first steps to that change. They are the largest fashion fundraiser in Washington DC, the leader in a virtually untapped field. The next step for FFP is to rebrand the existing business model so that it is coherent, consistent, and speaks to the brands established target market. There cannot be one individual hero to reverse the damage done to the environment and certainly there is not one who can single handedly restore the faith in entrepreneurial trade systems. Outlined here are the existing situations, and the suggestions to give FFP the ammunition needed to become a global force to be reckoned with. Questions will be asked and answers demanded. The only true way to garner change is to look the problem square in the eye and demand transformation.


The Problem... Imagine getting ready for work in the “What is the role of the multi-billion dollar morning, or maybe it’s school. Think of all of the fashion industry in addressing global issues such as different textiles incorporated into a simple poverty, the environment, and workers morning routine. There are the bed linens, the empowerment? They also wanted to figure out if it rug, pajamas, face and body towels, clothing etc. was possible to be ethical about ones’ fashion The billion-dollar fashion and textile industry has choices without sacrificing style” This paper will had a major effect on the well being of the discuss, examine and explain how the Fashion environment. Tons of pesticides are pumped into Fights Poverty campaign can help to change the face the atmosphere as well as astronomical amounts of the fabric and textile industry. It will bring to the of waste. Fabrics like nylon (which can be found forefront a group of creative entrepreneurs who are in various textile mixtures) can be very hard to not only passionate about their craft but also the well recycle and can take upwards of 40 years to being of the planet on which they live. The project decompose. This is where Fashion Fights Poverty will bring awareness to the FFP brand through a is able to step in as a leader in the field. FFP is a major marketing campaign targeted at those who nonprofit organization founded by Michael share the interests of a sustainable fashion Dumalo, Kadrieka Maiden and Sylvie Luanghy marketplace, and the uplifting and support of a after asking themselves some very serious global initiative. questions.


Brand Co-Founders

Consumers love a great fitting pair of jeans or a comfortable T-shirt but may not understand all that goes into creating those Fashion Fights poverty was started in 2005 and is one

textiles. FFP wants to show consumers that

of the largest fashion fundraisers in Washington DC. It all

there is the possibility to enjoy those same

began when the brand owners realized that the fashion industry

comforts with little to no eect on the

the community programs that they are known for. There is the Dress

has an obligation to the environment. They organized a fashion

environment. They wish to give that socially

Responsibly look book that showcases the high fashion designs of the

show in less than six weeks. The response they received from

conscious shopper the same high fashion

artists, a forum for questions and awareness, a yearly gala, and the

models and designers was overwhelming, but it let them know

design choices coupled with equally attractive

Fashion Swap, which is a recent addition. Fashion Fights Poverty has

that they had struck on an untapped opportunity for innovative

marketing and branding campaigns. FFP is

enjoyed tremendous growth since that first fashion show in 2005. They

charity concepts (FFP). They partnered with the United

dedicated to the environment, and as a result

have benefitted a number of nonprofits, and showcased the work of

Nations Association to host the event and as a result were able

rewards and recognizes designers and

over 60 designers (in many cases, debuting entire collections and

to bridge a gap between the two worlds. On the surface it may

organizations who embrace the powerful

fashion houses in the US for the first time). FFP has proven their

seem like a challenging connection but with a slightly deeper

potential of creativity and design to address

passion for fashion and environmental stability. They are on the right

look it is clear. The fashion and textile industry is everywhere,

issues of poverty by adhering to such principles

path to make a dramatic change in the way consumers view fashion, the

permeating even the smallest business ventures.

as fair trade, equitable compensation and the

next step is stepping outside of Washington DC.

FFP secured non-profit status in 2009 and began to develop

use of environmentally-sustainable materials (FFP). They understand the toll that the fashion industry has taken and have decided to make a concerted eort to counteract it.


The Need... Fashion Fights Poverty is in need of a rebranding campaign. They have

The FFP initiative is a very important one. The environment as we know it

clearly made a name for themselves and as has been stated above is the

has been changing drastically. Although all of these changes have not been due to

largest fashion charity in Washington DC, but what’s next? There are

human interaction it is believed that the amount of chemical waste produced by the

several things that FFP will benefit from in this rebranding process.

creation and dying of textiles has dealt a major blow. There may not be a sure fire

Rebranding is a delicate balance of retaining valuable brand equity and

way to reverse the effects, but reducing or stopping the actions would allow a healing

awareness, while also grasping any aspects of the business that are missed

process to begin.

with a current brand (Luck). The equity and awareness that the brand has

A healing for the environment is very important and can only be accomplished

gained will be capitalized upon in the process of renewal. Contact will be

through great campaigns and strong companies. Fashion Fights Poverty is off to a

made with existing sponsors and designers in an effort to shine a new light

great start, but the organization and the cause would benefit from some design

on the brand. FFP will receive a newly designed website that will flow

changes and rebranding techniques. Beginning with the logo, which is actually just

smoothly allowing the reader to effortlessly navigate between pages. The

lettering, this campaign would be responsible for a complete overhaul. The fact that

introduction of a major marketing and awareness campaign, restructuring of

that the existing company logo is lettering is not necessarily the issue, it is the type of

the brands mission statement, a new logo, and mobile application and will

lettering that is used. The copy looks dated and does not seem to have been well

also help to solve the issue of brand awareness. Eliel Saarinen said ‘Always

thought out. The colors that are used in the existing logo are red, white, and black.

design a thing by considering it in its next largest context – a chair in a

According to Color Matters red symbolizes passionate love, seduction, violence,

room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a

danger, anger, and adventure. The color black symbolizes power, elegance, formality,

city plan (’ The rebranding of FFP will be viewed in this

death, evil, and mystery. Lastly white is largely viewed as light, goodness,

way, from step to step a continual building of information and design.

innocence, purity, and virginity.


The Solution The marketing campaign for Fashion Fights Poverty will be a major one. The brand is currently the largest fashion fundraiser in Washington DC (FFP), but there is so much more to be accomplished. One of the major This campaign is the best choice for FFP. It campaign ideas is a social networking challenge. Research of FFP’s goes beyond a simple website redesign and really digs social networking pages revealed a low amount of interest considering into the essence of the brand and what they are the recognition the brand has received. In order to gain more interest and attempting to accomplish. It will speak to the issues possibly recruit more designers the campaign will execute a challenge for brought forth by the existing company literature and take the best-designed green garment. The campaign will be open to designers it multiple steps forward. The campaign will bring to from all 50 states, and the winner will win a spot on the FFP designer reality the idea that a change is not only possible, but list, as well as the opportunity to list items on the FFP site. The campaign also necessary. Growing cotton uses 22.5 percent of all will also include a mobile application that will keep subscribers up to the insecticides used globally. Growing enough cotton date on current issues in the world of green fashion as well as give them for one t-shirt requires 257 gallons of water innovative design ideas. Any contests or events that the brand executes (fibre2fashion). This is clearly devastating to the will be distributed this way as well. Society has become so dependent economy. This campaign will bring designers from upon social media and smart phones that Fashion Fights Poverty is around the world together to join in creating a cleaner missing a vital marketing step by ignoring it. Another component of this fashion marketplace. campaign will include Fashion Fights Poverty in mainstream television. There are countless design and fashion shows that would be potential partners with the brand. For example Project Runway, a fashion design reality show, has a green challenge every season.


Conclusion In conclusion, FFP deserves the

brand so that it will operate at it’s full

congratulations of a job well done so far.

potential. The campaign will benefit not

Thorough discussion and examination

only the FFP organizers but the

have proved that FFP has the potential to

environment as well. Poverty eradication

change the face of the fabric and textile

is a major issue for one brand to tackle

industry. There are countless entrepreneurs

alone, and for this reason the campaign

and business owners who are passionate

organizers have solidified partnerships

about their craft and are willing to use

with established corporations who

their expertise to better the environment.

resonate with the brand model and are

Once the initial overhaul excitement dies

willing to use their market status to

down, it will be important to sustain the

catapult the message of “Doing good,

new brand by instituting an ongoing

while looking good�. FFP is on the way to

program for measuring employees'

making an environmental statement like

consistent and complete use of it.

no other business has done before. Their

Maintaining brand integrity within a

dedication to their fellow man is

company puts them on a path to market

unparalleled and their accomplishments

buy-in, which is the very reason for

have made a tremendous impact thus far.

rebranding in the first place (Williams).

This campaign will use that momentum to

The FFP campaign is a strong one. It is

continue the fight and bring the FFP model

poised to bring a critical eye to the

full circle.

existing business model, restructuring the


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Primary Services


-fashion show production -youth outreach classes -entrepreneur funding -poverty eradication

-To increase brand awareness in order to revive FFP and to gain a 3% increase in funding over a 2 year period.

Project Synopsis -To rebrand Fashion Fights Poverty by completing a major branding campaign & rebranding scenario, for the purpose of bringing awareness to the brand.



Brand Key Tenets

Target Market

Unique Selling Proposition

-Efficient -Dedicated -Positive

‐20-­‐45 year olds ‐college educated ‐Vegans ‐all demographics

e USP of this brand is that they are the only brand that is using the multi-­‐ billion dollar fashion industry to bring about awareness for poverty.

Brand Strengths


Fashion Fights Poverty has the ability to begin to restore the tarnished image of the fashion industry. î ˘e negativity that is associated with major brands can begin to be turned around with continual community education and involvement.

Brand Opportunities Opportunities for Fashion Fights Poverty are endless. What the brand needs is awareness, and there are several avenues that can be taken to achieve this. Organizations and artists with similar goals and ambitions would be great to partner with.



Brand Weaknesses e weaknesses associated with the brand deal with outsiders who do not share the common goal of environmental safety. Education is the key to ridding the brand of this sort of energy and Fashion Fights Poverty is dedicated to informing the masses of the truth about the fashion industry

Brand reats Traditionally ethically conscious fashion has been more expensive than the mainstream. is poses a major threat to the sustainable movement. Other threats include the major competitors who do not share the same goal. ese competitors have more capital, and more weight in the community.


2.1 Brand Specifics

î ˘e fashion fights poverty brand focuses on three major categories. Sustainable fashion, education, and fair trade policies. î ˘e following pages will give a brief look into these aspects that make Fashion Fights Poverty the unique brand that it is.

Fashion Sustainable fashion has long graduated from dowdy hippie attire. The high fashion world has embraced this new phenomenon to a certain extent, and Fashion Fights Poverty has taken the reigns as the premier organization to educate on the real issues affecting the community.

Education Fashion Fights Poverty holds community classes to educate its followers on ways to do their part in helping to restore the environment through fashion.

Fair Trade Fair trade marketplaces are very common in this day and age. î ˘e idea is that an artist in a third world country would receive a fair wage/fair trade for their time and also their craî‚?. Exploitation is among the highest crimes in the fashion industry.

3. Creative

e mood boards for fashion Fights Poverty were created to give the viewer a glimpse into the heart of the campaign. As has been stated before there are several directions this campaign could have taken. e direction that was chosen will give the brand a new identity and allow the owners to see it in a new light.. e target market will be rejuvenated and the brand will flourish.

e mood board that was eventually chosen for the brand was one that was mostly focused on fashion since this is the major focus of the brand.

Other areas were explored in order to get the full understanding of the brand. is board was focused on the educational aspect of the brand, and what FFP had to offer to the community.

is particular board highlights the humanitarian aspect of Fashion Fights Poverty.

Logo Exploration

e beginning of logo exploration for FFP was a simple logotype. e current logo uses the brand name only and the initial thought was to stay in this same vein. e “do good, look good” tag is one that already belongs to the brand and will continue to be used on literature and other branding merchandise.

e ending Fashion Fights Poverty logo was created digitally. e logo symbolizes soaring over the mountains. e mountains of course being the feat of eradicating poverty in the world.

e FFP birds were created to give the brand a fashionable symbol that can be printed on clothing and literature.

4. Style Guide


Color Story The color pallet for the new FFP is vibrant and earthy. This is not a normal combination but the brand calls for a color story that is fashion focused as well as one that caters to the bohemian aspect of the organization.

R/171 G/160 B/0

R/0 G/0 B/0

R/236 G/0 B/140

R/102 G/45 B/145

C/0 M/0 Y/100 K/40

C/75 M/68 Y/67 K/90

C/0 M/100 Y/0 K/0

C/75 M/100 Y/0 K/0


e Minion Pro font was chosen because of it’s simplicity. e goal was to have have the focus remain on the literature while still maintaining an interesting font.

5. Solutions

î ˘e answer to the FFP branding scenario will be found in the following pages in the form of campaign assets. î ˘e campaign media mix was designed to give ultimate exposure to the desired target market.

Media Mix î ˘e campaign media mix for FFP will give the brand a new look and a refined mission. FFP is currently operating on Facebook but the following is not very strong. Sustainable designers are very passionate about their work as well as their environment. î ˘e new campaign will give them to showcase not only their work, but also their passion for the world.

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do good, look good Marissa J. Perry

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