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3rd Issue 2017


INTERNET OF THINGS: NOT A ONE-DAY WONDER If you’re a loyal UPDATE-reader, you’ve noticed the

One way to create effective IoT projects is by using various

Internet of Things (IoT) theme popping up here and there

cloud platforms. IBM’s Bluemix is one. It makes it easier

and everywhere. It’s been like that for the past year or so.

for our developers to work quickly and effectively with

I don’t mean to repeat myself, however, the case is this:

our IoT projects in the cloud. In this UPDATE, you find out

IoT was and is not a one-day wonder. The theme started

more about how Bluemix works.

manifesting itself last year, and today, it is still our main focus and punchline. It is the future, especially for the

Lastly, I want to invite you to take direct contact to Toke or

manufacturing industry.

me if you are considering an IoT solution for your company. You have to start somewhere, and at Mjølner, we are

This issue of Mjølner UPDATE makes another case for

experts in figuring out where that start is for you. You can

IoT. Our exciting project with Carlsberg is featured. You

reach me directly at

can read about the beer conglomerate’s focus on keeping stadium beer cold and, in that way, minimizing waste of

Enjoy your read and IoT journey,

precious liquids during half-times. Still not quite sure about the term IoT? Brush up your tech knowledge and read our detailed definition. Got it? This is your chance to ace this term and get the basics straight. IoT is explained by our IoT department manager Toke who has worked with clients on optimizing their

Best Regards,

business with IoT.

Brian Gottorp Jeppesen, CEO



MJØLNER’S TECH DICTIONARY: INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) This Summer, our blog has been busy with defining tech

Constituent Elements: Cyber Physical Systems,

For Mjølner, IoT is yet another tool to create business

concepts and buzzwords. One of the terms we defined

sensor technology, cloud technology

value for our clients, and it can play an essential role in

was Internet of Things (IoT). We have recaptured it for you right here.

Internet of Things - in Short:

your business development.

How Does IoT Create Business Value? With Internet of Things, we can make anything, from your

It plays a role when we use technology to create

machines to your stock, intelligent and connected.

systems that control the communication between

Internet of Things describes the expansion of the

sensors and units, collect and handle data, and present

internet - and its applications - that takes place when

Imagine products that tell you when they need service, a

the data in accordance with your existing business

we place internet-connected sensors in different types of

stock that up- and downscales automatically, or a service


equipment. It makes it possible to collect, analyze, and

that adjusts according to real time data.

apply data from many different data sources at once and in real time.

When we work with Internet of Things for our clients, With Internet of Things and cloud technology, we can

we draw on our experience with those systems,

connect your units, services, and data and, in that way,

platforms, and tools that attach to the technology.

When machines can exchange data and communicate

create a range of business advantages. The sky is the

Furthermore, our deep software development and

with each other, it creates new possibilities in terms of

limit. The most significant challenge is to know where to

architecture know-how, as well as our Data Science

intelligence and automation in the network.

focus and how to go from idea to action.

competencies, are indispensable in this context.

Words and Terms Related to IoT:

How Mjølner works with IoT

We know what it takes to integrate software across

Abbreviation: IoT

IoT is a wide phenomenon. In fact, everything that is

different hardware platforms and how to ensure

Synonyms: Internet of Everything, Web of Things

capable of producing or receiving data can be placed under

applicability in each unit. Your business goals, clients,

Versioning: Industrial Internet, Industri 4.0, Life

the ’Things’ banner in Internet of Things.

and users are at the center of it all.


Download Your Free IoT E-book Internet of Things is a strong tool for companies that are interested in making their business more data-driven. We have written a short e-book on why and how. It’s called: ”How to Increase your Competitiveness With Data. A Guide to Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing Companies.” (The book is in Danish - ’Sådan øger du din konkurrenceevne med data. En guide til prædiktiv vedligeholdelse for produktionsvirksomheder.) Get your free e-book here:


MEASURING CARLSBERG BEER TEMPERATURES VIA IOT The Carlsberg Group is the fourth largest brewery

Following, the team had an idea session in which it came

coordinating with Arrow. Mjølner set up the framework

In this PoC, Cloud means that the team can create

group in the world. It is founded and headquartered in

up with multiple project ideas that were realistic for

for the hardware that Arrow developed. IBM delivered the

the project without collaborating with Carlsberg’s IT

Copenhagen, Denmark. The company’s flagship brand

Carlsberg to implement, as well as cost-effective.

platform Bluemix, applied to the project in order to receive

department. The system does not run on a machine inside

the data from the hardware.

Carlsberg’s facilities, rather, it runs in the cloud. This is one

is Carlsberg Beer, but it also brews Tuborg, Kronenbourg, Somersby cider,

and many more. Carlsberg employs

around 45.000 people.

The Challenge

If beer by accident is stored with too high temperatures

of the biggest revolutions of cloud.

(cooler breakdown or other equipment failures), product

Soon after the team concluded their work on the PoC, they

quality can be affected. As a consequence, the beer must,

set up the sensors on the beer tanks in Telia Parken and

Added Value

under most circumstances, be discarded.

displayed the incoming data to Carlsberg.

The value of the PoC for Carlsberg comes in reduction

Carlsberg’s challenge was to find out if they could optimize

of loss and optimization of services. We have shown

their operation processes, reduce loss, and make a cost-

Therefore, the winning idea was the IoT project of

In this PoC, data (temperature) comes in via Watson

Carlsberg that the project is possible, cost-effective, and

effective case via an Internet of Things (IoT) platform.

measuring and monitoring the beer temperatures in

Internet of Things to the Bluemix platform from the

do-able through an IoT platform.

the large tanks at the venue/stadium, Telia Parken, in

sensors on the beer tanks. A database (Bluemix) saves


the data. The backend analyzes the data and calculates if

The interesting question now is: where do we go from

there is an alarm situation for which data is prepared for

here? What is Carlsberg going to use this new opening

presentation on a frontend.

of opportunities via an IoT platform for? The possibilities

IBM, Arrow, and Mjølner teamed up in order to create a Proof of Concept (PoC) that would enlighten the benefits and possibilities of an IoT platform for Carlsberg.

The Solution In order to inspect Carlsberg’s equipment and to be able to put forward a line of PoC project suggestions, the team of

This IoT project has opened our eyes to new opportunities in terms of operations and streamlining. Rasmus Kehlet, Head of Technical Service, Carlsberg Danmark

IBM, Arrow, and Mjølner visited Carlsberg’s beer terminal in Taastrup, Denmark.

seem endless. IBM’s Bluemix is a cloud platform that makes it possible for Mjølner’s developers to create this set-up much easier

What Can IoT Do for Your Business?

than if they had to create it all from scratch. The value

Contact Flemming to learn more:

of Bluemix is that it is available and ready to use in the Mjølner’s team of three developers worked on the project from their offices in Aarhus while continuously

developers application.

Flemming Gram Christensen, Senior Consultant / +45 41 95 36 24


WHY MJØLNER USES IBM’S BLUEMIX FOR INTERNET OF THINGS In this article we share some basics about IBM’s Bluemix

we dedicated a few of our developers to be our in-house

platform and the reasons why Bluemix is one of our

’Bluemix team’. They developed a cloud application for both

preferred cloud platforms for IoT projects.

the backend and frontend of the Carlsberg IoT project.

What Is Bluemix?

Bluemix as a cloud platform makes it possible for our

Bluemix is a cloud platform that enables you to rapidly

developers to create this type of set-up much easier than

create, deploy, and manage your cloud applications. It

if they had to create it all from scratch.

provides a growing ecosystem of runtime frameworks and services. With your dashboard you can create, view, and

It includes multiple APIs (Application Programming

manage your applications and services as well as monitor

Interfaces), that is, ways in which the developer can

your application’s resource usage. The Bluemix dashboard

integrate what he or she wants easily. This is one of the

also provides the ability to manage organizations, spaces,

benefits of Bluemix. The APIs are readily available and

and user access.

ready to use in the cloud.

One Way We Used Bluemix

Storing Data

Our use of Bluemix helps us solve our clients’ problems

As you may have noticed, it gets a little technical when we

and drive business value with applications, infrastructure,

want to explain what Bluemix can do and why we use it.

and services. In the Carlsberg Proof of Concept project, we get a little The project we did with Carlsberg, laid out earlier in this

more hands on. Here, the data we worked with were

magazine, is an example of our work with Bluemix. Here,

temperatures. They came in via Watson Internet of Things

This illustration is another example of an IoT process using Bluemix.

to the Bluemix platform from the sensors we added to the

Want to Learn More?

beer tanks.

Please contact our IoT Manager: The Bluemix database archived the data, and the backend analyzed it and used our defined algorithems to calculate if there was an alarm sitation. If so, the data was prepared for presentation on the frontend automatically. Cloud platforms such as Bluemix make it possible to bring together multiple data sources, scale systems, and incorporate cognitive services to drive business value quickly and inexpensively. At Mjølner, we have become quite the Bluemix experts, and we want to help even more companies gain business value via the success of cloud.

Toke Lønbro Nørring Boisen +45 41 95 36 66


WANT TO GET STARTED WITH INTERNET OF THINGS? Mjølner is an expert on Internet of Things, and we can

you need additional know-how in order to be succesful

help you go from scratch to a streamlined process or

with your project. If that is the case, we also offer IoT


consultants. In other words, we can run the project for you full-time or you can run your project yourself and add

You’ve seen our work, our expertise, and our tool. Now,

our experts to your team.

you are ready to get started with IoT. You might be wondering: What could my IoT process look like?

It’s really up to you! We’re here to help you get business value from IoT in the format you prefer.

At Mjølner, we do our best to visualize the project goal and process from the very start. Typically, we start out

Contact our IoT Manager, Toke Lønbro Nørring Boisen, and

with what we call a Disruption Workshop in which we

find out how you can achieve business value through IoT.

draft a business case and thereby give you the perfect platform to work from. From there our Data Exploration process is a natural step. It entails finding valuable insights in your existing data. However, it all depends on your thoughts, preferences, and ambitions. Maybe you are in a completely different situation where you already have a lot of IoT competencies in-house, but +45 41 95 36 66


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UPDATE Q3 - IoT is Not a One-Day Wonder  

As our daily worklife, this issue is centered around Internet of Things (IoT). We have featured our work with Carlsberg, our expertise, and...