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REACHING YOUR DIGITAL POTENTIAL WITH HANDS-ON INNOVATION Technology gives us endless possibilities, and they are

A half-day workshop for representatives from six

not reserved to large companies.


Digital and technological growth is about getting the

A showcase where we listened, learned, and debated

most out of what you already have, or what you can

with seven digital innovators.

easily get. The participants at our events have already benefited With hands-on digital innovation, you can – whether

from the knowledge-sharing and our hands-on tools. In

you make money on car repairs, children’s clothes, or

this booklet, we bring them to you in the hope that they

anything in between – benefit from technology in one

can inspire new ideas for your business, and set you on

way or another.

the path to fulfill your digital potential.

At Internet Week Denmark, we set out to prove this


point by hosting two events about hands-on digital innovation.

*Some external content is in Danish.

Getting Started: Hands-On Digital Innovation