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In this edition: Trip Reports: Australia Day Tallarook State Forest, What’s North of the River & Beachport Fun in the Sand Installing a Dual Battery Controller 4WD Victoria News April 2011

April 2011 look forward to seeing even more members getting involved.


Message from the President From the Editor

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Trip Reports Australia Day: Tallarook State Forest

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Fun in the Sand at Beachport

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Fun in the Sand at Beachport, B Grade

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What‟s North of the Tarago River?

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Installing a Dual Battery Controller

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Upcoming 4WD Vic Training

See you at the Muster Cheers Dan

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PS. It would be great to see reports from all club trips and events in the next edition, so if you enjoyed a club event, tap out a few words and collate those happy snaps for the editor.

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Future Trips & Events

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The MJOC Committee

Finally we are only a little over a month away from the Muster, so I ask you all to get involved where you can. We still need leaders for some of our trips and members who are attending to sign up for specific trips. It looks like it should be a great weekend with plenty of trips and more importantly a chance to catch up socially with other members in a low key, relaxed environment.


A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT Welcome to the latest edition of We Get „Em Dirty. It has been great to see the club running so many extended trips over the past couple of months, with a huge turnout for the annual Beachport run and recent trips to Avoca and Mildura. On top of that we have started to see a resurgent in day trips with convoys heading into our favourite areas around Cobaw, Tallarook, Noojee and Warburton. I look forward to seeing plenty of more day trips in the months ahead. The past month has also seen a well overdue working bee at Omaru. I would like to thank all the members who helped out, collectively all the little jobs have made a huge difference and Omaru is looking in good shape for upcoming training days and club events. The club appreciates everyone who gave up their weekend to attend, but I would like to make special mention of Bob Skipper who donated and installed a wood heater for the shed, Grant Jones and Dave Dailey our excavation extraordinaire‟s and Glenn Hayse who co-ordinated the day. A second working bee will be schedule later in the year and I

What a fantastic Autumn for Jeeping. This edition has pictures with sun, sand, mud and mist. Robe again proved to be a great trip with equally Jeep friendly weather. I had a chance to ride in a Wrangler with the roof and doors off and my lasting memory of that ride is that this is the Jeep‟s natural state. If you haven‟t had the chance to be in a Jeep with everything off and out on the tracks, all I can say is that you are missing out on a “must do” Jeep experience. Our Jeep Muster is close at hand, and although it is going to be a winter event, I am looking forward to spending time with my family and as many Jeepers as possible. Keep writing stories, trip reports and project write ups and sending them in. Also, as well as submitting articles for our club magazine, if you want to forward your articles for inclusion in the “Track Watch” publication it would be great to see us Jeepers getting some extra exposure to the wider 4WD club scene. Cheers Justin

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April 2011 TRIP REPORTS Australia Day Trip, Tallarook State Forest: 26th January 2011 Led by Rob and Remy Sharp in their TJ. Attendees: Cam, Heather, Mitchell and Riley - WJ; Phil Pavey TJ; Dan Isenegger with Andrew and Dillon - XJ; and Phillip Brown – KJ. The trip up the Hume was early, wet and foggy! The weather wasnâ€&#x;t too promising to start but it ended up being a really nice day. We headed up Moran Track with some views over the Goulburn River valley while we aired down. Continued on to Rocky track which was rutted and rocky! We stopped at Mt Hickey for a group shot in front of radio towers in thick fog before winding our

way down and around over fallen trees and across ruts big enough to stop anything other than a jeep. We headed to Mountain track and stopped for morning tea at Freemans camp. After a cuppa we made a side route via Wheelers track to see some ruins and have a splash in some mud. It was then on to Falls Creek track to a reservoir for lunch and a swim - by now the sun was out and it was fine. After lunch we headed off up East Falls Road towards some private property known as Warrigal Rocks for some spectacular views across the Goulburn valley. A short drive got us to the bitumen where we aired up and headed back to the rat race. Thanks to Rob and the others for a really good day. Cameron Mclay Page 3 of 19

April 2011 Fun in the Sand at Beachport: 11th to 14th March 2011 What a weekend of Fun, Sun, Sand, Jeeps and people raring to go along with perfect weather! I loaded up our caravan on the Wednesday afternoon and had everything hooked up ready to head off on Thursday (Julie had to work Wednesday). Come Thursday morning we tossed in the last of the food and Julieâ€&#x;s clothes, filled up the water tank and took off for a sedate and enjoyable trip towards Beachport travelling via Ararat, Hamilton, Mt Gambier and Millicent.

ocean as we went. Then we were lead down onto the sand and hell it was soft! We all made it safely onto the beach except Alex who disappeared down to his difâ€&#x;s so off with the Maxi Tracks (best 60th birthday present ever) and back to get Alex unstuck. We then all let our tyres down to 10 psi hot and there were no more soft sand problems. We covered some very interesting sand dunes and cleared a couple of tracks on our way to the Buggy Park buildings. We experienced lots of very steep and soft drop offs, and beach sand and arrived back in Beachport in time for some dinner.

I stopped in Hamilton to top up fuel and that was a bit of a shock at $146.9 a litre. We decided to travel via Dartmoor rather than Colleraine and Casterton, and what a very pleasant trip it was driving through timber plantations and travelling that only added 3kms to the total distance. We went straight through Mt Gambier to Millicent as we always stop there to do fresh food shopping and to our delight I filled up the tank at $141.9 a litre. (I still had two full 10 litre gerry cans on the roof, as a back up so I did not have to pay Beachport prices ($1.57). Arriving at the Southern Ocean Caravan Park we set up the van and then relaxed for the remainder of the day and also watched Alex and Judie set up their camper. Friday dawned rather late (slept in) and we enjoyed a leisurely morning watching all the caravans starting to arrive and set up (strangely there were no Bendigo 4 wheel drive club members there this year). Jake & Tamara arrived followed closely by Jeff & Natalie, and while they were unloading into the cabins Ken & Jack arrived ready for a fun afternoon. On our pleasant afternoon run we had Ken, Jack, Jake, Jeff, Alex, Judy, Grant and Julie. Off we headed with our tyres down to 12 psi cold following Jack over some newly laid road surface admiring the

Saturday morning came around all too early for me (actually had to set the alarm clock) as we had to be at the Information centre by 9 am so that we could head off to Carpenters Rocks to meet up with the people driving over from Melb that morning. We got away at approx 9.15 with 19 JEEPS and one

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April 2011 Mercedes with the plan to meet Jack at Oil Rig square. We left the Info centre in two groups as those that did not participate in Fridays run still had road pressure in their tyres and the four of us with tyres that looked awfully flat after sitting over night (mine showed 6 psi) travelled at an extremely slow speed (35 kph) with me bringing up the rear with a amber Hazard beacon going just to warn other traffic. We turned off onto the beach for the run to Southend, from there it was onto the inland track until we met up with Jack on the beach and what a site it was 21 JEEPS on the sand Julie and I could hear all the hard work being done on the beach with on-going recoveries so even though the inland track had more speed humps than a Kmart shopping centre we eventually made it to Carpenters Rocks which is more than Jack and Kenâ€&#x;s group did (a first for Jack & Ken). There we met up with the people from Melbourne, who had had a very early start. As the main group coming down the beach never made it to the Rocks, we headed off with Craig Jansen taking one group back up the beach, and with me leading the others up the inland route. I took the inland group via Lake Bonney observation point Up a bloody big sand hill and we were listening to the beach group down on the sand and all the winching that they were doing (apparently Steve Coleman tried to give the Suzuki a swimming lesson) and heard them say that as there was no one left at Carpenters Rocks they would head back to Southend. Everyone was now heading back towards Southend; some following me on the inland route, and others doing it the hard way along the beach.

With nice high sand flags and everyone raring to go, and as the sand was kind of soft it was slow going and, after a good run on the beach I opted for the inland track (temp gauge kept climbing) discretion being the better part of valor.

Surprisingly we all caught up just before Southend and driving along the beach from Southend it looked very impressive with this long line of 26 JEEPS strung out along the beach in what really became a race to the exit. Dinner Saturday night saw us all at the Hotel where I had booked out the courtyard as a private function so we did not have to worry about other

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April 2011 people trying to grab our chairs and tables and we all had room to wander around and socialize.

I also passed on my personal thanks to all members, as we had a total of 30 vehicles attend!

Sunday morning saw us meet up as two groups the “B” grade people met in the main street with the rest gathering at the info centre. Jack and Ken took their B grade group off into the areas that were covered on Friday and the rest of us went as one group up towards Nora Corena for lunch

Monday Morning saw us packing up the van saying good bye to friends both new and old and slowly making our way home. For us this was not without a stop and Jack and Cheryl‟s place at Millicent (his door is always open to MJOC Members) for a last chat and a coffee. So with some regrets we finally departed their place and made like a rolling road block (85 Kph) for the trip home once again going via Dartmoor. We were passed by Ken Dunnachie and Rusty & Joy Atkins (they travelled the sand to carpenters rocks) just before I turned off into Dartmoor to show Julie the wood carvings (worth the detour), then it was on to Hamilton, Ararat and home. We did pass two TJ‟s (Ken‟s & Rusty‟s) parked in the Hamilton Maccas, the Jeeps must have been hungry.

Unfortunately due to the weather damage to the beach we had to travel a fair bit via the inland (Dunes) route so we only spent only about 50% of the time on the beach, mind you we got to be on the beach as we went through the nudist beach area and to the make the ladies day the resident show off was there posing again. After lunch we were off again heading to Robe via the beach and dunes, as it turned out the B grade group ended up catching up with us at Robe and as a group we drew a lot of looks as most had their bonnets up whilst they aired up their tyres ready for the trip back to Beachport via the black top. We had a bring your own BBQ at Centenary park with some bringing food to cook with others opting for the easy option (fish and chips). Either way everyone had a good time with everyone making the Wattle Ranges Club Members welcome. Dan Martin (President) thanked everyone for coming and passed on the clubs thanks to the Wattle Ranges members for making our trip (once again) memorable.

We made it back to our place at Avoca just before 6.15pm food was grabbed out of the van and we collapsed into our armchairs. All in all a fantastic weekend was had by us and I can only assume by everyone else. A big thanks to the Wattle Ranges 4WD Club for their assistance. Grant & Julie Jones

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April 2011 Fun in the Sand at Beachport: B Grade Trip Sunday 13th March 2011 After some fairly heavy 4WD‟ing in the rocky outcrops and decent dunes (we drove rock on the Bgrade trip on Sunday), I was getting some clunking coming underneath my Jeep. It was fairly rhythmic, so I was confident it was from the driveline. It was more exaggerated when I was in Low Range, so I didn‟t know if that meant it was the transfer case, or simply the 2.73 ratios making it more pronounced. At lunchtime I had a good look underneath. I checked shafts and all the unis (both front and rear upgraded to Tom Woods double cardan shafts) and even checked the transmission fluid too, but I couldn‟t find anything. I continued the day to Robe and then drove back to Beachport fairly worry free. Monday we departed Beachport to head home to Melbourne in a three vehicle convoy: Nicole, little Laurenne and I in my WJ, with Dave & Vicki in their XJ, and Mitch & Lauren in the Merc. I hadn‟t noticed anything but realised that a constant vibration had started at highway speeds a couple of hours in. It was coming and going but about 50km East of Hamilton I started getting pretty decent driveline vibrations so stopped and decided to have a good look underneath. Again, nothing, so we started off again with my vehicle at the front. A few km‟s down the road, it started getting pretty bad, I started on the radio to let the others know that it had increased and that I was pulling over to have another look....and while I was pulling over, BANG CLUNK WHACK SCRAPE GRIND!! Nicole was dozing and woke up with a start as I was pulling off and a look in my rear view mirror saw Mitch‟s Merc swerving. I stopped fairly quickly (not that I had much choice) and pulled off the highway.

Mitch pulled over and Dave went around. Mitch backed up the road to find – what I didn‟t realise at the time, but saw shortly after – the piece of my transfer case that bounced out from the back of my Jeep...causing him to swerve so that it didn‟t hit his windscreen. A call to RACV Total Care got the next ball rolling. After some back and forth with them on renewal dates and payments, all was good and the Jeep was temporarily replaced by a rental car, as the WJ was towed to Atkins Autoworks in Hamilton. We were surprised that we didn‟t see too many other Jeepers. Ken Dunnachie saw us and stopped (I still can see the look of shock on his face as I was describing what happened...then he had a look!) and then Fletch & Kaye – who weren‟t on our trip but had spent the weekend in Port Fairy – drove by and stopped. I knew it was a fairly decent vehicle injury when Fletch crawled under, had a look and remarked that he had never seen a Jeep do that before (that‟d be right; trust me!) Anyway, later in the week – courtesy of RACV Total Care – my Jeep was driven to Poly 4x4 for a new transfer case. It‟s only a week after it happened now, so at the time of writing it is still at good hands of course. Brett Dashwood

A look underneath saw oil pouring out of my bash plate; I looked up a little and saw a gaping hole in my transfer case...that can‟t be good. Page 7 of 19

April 2011 What’s North of the Tarago River?: 23rd April 2011 It was a fresh Saturday morning where 4 jeeps met at BP Longwarry, for a day of 4wdriving in the Bunyip/Tarago state parks. This was the first trip I have done since lifting the XJ so I was looking forward to it. There was Justin and Elissa in a JK, Paul, Laura and Jordan in another JK, Geoff in a XJ and myself in a XJ. We had only just stopped to air down when a 4wd pulled up and asked for help: his mate was bogged and had spent the night there. We were lucky as another group was airing down next to us and they offered to help, we told them we were driving in the area and we were on CB radio if they needed any extra help. So we headed off to Robinsons Crk track with Justin leading the way, Justin had trouble at one part and reversed back down. I said to him I think I would have trouble making that so we headed back around to the Rocky track to get back up to Robinsons Crk track and Paul had a good crack at it but is was very rutted and there was a large rock right in the middle of the track which made it hard to get through so we turned back again. Thatâ€&#x;s when a voice came over the CB saying that the 4wd that was bogged this morning was still stuck and they needed help. So we headed off towards Tea tree trk there we found a old Ford Maverick with its front end buried in soft mud and a front tire popped off its rim, there was already a Landcruiser up there with a winch so we ended up being spectators. Between some of their bad recovery angles, bad recovery practices and a bit of advice accepted from us, they did free the vehicle but we kept a good distance away. Once the track was cleared Geoff had some fun with his 33 inch muddies and a good right foot. From there it was off to Phasmid track where it was Paul's turn to have some fun. It was a very greasy track and several attempts were made, with getting

further each time but unable to get over the finale ridge, we moved on. Now it was my turn to get stuck. We were travelling on the other end of Phasmid track where I came over a ridge and could not get out; after many attempts in different directions I finally got out, there was no way I was being towed or winched. That was the end of the tracks for the day and we headed back to BP Longwarry to air up. Thanks for a great trip Justin!

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I have tried many different dual battery controllers in the last 9 years and always found one problem, in that they all link the two batteries in parallel once the primary (cranking) battery has been fully charged (according to the controller). First one that I installed was a Piranha BDE150s and it was not a bad unit but after 2 years it went into self destruct mode so I consigned it to my File 13 (bin). Next was a neat little solid state unit from 4WD systems fitted well but died (fried itself) after about 18 months, so once again file 13 was utilized.

problem with them was they all connected both batteries in parallel, not what I wanted. I did find one quite by chance it is made by Projecta and kept both batteries separate at all times. Now I was starting to get somewhere but first I had to find out if my alternator was externally sensed, so out with the bible and more reading, and to my delight it was externally sensed. Having ordered the controller (Projecta DBD 120) I waited for it to arrive with some impatience and also trepidation as the dimensions on their web site make it look enormous (165mm long, 114mm wide and 83mm high). When it finally arrived and I took it out of the box the damn thing was massive, now where in the hell am I going to fit this monster (I know throw out second battery and mount it to the tray). Looking for a space to fit this 1.3kg piece of electronics, I finally settled on a space inside the bull bar, which was just big enough and it would also be well protected, away from any engine heat and relatively easy to get at. Mind you if you remove the heat sink it is not very big, but the heat sink is there for a reason.

My third try was a very good unit from ABR Sidewinder DBI 120 this worked very well but I was always finding not enough juice in second battery to run accessories (fridge) for more than a few hours (a real pain in the proverbial). I also found that when doing voltage checks on both batteries that neither were receiving a full charge, so I figured I would have to go with a 12v to 12v charger as well. Batteries were being charged to 12.49 volts only (not a full charge according to R&J Batteries in Ballarat) Roughly 12 months ago I started looking and reading all I could find on all dual battery controllers, biggest

First thing first! Follow the instructions to get voltage readings off the charging system. Cranking battery standing voltage 12.49 volts (after sitting overnight)

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April 2011 With the engine running and all accessories turned off voltage output at the main battery was 13.67 volts. With engine running and all accessories, including lights turned on voltage at the battery was 13.68 volts. (you need a minimum voltage of 13.6 volts) I dragged out my setting saver unit (9 volt battery connected to cigarette light plug) fitted a new 9 volt battery (plugs into cigarette lighter plug) to save having to reset the radio (Kenwood) then making sure that ignition turned to accessory (note turn off all that accessories first), I pulled out both batteries giving me room to see and trace the existing wiring. After disconnecting the output wire from the alternator I moved it out of the road and fed the conduit with the three new wires into place.

Next it was under the front of the JEEP and sort out the wires and get them connected and tidied up which was fairly simple

Having already soldered the terminals onto the new wires (I do not trust crimp joints), I could slip the heat shrink over the wire to be connected to the original wiring Using a Âź inch Brass bolt I joined the new wire onto the existing alternator output wire along then used three layers of heat shrink to give a good weatherproof joint. 3 wires, centre one is input from alternator, left one is return line into existing power circuit, and the Right hand line goes to auxiliary battery. Now for the fun after having refitted both batteries and gotten rid of my settings saver, it was time to crank things up (right after some checks). It was time for the multi meter again. Main battery read at alternator (engine turned off) 12.44 volts (0.05 voltage drop acceptable) at auxiliary 13.20 volts. After the heat shrink I, connected the new alternator output wire to the alternator and fitting all the tubing into place securing it along the way with cable ties

With engine running at idle and accessories off reading at main battery 13.98 volts, auxiliary battery 14.10 volts.

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April 2011 Fast idle (2000 rpm) all accessories turned off, main battery 14.01 volts, auxiliary 14.15 volts. With everything turned on with engine still at 2000 rpm (including all driving lights, electric fans, airconditioner and all radios) reading at main battery 13.95 volts, at auxiliary battery 14.20volts. All neatly hidden up under a protection plate.

Statement (RIS) has been withdrawn on the grounds that the regulation is not appropriate for Australian conditions. This is a significant win for the 4WD industry and 4WDers in general. If the recommendations of the RIS has been adopted into the Regulation, they would have significantly impacted the fitment of „fit for purpose‟ bullbars on Australian vehicles. This spells the end of the Government Regulations (GTR09) in Australia, and whilst we may still have some issues within some states, causing problems for the industry and users in future it would be unlikely that any State Minister would table GTR09 for adoption in their state. To view the full press release please go to: /2011/February/CK006_2011.htm

I hope the above information helps people out Grant Jones

UPCOMING 4WD VIC TRAINING Ladies Proficiency Course  

Cost $220.00 per member Dates: 19/22 May 2011

Sand Driving Course  

Cost: $330.00 per member Dates: 11, 12, 13 June 2011

For further details, including how to register your interest or book your place, visit


4WD Victoria Raffle Tickets for the first of two 4WD Victoria raffles for 2011 have been sent to clubs to sell on the basis of one ticket per member. Four Wheel Drive Victoria rely on these two raffles each year to assist with our fundraising activities which assists in keeping down any increase in Affiliation Fees that may be deemed necessary. Prizes for the Raffle are as follows: 1st Prize: Clarion 10.2” Roof Mount DVD System, Value $1695, Donated by Prestige Off Road 2nd Prize: Vicmap Book Range Bundle (5 books), Value $450, Donated by Spatial Vision Innovations 3rd Prize: 4WD Victoria Gift Voucher Value $390, Donated by 4WD Victoria 4th Prize: Hummers for Hire (1 hour tour) Value $200, Donated by Hummers for Hire Raffle will be drawn at the General Meeting to be held on 22nd June 2011 at Four Wheel Drive Victoria. Winners will also be notified.

Bull bars to stay – 4WDers have been heard! The Australian 4WD Industry Council has been advised that the Government‟s Regulatory Impact Page 11 of 19

April 2011 Fun in the Sand at Beachport: 11th to 14th March 2011

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April 2011

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April 2011 CLUB MERCHANDISE MJOC has a wide range of merchandise available for purchase. To see our full range visit the MJOC Shop on the club website: (found under the MJOC Tab). Items can be purchased online (please remember to select postage if you want the items posted to you), or at the monthly Member‟s meetings.

MJOC Sticker $2

Cap $20

Polo shirt $30

Cap $20

Stubbie holder $15

T shirt $25

TRADING POST For Sale 16th April 2011: Jeep Liberty Pram - 3 wheeler. Great pram for all Jeep babies. Full details on ebay listing at . $125 for MJOC members Contact: Justin Hurley – Email: – Phone: 8647 0715 16th April 2011: 70 Litre Fridge Freezer. Fits perfectly in the back of an unlimited JK. See eBay listing for full details. Contact: Justin Hurley – Email: – Phone: 8647 0715 12th April 2011: Brand New, Still in the box, soft top for a 2009 4 door JK. $450. Contact: Kareem Obeid - Email: - Phone: 0402087100 2nd April 2011: ECB alloy bullbar with 10,000lb Smittybuilt winch fitted by engineer. Designed to fit directly onto a 96/97 ZG Grand Cherokee. Made to bolt inside chassis. Will fit any other Jeep with same chassis width. Winch is new and never used under load. Will not separate. $1000.00 Contact: Ron Le Busque - Email: - Phone: 0417 495 662

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April 2011 29th March 2011: TJ Bestop super sound bar, black, brand new never used. $450.00 ono Contact: Sam - Email: 27th March 2011: Hayman reese tow bar to suit 90s cherokee , 1963 forward control tray ,unfinished project ,set up to take camper,has been set up for 3.8 holden or chev V6 , many parts , J20 front guards and front panel , Dyna rear and front diffs suit parts Contact: Geoff Rigby - Email: - Phone: 0427 221 156 27th March 2011: Cherokee Sport Ltd 2.5. 9/97, reg 6/11. Very reliable. BFG Long Terrain (road) Tyres. 2nd owner since 2003. Never off-road. Rotors & diff bearings reco. Glow plugs and new clutch. Needs screen for RWC. 195,000ks Offers over $4700. Contact: Gary Wait - Email: 24th March 2011: zj grand cherokee transfer case and fuel tank skid plates for sale.both are used and in good condition.will seperate $150.00 each pick up only Contact: Glen Olive - Email: - Phone: 0412 422 004 12th March 2011: For sale; Jeep Cherokee 1997 2.5td. Engine overheated, I have purchased a new vrs kit and head bolts and have had the four heads machined. The car has a two inch lift kit, bigger wheels, roof racks, bull bar and tow bar. Photo's can be e-mailed. Offers welcome. Contact: David – Email: - Phone: 0417 647 761 Wanted 11th April 2011: TJ Wrangler Tow Bar (VIC) Contact Devin - Email: - Phone: 0422 252 957 5th April 2011: TJ Wrangler – 2000 onwards, Auto trans, hard top, Budget $15K. Contact Brad Jones - Email: - Phone: 0407 961 903

FUTURE TRIPS & EVENTS Muster Recce Strathbogie 30/04/2011 - 01/05/2011 A/B track grading with GV4WD Club. Fast and hard. Bush camp Sat. night. Come for the whole w/e or join us any time Destination: Warrenbayne - Strathbogie Trip Leader: Ken Dunnachie

Cheviot Tunnel and Crystal Creek 30/04/2011 - 30/04/2011 From Cheviot Tunnel to Black Range Forest. Exploring Simmond Tk, Bullocky Tk, Crystal Creek and Devastation Tk plus. Then heading back to Melbourne via Buxton. Destination: Cheviot Tunnel and Black Range Forest Trip Leader: Jisco Kussowski

Mt Terrible Muster Recce 29/05/2011 - 29/05/2011 Time for a Muster Recce. We will meet at Yarra Glen bakery and then explore the Mt Terrible / Corn Hill area. Destination: Mt Terrible / Corn Hill Trip Leader: Phil Pavey Page 15 of 19

April 2011 MJOC Jeep Muster 2011 10/06/2011 - 13/06/2011 5th Annual MJOC Jeep Muster and MJOC Birthday, all level of trips will be running during the weekend. Trips will be - Strathbogie, Mt Samaria, Eildon, Jamieson, Sheepyard flat, Corn hill, Mt Terrible, Mt Skene and much more This year the muster will be based at Bonnie Doon Lakeside Leisure Resort ( 18 cabins - first in best dressed, from $80-$130 per night - Call park on 03 5778 7252 for bookings Lots of powered site for caravans and camping Destination: Bonnie Doon Lakeside Resort Trip Leader: Ronelle Welton & Rob Sharp

Wondering around Wilpeena 11/06/2011 - 18/06/2011 This trip is a quick one into the South Flinders Ranges, base camp at Wilpena Pound Resort campground with day trips from the resort. You will need to book your own accommodation at the resort. They have all levels of accommodation from camping to resort rooms. Contact Wilpena Pound 08 86480004 or We will also need to find overnight accommodation for 1 night in Renmark for the way up and back these details will appear closer to the departure date. Destination: Wilpeena Pound Trip Leader: David Dailey

The Big Red Rock Trip 21/09/2011 - 08/10/2011 The “underage jeeper of the year” and his family are making the trip to the middle of Australia to see the “Big Red Rock”. This trip is suitable for all 4WD vehicles. The itinerary plan is intended to have one or two days driving, followed by a day or two stop for each leg of the journey. This should help with the kids (and the drivers) from becoming tired and cranky in the Jeeps and be able to enjoy all the places along the way. We‟ll make our way from Melbourne to “The Big Red Rock” going via Port Augusta, Coober Pedy and seeing part of the Oodnadatta Track. After the Rock we‟ll head up to Kings Canyon before going to Alice Springs. The return journey from Alice Springs to Adelaide will be on The Ghan railway. If some drivers do not want to return on the Ghan train, we will put out a call for a trip leader to take over for those staying on the highway that can lead the convoy back home from Alice Springs. Destination: Ayers Rock (Uluru) Trip Leaders: Justin & Leanne Hurley


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April 2011 INFORMATION FOR MEMBERS New Members All drivers must meet MJOC Driver Training requirements prior to participating on any MJOC trip other than E grade trips. Or if you have completed other training, show documentary proof that you have previously completed a similar standard of training such as Four Wheel Drive Victoria courses. If you have not completed training yet, go to our training page at to make a booking. Driver & Vehicle Requirements You should consider that you have adequate driver skills and training as well as the condition and suitability of your vehicle set up to suit the conditions likely to be encountered when selecting a trip and making a booking. You should also consider medical requirements for you and your passengers and ensure that ample food and clothing are taken to suit the likely weather conditions. All vehicles should be in roadworthy condition and have ample tyre tread to suit the conditions. All vehicles must have suitable recovery points front and rear. Bookings Please consider other members if after making a booking, you need to cancel. Most of our trips have waiting lists and it would be great to enable another member to go in your place if you cannot attend. Bookings are considered to be firm and a confirmation email will be sent to you a week prior to the trip or event. Please be considerate and advise the bookings officer or operations officer if you cannot attend a trip you have booked on.

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April 2011 THE MJOC COMMITTEE President

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4WD Victoria Delegate


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MJOC Member’s Meetings

MJOC Member’s Magazine

Member’s meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month. Current venue is FWDV, RSL Hall, Greythorn Shopping Centre, Balwyn

For 2011 the Member’s magazine will be a bi-monthly publication. The magazine will be distributed as follows: February, April, June, August, October, December

2011 Meeting Dates January: TBC February: Tuesday 22nd March: Tuesday 29th April: Tuesday 26th May: Tuesday 31st June: Tuesday 28th

The member’s magazine is available in full colour online on our website where you can download it at your leisure.

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Melbourne Jeep® Owners Club is the assumed name of the MJOC Four Wheel Drive Club Inc and is a non-profit organization. The MJOC website achieves a huge number of hits each month. It contains a range of information about the club including details of club trips, events and activities. A full colour pdf version of this magazine is available for download. Mailing Address Melbourne Jeep Owners Club P O Box 432 Mulgrave Vic 3170 ADVERTISING RATES The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club accepts advertising for both this magazine and the club Website. For best results the advertisements should offer discounts, special offers or services to club members. Please contact the Editor for advertising rates.

The Jeep® & Jeep Jamboree trademark is used with the conditional permission of Chrysler Australia Pty. Ltd and Chrysler Group LLC. All advertising proceeds in this magazine is for club fundraising purposes only. All proceeds go to covering the cost of producing this magazine and the general operation of the club. Neither the Melbourne Jeep® Owners Club nor Chrysler LLC warrant or make any expression of recommendation to any of the advertisers or items advertised unless those items carry the Jeep® trademark and are advertised by Chrysler Australia Pty. Ltd. Or Chrysler Group LLC, or its licensed agent. All comments and articles are the express views of the individual writer and are not the views of The Melbourne Jeep Owners Club, Chrysler Australia Pty. Ltd or Chrysler Group LLC.

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April 2011

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We Get 'Em Dirty - April 2011 - MJOC Member's Magazine  

Bi Monthly Club Magazine of the Melbourne Jeep Owners Club.

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