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Have You Been Injured Because Of Defective Patient Lifts - Bath Lifts For Sale _____________________________________________________________________________________ By Vaergi - Patient lifts are an invaluable resource in hospitals, nursing homes, and various other types of medical facilities. These tools remove the need for human beings to lift and transport patients, and place the burden on a piece of equipment. Taking humans out of the equation makes for a safe, more effective, and more comfortable experience for the patient, all the while reducing fear and anxiety about being moved.Patient lifts have been used for a number of years with a great deal of success. The added stability they can provide is unparalleled and medical professionals find them to be an extremely handy addition to any setup. Click Here

That being said, they are not completely without risk, and there are times when these tools actually prove to be more harmful than not.

One reason for concern with these patient lifts is because of a recall that was issued by one of the leading patient lift manufacturers in the country. The company announced a voluntary class I recall of two of its models of patient lifts. The problem was said to be mechanical in nature that has been linked to serious injuries in patients. The United States Food and Drug Administration states that a class I recall is any type of situation where there is a reasonable probability that using a particular product will cause serious harm, health consequences, and even death to a patient.

In this situation the device in question is the battery powered patient lift. These lifts are routinely used to transport patients from one location to another location, such as would be necessary to get a person from their bed to the bath. The defective patient lifts have been diagnosed with two mechanical problems, and therefore have been recalled as a safety measure.

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Bath lifts for sale