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“system crash� writer / martin john artist / bryan randall

Crew, this is Bradley. we have impact damage, CODE ORANGE. IMMEDIATE REPAIR RESPONSE. Jelena, you have outdoor duty.

Already on it Brad.

Bradley, info pod harvest executed for incident report.

Weapons check, no threat to any combustibles.

Sandra, how’s the pulse? I can feel my hardware vibrating again.

Only way for your heart to be steadier is to be dead. you’re lucky to have minimal hardware. Sometimes my head feels like it might vibrate off. with all the shit in there.

We’re all lucky today boy and girls. I can weld a patch on this.

Sandra, monitor my vitals, my head is killing me.

Damn carbon fiber has to so damned heavy.

There’s some residue at the impact point. Instructions Captain?

Grab a sample, clear the rest with your torch and continue.


Sandra, Therese is worse. I’m sending her down to you.

Therese. Tell me you’re fine to make it to medical.


bradley, that dna scan. It looks like advanced nanotech.


The material from the hull?

Yeah. We don’t want this to get into our tech. this is potentially dangerous.

sandra, I feel -- I feel really bad.

sandra, give me a report. br...

I’m coming down.

Therese: Vitals offline. Deceased.


Dear god. it’s replicating.

sandra: Vitals offline. Deceased.




What’s going on? The computer is are telling me Sandra and Therese are dead.



screw this.

bradley: Vitals offline. Deceased.


b b b It’s in us.

In ME!

I’m the lucky one aren’t I?

it’s just one chip.

System Crash  

A meteor crashes into a space craft in deep space. The meteor carries something deadly, but what? Read on to find out.

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