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3 February 9, 2010

War conJags reach out to Haiti Afghan tinues by Keven Paret

by Claudia Mondesir

Image by Jean Malizia

Image by Samantha Wilson

Image by Samantha Wilson

Seniors prepare for grad bash

by Kandii Ramonas

All seniors who are planning on attending Grad Bash on April 24, 2010 and also attending graduation on June 5, 2010 need to have their money for their caps and gowns in to Herff Jones. Any seniors who have not paid their fees for Herff Jones or their obligation fees, with not be permitted to attend Grad Bash, regardless of whether they paid or not. The last day seniors may make their payments to Herff Jones, strictly for their cap and gowns, is April 15, 2010. This does not include any additional items seniors may be purchasing, such as the diploma plaque, invitations, etc. This means that seniors who have not paid for their fees by the deadline, the money they paid will be used to either pay off their obligations or pay for their cap and gown. A refund will not be available. “If you’re on the obligation list or not yet paid for your cap and gown, you will not be allowed to attend Grad Bash, and the money will be applied to your obligations or

your cap and gown,” said Miss Monica Miller, a science teacher at PSLHS and one of the senior sponsors. Seniors must also remember that tickets for Grad Bash are now 100 dollars. The price rose after Christmas break. “We’ll meet here are 2:30 pm; leave at 3 pm,” said Miss Miller, referring to the plans for the day of Grad Bash. Herff Jones met with seniors on January 6, 2010 to give out information on all the items seniors may purchase. Herff Jones returned to the school on Saturday, January 9, 2010, and Wednesday, January 13 through Saturday, January 16, 2010. At that time seniors may pay for caps and gowns, along with any additional materials. Seniors can also purchase from the Herff Jones website. Graduation is on June 5, 2010 at the St. Lucie Fairgrounds. The graduation ceremony will take place at 8 am.

During the presidential campaign of 2009, Obama pledged to bring the troops back home from Iraq in a period of 16 months. Now the new president has averted the attention from the war in Iraq to the war in Afghanistan. Obama addressed the nation in his West Point Speech, (, that he will pursue to bring this war into a “successful conclusion”. According to, Obama is planning to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan in order to deny al-Qaeda a safe haven and reverse Taliban’s momentum and stop any plans to overthrow the government. Obama’s ultimate goal is to bring together America’s allies and to successfully end the seven year long war. The additional troops are stationed to secure America’s safety. Their destination is to head to Afghanistan because it is the center of the practice of violence toward the United States. “I do not agree with the fact that Obama is sending our troops to another war. There was much relief when America found out that he was bringing our troops from Iraq and now he has decided to take our troops again to another war. Ever since Obama became commanderin-chief, the troops in Afghan have doubled in size and to our disadvantage the war looks no better in the year 2010,” said Bobby Showah. According to, Obama sees the war in Afghanistan as a war worth fighting for rather than Iraq. But as Obama leads the troops into Afghan, by the thousands, the realization has yet to be seen that Afghanistan is becoming an even more deadly place compared to Iraq. Statistics at shows that twice as many U.S. troops died in Afghanistan than in Iraq in 2009, the first time it has happen since the war in Iraq began in 2003. In 2009, the U.S. troops in Iraq had a loss of 148 soldiers; Afghanistan had a loss of 302. At the fastest pace possible Obama will still send additional troops to Afghanistan, as if the 30,000 troops were not enough, in the early 2010. By July 2011 Obama will slowly bring back the troops again. But what are the effects of this war on U.S. troops? According to , the U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan report lower unit morale and about one through five suffer mental problems such as depression. Suicide has increased as combat stress worsens and becomes deadly; this resulting in too many troops dying. While Obama’s intentions are to just end the war, he has yet to mention defeating the Taliban or capturing al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. “I think that president Obama’s decision to send in troops to Afghanistan is a hard decision on his part, but the end will justify in the means that it will eventually lead us out of Iraq,” said Soraya Francois.

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