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Volume XXI Issue No. 3 Page 3

February 9, 2010

by Kandii Ramonas Most students know about the JTV Morning News that occurs just about everyday at the end of fourth hour. “My class is all about creativity and expression. It’s about taking feelings and making something out of them. Having an administration that understands and supports that is awesome. It’s so beneficial to the kids,” said Mr. Bryan Smith. Every year, Smith goes to New York with the drama department. Well, this year when he left, he came back with a big surprise. Advanced JTV students worked together over the course of a week to put together a mural that was dedicated to Smith and the Television Production program. Smith was unaware that the project was being completed while he was away. “I was totally surprised. It was just a sketch when I left. I figured this would be a second semester project, so when I saw it done, it was a real surprise,” said Smith. Tony Damjanov and Theresa Lucey were the leaders in the project, while other students came together to make the project come to life. “I had planned to start the project the day Mr. Smith went to New York. We had exactly one week to get everything

done, and let me tell you, we worked to the very last second. Everyday we were out there for 5 hours, constantly working. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes before the end of the seventh day that we put the paint brushes down. The project began by wanting to leave our bit of history on Port St. Lucie High School, to show our style, creativity, and dedication to the work that we do. Then the project quickly turned into a dedication to Mr. Smith, because without him our dreams would be just that… Dreams, not reality,” said Damjanov. “It was cool to see their vision come to life. It was pretty true to their sketch. The dedication blew me away. That’s why I teach, you know. To inspire kids to chase dreams. So, to see those words means I’m doing my job. It’s really amazing,” said Smith. The words on the wall say, “Dedicated to: Bryan Christopher Smith For Always Encouraging Us To Follow Our Dreams, and Providing The Means To Do So.” The dedication wall includes the names of those students who helped out. The names of the students who contributed to the wall include: Tony Damjanov, Theresa Lucey, Gabby Hall, Jess Letendre, Moriah Phillips, Alexa Hayle, Kandii Ramonas, Tyler Shaw, Alex Quiles, Jaymes

than “hell,” it too brought some of most memorable

Stanley, Mike DiSarro, Tim Rensing, Anthony Perfetti, and Azzam Abdur-Rahman. “When I started the project, it was just me and one other person. By the time we actually started working out in the hall, more and more people started helping and wanted to show their appreciation towards Smith. It was really nice seeing everybody put hard work into it and I thank every single one of them. Without their help, our project would not be done,” said Damjanov. “I’d like to thank those kids for working so hard. It shows their dedication to the program. They couldn’t shoot while I was out, so they directed their creative energy toward the wall. I’m proud of them,” said Smith. Quite a few steps need to take place to approve a project such as the one the JTV students did. It took about 2 weeks to get it approved. Administrators came through the vocational hall all week and complimented on the work that was being put into the mural. “It’s really cool that the administration allowed us to work and express out pride for our class. There were a few administrators that came down and were impressed by our creativity, and dedication to Smith. Knowing I feel as if I accomplished more than I would have asked for,” said Damjanov.

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Volume XXI Issue No. 3 Page 3 February 9, 2010 by Kandii Ramonas than “hell,” it too brought some of most memorable

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