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OP/ED Nostradamus: 2012

Volume XXI

Issue No. 3 Page 9 February 9, 2010

by Krystal St. Peter

December 21, 2012, is said to be the ending point of human existence. There are many different views of how exactly it will go down, some of which are even religiously based. Some people look to the French philosopher, Michel de Nostradamus, for answers. Having lived during a time where being able to see into the future would have gotten him killed, Nostradamus wrote his prophecies in quatrains, attempting to hide the meaning hidden within them. After interpreting Nostradamus’ prophecies, it was believed that many of the prophecies he had written were fulfilled. When Nostradamus died, a legend formed that if someone was to open his grave and drink from his skull, they would receive his power to predict the events of the future. Though, the legend also said that whoever disturbed his grave would die. May 1791, over two hundred years later, three men set out for Nostradamus’ grave. Upon opening his grave they found a plaque around his neck, with the date May 1791, which could have only been placed there the day in which he was buried in 1566. The gravedigger who drank from Nostradamus’ skull was shot by stray bullet from the riot of the revolution. (Nostradamus - The Man Who Saw

Tomorrow) Other prophecies believed fulfilled included the death of Henry II (the King of France), the fire of London, the French Revolution, Emperor Napoleon, World War II and Hitler, as well as the Kennedy assassination. Some of Nostradamus’ prophecies related to current day history, such as the September 11 attacks, Hurricane Katrina, the Iraq War, the death of Princess Diana, the third AntiChrist, and those of 2012. ( According to Nostradamus, “The ancient task will be completed; from on high, evil will fall on the great man; a dead innocent will be accused of the deed; the guilty one will remain hidden in the mist.” This quatrain refers to the assassination of John F Kennedy. “From the high” is said to relate to the fact that Kennedy was shot from roof level. Nostradamus’ “dead innocent” is said to be Lee Harvey Oswald, the man accused of doing the crime, who just so happened to be killed in police custody by Jack Ruby right after claiming to have been set up. (The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus by Mario Reading) There are those who believe that Nostradamus really could see the events of the future; and there are those who believe

that the wording of Nostradamus’ quatrains leave it up to us to make the connection, or lack there of, to our history as well as current day events. “Nostradamus was a philosopher who created extremely broad predictions. He created prophecies that could be fulfilled by any normal day event. His prophecies have most likely been fulfilled on a day-to-day basis,” said Nick Vinson. There is no certainty that any of Nostradamus’ quatrains relate to the so said upcoming events of 2012. Even if there was, like the rest of Nostradamus’ predictions, there would be arguments as to if the piece is valid. Authors have published books “proving” the end of the world on December 21, 2012. Other authors have published proof that such a silly accusation is absurd and should be disregarded. Such as the rest of the world, it seems to be 50/50 toss up as to whether or not the human race will live to see the year 2013; thus leaving the debate open until January, 2013. “Many people believe all of the rumors about the world ending in 2012, I do not believe it at all, if it happens, oh well, but I’m just going to live every day to the fullest,” said Mike White.

A misinformed college disaster by Mimi Guthrie Most students have the idea of going to college being shoved down their throats from birth. Parents may influence their children with ideas of college, though not always in a positive way. Some college graduates feel misinformed about college and actually regret the whole ordeal. “I work at a call center and I make $10 an hour. It’s surreal. I feel like a loser,” said Kris Alfred. This does not mean that college is a bad choice. College can be extremely beneficial in most cases. “I have no regrets pf college, it made my life much easier. It is what you make of it. You do your best and that’s it. Even though you have a degree, you have to pursue what your dreams are,” said Mrs. Lategano, a Spanish teacher at PSLH. Considering this, a lot of college grads have complained of not being able to find a job in their field because of the recession. As it is with any job, or any job type, you must put your all into getting the job. REEF’s economical analysis shows that college is a financial mistake for more than half of the American young people today. Grads may find that they are left with a mountain of debt that will take years to work off. The fact

“It Was Not Me” by Renee Hunter Every year people from all around the world are found guilty for crimes they never committed. Then they must serve years of punishment before proving their innocence and by that time it is too late. “The jury finds Dean Cage guilty.” It was the year of 1996 and those were the last words Jewel Mitchell expected to hear. Her boyfriend, Dean Cage, was brought to trial with little evidence linking him to the rape of a 15 year old girl, other than a statement from the victim claiming it was him. Cage was sentenced to 40 years in prison despite any physical proof that would pose him as the rapist. Every year innocent people are put on trial for crimes they never committed. This happens because of false confessions, faulty witness identification and poor representations from lawyers. Most people are looking for the bad in someone instead of the good. They are immediately ready to believe something awful and accept it as the truth. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Dean Cage. He had a clean record and could prove his own innocence, yet everyone was ready to label him as a bad man. Nowadays, no one has faith in others. Three-fourths of wrongful convictions are due to witnesses mistaking a

that a college grad earns $1 million more annually than a high school grad is not true in its entirety. This figure is an average of students and can easily be thrown off by a welloff student who does not have to worry about acquiring debts. “I think that it depends on what you want to do when planning for college. Sometimes you can make good money and not go to college and other times you have to go to college to get a really good job. I plan on gong to college because I want to work with computers. I have hopes to go to at least two years and then attend a trade school for the basics,” said Melanie Rad. While college might be too overwhelming for some, a high school education may not be good enough. High school is only a secondary school. You can receive a diploma or GED. Colleges ask for a GED to attend but how much is it worth? A GED is worth nothing more than a piece of paper that says that the holder has certified American highschool level academic skills. Students should keep moving from here, but to where? Thus the trade schools come in to play. A trade school is a school that teaches certain subjects and can qualify you to work in certain areas. There are trade schools for almost

every job possible, including those in The Arts, Engineering, Electrical, Computer Skills, etc. At trade schools you can focus on one specific study. There is no standard for these schools. Some of them are owned by the government, foundations may own some, and others are proprietary schools- privately owned. Some trade schools might require tuition while others are totally free. The non-profit schools are usually owned by the government. For example, to become a qualified electrician (one of the best paying jobs in America), you can attend the IRCC for four years. You can attend for a $1,200 annual fee. The good part of this is that if you maintain a B average while attending the school, the employer will pay your fees. It is what we call an employer paid tuition. The decision of what is best for the student is left up to the student. Students should not jump into college simply because their parents want them to go. Students should be aware of the leftover mess they may have, and the other choices that they have.

person for someone else. The victim in this case was terrorized around 6:30 am and somehow managed to point the blame on Dean. The case was based solely on one girl’s statement. No one thought to question that maybe since it was so early in the morning she couldn’t have seen the man clearly? According to a study done in Columbus Ohio, around 10,000 people in the United States may be wrongfully convicted each year. The Innocence Project began in 1992 and is a nonprofit group of lawyers who still believe there is good in people. They take the wrongfully accused and try to exonerate them. They receive hundreds of new letters a month from inmates claiming their innocence. Since 1992; they have worked with DNA testing to set free 244 inmates. The downfall to this is that it usually takes an average of 12 years before they can gain their freedom back. Then what happens when they are finally out of jail? People have already labeled them according to their wrongful accusation. So now it becomes harder for them to sur vive since ties with anyone have been broken. Unless sufficient evidence was provided; then a man or women shouldn’t have to

face the consequences due to inaccurate allegations. How many times are people blamed for something they did not do but in the end were still penalized? Twelve years later, Dean Cage was found innocent by DNA, and after years and years of waiting patiently, he was released. Twelve whole years wasted in a jail cell thinking of what he could have made of his life. It would not come as a shock if there are others like Dean around the world serving time for crimes they did not commit. The next time people are so eager to believe that a person has done wrong, they should think carefully..

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Volume XXI Issue No. 3 Page 9 February 9, 2010 person for someone else. The victim in this case was by Mimi Guthrie by Renee Hunter page by...