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Volume XXI Issue 3 Page 10 February 9, 2010

The Manning curse strikes again by James Klopf

Swoosh! The players zoom past each other, soccer ball in foot and objective in sight. The field could be compared as resembling a battleground; their weapons, cleats and heads; their tools of mayhem, cunning and finesse. The soccer player commences with taking his shot and jerks back his foot, thrusting it forward and launching the ball into the air where it precedes to the net. GOAL!!! Some people might say the Jaguars are in poor condition, while others might believe them to be doing very well this season. However, these sources are all biased and put forth with opinions in mind on the players or the whole team in general. Why take the biased criticism or complements of people when the pure facts are available, that is where statistics can come in handy. Port St. Lucie scores vary from school to school. Against Benjamin High School, there is one tie; John Carroll High School, one win; Clewiston High School, one loss; Martin County High School, one loss, as well as one win; Treasure Coast High School, one loss; Forest Hill High School, one loss; Fort Pierce Central High School, one win; Sebastion River High School, two losses; South Fork High School, one win and one tie; Suncoast High School, one win; Okeechobee High School, one win and one loss; Vero Beach High School, one tie; Jupiter Christian High School, one win; Centennial one tie. All these scores add up to a total of seven wins, seven losses, and four ties. All this information and more can be found at (http:// 2009-2010/).

As some may notice from the scores presented, there resides some ties accompanied with those wins and losses. Some people as well may be wondering why that is, while others may not care in the slightest. To those types of people who do not care in the slightest, it would be advised to stop reading, otherwise theories will be presented and goals will be unaccomplished. There is a certain rumor that has spread around the school that some students have imbedded in their heads as being the source of the problem. The idea of the ‘Dondre Curse’ has become a present factor leaving the, perhaps superstitious, students believing that this jaguar player is the reason for all of the current ties that the team is experiencing. This all began last year when he was still a student attending Central High School. In one season the team had over twenty ties, and for one reason or another it is believed that it is Dondre who musters this certain curse since the school has been experiencing so many ties since his transfer over to Port St. Lucie High School. Well now that a certain curse has been established as being the source of the problem, supposedly to contrary belief anyway, there has to be some way to counteract this curse. For as we cannot forget, the idea first presented to us by Isaac Newton as Newton’s third law, “For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction. “So to put into other words, if there is a curse, there is going to be someway to counteract that curse. “The curse is like a double bladed sword; it is both a

blessing and a curse. It gives us an excuse when we tie, but it also gives us a motivation to work harder” said Dinelo Capric Maybe some people could try conjuring up some good karma by practicing tai-chi. Another idea that could be a possibility is ordering the layout of the players of the team in a certain order to better improve the feng shui of the situation. Oh, one idea that the team could try out is going on a magical adventure of thrill and peril to find a mystical genie that could wish away their curse. Along the way the team could have a few laughs, save a few lives, rescue a princess, maybe even open up a banking account with Suntrust National. Possibly the team could learn a few values to life about how not to blame people for curses.. The other two more wishes could be used for more money as a budget for equipment for the team, and maybe if someone really wants a pony. Or Perhaps, maybe instead of putting the blame on the jaguars’ teammate, the team could do a little less complaining, and a little more practicing. After all, if the team focuses on playing well a little more, instead of slacking and playing into the idea of the curse, a little more could get done. These situations are all hypothetical of course. Ultimately people will do what they think and feel is best anyway.

Jaguars kickin’ it in soccer Steadwell tradition grows by Camilo Junoy As the 2009-2010 wrestling season begins to wind down after reaching its halfway point, the Port St. Lucie Jaguar wrestlers focused on what was the biggest and most important tournament of the year, the Steadwell/ Grow Army of One Invitational Tournament. The annual Steadwell/Grow Army of One Invitational Tournament has been hosted at Port St. Lucie High School for the past 15 out of 18 years that the tournament has been held. This was the 16 consecutive year. The Steadwell/Grow Army of One Invitational Tournament was named in memory of former Jaguar wrestler, Jay Steadwell and former Booster Club President, Bob Grow. Steadwell was the very first state medalist for Port St. Lucie in 1995, and was killed in a car

crash in 1997. Grow was a longtime Booster Club President for Port St. Lucie and also helped to organize the tournament for many years; he passed away in 2004. The tournament took place on Friday, January 8, 2010 at 4 pm and on Saturday, January 9, 2010 at 10 am. There were a total of 16 schools that attended the tournament. Although the tournament last year had more schools participating, there was no shortage of competition among the wrestlers. The tournament is considered crucial in qualifying for districts finals. In the end, Jensen Beach High School came in first place, Fort Pierce Central received second place, and Coral Springs High School rounded out the pack in third place. The Jaguars ended up coming in seventh place overall.

Jaguar wrestlers leave it all on the mat!

Photos by James Kolpf

by Christina Wooley According to many different cultures have played a sport similar to the modern game of soccer but no one can really say with any certainty when or where soccer began but it is known that the earlier variations of what later became soccer were played almost 3000 years ago. Just like any sport, it is essential to have a great amount of determination, motivation and commitment, but most importantly team work. Without cooperation the team cannot excel in any area of the sport. Without enjoyment the players lose their motivation to excel. This is the case with the Lady Jags. Port St. Lucie High Girls Varsity Soccer team established a 3-7-1 record so far this season. “I don’t normally single out anyone because soccer is a team sport, but we do have a very hard working goalie by the name of Kailey Skinner,” said Coach Joe Scott. “We are very offensive minded. This year a few girls have contributed to this fact. Kylie Thrap-Walker has scored six goals this year, Chelsea Barkley and Joann Medina have scored five goals, they are followed by Jada Dogen with four goals,” said Coach Scott. “Defensive minded and playing great are Catherine Forest and Karina Osorio; they keep the other team from scoring,” said Coach Scott. “The team is doing great this year and they are in every game mentally as well as physically. They are here to play this through to the very end. The team has sheer determination. With a couple breaks here and there their record would be better,” said Coach Scott. page design by Lindsay Parkin

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by Camilo Junoy Volume XXI Issue 3 Page 10 February 9, 2010 by James Klopf page design by Lindsay Parkin Jaguar wrestlers leave it all on th...

page 10Lindsay Parkin  

by Camilo Junoy Volume XXI Issue 3 Page 10 February 9, 2010 by James Klopf page design by Lindsay Parkin Jaguar wrestlers leave it all on th...