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Contact details Project start date: 1 August, 2012 Duration: 36 months


marlon monitoring the safety of animal feed

Contacts: G.A. Kleter (Coordinator) RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety E mail: Tel.: +31-(0) 317-4 80425

For further information, please visit the project website at: This brochure reflects only the author´s views and the European Union is not responsible for any use that might be made with its contents.

monitoring the safety of animal feed

This project is funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under the grant agreement no. 312031


Main activities

Expected results

Marlon aims to support

Before genetically modified organisms

Identification of existing studies, data, initiatives, and networks, on

post-market monitoring

(GMOs) can be brought to the market in

A new, validated open-source/

epidemiology of health impacts of both GM and non-GM feeds

of the link between

the European Union (EU), they need to

open-access tool for epidemiological

in livestock animals;

studies linking GMO feed consumption

health impacts in livestock and GM feed consumption through the development of an open-source/openopen-source/open access epidemiological





assessment. Besides this, GMOs can also

Exploration of GM animal feed exposure


measurement possibilities;




post-marketing requirements based on risks identified during the pre-market

Definition of health indicators for monitoring of four types of


potential health effects;

A database with information for monitoring possible health impacts of GM crops

Recommendations, training and Since there is no general approach or

Development of a conceptual epidemiological model to link

guidelines related to the use of the

system in place that can be employed for

exposure of an animal to GM ingredients and assessing feasibility

tool developed as well as necessary


for its use in the EU;

actions for further improvement of




derived animal feed health effects in

post-market monitoring.

livestock animals, there is a need to

Establishment of a database with data for

establish a scientific approach towards

monitoring health impacts of GM crops;





animal health and GMO consumption.

Formulation of recommendations to European policy makers, risk managers, risk assessors, biotech company regulatory officials, and veterinary professionals;

health impacts in livestock

marlon open-source/access epidemiological tool

GM feed consumption


Provision of training related to the use and translation of the results of the model.

Improved assurance of safety and quality of animal feeds;

Greater insight into the occurrence of certain health and welfare impacts related to feed consumption. Contribution to a harmonized approach towards post-market monitoring of the health impacts of GM animal feeds;

Marlon Brochure  
Marlon Brochure  

Project Marlon