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The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

About MJL Statutory Duties

How We Do It

As an employer you have certain statutory duties which you must observe at all times. Your duty of care to your employees and the environment in which you trade is paramount and enforceable by law. Legislation is constantly changing and as a responsible business practitioner you must be compliant with these changes.

MJL offers a complete list of services to benefit all businesses, including:

On 6 April 2008, the Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 came into force, meaning for the first time companies, organisations and business principals may be held liable where serious failures in the management of Health & Safety affect the lives of employees.

• Environment Services compliancy and control.

About MJL

• 24/7 support in real time using MJL Live-Online.

Since 1990, MJL has been providing UK businesses with the highest level of support services, where quality is key and compliancy is vital. By providing highly specialised support and advice on all issues relating to Health & Safety, Employment Law and Work Place Environmental control, MJL allows you to do what you do best - run your business. Why MJL? MJL will take complete ownership of all your statutory controls from a single source. Our in-house teams of lawyers, HR specialists and environmental experts provide your business with the support mechanism your business needs, whenever it needs it. Our People MJL employs a highly qualified team of employment specialists and barristers, as well as qualified professional project managers across all market sectors. Our team will ensure all your business needs are catered for in real time and you have access at all times to the right people to make that all important difference in your business.

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• Health & Safety compliancy. • Human Resource consultancy and employment law support. • Employment Tribunal advice and support.

• Food Hygiene training. • Staff Training, including induction and ongoing support. • Payroll.

Customer Services Our call centre is on hand 24/7 where you can get the advice and support you need, quickly, efficiently and without delay. MJL Live-Online is a web based interface giving the user immediate access to all employee records, statutory information and procedures that ensures your business is compliant at all times. Our Guarantees Our industry trained specialists will create a solution that is tailored specifically for your business guaranteeing that when you need help, you get it fast. Should you face an investigation, a Health & Safety prosecution or an employment tribunal, you need instant, professional and high calibre support from MJL. As a result our guarantee to you is to give you the best possible support from the outset.




The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Employment Services MJL will act as your outsourced Human Resources department and in real time will ensure all your employment procedures are in place, compliant and updated. MJL will review existing procedures and policies specifically for your business and recommend a plan of action to ensure you comply with the latest employment law regulations.

Services from MJL include: Employment


• Preparing and reviewing employee handbooks, personnel policies and procedures.

• Advising on policy procedures, data protection, confidentiality, employee monitoring, as well as compliance policies and procedures.

• Preparing contracts of employment. • Advising businesses on dismissal and redundancy. Employee Rights

• Advising on Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide.

• Advising on temporary, casual and part-time workers.

• Employee Rights.

• Preparing fixed term contracts.

• Advising on: maternity, paternity issues, disciplinary procedures (including racial, sexual and age-related issues), redundancy, sickness, absenteeism, transfer of undertakings, performance management, equal pay, employee rights, retirement and changes in employment law.

• Counselling employees on rights and legislative issues. Discrimination Laws • Defending employers in discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other employment litigation matters. • Advising on discrimination matters including: age, disability, sex discrimination, race, religion and sexual orientation. Tribunals • Representing businesses at industrial tribunals. • Advising on avoiding tribunals. • Developing employer employee relations.

• Equal Pay.

Training • Access to over 30 e-learning courses that the employee can complete online. Staff Induction • Conducting Staff Induction procedures, online and offline.



The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Case Study Costa Coffee When you walk into a Costa store you’ll notice it’s different to other coffee shops. First of all, there’s the warm and welcoming atmosphere. Then the great range of authentic coffee drinks. Next the Ferrari of coffee machines. And finally, the most passionate and well trained baristas around.

What we did

MJL maintain the high standards Costa sets and ensures the safety and wellbeing throughout all the Costa Coffee shops.

How we did it

It’s this unique combination that makes Costa stand out from the others, and we’re incredibly proud to be part of it.

We listened very carefully to the Costa needs and priorities. We spent time in their stores to understand the company ethos. Their remit was to provide Health and Safety and HR support system that not only works, but engages the team. We are aware that in a marketplace that is so diverse and always on the go it is essential to ensure you have a bespoke package the promotes quality and compliance, this is the real value

Through close consultation with the franchisees we were able to build a comprehensive package for everyone that would cover them in all aspects of human resources and health and safety procedures. Costa Coffee now benefits from on site risk assessments with a customised package to cater for human resource management and health and safety procedures and policies, each one bespoke to individual stores.


The overall effect


This market was previously renowned for being a minefield in both Health and Safety and Employment law. The Costa People Management System allows franchisees, team members and the whole brand to concentrate on what they do best, the customers.

Working with Costa Franchisees has helped to provide quality standards as well as offering ongoing support and promotion. Franchisees can focus on its key business objectives secure in the knowledge that its partnership with MJL facilitates access to services guaranteeing compliance and conformity with current legislation.

Given the incredible importance of the Costa brand having a system in place to deal with H&S and HR is imperative. Without MJL I don’t know where I would be!

Stuart Montgomery, Franchisee for Costa Coffee. 0845 6000 220



10 Health & Safety From Day One, our team of specialists will take full control and responsibility for all elements of Health & Safety to ensure your business has the safest working environment with the welfare of all personnel firmly at the forefront. It’s more than simply making you aware of the legislation that governs Health & Safety and informing you about governmental changes as and when they occur: our approach is proactive by nature and bespoke by design.

Health & Safety Risk Assessment

The MJL service isn’t merely a checklist of right and wrong, compliant and non-compliant: after a thorough and comprehensive review of policies and procedures, we’ll be on site making the changes that protect your workplace, your business and your people.

• Conduct a general risk assessment and a complete review of your existing Health & Safety policies and procedures.

Every customer’s requirement will be different, but the way we tackle and implement a Health & Safety audit, review and action plan is consistent. First, we will inspect your premises to identify and categorise observed hazards, making recommendations to address these hazards, whilst providing practical advice on the reduction of risks throughout the workplace. Next, we will develop a solid Health & Safety policy for your business, making you aware of current and forthcoming legislation that governs Health & Safety and most importantly, we will take responsibility for, and control of, carrying out risk assessments. Here’s how the system works.

Once you become an MJL client one of our qualified and experienced Health & Safety consultants will visit your premises and: • Discuss your business in great detail.

• Identify any immediate dangers and highlight any Health & Safety breaches of legislation and urgent requirements. Risk Assessment Report Following the initial Health & Safety Risk Assessment, MJL will provide your business with a written report to confirm the outcome of the assessment. The MJL Risk Assessment report will: • Highlight risks and hazards. • Prioritise tasks needing action. • Identify existing safe working procedures. • Detail required safe working procedures. • Identify specific risk assessments required. • Highlight any necessary training. • Detail further action that is required and where possible carry these actions out.

The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

MJL Health & Safety Management System

Annual Health & Safety Inspections and Audit

After the completion of your general risk assessment the MJL team will create a tailored Health & Safety system for your company which will include:

MJL’s Health & Safety consultants will visit your premises to complete an Annual Health & Safety Inspection and Audit.

• A company Health & Safety policy statement.

• A total review of compliance and procedures.

• Listings of your Health & Safety duties and obligations. • Accident book.

This will include: • Ensuring all documented procedures have been kept up to date. • Checking the statutory records. • An audit of the workplace.

• Monitoring procedures.

• The inclusion of any significant changes in your legally required documentation.

• All statutory notices. • Employee binders.

• A complete report of all findings.

• Employee Induction. • Employee company handbooks. • Additional risk assessments where necessary. Ongoing Professional Support

Health & Safety response team In the event of a major incident or accident, a qualified response team will visit your premises to implement the appropriate procedures, including:

MJL will allocate a dedicated and competent Health & Safety Account Manager to your business who will be your day to day contact and will assist in the administration of your procedures.

• Creating a detailed report of all actions and occurrences.

Health & Safety Training

MJL Live-Online 24/7 assistance

• Managing the necessary actions, including authority liaison, in order to ensure that your interests are protected. • Providing an expert witness to support any legal requirements or court appearances. • Providing legal representation.

Your MJL Health & Safety Account Manager will initiate a series of training modules at your premises. • Health & Safety System. • Risk assessments. • MJL Live-Online. Regular Health & Safety updates • MJL will keep you informed of all changes in Health & Safety legislation that will affect your business.

As soon as you become a client of the MJL Group, you are entitled to unlimited advice and support on all Health & Safety issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Health & Safety team will work closely with you, advising you in respect of all Health & Safety issues as and when they arise. We pride ourselves on delivering a service that is professional, competent, fast and accurate.

• MJL will make you aware of all legal issues that might impact on your business. • MJL will inform you of all documentation that will need updating under changes in legislation.

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The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Case Study Hotel Chocolat Hotel Chocolat was founded in the early 1990s initially as a catalogue-based business whose owners were passionate about bringing superior chocolate to the great British public. The catalogue evolved into an award-winning website and then in 2004 the company hit the high street. Spring 2008 saw the launch of their flagship café and boutique in High Street Kensington. Fuelled by their passion to make British chocolate great using authentic wholesome ingredients, the company are experiencing rapid growth and development. What we did Hotel Chocolat have 28 shops nationwide with a planned schedule of ongoing expansion. Their manufacturing plant is based in Huntingdon and the head office is in Royston. With such fragmentation, the company was keen to ensure joined up, compliant health and safety operations and sought a partner to whom they could confidently outsource this strand of their business. How we did it We began by visiting each site and compiled a health and safety manual specific to the needs of that site. We may also have eaten a few chocolates… We trained a designated member of staff for each site on health and safety, and risk assessments including fire risk. This resulted in staff being able to deliver training to other personnel to ensure continued safety and compliance. Our support was fixed over a three year period with regular, six monthly visits by our consultants. As part of our revolutionary online service, it’s easy for Hotel Chocolat management to view all risk assessments and manuals online and for employees to be kept up to date with changes in procedure, policy and legislation. The overall effect With regular reviews and ongoing support, Hotel Chocolat can be confident about compliance and conformity in all health and safety issues without the expense and administration associated with an in-house team. Updates to policy manuals are provided online with face to face support twice a year. Result? Their testimony speaks for itself. We’re delighted to have forged an ongoing partnership with MJL which has yielded such excellent results and we’re grateful for their referral and recommendation.

MJL have worked with us for 3 years now, and have provided us with the training, structure and support to become self-sufficient in our Health & Safety management.They have supported us through the opening of our 28 stores and continue to conduct prompt and thorough inspection visits. As a result of our partnership with MJL, we have received outstanding results in our annual audits and are confident that we provide a safe, legal and progressive environment for our customers and our team

Lynn Cunningham, People & Ethics Director for Hotel Chocolat


Case Study Brend Hotels As Devon and Cornwall’s leading hotel group, The Brend Group take pride in offering their guests the very best of the west, from stunning locations and unrivalled views to the finest in local cuisine. While each of their eleven hotels and two restaurants across the West Country have their own unique atmosphere and appeal, they all share the dedication to outstanding quality and service that’s been the Brend trademark for over 50 years. What we did The Brend Group offers a unique speciality in all of their hotels. Each hotel has its own characteristics and atmosphere. With so many locations across the West Country the group needed a unique health and safety programme. What we gave them was a bespoke management system, incorporating each hotel in it’s own special way. How we did it We began by visiting each hotel and completing an initial status review (ISR) on the existing Health and Safety management system. This allowed us to compile a report for the Brend Group directors highlighting current processes and policies and areas needing development. This report offered remedial actions to ensure the Brend Group maintained the high standards they already set.

It’s been a great pleasure in dealing with such a prestigious company, creating a bespoke management system that works for them and their ethos. It’s been fantastic to work with a company who takes real pride in what they do.

Gary Morgan, Operations Manager for MJL group

The next stage was for MJL risk assessors to audit each of the 11 hotels. Every department in each hotel was assessed and this information was collated and made available to the Brend management team via our cutting edge on-line system. Each hotel was provided with a hard copy of this, bespoke to each department, this was underpinned by access to the MJL system made available in each hotel. This ensures they are up to date with changes in procedure, policy and legislation. The overall effect With regular reviews and ongoing support, Brend Hotel’s can be confident about compliance and conformity in all health and safety issues. They are safe in the knowledge that we have the same dedication and pride in all their hotels as themselves. Result? We’re delighted to have forged an ongoing partnership with The Brend Group which has yielded such excellent results and we’re grateful for their.

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The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Environmental Services

Case Study Dunelm Mills

MJL offers a comprehensive outsourced service capable of monitoring and supporting your environment in line with current legislative guidelines. MJL has successfully improved the workplace environment for all its clients, with regular testing and monitoring regardless of sector.

Dunelm Mills is well known for being one of the most successful and popular home furnishings retailers in the UK. Founded over 25 years ago in the heart of the East Midlands, the company now boasts more than 80 stores across the UK.

Our service includes thorough and in-depth testing at all levels, providing the client with a full report of findings, the generation of a comprehensive testing schedule, followed by the implementation of a concise action plan. A risk assessment is simply a careful examination of what, in your workplace, could cause your staff harm, so that you can take the necessary precautions to protect them. Your workforce has a right to be protected from harm caused by a failure to take reasonable control measures. Accidents and ill health can ruin lives and affect your business if machinery is damaged, insurance costs increase or you have to go to court. You are legally required to assess your workplace so that you put in place a plan to control all risks. Assessing the risks, MJL will: • Identify the hazards. • Decide who might be harmed and how. • Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions. • Record your findings and implement them. • Review your assessment and update if necessary. Services from MJL include: • Environmental Monitoring. • Periodic Testing. • Noise Risk Assessment. • Fire Risk Assessment. • Air Monitoring - statutory local exhaust. ventilation testing (LEV). • Fixed Electrical Testing - 5 year testing compliance with legislation. • Fire Risk Assessment - with regular review of emergency procedures. • Portable Appliance Testing.

Favouring a superstore format in out of town locations, some of which have a coffee shop, the company offers customers a wide range of soft furnishings and homewares at very competitive prices. After experiencing a period of rapid growth, Dunelm wasn’t satisfied with the quality and usability of company-wide health and safety risk assessments. They sought a less technical, more user-friendly and widely accessible approach to keep management and employees updated and in touch with legislative requirements, protocols and procedures. Given the proliferation of legislation about work-related safety for drivers in particular, the company was keen to understand, disseminate and implement the latest legislation to ensure compliance across all stores and conformity from all members of staff. What we did Dunelm approached several companies and invited them to tender. We were successful, and following close consultation with key managers and health and safety officers, we put together new fire risk assessments. In addition, we were asked to undertake a comprehensive audit of Dunelm’s entire health and safety systems across all stores. How we did it We were quick to timetable and carry out visits to all Dunelm sites across the UK. As well as offering guidance and advice, we tailored user-friendly risk assessments to be circulated as standard, replacing technical jargon which made previous documents difficult to follow and implement. We also advised on manual handling, good practice and provided updates where necessary. The overall effect It was rewarding to be able to use our expertise in the field to ensure conformity and consistency across the whole Dunelm group.


Dunelm were delighted with our professional approach and speedy response to visiting all locations: they also expressed their approval of how information was customised and delivered, according to company requirements and priorities. The way ahead The new risk assessments have been compiled and formatted in a user-friendly way available electronically for optimum access by all Dunelm employees and management.

Our team pride themselves on being up to date in all areas of legislation and open to questions/advice and guidance which has led to an ongoing, supportive relationship with Dunelm. Result? Dunelm can continue to build their empire secure in the knowledge that the organisation nationally is compliant in risk assessments and is delivering information in a user-friendly, accessible format to its staff, employees and partners.

I was very impressed with MJL’s response time in getting people out to our locations and their flexibility in tailoring their services to our needs.Very often you find companies dictate to you, and with MJL it was very nice to still feel like part of the team Steve Holmes (Health & Safety Officer for Dunelm)

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The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Food Hygiene It is against the law to allow any person to handle or prepare food unless they have undertaken, as a minimum, a recognised Basic Food Hygiene Course. Basic Food Hygiene will help employees to establish and maintain high standards of food hygiene in your business. The high quality interactive content provides an effective grounding in food safety which can help participants achieve a recognised public health qualification. Basic Food Hygiene is a comprehensive course for people working in the food preparation and delivery sector such as: chefs, cooks, kitchen assistants, waiters, food preparers, caterers and those who handle food directly or indirectly. This course will suit anyone who is new to the industry or existing staff who want to refresh their knowledge and skills. MJL Food Hygiene courses are accessed online and use on-screen text, audio, high quality video and animation to help the user develop their knowledge and skills. Multi choice questions, real life examples and practical exercises assist in the training with immediate feedback and appraisal. Example - Level 1 Basic Food Hygiene Designed for all food handlers, with the overall aim to develop a level of understanding on the basic principles of food hygiene, thus enabling them to improve standards and help prevent food poisoning. The course covers: • Bacteriology. • Food poisoning. • Prevention of food poisoning and contamination. • Temperature control of food. • Personal hygiene. • Cleaning and disinfection. • Pest control. • Food premises and equipment. • Hazard analysis. • Legal obligations.

Case Study Eat Natural Eat Natural are a well known global brand, renowned for their healthy fruit and nut bars. The Essex based company began trading in 1997 and has enjoyed rapid growth and widespread popularity. Their philosophy is to provide healthy, additive free bars for both adults and children and the company is strongly committed to ethical trading. They were referred to us by Hotel Chocolat (slightly less healthy…). What we did Eat Natural’s business had grown very quickly which meant that formal systems weren’t in place for human resources and health & safety protocols. With employees whose first language isn’t English, Eat Natural faced the additional challenge of identifying training needs and complying with employment legislation. As one of the UK’s leading Health and Safety and Human Resources consultancies providing highly specialised support and advice, we were quickly able to implement systems to facilitate delivery of their HR training.


How we did it

The overall effect

With Eat Natural, we were keen to nurture a close and harmonious working relationship given such rapid growth in the business. Essential training was given to management to enable them to deal effectively with minor disciplinary matters, using role play as a learning tool. Our expertise meant that we could oversee more serious issues and were then able to advise and guide management accordingly.

Thanks to our close consultation with Eat Natural to identify priorities and our expertise in HR, George Fenn, who is responsible for Eat Natural’s operations, was able to focus on the smooth operation of the business rather than having to undergo training to equip him for a specialist HR role.

All employees benefitted from our comprehensive online training in Health & Safety. Constant changes in EU legislation meant that it was vital to have a system which could be swiftly updated to ensure compliance amongst all employees. Our experience meant that we could take into consideration language and cultural barriers. Within twelve months, we had taken over all risk assessments, all employment contracts and employment policies in order to streamline procedures at Eat Natural.

We now offer Eat Natural sustained support in all aspects of HR management, protocol, policies and procedure to ensure compliance and conformity amongst the employees while Eat Natural can focus on their core business and extending their range of scrumptious fruit and nut bars. Result? We recognised that Eat Natural’s strength is manufacturing their popular fruit and nut bars and investing their resources and energy into promotions, business development and widespread growth. Our client-centric approach ensures that we always deliver a solution that is tailored to organisational priorities, and we are delighted to have forged an ongoing relationship with Eat Natural.

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The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

MJL Live -Online Created exclusively to provide your business with web-based services, MJL Live-Online is set to lead the field with its innovative HR and Health and Safety system. There is no such thing as fixed hours in today’s business environment. Responding to customer needs, MJL Live-Online provides comprehensive HR, Health & Safety and Environmental support online, 24/7, in real time. Essentially, this is a fully integrated web-based system enabling the user to manage all information and data provided by MJL in real time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Real time information is gathered on a daily basis then supplemented by live legislative updates. MJL Live-Online provides the user with instant access including: • Individual usernames and passwords for each employee. • Multi site access, from anywhere in the UK, Europe or worldwide. • User interface branded with your company logo and look and feel. • Attendance, sickness and employee records. • Health & Safety assessments and records for your business. • Environmental reports. • Access to legal procedures and tribunal protocol. • Access to over 30 e-learning courses that the employee can complete online. • Access for all employees to their own employment records, including terms and conditions of employment, Company Handbook, training records, and holiday and sickness forms and records. It’s the perfect way to ensure your business is operating at its optimum level by harnessing innovative technology - streamlined, efficient and compliant.

Case Study Exall & Jones Established in 1983, Exall & Jones Ltd is a major supplier of light and heavy building materials, ironmongery, timber and timber related products based in Swansea city centre. The company boasts forty trained members of staff, a dedicated sales team and a loyal customer base. They were keen to source HR and Health & Safety services and training in order to maintain compliance with current legislation. What we did Exall & Jones were seeking professional guidance through the maze of employment law and health and safety protocol so our expertise was vital. Our comprehensive knowledge and revolutionary systems ensured that Exall & Jones were compliant in all areas of employment law and health and safety regulations. As an experienced training provider, we were also able to train members of staff where necessary in order to meet legislative requirements, promote safety and ensure compliance across the team. How we did it We provided employment contracts, risk assessments and health and safety advice, training, guidance and documentation for Exall & Jones. Since employment law changes so frequently, it was vital to continue to keep Exall & Jones updated and to review and amend contracts, assessments and associated documentation.


To keep management up to speed with health and safety issues, we introduced training which is carried out on an annual basis. In order to streamline procedures and alleviate the day to day administrative workload on Exall & Jones, we’ve taken over all aspects of risk assessment and relevant paperwork. All employment contracts are available and instantly accessible online to company personnel via our website. Our services also include electrical testing and inspections - effectively, we protect the interests of Exall & Jones by ensuring continuous compliance and conformity in employment law and health and safety. Our ongoing support also includes liaison with relevant insurers to notify them about MJL’s involvement with the company - this can often result in lower premiums.

0845 6000 220

The overall effect Our umbrella approach ensures that Exall & Jones are always compliant with current legislation having entrusted testing, assessments and policy changes to us. Regular on site health and training ensures that management are in a strong position to implement policy and procedural change across the business. Result? Exall & Jones can continue to operate with peace of mind that they are always compliant with relevant legislation and with assured confidence in our ability to keep them up to date with advice and guidance readily accessible online. They can devote their energies to their business secure in the knowledge that their staff and employees will remain protected and compliant.




The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Hotel & Restaurant Services In the fast moving world of hotels, restaurants, franchised food outlets and fast food, MJL excels with a range of services designed to make you more efficient and more profitable. MJL offers a fully integrated range of Health & Safety services to the hotel and restaurant sector, which combines legislative and management guidance, practical advice on dealing with hazards and undertaking risk assessments as well as setting up management systems and procedures. MJL offers bespoke employment packages that comply with all legislative directives, complementing an existing HR department, or acting as a stand alone department on an outsourced basis. In-house legal experts at MJL have extensive knowledge of employment law and an enviable success rate at tribunal representations.

Case Study De Vere Hotels The De Vere portfolio of hotels caters for both the independent leisure traveller and business delegates. Whether you’re seeking an extra special location from its portfolio of twelve luxury hotels or sourcing a venue for meetings, teambuilding, training courses and conferences, De Vere hotels pride themselves on satisfying every client’s request. The University Arms, a Victorian hotel in the centre of Cambridge and the five star Royal Bath hotel in Bournemouth had experienced difficulty in sourcing people locally to carry out their electrical testing work and so had extended their search. We were approached to tender for all electrical work, checks and periodical testing at both hotels.

MJL provides a full risk based and customised approach to all standards that govern the variety of food businesses under the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) regulations. MJL consultants are specialists in this area, advising on best practice and offering comprehensive guidance. MJL specialises in fixed wiring testing to ensure all clients meet the legal requirements that govern this industry under ‘The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989’ and are fully accredited to provide reports for insurance purposes. Services include: • Health & Safety. • Employment Law. • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). • PAT and Periodic Testing. • Fixed Appliance Testing. • Legionella testing. • Asbestos Surveying. • Legislative Updates. • Staff Training.

What we did Attention to detail is the benchmark of all De Vere properties - and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to identify priorities, address issues and promote good working practice regardless of the service or specialism we provide. We were approached by The University Arms and The Royal Bath to tender for all electrical work, checks and periodical testing to enable both hotels to remain compliant with current legislation.


How we did it There was no need to separate any elements of De Vere’s remit - since we keep all work in-house, we can maintain tight control over the services we undertake for every client. No work is outsourced or subcontracted, providing a continuous standard of service and unrivalled quality under one roof. We like to act swiftly on behalf of our clients. Rigorous testing was carried out at both sites to ensure that the hotels were compliant and up to date with the latest legislation. Once verified, all certification can be accessed online and is readily available for hotel management, the De Vere group or a licensing inspector to view at any time. The overall effect The De Vere Group expressed satisfaction with our response to their request - in particular, the fast turnaround, easy payment facilities and the availability of certification online.

Both hotels are compliant with electrical legislation and our ongoing support means that any relevant certification will be renewed, updated and tested when required. As the law changes, they can be confident of our commitment to keep them up to date with any legislation that may affect them. Result? By entrusting their electrical testing and checks to us, the hotels can focus on ensuring their guests have an enjoyable stay knowing that their staff and visitors are working in a safe, compliant environment.

MJL are looking forward to developing relationships with the De Vere Group across a broad spectrum of our services

Andrew Wallace MJL Account Manager for De Vere Hotels

0845 6000 220




The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Franchise & Retail Services

Flagship Case Study Domino’s Pizza

MJL has earned an enviable reputation for supporting franchised and retail businesses, on all matters relating to statutory services and compliancy issues.

Domino’s Pizza is the fastest developing fast food chain in the world. The business has more than 500 outlets with approximately 12,000 team members in the UK and Ireland.

From start-ups to established enterprises in a diverse cross section of markets the compliancy issues are common and just as taxing regardless of business size and sector. MJL supports all manner of retail and franchised businesses across the UK and in Europe and the Middle East, including: • Multi site food franchises. • Public houses. • Restaurants. • Hotels. • Retail outlets.

• Catalogue and online fashion brands. • Automotive dealerships. • Flagship stores. • Shopping malls.

Services include: Health & Safety • Creating a tailored Health & Safety management system.

Domino’s relies upon its franchise partners to manage, train and regulate its human capital, in accordance with current employment law and legislation. In 2007 Domino’s experienced a number of HR issues that were featured in the media. The organisation had to develop a consistent system whereby they could control their business across all stores ensuring franchisees were compliant at all levels. Domino’s needed to position the organisation as a great place to work with a robust network of human resource management systems ensuring compliance and consistency. This is where we stepped in. What we did We developed a customised system specifically to Domino’s requirements, templating and branding a methodology, accessible in real time to all management levels and employees.

• Health & Safety professionals to manage your account.

Launched in March 2008, over 300 hundred stores signed up to our bespoke offering. The system provides franchisees with access to a 24-hr advice line, with indemnity on advice provided. To ensure compliance and consistency, all team members have access to contracts, handbooks and policies and an online induction, an introduction to food safety, health and safety, current policies and procedures.

• Updates on changes in legislation and government directives.

The system was offered in a number of languages, including Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish and Arabic.

• Implementing Health & Safety procedures. • Health and Safety training for all key members of staff.

• Annual Health & Safety inspections. • Provision of expert witness support in prosecution cases. HR Services and Employment Law • Employee handbooks, personnel policies and procedures. • Contracts of employment. • Dismissal and redundancy. ...continued on page 24

The system that the MJL Group developed has revolutionised Domino’s Pizza HR and Employment procedures, taking the responsibility away from the franchisee and putting it firmly in the control of the parent company.With more than 12,000 employees and a high need for induction and statutory training, Domino’s Pizza has revolutionised its employment procedures Chris Moore, CEO of Domino’s Pizza (UK & Ireland)

How we did it


All store team members, drivers and in-store crew members were issued with personal log-ins to access the online induction, individual terms and conditions of employment, handbook and associated policies. They were also able to request annual leave.

The new online HR and H&S system we developed has provided Domino’s with the ability to identify trends and gaps. It serves as a regular communication tool for all 12,000 + team members to keep them aware of legislative developments.

So, for example, a new driver is now able to use his log-in at home to go over his induction in his own time, and refer back to policies and procedures whenever he needs to.

In addition, our system provides Domino’s with a tailor-made methodology to give complete peace of mind that all the appropriate personnel practices are consistent. It ensures that all necessary and up to date policies, procedures and documentation are in place and that Domino’s franchise business partners are operating best practice in human resource management, with continual protection in terms of employment law and health & safety.

The online system also made provision for an Employment Reference Manual, Equal Opportunity Policies, Staff Contracts and Employee Handbooks, as well as supporting procedures for managing holiday, sickness absence and training records. The system contains Health & Safety manuals, manages Risk Assessment, provides updates on new legislation and conducts Health & Safety management reviews. It also includes a module that conducts all statutory requirements such as electrical testing, portable appliance testing and fixed electrical testing for the franchisee.

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Isn’t that (fast) food for thought…




The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

• Industrial tribunals. • Litigation, discrimination, sexual harassment and wrongful termination. • Data protection, confidentiality, employee monitoring and compliancy. • Disciplinary procedures, maternity, racial, sexual and age-related issues, redundancy, sickness and absenteeism. • Performance management. Payroll services • PAYE. • Holiday pay. • Wage slips integrated into MJL’s online system. • Payroll. Training • Food Hygiene. • Health & Safety. • Employment Law. • Induction. • Manual handling. Online support and helpline • Total support, 24/7 using MJL Live-Online. • Helpdesk. Environmental Services • Noise risk assessment. • Air Monitoring - statutory local exhaust ventilation testing (LEV). • Fixed Electrical Testing - 5 year testing compliance with legislation. • Fire Risk Assessment - with regular review of emergency procedures. • Portable Appliance Testing. Legislative Updates • Changes in legislation. • Governmental reports. • Surveys. Asbestos • Surveys. • Reporting. • Recommendations. • Control measures.

Case Study Boden Founded in 1991, Boden has evolved from a tiny front room operation with just eight menswear products to an iconic online clothing empire which enjoys global popularity. The company has high street presence with two stores, one of which is an award-winning shop in London complete with a play area for children! The other is spread over two floors in a modern shopping mall in Walton-on-Thames. More than 600 staff work hard to despatch 3,000 orders a day from their warehouse: the company is proud of regularly featuring in the top 100 most employee-friendly British companies. Their commitment to corporate responsibility runs deep. Boden has nurtured a reputation for ethical trading, joining forces with Rainforest Concern and forging a partnership with The Rainbow Trust charity. What we did Boden already had a full-time Health and Safety Officer, responsible for overseeing all issues at their head office and across both stores but as retirement approached, the company was keen to streamline business processes and outsource this responsibility to a trusted partner.


How we did it

The overall effect


We were approached to carry out an initial audit to evaluate procedures and policies and then to generate an action plan which we would oversee.

Working with Boden has been a real pleasure. As well as much improving our dress sense, we signed a three year contract to continue to provide health and safety services, eliminating the need for an in-house dedicated Health and Safety Officer.

A planned schedule of site visits means that Boden can be confident of continued compliance with all current and relevant health and safety legislation.

We also provided training to designated staff in order to ensure that all equipment complies with current health and safety legislation. We agreed a schedule of quarterly visits to the stores to carry out risk assessments. Given the volume of orders leaving Boden’s distribution centre in Leicester, our consultants undertook monthly visits to provide any necessary training and carry out risk assessments in areas such as manual handling and fire risk.

Thanks to regular training and ongoing updates, staff at Boden are now able to check equipment to make sure it is compliant.

As the company expands and evolves, we’re on hand as a background presence to maintain and update health and safety systems.

As with many clients, certification and guidelines are available online for quick and convenient access by Boden’s management and personnel.

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The UK’s leading Health & Safety, Human Resources and Work Place Environmental specialist

Strategic Partnerships MJL has developed many strategic alliances with professional service providers in a variety of sectors where we can add value to their product offering.

Advantages include:

By broadening our business sectors through mutually advantageous partnerships MJL is able to extend its geographical reach into sectors such as commercial insurance.

• A full range of products for the strategic partner to offer their clients.

Strategic partners are provided with ‘white labelled’ products from the MJL portfolio of services, with MJL acting as the service provider. Their customers benefit from a joined up partnership where enhanced services help the end user client to grow their businesses. MJL’s HR, Employment Law, Health & Safety and Environmental Services products have been integrated into the strategic partner’s product offering to their own clients.

• Professionally executed advice implementation by MJL. • Full compliance and legislative awareness. • A ‘white labelled’ product that strategic partners can call their own. • Added value services to the strategic partners’ client base. • A revenue stream from additional services. • A USP for strategic partners to include in their marketing. • Peace of mind. • Full support and back-up from MJL 24/7.

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