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Tom Seddon for Academic Welfare Officer

Hi, I'm Tom, I'm a second-year mathmo and I'm running to be your Academic Welfare Officer. I'm interested in this role because I think Sidney is a great place to live and study, and I want the opportunity to dedicate some time to helping the college community. SSCSU currently does a great job with regards to promoting welfare, from organising events during Easter term, to giving the students a chance to have a say in the running of the library and other facilities, not to mention providing coffee and tea. I'd like to help continue this good work, which keeps some of us from feeling like studying is the sole focus of life in Cambridge. Having studied here for a while, I've seen how at times the workload can be incredibly, and sometimes unfairly, large and difficult. If you're suffering from any academic problems, I want to be a friendly face who can listen to you, advise you and direct you to get the help you need. An aspect of this role that I like is that it allows everyone in college to have a say - I want to represent your views, not my own. I want to be an approachable, dependable and reliable representative of Sidney students' views on academic issues, and not use the post to promote my own personal opinions when they might clash with yours. I will provide opportunities for you to give feedback on issues you’re concerned about. One thing I would like to look into is the use of hot desks in the library - I think they're a great idea, but during exam term it sometimes felt like there weren't enough, and the fact that many “normal” desks were cluttered with work despite being unoccupied made it difficult to find a spot. If you’re a library user, I’d want to hear your opinions on this. Also, I would like to look at student-produced study skills advice for subjects which aren't based on writing essays. Taking the CUSU website as an example, there tends to be lots of great advice on how to write an essay, but less for the scientists, mathematicians and engineers amongst us who have problem sheets making up the bulk of work. I promise to, wherever possible, oppose cuts to spending affecting Cambridge's quality of teaching and levels of financial support. We all know that all areas of society are being affected by austerity, but tuition fees are already about to increase by £6000 per student per year - it would be massively unfair to cut bursaries and academic provision as well as increasing fees! This is not politics - it's common sense. Thanks for reading, and make sure to vote!

Manifesto- Tom Seddon  

Hi, I'm Tom, I'm a second-year mathmo and I'm running to be your Academic Welfare Officer. I'm interested in this role because I think Sidne...

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