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JAZZ AUSTIN For SSCSU Freshers’ Rep Hey I’m Jazz, a first year Architect, and I would love to be your Freshers’ Rep! Having only been here for a term and already met some truly amazing people, I’ve never been more pleased that I chose to come to Sidney! One of the main things people say when asked, ‘Why Sidney?’ is because it is well-known for being the friendliest college in Cambridge which makes Freshers’ Week even more memorable as everyone is so lovely! Sidney is definitely the most sociable college and we need to show next year even without ‘Sidney Corner’ in Fez! And so I would really want to encourage some more inter year group activities. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to organise this important week for next year’s Freshers! I love meeting new people and am a very approachable person who is always up for having a good time and am usually bouncing off the walls, so would very much enjoy helping to make the Freshers have an awesome week and help introduce them to Sidney! At many other colleges they only have a Freshers’ weekend, whereas here at Sidney we have a tradition of having an entire Freshers’ week, which I would love to fill with some of the classic events such as the Pirate Pub Crawl and the Silent Disco and also bring in some new events such as a Sainsbury’s Basics Party, Sidney Freshers’ Ball and organise some more inter-college events. I love being organised and don’t get stressed out too easily and so I’d hope be able to manage the role as Freshers’ Rep smoothly. This would be such a great opportunity to give something back to the college, which I would really enjoy being part of. So, I hope you’ll vote JAZZ AUSTIN!

Manifesto- Jazz Austin, Freshers' Rep