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Twin Peaks is Good

Twin Peaks was an early 90s television show written and directed by David Lynch and Nick Frost. Running for only 2 seasons before its cancellation, Twin Peaks has achieved cult status, and many filmmakers cite it as an influence. 1. One of the top rated shows of the 90s. 2. Well regarded as a cult classic (9.0 imdb rating).v 3. Inspired many of the staples of modern TV, including Lost, Sopranos and X-Files. 4. Great Soundtrack (Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch) 5. One of the most accessible pieces of Lynch's work. 6. Good acting that boosted a lot of acting careers. 7. Episodes nearly always ended on a cliffhanger. 8. Has a creepy, bizarre atmosphere that is unlike other TV shows. 9. Deep, evolving characters. 10. Rumoured to make a return for its 25th anniversary in 2014.


Format is Good

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Process is Good

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Twin Peaks is Bad

1. Cancelled after only 2 seasons (29 episodes) 2. Second season is considered to be of a lower quality than the first -> Pressure from ABC to reveal killer 3. Actors and actresses disappear and reappear in the show, making it hard to follow at times. 4. Has lost some of its originality when compared to modern TV shows. 5. Creepy and bizarre atmosphere can make it a difficult watch. 6. Its references and character are very routed in American culture. 7. Not suitable for children. 8. The presence of an alternative pilot and a prequel make it difficult for a first-timer to know what order to watch the show in. 9. Hard to neatly fit into any genre, with an odd mishmash of horror, mystery and soap opera elements. 10. Spin-off prequel Fire Walk With Me not particularly well received.


Things You Need to Know

Scenes in Twin Peaks have key features and themes. Music, characters, scenes and dialogue all share connections and are essential to know about it you want to analyse Twin Peaks in a deeper way,

Twin Peaks Actors: Kyle MacLachlan Michael Ontkean Sheryl Lee Dana Ashbrook M채dchen Amick Michael J. Anderson Frank Silva Ray Wise Sherilyn Fenn Kenneth Welsh Miguel Ferrer Lara Flynn Boyle

Moira Kelly Jack Nance Eric DaRe Peggy Lipton Everett McGill Harry Goaz David Duchovny Lenny von Dohlen Russ Tamblyn Richard Beymer Kimmy Robertson Michael Horse Carel Struycken

Music of Twin Peaks: "Twin Peaks Theme" "Laura Palmer's Theme" "Audrey's Dance" "The Nightingale" (vocal by Julee Cruise) "Freshly Squeezed" "The Bookhouse Boys" "Into the Night" (vocal by Julee Cruise) "Night Life in Twin Peaks" "Dance of the Dream Man" "Love Theme from Twin Peaks" "Falling" (vocal by Julee Cruise)


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