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DAVID LYNCH Lynch produced another classic, Blue Velvet, in 1986. By 1990, he had won the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival for Wild at Heart, and achieved a huge cult following with Son of a scientist, Lynch spend his his surreal TV series “Twin Peaks” childhood being constantly moved around the country He married Peggy (1990), which he adapted for the Lynch, fathering a child aged 21. His feature length film Twin Peaks: Fire experience of fatherhood inspired his Walk With Me. first film: Eraserhead (1997), which Lynch likes to explore comon themes took 5 years to complete. in his films, which share a dark, The film was finally released through creepy, dream-like atmosphere which critics now term ‘lynichian’. distributor Ben Barenholtz, securing a cult following. This gave Lynch Lynch is also a musican, painter, the credibility to make his first visual artist and proponent of mainstream film, The Elephant Man transindental mediation. (1980). Its was met with critical acclaim. David Lych is an influencial director whose career has spanned over 30 years.

DAVID LYNCH Filmography Meditation, Creativity, Peace (documentary) 2012 Crazy Clown Time (video short) 2011 The 3 Rs (short) 2011 Duran Duran: Unstaged (video documentary) 2011 I Touch a Red Button (short) 2010 Lady Blue Shanghai (short) 2010 Ariana Delawari: Lion of Panjshir (video short) 2009 42 One Dream Rush (short) 2007 More Things That Happened (video) 2007 To Each His Own Cinema (segment “Absurda” / special edition) 2007 Dynamic:01: The Best of (video short) 2007 Boat (video short) 2006 Inland Empire 2002 The Short Films of David Lynch (video documentary) 2002 Darkened Room (short) 2002 DumbLand (TV mini-series) 2002 Rabbits 2001 Eraserhead Stories (video documentary) 2001 Mulholland Drive 1999 The Straight Story 1999 Mulholland Dr. (TV movie) 1997 Lost Highway 1995 Lumière and Company

(documentary) (segment “Premonition Following An Evil Deed”) 1993 Hotel Room (TV mini-series) – Blackout (1993) – Tricks (1993) 1993 The King of Ads (documentary) 1992 On the Air (TV mini-series) – The Lester Guy Show (1992) 1992 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me 1990-1991 Twin Peaks (TV series) 1990 American Chronicles (TV series documentary) 1990 Wild at Heart 1990 Industrial Symphony No. 1: The Dream of the Brokenhearted (TV movie) 1988 Les Français vus par (TV mini-series documentary) – The Cowboy and the Frenchman (1988) 1986 Blue Velvet 1984 Dune 1980 The Elephant Man 1977 Eraserhead 1974 The Amputee (short) 1970 The Grandmother (short) 1968 The Alphabet (short) 1967 Absurd Encounter with Fear (short) 1966 Six Figures Getting Sick (short)


Bobby Briggs

Special Agent Dale Cooper

Donna Hayward

An eccentric detective sent to Twin Peaks to solve the mystery of the death of Laura Palmer.

Laura’s secret lover. Bobby Laura’s best friend and confident. Armed with her is a delinquent with a knowledge of Laura’s secret brash temper. life. She is determined to find the killer.

James Hurley

Audrey Horne

Josie Packard

Laura’s boyfriend. He was the last person to see Laura before her murder.

Classmate of Laura, and daughter of businessman Ben Horne, Audrey is seductive and pursuasive.

Owner of the Packard Saw mill, which is under threat from those who want to take the land it sits on.


Leo Johnson

Shelly Johnson

Dr Jackoby

A violent drug dealer and abusive husband of shelly johnson.

Waitress at the Double R diner, wife of Leo Johnson and lover of Bobby Briggs.

Laura’s psychiatrist. Also takes care of Johnny Horne, Audrey’s menatlly diabled brother.

Leland Palmer

The Log Lady

Norma Jennings

Father of Laura. After the death of his daughter he suffers a severe mental breakdown.

Mysterious resident of Twin Peaks who clais to speak clairvoyantly to a log that she carries everywhere.

Waitress at the double R diner. Engaged in an afair with Ed, while her homicidal husband Hank is in prison


Big Ed’s Gas Farm Bird’s Birch (Intro) Blue Pine Lodge The Bookhouse Briggs Residence Calhoun Memorial Hospital Double R Diner Giant Log Great Nothern Hotel Haward Residence Twin Peaks High School Hornes Department Store Hurley Residence Credit’s River Johnson Residence Laura’s log Necklace Burial Spot Packard Sawmill Palmer Residence Picnic Video Location Roadhouse Ronette’s Bridge Sheriff’s Department State Penitentiary Twin Peaks Town Hall Twin Peaks Sign Spot Valley View Wind River Blue diamond Motel Fat Trout Trailer Park FWWM High School Mo’s Motor

Sparkwood & 21 Laura and Bobby’s Drug Deal Spot FWWM Palmer Residence Black Lake Glastonberry Grove Tremond Intersection FBI Offices Haps Diner

All of these locations were filmed in Washington


Cooper Briggs Camp Site Bookhouse Twin Peaks Cemetery Country Club Dead Dog Farm Donna and James Picnic Spot Easter Parl and Lake View Twin Peaks General Store Gastonberry Grove Hayward Residence High School Field Jaques Apartment Jacques Cabin Johnson Residence Log Lady’s Cabin Lydeceker Veterinary Clinic One Eye’d Jack’s Dock Owl Cave Owl Pipe Rock Path Tibetan Rock Throw Smith Residence Tremond Residence Timber Falls Motel Wallies Hideout Water treatment Facility Windom Earles Cabin Wooded Road

All of these locations were filmed in California

FANSITES I hope to produce meaningful Twin Peaks collectables. This can only be effective if I can reach the show’s absolute fanatics through channels they are likely to read and trust. The Twin Peaks fansites would be a huge assett in promoting my products. Here are the main sites I have identified (although very few are still being maintained):

http://www. tpcomplete/ Blogs: Regularly updated even today, the site posts news about the show and its cast. They regularly feature fan art and merchandise so would be a huge promotional asset. http://twinpeaksarchive. Still regularly updated News site for Twin Peaks

Outdated, but with some ultra-detailed analysis and other Lynch projects Wikis: Statics: Some useful disection of themes, locations and characters, last updated 2006. Updated since 2001 with personal photographs of locations used in Twin Peaks. Exhaustive collection of hi-res screenshots.

www.sheepproductions. com/tps/ Twitter: TwinPeaksArchve


Twin Peaks Releases: Pilot (Home Video, EU, 1989)

Second Season Pt1 (Germany) Second Season Pt2 (Germany)

iTunes HD 1080p (2012)

Last year, Twin Peaks was released for download Definitive Gold Box Edition in 1080p High Definition exclusively through iTunes. Fire Walk With Me (2002) Fire Walk Wth Me (Blu-ray This is the highest quality Twin Peaks release to date. Second Season (2007) 2010) First Season (2001)


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Briggs (Dana Ashbrook) Me (1992) and quiet biker James Hurley (James Marshall), A prequel to the Twin her drug addiction, and Peaks TV series. The film her relationship with her follows the events during difficult (and possible the last week in the life of schizophrenic) father Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) Leland (Ray Wise), a story a troubled teenage girl in which her violent murder with two boyfriends; the was later to motivate much hot-tempered rebel Bobby of the TV series. Contains

a considerable amount of sex, drugs, violence, very loud music and inexplicable imagery. (IMDB)

Available on DVD and BluRay


How to Talk in the Red Room Little Mike reveals the technique for creating the odd voices that agent cooper experiences in the red room are revealed. Actors were trained to identify the phonics in

DVD Extra Every episode has a hidden interveiw with the director. This can be accessed by “Let’s rock” becomes going to episode features “karstell” and then pressing the Up He says “learn to speak like button. the voices in David Lynch’s head”. words and say them backwards:


One woman can make you fly like an eagle another can give you the strenghth of a lion

A sweet and a creeping sound Like the rushing of wings was heard around;

but only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder

And suddenly the lamps grew pale-

and the wisdom that you have known a singular joy.

Through the darkness of future past The magican longs to see One chance out between two worlds: Fire walk with me

The lamps, before the Archangels seven


That burn continually in Heaven.

Catch you with my deathbag


You may think I’ve gone insane


But I promise I will kill again BOB

TP INSPIRED DESIGN Many designers have been inspired by the imagery of Twin Peaks, and it has a rich variety of fan-art,ranging severely in quality. Popular themes amonst fan artists are the striped ‘red room’ pattern, owls, quotes, illustrated character. I would like to avoid these commonly utilised themes and be a lot more subtle with my project.

MUSIC The music for Twin Peaks was written by Angelo Badalementi. David Lynch wrote lyrics for 5 of the songs used in the Twin Peaks series. Badalamenti’s compositions have been released on three soundtrack albums: Soundtrack from Twin Peaks (1990), Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) and Twin Peaks Music: Season Two Music and More (2007). The soundtrack recieved high critical acclaim and is fundamental to creating the atmosphere of Twin Peaks. David Lynch began distributing The Twin Peaks Archive, a collection of previously unreleased and unused songs on his official web site for digital download. In total, 215 songs were made available for download.

Love Theme Intro” – 2:21 Shelly” – 2:17 New Shoes” – 3:48 High School Swing” – 1:51 Hayward Boogie” – 2:16 “Twin Peaks Theme” (performed by Alicia Witt) “Laura Palmer’s Theme” Blue Frank” – 5:10 “Audrey’s Dance” “The Nightingale” (vocal by Audrey’s Prayer” – 2:10 I’m Hurt Bad” – 2:30 Julee Cruise) Cop Beat” – 1:56 “Freshly Squeezed” Harold’s Theme” – 1:42 “The Bookhouse Boys” Barber Shop” – 1:25 “Into the Night” (vocal by Night Bells” – 2:47 Julee Cruise) “Night Life in Twin Peaks” Just You” – 3:36 (vocal by “Dance of the Dream Man” James Marshall, Sheryl Lee & Lara Flynn Boyle) “Love Theme from Twin Drug Deal Blues” – 3:08 Peaks” Audrey” – 2:26 “Falling” (vocal by Julee “Josie and Truman” – 4:32 Cruise) Soundtrack from Twin Peaks:

EXPENSIVE PRINT For me, this project is about generating something of value. Using high quality materials and print techniques, I aim to create something that fans of the series will treasure. This will be reflected both in the content and appearence of the collectables I produce. By creating limited run prints, I can appeal to collectors and increase the value of the work.

TP book white  

TP book white

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