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Elmwood Brief - Martin O’Dea

Concept I wanted to brand an electricty supplier with a transparent, user-centric approach and a focus on minimal envrionmental impact through the sourcing of local renewable energy. A 100% green electricity supplier would provide a fresh choice for consumers and has the ability to disrupt the market and current consumer dissatisfaction through a restructing of traditional business practices and efective, honest branding. These are four sources of energy that would be used:





Identity Earth Wire would position themselves as a fresh new approach to energy, proving a business model similar to GiGa in the mobile sector, whereby consumers are able to swap contracts every month to suit their current usage. The name Earth Wire implies environmental concearn whilst avoiding green cliches. The logo uses negative space to position a plug socket in the silhouette of a house. The facia of the socket frames the full logo.

Tone of Voice I wanted the brand to communciate with its customers in a clear and direct way, presenting themselves as accessible and transparent. I felt it was important not to patronise customers about the environmental element of the business. Here are some examples of the tone of voice used throughout:

Ethical Business We want our customers to know exactly how much they are paying and actively encourage them to save energy. We allow you to check your usage online at any time and supply your energy on a one-month contract so that you can switch plans to suit your current needs.

Green Price Plans Switching to Earth Wire is easy and won’t cost the earth. Take a look at our transparent price plans.






Earth Wire’s primary contact with customers will be through the mobile app, with a paper bill available on request but not provided by default. Earth Wire would uniquely allow customers to check their usage so far at any time and check through an archive of previous bills. It would also allow meter readings to be taken directly through the mobile interface.

Your Price Plan:

Lime This is our unlimited tariff. Use however much you like and be safe in the knowledge that all your energy comes from renewable sources.

Your Statement 12 Jan - 12 Feb 2014 Overall Usage - 2500kW Total Cost €178.21


1483kW £23.55

2100kW £97.13



This bill is estimated If you would like to use a meter reading instead, please contact us on 0845 273 24473

Wind 46%

Anaerobic 10%

Solar 29%

Energy Sources Below is the energy breakdown for this statement.

Hydro 15%

Elmwood submission  
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