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By allowing anyone to upload original work or build upon an existing design, Open Magnets aims to provide a platform that encourages open innovation and creativity amongst designers to rethink how the traditional fridge magnet can be designed, distributed and manufactured. 2014

Open Magnets is the world’s largest community for fabricated fridge magnets. Make, Share, Download, Remix.

Search through our archive of user uploads and download the perfect magnet design for your fridge. Designs are provided as standard SVG format vector files that can be read by a majority of laser cutters. Filter by most popular, top rated, recently added or search within categories to find exactly what you want. By downloading and rating designs on Open Magnets, you can help to inform others about the quality of a design and encourage more people to produce it as well. Commenting is great way to leave feedback to the uploader and help them to improve the design in the future.


We feel that it is important to have a choice about where your product is manufactured. Open Magnets provides you with the design files to have fabricated wherever you choose: Files can be brought to a local fabrication facility or hackspace, or sent to an online service such as Ponoko, which will manufacture for you and deliver directly to your door. Open magnets believes users should be empowered to customise their products. The choice of materials, scale and shape of a download can be altered by the end user to suit their usage, taste and budget. Each file comes with a set of recommendations from the designer, which act as a guideline to inform fabrication choices.


Open Magnets has a strong community based on sharing and common practice. Upload a design to the site and make your magnet available for anyone to fabricate, alter and use themselves. Receive feedback and praise from the community and gain a reputation for your designs. Whatever you contribute to the community can be freely altered by others user and reuploaded as a derivative work whilst crediting the original source. This encourages innovation and collaboration, pushing the community to produce more creative, unexpected designs. The most popular designs of the month are recognised with a community award to mark exceptional quality.


If you can think of an improvement to a design, produce it. We are an open community that believe in the spread of ideas and the art of collaboration. Combine two projects together to create something entirely new. Apply a twist to an under-appreciated design. Implement an alternation to improve its function. Open Magnets makes the whole process transparent, allowing you to upload the new design as a derivative and give credit to its original source. We believe that giving back to the community in this way encourages innovation and feedback in a way that closed systems would be unable to.