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“Risk management” and “employee benefits”: two terms that conjure up all sorts of opinions. Like boring. Frustrating. Complicated. Necessary evil. We think it’s time to change that. We think you should be delighted to see your insurance agents. Because they’re going to save you money and find more effective ways to protect your business and your employees. Help you initiate change, manage your risks, and become a better, smarter, more efficient organization. Because they care. And because they can. We’re MJ Insurance. We believe it’s time for you to change the way you think about risk management and employee benefits—and raise your expectations about what your business partners should do for you.





MJ Insurance can help your organization with risk management and benefits consulting no matter your business. Our innovative tools and resources give you all the clout of a large, national firm with all the personal attention of a local agency. Since our clients demand the highest standards of integrity and transparency, we’ll never deliver anything less.

We exist to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve: associates and their families, business partners, clients, and the community. And when you hire us, we not only make your organization better, smarter, and more successful—we raise expectations about what your partners should do for you.

1964 MJ Insurance, Inc. founded by Michael M. Bill and opened first office in Anderson, IN

1966 Established Personal Insurance practice

1976 Established Employee Benefits practice


1982 Established Energy + Mining practice

We become a member of Assurex Global


Established Construction and Manufacturing practices



MJ hit the $1M revenue benchmark for the first time

Established Transportation practice



Revenue exceeded $5M

Established Sorority practice










and understand goals, initiatives, and objectives

impact on employee benefits or risk management program

current program

and validate strategy

and execute strategy

monitor and track results

2001 Established Japanese Business practice

Opened Arizona office


2006 Named a “Top 100 Privately Held Independent Agency in the U.S.” by Insurance Journal



Named a “Best Place to Work” in Arizona

Established Farm to Fork practice

Named a “Best Place to Work” in Indiana

Established Recycling practice



Launched MJ’s Learning + Development Initiative & InspireYOU—MJ’s client education series




Launched MJ Connect—MJ’s Mentorship program

Launched APERTURE— MJ’s Analytics Platform

Named one of the Valley’s Healthiest Employers

2018 5



Your business is constantly growing, adapting, and changing—and so should your risk management plan. MJ works closely with you to make sure your risk management strategy is aligned with your business goals, so you’re always getting better, growing stronger, and reaching your objectives.

ANALYZING YOU. To align your risk management strategy with your corporate objectives, we’ll perform a comprehensive risk analysis of your firm. This analysis helps us understand your risk profile and provides the basis for creating your risk mitigation strategy and determining the various risk financing alternatives available. RISK MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES DRIVEN BY DATA What are the risks your business faces—now and in the future? APERTURE, our proprietary analytics tool, provides a holistic picture of your risks, focusing on your data to help you predict future trends. It can help you make informed decisions about your risk management strategy, leading to improved performance and lower costs.


COST OF RISK ANALYSIS We start with a baseline measurement for your overall risk profile, then determine your historical cost of risk to use as a benchmark for future decisions. This metric can be shared across the organization to help impact your culture and broaden the awareness and understanding of your risk management strategy. LOSS TRENDING We’ll take a detailed look into various factors that may be related to the frequency of losses and their severity. It’s through these correlations— both historically and predictively modeled—that we’ll develop recommendations geared toward improving your loss performance. EXPOSURE TRENDING Charting elements of your business profile is a key part of our process, and this includes the exposures your insurance program is built from. This helps us get an understanding of how your business has changed over time—and that means we’ll be equipped to analyze your cost of risk and align your insurance program with your goals as you grow and change.

BENCHMARKING & FORECASTING Benchmarking can be both internal and external: You can use it for internal goal setting, or you can review peer data and apply comparative analysis. We can help you do both. Forecasting is a means of level-setting: What happens if we do nothing and keep getting what we’re getting? What could happen if we commit to changing our behavior—and subsequent risk culture—to improve results? Seeing the possible future can help you make the right decisions.

RISK AND REWARD. Part of our job involves developing a deep understanding of your business so we can form a clear picture of your corporate goals and approach to risk management. This is similar to a routine health screening for your organization, but focused on your business risks, so we can identify gaps in coverage and a clear plan to address them. RISK TOLERANCE ASSESSMENT After we understand your risk profile, we’ll talk with you about how much risk you’re capable of taking and willing to accept. And we’ll also know whether your current risk management program is right for achieving the goals of your company. The profile we create will allow us to do a deeper evaluation of your biggest risk factors, giving us actionable information we can use to help you thrive.

RISK ASSESSMENT Our risk assessments leave no stone unturned. This means taking a look at business continuity, business interruption, cyber threats, and other emerging risks. After we’ve identified these risks, we’ll create mitigation plans for potentially severe risks, conduct a risk culture assessment where we’ll look at your organization’s ability to manage risk, and perform a risk review for your industry. RISK ANALYSIS In conjunction with an operational risk analysis, we’ll assess your total cost of risk, which can help you understand your insurance program costs, retained losses, and risk control costs. This will put you in a better position to understand how to control your spending. RISK MITIGATION STRATEGY After a thorough assessment and analysis, we’ll develop a comprehensive plan to target prioritized areas of risk. This plan will include assigned accountabilities from the client, MJ, and carrier partners. The plan we create will include action items needed to reach your objectives.




There are many options for treating your risk—and based on our risk analysis and your risk profile, we’ll recommend the right risk treatment strategy for you. This includes guiding you through the claims process when needed.

We understand how important it is for you to have experts guide you through the process once a claim occurs. With our dedicated team of commercial claims specialists, we offer support throughout every stage of the claims process, minimizing the economic, administrative, and emotional burden claims can have on your organization.

RISK TRANSFER PLAN We’ll recommend options for the transfer of your risks that align with your ability and willingness to retain a specified level of risk. TRADITIONAL INSURANCE PLACEMENT As one of the top 100 brokerage firms in the United States, and with over 50 years in the commercial insurance space, MJ has formed strong relationships with the top national and regional insurance carriers throughout the country. We’re well equipped to utilize our market clout to give you the best insurance options for your risk transfer needs. ALTERNATIVE RISK TRANSFER We’re equipped to provide consultation on the use of alternative forms of risk transfer that differ from traditional commercial insurance, including large deductible programs, captives/risk retention groups (RRGs), and other nontraditional programs.


DEDICATED CLAIMS ADVISORY Our team will ensure you’re utilizing your insurance coverage properly in the event of a claim. We’ll also be persistent advocates for the best and most expedient resolution of your claim. And you can count on us to provide continuous monitoring of claim activity throughout the process. CLAIMS EVALUATION MJ facilitates on-site claims reviews to communicate overall quarterly activity, disposition strategies, and reserve development on impactful claims. We’ll also collaborate with our Risk Services and Analytics teams to provide loss-trend and root-cause analysis.

PROCESS EFFICIENCY We can assist in the development of processes and procedures to minimize the administrative burden caused by the claims process, allowing your employees to concentrate on the other needs of your business.

YOUR DEDICATED ADVOCATE. We know that insurance and risk management is not merely about the placement of your coverage once a year and that questions or issues arise daily. That’s why you can always rely on MJ to help—and to be a persistent advocate on your behalf—while surpassing your expectations with our customer service. PROGRAM EXECUTION Our Consulting, Analytics, Risk Services, Risk Transfer, and Claims Consulting teams work together seamlessly to create your overall strategic service plan. We’re experienced in our individual crafts and understand how each one of our roles impacts your plan holistically. Client service is a key differentiator for us—being proactive and reliable while delivering results is what sets us apart.

CARRIER RELATIONSHIPS Through our strong industry relationships, we’re able to place you with the right carrier for your specific needs, and advocate for you at the time of a claim. We work with the country’s leading carriers and have access to the most innovative, customized risk management and insurance programs available. It’s all part of our holistic approach to your risk management strategy—one that accounts for your needs both today and tomorrow. ALWAYS WITHIN REACH We take a proactive approach to working with you, and you can rely on us to respond promptly to any questions or concerns you might have. Our day-today approach to working with your business helps us respond efficiently to whatever needs might arise, and it also helps us keep you informed about changes to the market climate that affect you.




MJ Insurance won’t just address the needs you have today. We’re constantly looking down the road to make sure you have the right benefits program for the organization you’re going to become.

MAKING THE DATA WORK FOR YOU. Our comprehensive, forward-thinking approach to analytics is the foundation of our benefits consulting practice. We have the experience and the proprietary analytics tools that will make sure you’re always getting the most from your benefits strategy. And because we have extensive experience integrating and analyzing claims and biometric data, you can leave the analysis to us—and focus on growing your business.


APERTURE PUTS YOUR FUTURE IN FOCUS APERTURE takes data analysis and forecasting to the next level. It gives you a clear picture of your future risks and potential costs, helping us put together strategic recommendations that are aligned to the benefit strategy of your business. APERTURE can analyze massive amounts of raw data, including: ++ Medical claims ++ Prescription claims ++ Clinic and provider utilization ++ Biometrics ++ Member demographics ++ Workers’ compensation INSIGHTFUL ANALYTICS AND NIMBLE DATA INTEGRATIONS With the help of APERTURE, we’re able to provide our clients with custom reports and data-driven recommendations as quickly as they’re needed.

APERTURE allows us to drill down to the member level and identify at-risk populations, which can provide predictive information about cost trending and can help you put the right plan in place. APERTURE can also: ++ Help control the rising cost of prescription drugs ++ Give you a better understanding of your ROI on employee benefits spending ++ Compare your plan to the rest of the marketplace ++ Help identify opportunities to work with more high-quality, low-cost providers ++ Assist with plan design modeling ++ Find more ways to drive employee engagement, making employees happier and healthier


HEALTHY EMPLOYEES = A HEALTHY BUSINESS. Employees in poor health don’t just cost you in terms of direct medical and drug benefits—they also cost you productivity. We’ll help you create an employee wellness program that can significantly reduce your healthcare expenditure while driving higher morale and a more positive workplace culture. And it starts with the data. DIVING INTO THE DATA Data doesn’t lie—which is why the best population health management and wellness programs are closely tied with analytics. We can track your employee population as a whole or by segmented groups to help you make informed, data-driven decisions. Our six-step process is simple: ++ Collect data ++ Analyze your risk ++ Identify at-risk populations ++ Indicate gaps of care ++ Provide engagement strategies ++ Measure impact APERTURE combines multiple data sources to provide actionable intelligence you can use to inform decisions about your business. It helps uncover the insight needed to create the right population health strategy and focus your efforts on at-risk groups.


A HEALTHIER YOU Our approach to wellness isn’t a program but a process that begins with a deep understanding of your unique work environment. And with the help of APERTURE, we will give you an assessment of historical and current trends. Together, we will identify your future wellness goals, formulate and execute your strategy, and help you monitor, measure, and track results.

ONSITE & NEARSITE CLINICS Onsite and nearsite clinics can help you manage costs and improve efficiencies. We will give you a feasibility analysis, conduct a market analysis of clinic management companies, and help you implement the process. With over a decade of experience in onsite clinic consulting, we know the proper strategies to maximize clinic utilization.

WELLNESS SOLUTIONS The MJ Population Health + Wellness Team will work with you to integrate your wellness program, eliminating the hassle of working with several vendors. We will help you integrate an incentivebased wellness program, with educational seminars and online-driven solutions—plus comprehensive analysis.




Benefits consulting can be a complex issue, so we want to make sure that you and your employees understand your total benefits package. That means being clear, effective communicators, and making the information simple for you to understand. EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS We know that when employees are empowered by education, they can make smart decisions and utilize your plan in a more responsible way. One of our goals as your consultant is to create a vision for your employee benefits communication and establish a unique health and wellness brand for your organization. To help accomplish this, we will work with you to build a long-term communication strategy to enhance the perceived value of benefits, improve employee engagement and create administrative efficiency.


As a part of our strategy, we will help you communicate benefits clearly and consistently, and we can provide branded content and communications to your employees, which include: ++ Custom benefits booklets ++ Targeted communications campaigns ++ Educational videos ++ Enrollment support ++ Web portals ++ Consumer advocacy resources ++ Total compensation statements



Healthcare regulations are constantly in flux. We take care of your compliance needs so you can focus on the needs of your business.

You can count on MJ to be a persistent advocate on your behalf, always striving to create excellent experiences for our clients. We’re well-suited to support our clients beyond their expectations.

HEALTHCARE REFORM AND LEGISLATIVE UPDATES New healthcare laws can be overwhelming, so we give you the tools and information to help you understand how they impact your business. We’ll let you know what you need, when you need it. This mean reviewing PPACA analysis, reporting requirements, and fees and penalties. We’ll keep you up to date with regulatory requirements through email, webinars, seminars, legislative briefs, and through the MJ website. EMPLOYER RESPONSIBILITIES We give you the resources you need for day-today management of your benefits—and we’ll find the best solutions to simplify your administrative workload through 5500 reporting, summary plan descriptions, FMLA assistance, and ERISA compliance.

OUR PEOPLE We have an experienced, committed team dedicated to your short- and long-term goals. We continually challenge each other to grow personally and professionally—and we challenge each client to become the best company it can be. CARRIER RELATIONSHIPS We’ve maintained relationships with the country’s leading carriers for years, giving you access to the most innovative, customizable plans available. We’ll represent you with a strong voice in the insurance marketplace and find you a package that takes into account your needs both today and tomorrow. CLIENT SERVICE We take a proactive approach to client service, so we can help prevent issues before they become a problem. And you can rely on us to be a day-to-day advocate for your best interests.




We recognize the importance of strong leaders, which is why we emphasize that each one of our associates—no matter their level of experience or time with the company—should be a leader in their given area. Our company is full of resourceful, motivated people who collaborate as leaders on common ground, all playing different but equally important positions on the team.


By having a culture focused on continually sharing, learning, and educating, we constantly get better at what we do. It’s a critical aspect of our business given the changing landscape of the modern insurance world—because the knowledge we gain is passed on to our clients, helping them manage risk, improve efficiency, and be more successful.

OUR CORE VALUES The culture of MJ Insurance can best be described by our core values, which help empower our associates to be their very best in both their personal and professional lives:

PASSIONATE We are driven by passion. It gives our work purpose, and gives new meaning to what we do. And working with passion is more than a mindset—it’s a transformative experience that makes us proud of what we accomplish.

INNOVATIVE Innovation starts with future-focused insight, and evolves through the application of a creative vision. Every member of our team is capable of imagining better ways to work, collaborate, and advance our goals. Innovative thinking is the first step toward making the world a better place.

DETERMINED Achievement begins with a determination to see results. It is a mindset that combines perseverance and passion into a single vision of what can be achieved by pressing patiently forward—one step after the next.

INSPIRING Leadership takes passion and commitment. But it also requires you to place the interests of others ahead of your own, while acting as a positive influence on those around you. We believe that everyone is a valuable part of our team—and that everyone can be an inspiring leader.

CURIOUS Learning is a lifelong process, spurred by a healthy curiosity about the world around us. By asking questions, seeking answers, and applying what we learn, we push ourselves further down the path of personal growth and development.

FUN Fun, humor, and joy are part of who you are, and they should be a part of your work. When we don’t take ourselves too seriously, the world is a brighter, better place. We remember that happiness is not a destination—it’s a journey.


THE THE MJ MJ DIFFERENCE DIFFERENCE. MJ isn’t your average insurance agency. We exist to inspire success and fulfillment in everyone we serve, and that MJ isn’t your average insurance agency. We exist to inspire success and fulfillment in everyone we serve, and that includes includes both our employees and business partners. By focusing on our people, we’re able to deliver outstanding both our employees and business partners. By focusing on our people, we’re able to deliver outstanding value and service value and service to you—and build a strong, lasting partnership that will help you run a smarter, more successful to you—and build a strong, lasting partnership that will help you run a smarter, more successful organization. organization.















Every great company has a vision. Ideas about where they want to be five, ten, twenty years from now. Sometimes the path is clear; sometimes the ambition is clear, but the path is unknown.

Our goal at MJ isn’t to sell you insurance. It’s to help you become better at what you do— today, tomorrow, and years from now. We constantly challenge you to be your best, and we do it by carefully listening to you, staying innovative, and making sure you reach your goals—no matter how ambitious they might seem. We make sure you have the right pieces in place as you grow and change. And we watch your back to keep surprises from stalling your progress. We think you deserve the best. We’re ready to help you succeed in every big—and little— way we can. We’re ready to start right now.


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