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Muderer caught last night - in Walsall after fatally stabbing widow and ex-wife


By Jonathan Brooke Mother of three Emma Bay was tragically murdered yesturday night by ex-husband. Jamie Connel lived in birmingham for three years with his wife until they fell out due to Jamie’s undescribable behaviour. By after seeing a thrapist for 6months, Emma still thought his was danger towards their three children, and therefore decided for Jamie to move to Tamworth with his younger brother. Emma of 34 years old carried on bringing up her children alone until one night someonehad broken into their back garden door. The next morning she was found dead in her bedroom. forensics concluded that Jamie had stabbed her 12 times on her stomach. They also handed results in that concerned strangulation marks of hands around her neck. As that didn’t work, Jamie proceeded Jamie Conell will be sentenced for life if the jury are convinced.

Suspect: Jamie Conell

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1 Day not showing in B’ham?

By Jonathan Brooke

Police are concerned about the new release of controversial new movie, based on guncrime and gang life in Birmingham. The movie is based on two rival gangs from Birmingham that fight their way against eachother with influences, such as guns and drugs. the movie features actors and stars which are local. Police have decided to have adverts before the screening of this movie, to show gang criminality and the dangers within it. Some argue whether the screening of the movie glamourises gang life and criminality, but director Penny Woolcock stated that it shows the consequences of being in a gang. Director believes that this will help the communities weaken gang relations. He said “Media can influence in many ways and at the same time prevent things. No one want’s to go prison as seen in the movie”.

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Wednesday, November, 13, 2009

Outragious crash led to two innocent death’s last night Snobby mom in labour


A image of where the death’s took place

By Jonathan Brooke A boy of ten was killed alongside driver and uncle, in a crash last night. A ambulance was speeding down mosely village road last night, trying to get a dying patient to the hospital. As the traffic light had to be ignored due to the patient, they collided and

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smahed into the vehicle of the driver Graham Bartley. More ambulances arrived at the after the incident. As medics were battling in vain trying to save the young boys life after there was no hope on the uncle, they both were announced dead the same day.


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The Right Team

They were both squashed in a ford escort, which spun twice in circles, after making contact with the other vehicle. Police apologise to family and friends of the two victim s of last nights incident. Tribute is being paid to them at their home, Walsall, Birmingham.

Immigrant and farther of 10 children has been forced by the government to return to his country. Harris Ilijaz has been a very successful man in where he stood. At the age of 24 he had sneaked his way into Bosnian immigrant: Harris the city of Birmingham Ilijaz and began to make the most out of his chances. gal substances used in the He is head of 3 business- food which he was selling. es which he started from The court had ended in him be scratch. 11 years of hard ing told to pack his work gone to waist after one bags and to leave withday entering his chip shop out his wife and kids. down Aston, Birmingham, Community and friends where he was just peak- are fuming over the dreading to see progress, he was ful result of success. taken by undercover police Harris is still trying to bring officers who were told to another case forward relating bring him in due to ille- to what destroyed his life.

A woman began to give birth in a hospital toilet, eventhough told by nine nurses that she wasn’t in labour. 24 week pregnant Jody Holmes went to hospital in agony, until later sent home by doctor and midwives. They had told her to go home and lie down for 5 straight hours to get the pain relieved. She had then phoned them this time to complain about the unbearable pain. Jody, 36, returned home to Selly oak, Birmingham, the next day, when she said two more staff members told her not to worry. She then began to have her first child, baby boy Zac in the toilet. Zac was in special care until he got well. Jody is suing the NHS trust for having her wait and go through excruciating pain, when there was help around as she really was in labour. The NHS trust said Jody gave birth on a bed and had appropriate care. They also said that it is within their policy to take full care of any patients that walk through their door.

They owe me over 1billion!

A man that is suing the Lloyds TSB bank is furious and is pushing the case further. Matt Downing, 32, is selfishly suing the Lloyds TSB bank for accidently missing out his interest rate for a month. The bank apologized to Matt regarding the issue and also offered him double the interest rate monthly again. He still refused any offers and brought the case forward with his lawyer, and is now awaiting to take the matter to court. Matt lives alone in Northfield, Birmingham. He is father of three boys and two girls, which live with their mother in Aston, Birmingham. He is a retired staff from a nearby Natwest bank, which he had worked with for 7 years before having a spontaneous grudge with banks overall. Lloyds TSB have said that they are willing to give no more than 1billion if the case goes well for him. The issue continues from this point.

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