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The Traveling Stories Frank Fitzpatrick and Brad Fernald Henrico County

What are They? • Stories written and recorded by students • 21st Century Writing • Motivation for your students to write

What is the purpose? • Combines 21st Century Skills and your Language Arts Curriculum.

• 21st Century Technology • 21st Century Communication • Language Arts SOLs

How does this help teachers? • Focus on one part of writing • Collaborate with colleagues • Use as a motivational tool

Who can use them? • All Students • Not limited to classroom, school, county, state, or even country!

what is needed? • Computer with recording software • Microphones • Means to publish finished projects • Creativity

What are the steps? • Explain your students’ role in the Traveling Story

• Give writing topic • Go through writing process • Record the written work • “Pass” the story on or publish the final product

What should the students write? • Students who are starting or continuing a

Traveling Story should leave the next group in a good place.

• Students who are finishing a Traveling Story should end the story stongly.

How do you record? • Garageband • Audacity- FREE!!

Can you publish?

• Publish to email, CD, websites, or iTunes!

Why Publish? • Share with the other “travelers” • Share with parents, grandparents, anyone • Share with the school • Students can see/hear the final product

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Any Questions before we Travel?

Traveling Stories  

HCPS students record stories and pass them on.

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