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THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS Watch the video and answer these questions: 1. What kind of extract from The Day of the Triffids is it? a. A parody b. A commercial c. A trailer 2. How did terror turn up? a. It came from the night b. It stormed out from heaven c. It rained from the sky 3. What does the earth orbit into? a. Torture b. A nightmare c. Acid rain 4. Complete this sentence: A ………………. World of ………………. Reality ……………… 5. Why is the population driven to insanity? Because of a. fear b. boredom c. death 6. Why do the passengers on the plane panic? Because … a. They realize they are flying nowhere b. They crash into horror plants c. They notice the pilot is blind 7. They don’t stand a chance due to … a. Starvation, fire and pestilence b. Shooting stars, fire and pestilence c. Starvation, bonfires and death 8. The carnivorous plant doesn’t have a a. Leaf nervous system b. Central stem system c. Central nervous system 9. What’s the difference between the plant on the operating theatre and all plants?

10. Why has the guy having coffee never been married?


Mª Jesús García San Martín.

The day of the triffids  

A listening comprehension activity for advanced English learners based on this film from 1962.