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Student News Volume 1, Issue 1

July 2010

TOP Education Institute

A new Student Newsletter! Special points of interest:  Welcome new students and staff!  Welcome back to our continuing students  New library website available  A list of TOP teaching staff inside

Inside this issue: Top teaching staff


Top’s new BIB Accounting major


The Co-op


Bookshop A look at the


library Tips from an ex student




Welcome from Dr Zhu


Welcome to the first edition of the TOP Education student newsletter! We expect to get this newsletter out to you once a month and it will contain news and information about studying at TOP Education and your student life in Sydney. As we begin the new trimester of study this month we are pleased to welcome back all students and staff, we hope you had a great break and are ready to go again with your studies! We are also delighted to have new students join us for the first time and some new members of staff. A full list of our current teaching staff in the TOP programs appears later in this newsletter.

All staff are available to discuss any aspects of study with students at any time. If the staff member you approach cannot help you, they will be able to direct you to someone who can. You can also submit any-

Sydney Harbour Bridge (image by kin0be via flickr)

thing you think might be useful to other students. For example, if you find a good restaurant, or wish to advertise text books for sale or accommodation to

other students, please let the Student Services Manager know and we will be happy to include your item in the next newsletter.

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Student News

Top Teaching Staff In this trimester we welcome back our teaching staff and are pleased to welcome some new members of staff.


A complete list of teaching staff for the TOP programs appears here:

Ms Le Ma (Hayley)

Ms Ashley Xu Ms Cathy Xu

Director of TOP Programs: Dr Chun Jiang Lecturers: Dr Chun Jiang Mr Matthew Tydd Ms Mariya Yesseleva Mr Simon Stokes

New Accounting Major! “To catch the reader's attention, place an

At TOP Education you can now enrol in the Bachelor of International Business general stream, or after first year study the Accounting Major stream.

interesting sentence or quote from the story here.”

The Co-op Bookshop All Top Education textbooks are available at the Co-op Bookshop’s UTS store along with a range of other resources. Located on the corner of Harris Street and Broadway (minutes from Central Station) and open 7 days a week visit us to find all your Top Education titles. If you can’t make it to us finding your textbooks on the Co-op Online – is as easy

as 1, 2, 3. Go to the Text List Search, select Top Education enter your subject and hit search. When you order online your books will be delivered FREE within Australia. The Co-op Bookshop is an Australian membership based not-for-profit cooperative, along with your text books the Co-op stocks professional titles, reference books, as well as fiction , general non-fiction and more, all with great savings for Members. If you think

you may be a Member we can check – email us at The Co-op Bookshop UTS, 3 Broadway (Cnr Harris Street), Ultimo, NSW 2007. P: (02) 9212 3078, E:

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Inside the library The TOP Education library is located in Bay 16 at ATP. The library has a collection of text books and other materials relevant to the courses offered at TOP Education, as well as books on study skills, business writing, resume writing, English language skills and office communication. We get 4 daily newspapers , including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian, the Daily Telegraph and the Financial Review. These papers are available in the library all day for you to come in and read at any time.

The library is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. All students and staff are eligible to borrow from the library, with loan periods ranging from 3 hours to 7 days. Most items can be renewed if the loan period is not long enough.

The library website contains a lot of useful information and can be found at

You MUST have either your student card or your student number with you to borrow. The librarian can also assist with researching information, avoiding plagiarism, academic writing skills, correct referencing of assignments and access to the online Proquest database of journal articles.

“The library is

Some study skills tips…. In the beginning of the semester, what should I do… Study may not be interesting at first glance, but when it becomes your HABIT, you will find your interests. ----Le MA, at 2010 TOP Orientation program Here are some tips for getting started this semester from Le Ma’s presentation at orientation this month. Know yourself What are my strengths and weaknesses? Know your targets

What experience do I expect? What learning outcomes, such as knowledge, English skill, or outstanding result do I expect? Know your schedule What is the assignment due dates? When should I prepare my assignment? What is the date of my exam? Know learning strategies Do I prepare before class? Do I ask questions in class? Do I always maintain curiosity in my learning process?

Timeout Sydney Stuck for something to do this weekend? Check out the website for Timeout Sydney http:// You can sign up for a weekly newsletter that will include the best of everything Sydney has to offer each week. The website includes restaurant reviews, ideas for things to do on rainy days, Sydney’s best beaches, gal-

leries, theatres, parks and nightclubs.

Know your support Do I ask for support from TOP staff when I face any difficulties? Do I keep communication open with my lecturers and tutors? In the beginning, please always check these bullet points, which will be helpful for your study and life in Australia. Please remember you are not alone, your friends, your classmates and TOP staff are always here to help you.

open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday… you MUST have either your student card or your student borrow”

SMIPA SMIPA is the Skilled Migrant Internship Program in Accounting. It is a professional year (45 weeks) consisting of 6 modules in workplace communication and business skills and a 15 week internship working in a real business supervised by professional accountants. Successful completion of SMIPA will improve your chances of getting a job because you will have experience in interview skills and practical experience from the workplace.

In addition, successful completion of the SMIPA program gains 10 points towards the Permanent Residency requirements with the Department of Immigration. To be eligible for SMIPA, you must meet certain criteria, including having finished an undergraduate or post graduate accounting qualification at an Australian university or higher education institution. For a full list of the criteria, please see the SMIPA program on the TOP education website at

Welcome from Dr Minshen Zhu, Principal at Top Education Institute

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Welcome to the first edition of the TOP Education student newsletter which is a hub between students and the Institute management, students and students, and students and teachers. By studying at TOP you have chosen an institution that is small so we can treat all of our students as individuals and we pride ourselves on that service. We are always looking for ways to improve our service to you such as our proposal Go as a University; and to improve your experience as an international student in Australia. This newsletter is just one of many ways we keep in touch with you throughout the

year. On 15 th Jan 1984, I came to Australia as an international student, at the Australian National University in Canberra. In that year, there were not more 100 Chinese students in Australia compared to 150,000 in 2010. As some of our staff members were also international students we are fully aware what it is like to be studying a long way from family and friends. You will make new friends during your time here and hopefully experience some of the great Australian culture as well. Apart from your classroom study and other social activities,

again, this newsletter can be regarded as one of your approaches towards experiences in Australia. We want you to enjoy your time studying at TOP and in Sydney. Please treat this newsletter as your good friend and contribute to the friendship by reading the newsletter and writing us some articles – about your study, your activities, and your suggestions for the newsletter.

Dr Minshen Zhu Principal

Top Education Institute Bay 16 2 Locomotive Street Australian Technology Park Eveleigh NSW 2015

Phone: (02) 9209 4888 E-mail:

Top education